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					GED High School Diploma

The GED high school diploma, officially known as the General Equivalency
Diploma or the General Education Diploma, is not actually a high school
diploma. It’s an alternative to earning a regular high school diploma
from an institution. The program was initially started to help war
veterans to continue their education and assimilate into society. When
applying for a job, most employers require at least high school education
level, and in addition to the high school diploma they accept the GED,
which makes work available to individuals who didn’t graduate from high
school. Sometimes the GED is colloquially and technically, inaccurately
referred to as the GED high school diploma because it’s the equivalent of
high school education level. Getting a GED sometimes has a stigma
attached to it, being viewed as inferior to a “real” high school diploma,
and while the experience of earning either diploma is different, in the
real world they hold equal weight and take you the same distance. Having
a GED doesn’t put you at a disadvantage compared to someone who graduated
from an official high school.

There are various reasons why a person would go for a GED high school
diploma—they might have dropped out of high school, taken homeschooling,
immigrated, or been unable to graduate from high school due to not
passing or because of personal reasons. The GED is often associated with
celebrities who perhaps skip high school because of their busy schedules
or because of harassment from peers, an unfortunate but common problem
for famous students trying to fit into a normal school. Famous
celebrities who earned a GED high school diploma are pop singers like
Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Avril Lavigne, actors like Bill Cosby
and Christian Slater, and others.

To register for the GED test, you have to be at least 16, a resident, and
you can’t have a high school diploma or be enrolled in a high school.
Then you have to show proof of identity, take a pre test to qualify, and
pay a fee for the test. The actual test is administered in a public area
like a community college. The GED consists of 5 topics: writing, social
studies, math, reading, and science. It’s a standardized test, kind of
like the SAT. There’s essay writing and multiple choice for math
problems, science concepts, reading comprehension and history. After you
pass the approximately 7 hour long test, you earn a GED high school
diploma that says that your knowledge is at the high school education
level standard.

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