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                                                            Singleton Heights 2330
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Week 6 Term 1                                      www.                                    4 March 2010

                                                from the principal
Dear Parents,                                                      school rules that are in place to help keep them safe. Both the
                                                                   staff and myself would appreciate you reinforcing these with
One of the greatest pleasures as a teacher is to
                                                                   your children.
see the delight on the children’s faces as they
learn and achieve new things. I have had the
pleasure of listening to a number of Kindergarten                  •      Scooters and bikes – when the children arrive at the
children share their new reading knowledge from beginning                 school gate they must get off their scooter or bicycle and
sounds to recognising tricky words. What a great achievement              walk with them into the school grounds. Over the last
in 5 weeks! ☺                                                             couple of weeks we have had an increasing number of
                                                                          scooters at school and children riding them up and
            On Tuesday we held the Induction Ceremony for                 down ramps etc and creating unsafe situations for other
            our 21 Student Representative Councillors. We had             students. A number of students have also showed no
            our 597 students, staff and invited families in the           respect when asked not to do this. I spoke to the primary
            hall and the children’s behaviour was excellent as            students about the seriousness of not following school
            they quietly watched their 21 elected classmates              rules and being disrespectful. I explained that if this
say the pledge and receive their badges. This is an important             continued they would be booked and then
day for our 2010 young leaders. They are naturally very proud             further told to not have their scooter or
of these positions and I look forward to working with them                bike at school.
throughout 2010. Congratulations to - Kiarni Dean, Jacob
Spinks, Luke Rees, Abbey Billot, Chloe Lewis, Patrick Ling,        •      Early arrivals – whereas we do not
Tamara Carroll, Caitie Gleeson, Tayla Wynard, Lucy Considine,             encourage any students to be at school
Corey Henderson, Cody Palmer, Ellie Oldham, Maggie                        before 8.40am we are aware that there are a small
Mulholland, James Hewitt, Aaliyah Kelly, Zac McMinn, Holly                number of students who have no other choice. Those
Whitehurst, Tullara Brown, Jack Considine and Lewis Hamilton.             students must come into the quadrangle and sit quietly
                                                                          until the morning bell goes. They are not allowed to put
This year we will be commencing a new initiative                          their bags outside their classroom until the 8.40am bell
for our Year 1 and 2 students. Beginning next                             goes.
week Mrs Bryant will be forming two musician
groups for children who have a love of or talent
for music. There will be a Year 1 group and a Year                               Finally, a number of staff tabled their concern over
2 group. These groups will meet with Mrs Bryant each week                        students still not arriving on time. We understand
and follow a program that treats musical elements such as beat,                  that occasionally your child may have a medical
pitch, dynamics, tempo and include singing dancing and                           appointment and need to sign in late. School
percussion. The children will also have opportunities for                        lessons begin at 9.10am so if all children reach
performance of these items. Places are limited and both Mrs        school by 9.05am they will be there ready to start the day and
Bryant and myself will audition children who show an interest.     not miss the first 10 – 15 minutes of learning. Thank you for
At the end of this newsletter is a tear off section that you are   your continued support in these matters as we work together
invited to complete if you and your child/ren are keen to join     to build the best school environment for all students.
one of these groups.
                                                                                                             Have an enjoyable week,
This week we have had to remind the children of a couple of
                                                                                                                 Ros Roworth ☺
   Please remember                                        Assembly Roster                                   Please note the new
                                                    Infants~ Thurs 11/3 12.30 {1C}                          time for our Infants
   we are nut free!                                 Primary ~ Mon 15/3 12.20 {6C}                           Assembly is 12.30pm

                                                 DATES TO REMEMBER
                       Monday                Tuesday               Wednesday                  Thursday                       Friday

    Week 7      Year 2 Swim School   Year 2 Swim School     Year 2 Swim School       Year 2 Swim School           Year 2 Swim School
   8/3 - 12/3                                               6D, 6C & Yr 5 Parent /                                Winter Trials Netball &
                                                            Teacher Evening                                       Soccer
    Week 8      Year 2 Swim School   Year 2 Swim School     Year 2 Swim School       Year 2 Swim School           Year 2 Swim School
  15/3 - 19/3   KS & KA Interviews   AGM P & C Meeting      KM & KR Interviews       Kinder to visit preschool    Yr 5 Forest of Tranquillity
                                                                                                                  Kinder to visit preschool
4 March 2010                                   Singleton Heights Public School                                        Page 2

