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					Freelancing using Forums

As a freelancer, looking for more clients is part of work. How though do
you go about looking for freelance projects on the web with so many
marketing techniques to choose from? We are going to look at one way you
can market yourself online and introduce yourself to the online community
as an expert. This is through the use of forum marketing techniques.
There are many ways to go about forum marketing in a professional way.

As a freelancer using forums, you will discover that forums encourage
spamming. However, if you are looking to be an expert in your field, by
all means avoid forum spam. Forum spam involves posting recklessly with
the intention of adding a link. Most forums will ban spammers and this
could jeopardize your search for freelance projects. Thus ensure that
your business marketing strategy does not involve any form of spam; the
costs of such a move can be detrimental to your freelancing career.
Consider also joining the most popular forums on the market. A simple
Google or Bing search in your niche market will show you the popular
sites. Any forum that gets between 25 to 50 or above posts per day is
good place to start.

A good number of freelance projects can be found on popular forums and
joining some of these forums will open up a new market to find more work.
If it is allowed to post URLs, then you can passively introduce it as
part of your business introductory letter. You will want to have your
signature accompanied with your URL. You do not want to sound as if all
you are trying to do is get attention from others. Keyword usage is very
important in a web site and in case forums; it should also not be
neglected. Consider your forums as your real web sites and try to provide
as much relevant information as possible.

Another way to get a lot out of your forums is to use a memorable avatar.
Since you want to get people’s attention and possibly get offered
freelance projects, get people to click on your profile by using
interesting avatars on your profiles. You can find or create an avatar
that reflects your personality or one that is really weird or super
funny. People are very visual and will remember you by what they see.
Creating a favorable impression is therefore vital in your quest for
freelance projects and opportunities. Remember that the goal is to sell
your business and not yourself.

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