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judith dellheimgünter krause (hg


judith dellheimgünter krause (hg

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									                     Judith Dellheim/Günter Krause (ed.)

                   For a New Alternative -
              Challenges of a social-ecological

Karl Dietz Verlag Berlin 2008

List of contents:

Lutz Brangsch
Social-ecological conversion as a new stage of socialisation

Judith Dellheim/Günter Krause
Approaches to social-ecological conversion

Frieder O. Wolf
Conversion, transition, transformation
Working theses for a conceptual framework

Joachim Spangenberg
Social-ecological conversion is conversion of (Re) productivity
Or: Living, working and consuming in another way

Jeroen P. van der Sluijs/Silvio Funtowicz
Social-ecological transformation: About the necessary basic change of social
praxis and the public understanding of science and policy

Sergio Andreis
Setting sails to „social-ecological conversion“ demands creativity, courage
and the ability of permanent learning and being attractive for alliances
Markus Wissen
Ecology as a question about distribution
Pillars of a radical democratic position concerning social-ecological

Peter Schott

Social-ecological conversion AND technify human being?

Offer from economics
Günter Krause
The homo oeconomicus – think figure and ideal of economical mainstream
under pressure

Stanislav Shmelev
Path towards social-ecological transformation
Ecological economics for sustainable development

Rafael Ziegler
Hamlet without the prince of Denmark?
A commentary on Joseph Schumpeter and social-ecological conversion

Ulrike Knobloch
Starting points of caring economy: Consciousness of gender and sustainability
and a necessary conversion of economy

Pia Paust-Lassen
Elements of sustainable dealing for social-ecological conversion

Miriam Kennet
Social-ecological conversion: Green Economics – new perspectives for
solutions of the most urgent problems
Proposals for conceptions for social-ecological conversion

Mario Giampietro
Social-ecological conversion: A new approach to searching for possible
decisions and using the dialectic contradictions of sustainability

Judith Dellheim
Seven theses for a discussion on energy policy and social-ecological

Rolf Czeskleba-Dupont
Compulsions from foreign trade and globalisation:
About the reintegration of economy and policy in the processes of social-
ecological conversion

Leo Šešerko
Social-ecological conversion versus neoliberal deregulation

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