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					Got a website that needs content? Check out some of the excellent writing
services on the net.

If you're selling products or services online, you're probably aware that
content is King when it comes to attracting the attention – and ranking –
of the search engines. While you may have the greatest products and/or
services in your niche on offer, you need to first attract visitors and
provide those potential customers with more than a sales page.

Ideally, you want to offer a virtual mountain of information relating to
your products and services. This can be in the form of articles, tips, a
free newsletter or informative e-book and links to related resources.

Unless you're a skilled and prolific writer, you'll want to establish a
relationship with a writing services site and quickly get a ton of
various types of content related to your business. Good content is
ultimately what delivers high rankings and a steady flow of traffic to
your site.

For example, if you sell textiles and yarns of the highest quality and at
the best price, you may think that all you need do is slap up an online
catalog which details your wares, to have customers swarming to your

However, you've certainly got competition in your field. You need to gain
high rankings with the search engines in order to get on page one, or at
least, two of the search results to get that traffic going to your site.

Understanding how the search engines sort results is essential to getting
your site up at the top of the results. The search engines 'read' your
site's content and rank your site according to the amount, quality and
diversity of content and information. To maintain their own popularity
among searchers, the sites that end up on top are those which yield to
the consumer the most robust and detailed information pertinent to the
search criteria.

When you're competing with similar sites around the world, your goal is
to make your site a 'one-stop' shopping experience, where the consumer
can readily learn everything they want to know about your products, only
rarely leaving your site.

Most writing services sites focus on a number of related niches, just as
you do. Many offer custom pieces which you can commission. For example,
you may want a piece which describes the history of textiles and yarns.
You can see how valuable and unique such a piece might be to your
visitors. Not only is it informative and entertaining, but feature pieces
of this type gain you credibility as a vendor with expertise in your

So how do you find the writing services sites that will best serve your
objectives? Start with a Google search that zeroes in on the specific
type of writing services you require. Try 'writing services content
textiles yarns arts crafts'.
Click through to the most promising sites and check out some of the
samples of the type and style that suit your purpose and the 'flavor' of
your site. When you find a few writing services that appear to match your
requirements and budget, contact the site's customer service rep, giving
a brief overview of the type of content you need, as well as the scope of
your project – i.e., do you need 10 or 100 pieces and the desired
turnaround time. Ask if they have an approval process, whereby you are
entitled to one free edit, should the material not meet your
expectations, or just need a little 'tweaking' to get it just right.

Ask if the content you'll receive is unique and not shared by other
websites. Unique content will necessarily cost more, but will pay you
back in the search engine rankings. Shared content costs less, but still
helps your rankings overall. From your budget's point of view, a mix of
unique and shared content probably yields your best ROI.

Using writing services to fill out your website is, for most retailers,
the smart way to go. This strategy saves you the time and worry of
producing your own, quality content. Your time is best spent on providing
the best product and leaving the writing to the professional writing
services. Your bottom line will thank you!

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