             Tickets were sent home today for our Easter Egg Raffle, please write Childs name and class on tickets so
             they end up in correct grade draw. Tickets cost 50c each or 5 for $2. Extra tickets are available from the
             office. We encourage everyone to donate Easter eggs or novelties, to help make this fundraiser a great suc-
             cess. Please send donations to your child’s classroom, so they can be added to the class tally. A prize is given
             to the class with the most donations in both the Infants and Primary sections. Please return tickets to the
school by Friday 26th March, so the draw can take place on Tuesday 30th March. If anyone has any Large Cane Baskets
they would like to donate for our prizes, please bring them in to the office. All donations would be greatly appreciated.
You still have time to join the Footy Tipping Competition, it starts Friday 12th March , so don’t miss out join today. The
$40 Entry Fee is due by 1st April 2010. Please pay money in an envelope marked footy tipping to the ladies in the school
office. Good luck to everyone who has entered.
Our next P & C meeting is on Tuesday 16th March starting at 7.00pm for the AGM in the school staffroom, everyone is
welcome to attend.
Alison Dagg
P & C President

       Dear Kindergarten Parents,
       Today you will receive your personal copy of a
       folder titled “School Days” This is an excellent re-
       source supplied by the Department of Education
       to assist you with storage and organisation of all
       school related information, such as notes, news-
       letters, your child’s reports and school work.
       If your child did not bring one home it might
       have been due to the fact that it could not fit into
       their school bag. Please come to school to take
       delivery of your folder when it is convenient.
       Mrs Anne Smith
       Executive Teacher Kindergarten

                  Note                                Class                                Action
Clean Up Australia                    Years 5/6                             Permission Note returned by 5/5

Forest of Tranquility Excursion       Year 5                                Permission Note & $20 by 12/3

Easter Celebration                    All Infants                           Information Only

Scone Rugby League                    Selected students                     Permission note returned

Assembly Notice                       All Infants                           Information Only
4 March 2010                                              Singleton Heights Public School                                                              Page 3

If anyone could help out with vacancies next Thursday, please contact our        offering our larger salads for $3-50.
canteen supervisor. A huge thank you to Alexis Urpeth, Amanda Hands,             GENERAL INFORMATION
Alisha Pearce, Sue Fry, Maxine Lancaster, Raecheal Saunders, Jacque
Avramovic, Melissa O’Rourke, Lyn Urpeth, Alison Dagg and Sarah                   Please note that we do not take orders for recess, the children come to the
Stratton for helping out with roster vacancies this week. Thank you also to      canteen to purchase and they all manage that quite well. If you wish to
Jacque Avramovic, Lyn Urpeth, Alexis Urpeth, Sue Fry, Alison Dagg and            make their choices for them, please write them on an envelope, include the
Maxine Lancaster for helping out with our catering on Wednesday for the          correct change if possible and have the children bring the envelope to the
Induction of Councillors’ morning tea.                                           canteen at recess. Please make sure that the envelope is marked as being for
                                                                            If you are sending lunch orders in on an envelope, please do not forget to
At the moment we have red or green apples for 60c, bananas for $1-20, include 5c for the lunch bag. Also, we are receiving a number of lunch
watermelon slices for 30c, bunches of seedless white grapes for 30c, frozen orders with no names/no classes, please take that extra time to include these
pineapple for 30c and frozen oranges for 10c.                               so that the children do not get upset when their lunches are not in the class
NEW MENU ITEM                                                               hamper.
 We have decided to offer a small salad for $2-20 for lunch orders, these will   CANTEEN SPECIAL DAY
contain an egg, a slice of low-fat cheese, a small amount of chicken or ham,     Under the Healthy Canteen Strategy guidelines, each school is allowed to
s h r e d d e d      lettuce, 2 tomato quarters, a slice of beetroot and         hold two days per term during which foods that are not approved as
                       carrot sticks.                       We will still be     healthy choices are sold. We will be holding our first special day for the year
            Hour                                                                 on Wednesday, March 17 and it will be a “green” themed day with green

