Captivate by sofiaie


									Simulation Authoring Tool Matrix
                                 Captivate           Production Studio        NexLearn SimWriter                 Second Life
      Visual Branching    Yes                       No, use JavaScript and    Yes                         No
                                                    html for branching.


 Useful Media Included    TBD                       12 models                 8 male                      Jeans and T-Shirt for new
                                                    2 or 3 stock              7 female                    users
                                                                              10 3D background

  Productivity Features   Branching Map             Lip Sync                  Media Manager               Easily Build 3D objects.
                          Multiple output options   Autonomous Animation      -- Teleprompter Script      Easily create shared
                                                    Multi -- Lingual          Storyboard Review Tool
                                                                              Import/Export of
                                                    Built in characters and   Storyboard
                                                    backgrounds               See Branching and
                                                                              Interface all in the same
                                                    Bring in Audio            tool set.
Storyboarding Features    Export of Word Document   None                      Import/Export of            None
                                                                              Formatted Word

       Vendor Support     Macromedia and all        CodeBaby                  NexLearn only in the USA.   Linden Labs
         Development      macromedia partners                                 Inquire about Europe and    NetG
                                                                              Asia.                       Swivel Media
                                    Captivate             Production Studio           NexLearn SimWriter                  Second Life
          Output media       Single .swf or Executable   .swf,                        (.swf, linked media and      Java
                                                         Or codebaby player           XML)
                                                                                      Package or Exe.

        Creation Wizard      TBD                         Bring in model, import all   Yes                          No
                                                         assets of a model

   Software Simulation       Yes. Extensive Support      Not inherent in tool but     Not inherent in tool but     Not inherent in tool.
              Support                                    can be used for screen       can be used for screen
                                                         animations with additional   animations with additional
                                                         production                   production. Any input that
                                                                                      is flash based.
Required complementary       Graphics Editing Tool       JavaScript                   Audio Recording Tool
                 tools                                   Audio Recording Tool         Graphics Editing Tool
                                                         Graphics Editing Tool        MS Word

Required complementary       3D Modeling Tool            3D Studio Max                3D Modeling Tool             3D Modeling Tool
tools to go out of the box   Macromedia Flash                                         Macromedia Flash
                             Video Editing Tool                                       Video Editing Tool
                            Captivate                 Production Studio       NexLearn SimWriter                 Second Life
 Cool Features          Screen captures for           Lip-Syncing              Supports writing             Create avatar with
                         software simulations          Animated Gestures         storyboards.                  identity apart from
                        Branching Map                 Language                 Storyboard import             self
                        Outputs storyboard             Generation                export.                      Create 3D objects
                        SCORM/AICC/PENS               Don’t need to be         Rapid Development             and land
                         compliant with scoring         animator to create.       using wizard.                Play onscreen
                        Zoom on graphics              Camera angles and        Rapid Prototypes.             physical games
                        Integrated audio               lighting controls.       Includes many                Open architecture
                         recording and editing                                    characters and                and scripting tool for
                                                                                  backgrounds                   creating custom
                                                                                 Flexibility                   interactions
                                                                                 Test Sim at any point        Import sound and
                                                                                 Event Scripts (Flash          graphics
                                                                                  Scripts)                     Persistent world
       Timeline    Yes                            Yes                         No.                          No
                                                                              Can do event based
                                                                              scripting via the property
Cost Per License   $599 per license               $10,000 for 1 user          3-5 Developers with           Free membership
                                                  Elearning license –         Training and first year of   $72 per member annual
                                                  unlimited publishing        maintenance for $20,000      fee
                                                                                                           Land $5 to $5,000 per
                                   Captivate              Production Studio          NexLearn SimWriter               Second Life
How to think about costs                              ROI                        Level of Sophistication          You will most likely
                                                      Retention is high when                                      have to build your
                                                      using a virtual agent.     Time Savings                     own island or land to
                                                                                 20% saving in authoring          have a place.
                                                      Use virtual agent and
                                                      use world wide by          Engineering Cost goes            It is free at the basic
                                                      changing languages         down                             level for users to join.

                                                      Gives the training a       Empowers SME and ID to
                                                      personality.               do lions share – Empower
                                                                                 the masses.
                                                      No need for actors.

                                                      Increase revenues in

                                                      Agent – Beyond cartoon
           Practical Uses      Integrated Software       Call Center               Compliance
                                Simulation                Software Training         Corporate Soft skills          Prototyping
                               Soft Skills               FAQs                       Training                       3D Modeling
                               Compliance                Help systems              Interpersonal Interaction      Live Experiences
                               Call Center               Ecommerce – Product       Customer Service
                               Operations                 recommendations.          Mentor Conversation
                               Sales                                                Call Center
                               Evidence Bases                                       Operations
                                Assessments*                                         Sales
                               Prototyping                                          Evidence Bases
                                                                                     Prototyping and proof of
                                                                                     Live Experience

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