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									Must-Have Nintendo DS Accessories

Like most pre-teens, my sons absolutely love video games. They carry
their handhelds with them wherever they go (except to school, of course),
and would happily spend all day playing Mario Kart, Pokemon, and Lego
Star Wars if I let them. I think video games are a mostly harmless habit,
as long as the boys observe the strict time limits I've imposed and as
long as they only play titles that are rated "E" for everyone. And since
they consistently meet my two rules, I don't mind buying them all the
Nintendo DS accessories and games they want for their birthday and

Actually, I would probably buy some of these Nintendo DS accessories
whether the boys asked for them or not. For example, I insisted that they
apply screen protectors the second that they took the device out of the
box. These handheld systems aren't cheap, and the last thing I want to do
is have to replace them because the screens are too scratched up to see

Next up on the list of must-have Nintendo DS accessories is a sturdy
carrying case. As I said, my kids take their games practically
everywhere, including outside or to friends' houses. This exposes their
devices to lots of potential damage from drops, bumps, and other mishaps.
Accidents happen even to the most responsible among us, so a solid
carrying case is a necessity in my opinion. These Nintendo DS accessories
probably extend product life by a significant number of months -- or even

Another accessory that my sons wouldn't survive without is a car charger.
Personally, I wouldn't be able to play video games in a moving vehicle
without succumbing to motion sickness, but my children don't seem to mind
it at all. With a car charger, they never have to worry about running out
of battery power on a long road trip, and frankly, that helps keep all of
us sane.

And no list of Nintendo DS accessories would be complete without
earphones. Let's face it, some of the background music or sound effects
for kids games can be quite annoying after repeated exposure. I
understand that it's no fun to play with the volume turned down or off
all the way, so headphones provide a nice compromise. Parents don't get
migraines from the incessant noise and kids can enjoy a more complete
gaming experience no matter who else is in the room. It's a win-win
situation for sure.

If you're trying to figure out which Nintendo DS accessories you should
buy, the ones I've listed here represent as good a start as any. Grab
hold of these and set your device up for long-lasting, high-quality
performance that will provide you with countless hours of entertainment!

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