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									Native American Music

Native American Music is transcending and spiritual in a way that other
types of music are not. There's something about sitting on the deck of
your home in the middle of the mountains, surrounded by majestic pine
trees, and the sounds of bugling elk. In the background you hear the
rhythm of a lone flute playing softly accompanied only by the wind that
carries it. It gives you goose bumps all over because it stirs something
up inside of you that you may have not known was there. It's great music
to drive home to after work because it helps you relax and forget about
the day. Native American music radio stations are located in various
parts of the country, and they broadcast online also. They feature a
number of talented Native American music artists that portray their
cultural traditions and way of life through their poetry and hauntingly
beautiful music.

Native American music is symbolic for its expression and reflection of
the individual artist's experiences and interpretation of the Native
American life style. The Native American people have a rich history based
on their spiritual beliefs and practices, which are portrayed through
their music and other forms of art. A great way to experience this is to
attend Native American music festivals, art fairs, and trade shows that
are held on occasion in various locations throughout the country. The
Native American Indian Exposition held annually in Denver, CO is a great
way to experience rich Native American tradition. Various artists feature
their music or art work, or demonstrate their skill to interested on
lookers. There are paintings, prints, sculptures, ceramic pottery,
baskets, jewelry, CD's, handmade flutes, kachina dolls, and other works
of art signed by the artists themselves, are available for purchase.
Native American music is performed live throughout the show, as well as
displays of traditional ceremonial dances complete with full Native
American ceremonial dress.

Native American music is available at all retail music stores as well as
through online retailers of Native American art. Many artists have their
own websites and offer samples of their music for your listening pleasure
and to assist you in purchasing their works. Native American music is a
great alternative to other types of music offerings, and it gets you back
to nature and thinking about your own spirituality and inner self. If
you've never experienced Native American music, try out Sacred Spirit I
or II for a fine sampling of traditional Native American chants
accompanied by music, truly beautiful. Just my opinion of course.

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