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									                                             IRLAM AND CADISHEAD COMMUNITY COMMITTEE
                                       MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MEETING HELD ON 15TH JULY, 2004

Item and Minute No.                                           Action Required                        Responsible             Update
Minute 7(a) – Footpath                THAT a meeting be arranged and an update be                 Trupti Patel     Update to be provided at
on Prince’s Park                       provided at the next meeting of the Community                                the next meeting of the
                                       Committee.                                                                   Community Committee.
Minute 7(b) – Surfacing               THAT an update be provided at the next meeting of           Trupti Patel     Please refer to attached
on Ferryhill Road                      the Community Committee.                                                     sheet.
Minute 7(c) – Barton                  THAT a copy of the Executive Summary of the                 Claire Edwards   Non-Technical Summary of
Strategic Site and Port                Environmental Appraisal in respect of the above site                         Environmental Statement
Salford                                be circulated with the minutes of the meeting.                               circulated on 26th August,

                                      THAT this item be included on the agenda for the next       Claire Edwards   To be included on the
                                       meeting, to which the Assistant Director (Head of                            agenda for the next
                                       Planning and Building Control) be invited.                                   meeting – Martin Hodgson
                                                                                                                    to attend.

                                      THAT information regarding the above proposals be           Claire Edwards   Information contained in
                                       circulated to Committee members with the agenda for                          the Non-Technical
                                       the next meeting.                                                            Summary of Environmental
                                                                                                                    Statement previously
Minute 7(e) – Proposed                THAT the Planning Department be requested to                Claire Edwards   Request submitted to the
Development at Irlam                   oppose the above application given that (i) it involves                      Planning Department.
Locks                                  the development of greenfield land, (ii) the density on
                                       site was not appropriate, (iii) it would significantly
                                       impair the continuity of a wildlife corridor, and (iv) it
                                       would significantly impair the efficient functioning of a
                                       wildlife corridor for the colonisation or movement of
                                       flora and fauna in a local sense.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\1cfe496a-85d7-4a02-b0e9-b1728561fada.doc                                                                              1
                                      THAT the Planning Department be informed of the            Claire Edwards   Planning Department
                                       Committee’s view that whatever development was                              informed of the
                                       proposed for the site must include a concessionary                          Committee’s view.
                                       walkway that was maintained.

                                      THAT the Committee receive regular updates with            Claire Edwards/ Request submitted to the
                                       regard to this proposed development.                       Planning        Planning Department.
Minute 7(f) – Crossing                THAT an update regarding this matter be provided at        Trupti Patel    Update to be provided at
at Junction at                         the next meeting of the Community Committee.                               the next meeting of the
Liverpool Road and                                                                                                Community Committee.
Fairhills Road
Minute 11 – Cadishead                 THAT Trupti Patel submit a request to the City             Trupti Patel     Update to be provided at
Traffic Calming                        Council’s parking attendants to monitor the situation                       the next meeting of the
                                       regarding parking on double yellow lines in the area.                       Community Committee.

Minute 12 – Junction at               THAT Trupti Patel investigate the request for a mini-      Trupti Patel     Update to be provided at
Moorfield Road and                     island to be located at this junction and report back to                    the next meeting of the
Cutnook Lane                           the next meeting of the Community Committee.                                Community Committee.

Minute13 – A57                        THAT this item be included on the agenda for the next      Claire Edwards/ To be included on the
Liverpool Road Cycling                 meeting of the Community Committee.                        Trupti Patel    agenda for the next
Facilities                                                                                                        meeting.
Minute 15 – Ferryhill                 THAT Trupti Patel contact United Utilities in respect of   Trupti Patel    Update to be provided at
Road – Drainage                        this matter and an update be provided at the next                          the next meeting of the
Problems                               meeting of the Community Committee.                                        Community Committee.

Minute 16 – Tree                      THAT information regarding the tree cutting service        Neighbourhood    Information to be included
Cutting                                provided by Princes Park Garden Centre be included         Manager          in the next edition, if
                                       in the next edition of the newsletter.                                      possible, or a future edition
                                                                                                                   of the newsletter.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\1cfe496a-85d7-4a02-b0e9-b1728561fada.doc                                                                                2
Minute 19 – Liverpool                 THAT a letter be sent to United Utilities, on behalf of   Area             Update to be provided at
Road, Cadishead –                      the Community Committee, informing them of the            Co-ordinator     the next meeting of the
Burst Water Main                       situation and requesting that the burst water main be                      Community Committee.
                                       repaired as soon as possible.

Minute 21 – Residential               THAT a representative from the Environment Agency         Claire Edwards   Representative unable to
Development at                         be invited to attend the next meeting in order to                          attend the meeting.
Fairhills Road –                       provide information as to (i) why Condition 32 was                         Please refer to attached
Removal of Condition                   removed, and (ii) the action that was being taken to                       letter from David Astbury,
32                                     ensure that the water in the old river was not                             Flood Defence Engineer
                                       contaminated.                                                              (Development Control), at
                                                                                                                  the Environment Agency.
Minute 22 – Proposed                  THAT the Committee’s comments regarding the               Claire Edwards   Comments forwarded to
Removal of 26                          proposed removal of the payphone located on                                the appropriate officer.
Payphones across                       Fiddlers Lane be fed into the consultation process that
Salford                                was currently in progress.

Minute 23 – Fit City                  THAT arrangements be made for a representative            Area             Jackie Ashley/Gary
Irlam                                  from the Education and Leisure Directorate to attend      Co-ordinator     Bateman to attend the next
                                       the next meeting in order for detailed consideration to                    meeting.
                                       be given to the proposals regarding the swimming
                                       pool and changing rooms.

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\1cfe496a-85d7-4a02-b0e9-b1728561fada.doc                                                                                3


Ferryhill Road Cadishead is a non classified road currently subject to a twice yearly safety
inspection in accordance with the Highway Maintenance Code of Good Practice.

The Highway was last inspected on 30 June 2004. During the course of his inspection the
Inspector noticed and recorded a number of actionable defects, and placed orders to have
them repaired. Please be aware that defects which have not reached the set intervention
level will not be noted, but orders will not be issued for their repair.

The following orders were placed:

148385                     Footway repairs/ pothole repair        30/06/04
148386                     Carriageway repairs                    30/06/04
148387                     Footway repairs                        30/06/04
148388                     carriageway repairs                    30/06/04

These were placed on a six weeks response time and are due to commence no later than
this week, (I will chase this up if the works have not yet been commenced).

In addition to the above, we undertake Rapid Response works to make safe or repair (if
possible) dangerous defects that are reported (Within 2 hrs if dangerous and 24 hours if

The following are examples of the works we have undertaken at Ferryhill Road.

135100                     24hr pothole repair                    18/12/03
141882                     24hr pothole repair                    23/12/03
142185                     gully top made safe                    24/03/04
146921                     2hr pothole repair                     03/06/04

D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\1cfe496a-85d7-4a02-b0e9-b1728561fada.doc                            4

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