   Can teen riday                                                                fairybread, green jelly, green-iced patty cakes, etc. A note will be sent out
           y - F pm
                                                                                        the day before with prices. These special days are extremely busy, so
    M onda     -1.45                                                                          if anyone could help out with preparation and/or serving please
                                                                                                     let us know.
     9.00                                                                                             CANTEEN COMMITTEE ANNUAL GENERAL
       Monday           Tuesday          Wednesday            Thursday              Friday            Our AGM will be held in the canteen on 9 March, 2010
        8/3               9/3              10/3                 11/3                 12/3             from 2.15p.m. The positions on the committee are
                                                                                                      President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and
      Lyn Urpeth       Alison Dagg        Anne Cooper           Cherie           Amanda Watts
                                                                                                      Special Days’ Committee members. Everyone most
                                                                                                      welcome to attend.      If anyone would like any
                                                                                                      information regarding these positions, please contact
        Jessica           Karen          Janielle Bryan     Merrilyn Cooke        Jade Asquith        the canteen supervisor. The AGM will be followed by
       Sullivan          Hobson                                                      (9-11.30)        our March monthly meeting.

                                         Alisha Pearce        VACANCY            Angela Brown         Anne Hoddle,
                                           Deb Oben                              Amanda Hands          Canteen Supervisor.
                                                                                                       Phone 65 73 1363 (9am – 3pm)
                                             Sarah                                Alexis Urpeth
                                           Stratton                                   (9.30-2)                65 73 1701 (home)
                                                                                                              0417 065 619 (mobile)

                                          CLOTHING SHOP NEWS & ROSTER
  We are all back in to the swing of things now. A big thank you to the new ladies who are filling in for me on the vacant
  We now have some size 4 polo shirts in stock and all sizes in the knit shorts. We are also trialling 2 new items. They are
  girls dress pants and girls 3/4 dress shorts. These clothes are also sold at Lotus. We only have a small array of sizes in
  this stock to see how they go. If they prove to be popular we will keep them in permanently and the cost will be $40 each.
  This is in keeping with the prices at Lotus.
  On something new, I would like to once again give Anne Hoddle a great big thank you for the donation of a grant for the
  purchase of an air conditioning unit for the clothing shop. This will be fantastic as it can get very hot in summer and cold
  in winter. It is a great little unit and will get lots of work. Thank again.
  p.s. The second hand clothing is full in the bigger sizes but there is not too much available in the little sizes. Any donations
  would be appreciated. When you are going through our second hand clothing please take a moment and place the clothes
  back neatly. As I am sure you will understand, we are all very busy and can not get to tidy the area up every week. Thank
  you for your assistance.
                                                                                                                                              Lyn Urpeth
                        Friday 5th March                           Monday 8th March                           Wednesday 10th March

                                                                     Tanja Cuttriss                             Donna Williamson

                      Clothing shop hours: Monday , Wednesday & Friday 8.45am - 9.30am
                                                                Cash or Cheque Only
4 March 2010                                 Singleton Heights Public School                                  Page 4

                                                                         LIBRARY AWARDS
                                                               Congratulations to the following classes for
                                                                          Week 5:
                                                                KA      1C         3M     5K
                 Infants Assembly Awards
                  Week 5 Term 1 2010
          Achievement Awards       Citizenship                           School Photos
   KA     Jazmyn Baker             Nathan Keaton
          Wyatt Hines                                            Wednesday 24th March
   KM     Owen Evans               Nate Foster
          Abigail Kumar                                              Thursday 25th March

   KR     Talia Mackenzie          Ellynie Rollason
          Peter Murphy

   KS     Kobe Thomas              Jack Wright
          Shasha Vega

   1C     Taylor Edwards           Maison Windle
          Allira Payne

   1H     William Hall             Lilliana Leslie
          Emily Rose

   1G     Megan Crow               Colisha Sheppard
          Gillian Newberry

   1S     James Burke              Mia Sherriff
          Micah Absalom

   1/2T Neville Schrader           Joseph Morriss
          Kacie Midgley

   2K     Gabrielle Fahey          Joshua Moore
          Ben Horridge

   2E     Kayla Redemski           Samuel Dedini
          Dominic Berry

   2S     Olivia Hebei             Jayden Mackenzie
          Ricki Gibson-Todd

                                            Year 1 & 2 Musicians Groups

My child ________________________ in class ______ is interested in trying out for

the musicians group that will be lead by Mrs Bryant each Tuesday afternoon.

Parent/Guardian Name          _________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature _________________________                  Date __________

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