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job title chief executive


job title chief executive

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									Chief Executive BABA

                              British Amateur Boxing Association

 Job Title: Chief Executive

 Location: Sheffield

 Package Range: Circa 100k

Working Context
Boxing is one of the oldest sports in the world and has featured in the Olympic Games since
1904. It also has a successful record of achieving Olympic medals winning a Gold and two
Bronze medals in Beijing 2008, a Silver in 2004 and a Gold in 2000. The Home Nation Amateur
Boxing Associations of England, Scotland and Wales have now formed themselves into a single
organisation called the British Amateur Boxing Association (BABA). One of its objectives is the
delivery of medals in major International competitions up to and including the 2012 Olympic
Games in London. To achieve this objective, BABA must build upon recent successes and
deliver a high performance programme able to identify and assist our best British boxers to
achieve further medal-winning success. There has been a recent change in male weight
categories at the Olympic Games reducing from eleven to ten following the inclusion of three
women‟s categories and to realise this multi-medal potential, British Boxing will need to continue
to improve and develop the current performance programme to stay competitive in the
international arena. We see exceptional additional medal potential following the inclusion of
women‟s boxing into the programme.

The Chief Executive (CEO) reports directly to the Chairman of BABA and will be a member of the
BABA Board. The CEO is responsible for every aspect of the Performance Programme from
Podium through to recruiting the most talented British Boxers emerging from Home Nation
development programmes, as well as ensuring there is a strong connection and influence in key
regional “hot spots” throughout the country. It is essential the CEO works closely with the three
Home Country National Coaching staff as well as individual Club Coaches to identify and develop
athletes capable of performing at the highest level.

The CEO will be expected to provide strategic leadership on all aspects of the World Class
Programme and provide the interface to all Home Nations, UK Sport, other agencies and

Job Purpose
The CEO is responsible for the overall strategic delivery of the BABA World Class Programme
and attainment of its goals. The role is to lead and direct the programmes from Podium to Talent
to continue with medal-winning success at significant international competitions, including the
World Championships and Olympic Games to deliver on our medal targets agreed with UK Sport.

Main Responsibilities
    1. Be the advocate for change by creating and driving a World Class environment and
       medal winning culture across the whole Programme, through the building of strong
       relationships with all stakeholders including Home Country Associations, personal
       coaches, technical, management and administrative staff and expert support personnel.

    2. Be responsible for the recruitment and management of all Programme staff, including the
        establishment and subsequent implementation of employee and athlete policies and
        performance management systems.

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Chief Executive BABA

   3. Have strategic and direct management responsibility for the personal development
       programmes of all BABA coaching and support staff involved with the World Class
       Programme to ensure that the World Class Programme continues to develop.

   4. Be commercially astute recognising the increasing demand to encourage and attract
       external funding to the activities of BABA and the Home Nations.

   5. Be media wise and astute. The reputation of Amateur Boxing in the UK is getting better but
       there is much more to do. The CEO will lead a strategy of continual improvement in the
       relationships with the press aiming to ensure we are seen as a professionally run and
       efficient organisation.

   6. Our partnership with the Home Nations needs to strong, positive and a core value of our
       organisation. The Chief Executive must demonstrate a positive lead and as a result work
       closely with the Home Country National Coaches to mutually own challenging but realistic
       targets and establish the operational plan and resources necessary to meet the agreed
       targets for the Podium, Development and Talent Programmes. This will include amongst
                 The model of preparation and competition, recognising competing agendas
                     for individual boxers whilst never compromising the athlete‟s own
                     requirements in achieving optimum performance during their career.
                 Squad structures
                 Selection standards
                 Selection policies for squads and events
                 Performance reviews
                 Activity plans for training camps, competitions, control events, etc.
                 The appointment and liaison of Officials to support the Team success.

   7. Establish the budget for the Programme in line with available funding. The CEO has overall
       responsibility for ensuring that expenditure does not exceed the budget and for the
       production of the necessary financial reports required by BABA and UK Sport.

   8. Ensure all activities within the direct control of the CEO continue to improve and enhance
       the reputation of Amateur Boxing within the UK.

