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					Learning Microsoft Word Basics

There are many ways that you can go about learning some computer software
that you are going to use for a new job, at home, or for any other
reason. Some types of software is very self explanatory and you will not
have to put much thought into using it. Most types, however, are going to
take a bit of time and energy to master. One software program that many
people use at least once in their life is Word. Learning Microsoft Word
can be hard if you try to do it all at once. Learn the basics and then go
from there as needed. You will pick it up more quickly than you thought.

You are going to find that learning Microsoft Word is much like learning
other types of word processing software. This is the basics of what Word
does anyway. You use this software to write letters or other text
documents, and then you can also use it to modify it in any way that you
want. Just opening the program can tell you a lot about how it works. The
cursor is usually automatically blinking on the page when you choose to
create a new document. Just start typing and you will see what this
program can do.

Learning Microsoft Word can be done simply by using it. Once you start
typing, as mentioned above, you are going to see a few things that the
program does automatically. These basics are important and also make your
life so much easier. If you misspell something, the program will
underline it. You can either fix it on your own, or you can use the spell
check option. This is something you are going to find under one of the
pull down menus at the top of the open program. Click on the spell check
and it will give you options for the misspelling. You click on the one
that you meant to type and the program changes it for you.

Other basics of learning Microsoft Word include how to save, print, and
email you document when you are done with it. If you are smart, you will
go through all of the options you can find under the 'file' option on
most versions of Microsoft Word before you do anything else. When you
start a new document, use the 'save as' to name and save your file. Save
often as you go because any computer can shut off at any time and you
want to know you saved before that happens. You can also see options to
email your documents when you are done, and also how to print. Each is
very self explanatory if you go through them step by step.

Once you are done learning Microsoft Word basics, you can go on to learn
the more advanced options on your own, or you can find some other type of
help. There are web sites and other programs that you can find that help
with learning Microsoft Word from the comfort of your own home or from
your desk at work. Your employer may also send you to a few classes to
learn the program if you need to learn it quickly for your job. Take the
time to learn all that it can do and you may find that you can not live
without it in both your personal and professional life.

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