   9. Enhance, lead and direct an expert and innovative sports science & medicine support
       structure by working closely with the EIS and/or other specialist service providers.

   10. Establish robust tools for monitoring the effectiveness of all aspects of the World Class

   11. Ensure that all aspects of the plan meet best practice in the areas of ethics, child
       protection, welfare and health and safety.

   12. Ensure that the highest standards of International Anti-Doping policies, as subscribed to
       by UK Sport, are fully accepted and integrated by all those involved in the World Class

   13. Be prominent on the World stage to ensure that good relationships with the International
       Federation (AIBA) and other Regional and National Federations are achieved in support
       of the Programme goals.

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Chief Executive BABA

    14. Lead by example and ensure the standards of all members of the Performance Team
        represent at all times the principles and standards required to hold Amateur Boxing in the
        highest regard by all external partners.

    15. Be the key link with in our likely participation within the World Series Boxing programme
        of events. Serving as appropriate on boards of management and planning as required.

The above list is not regarded as exclusive or exhaustive, as there may be other duties and
requirements commensurate with the post and grade of which the incumbent may be required to
perform from time to time.

Facts & Figures

The budget to fund the World Class Pathway funded by UK Sport is c £8m over the four-year- March 2013. Naturally there are performance conditions, in maintaining this budget that
are required to be met.

The CEO will have the responsibility for identifying and implementing an appropriate staffing
structure to manage and operate the Programme on a day-to-day basis. This currently includes a
Programme Director who is responsible to the CEO for the administrative, logistics and
accounting staff. In addition the CEO will determine the coaching and support structure (currently
approx 6 full time people). This structure and remuneration will be agreed with the Chairman of
the BABA board in line with the agreed budget.

Knowledge, Experience and Person Profile

           ESSENTIAL                                      DESIRABLE
               A relevant degree, plus the                      A relevant qualification in
                   experience of employment in high               sports coaching, management
                   performance sport.                             or sport science.

           Knowledge and Experience

                  Have demonstrated success as a                Have experience of liaison with
                   leader within high performance                 internal and external agencies
                   sport.                                         including government sports
                                                                  councils, including the
                  Highly developed managerial and                preparation of plans, reports
                   administration skills, including               and funding applications.
                   strategic planning, problem solving
                   and decision making, budgetary                First-hand experience as a
                   control and report writing                     coach or team manager of
                                                                  international sports
                  Have a comprehensive                           competitions, such as the
                   understanding of the high                      Olympic games and the World
                   performance environment,                       Championships.
                   including coaching, sports science
                   & medicine, international                     Demonstrated ability to manage
                   competition and development                    performance groups in high
                   pathways.                                      stress sports situations.

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Chief Executive BABA

           Behavioural Competencies and

                   Be able to engage stakeholders          Ability to think „outside the box‟
                    and compel change, with vision           and recognise potential
                    and a passion for excellence, to
                    set and achieve goals in a high         Appreciation of and
                    performance environment.                 commitment to mandatory
                                                             aspects of child protection,
                   Highly developed communication           health, safety and welfare in all
                    and presentation skills.                 matters.

                   Excellent team leadership skills        Willingness to work irregular
                    with the capability to manage and        hours and travel extensively
                    inspire all employees within the         both within the UK and
                    GB team.                                 overseas, with overnight stays
                                                             and weekend work.
                   Well-developed active listening
                    skills showing an ability to take       A commitment to their own
                    direction as well as to direct.          continued and innovative
                                                             development and a complete
                   Outstanding commitment to the            commitment to Great Britain‟s
                    development of sport and the             2012 Olympic Games.
                    Olympic ideal.

                   Dynamic and enthusiastic leader
                    with vision and ability to develop
                    strategic goals and implement

                   High-level drive and
                    determination to succeed.

                   Commitment to equity and

Key Relationships
   BABA Board
   UK Sport
   British Olympic Association (BOA)
   International governing body (AIBA)
   European governing body (EABA)
   EIS and other Home Country Institutes
   Home Country National Boxing Associations

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