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					Do You Have Digestive Problems?

You may think that your digestive system works as well as it can and that
you just have to put up with the things that happen when you eat and then
process your meals. It could be that some of the things that your body
does are not normal for everyone else, even though they have been the
same for you for so long that you assume that is just the way things are.
You could have one of many different digestive problems and though you do
not know it yet, there could be a very simple cure that can make you feel
better during and right after eating.

Gas is something that you may live with but you may not realize that this
is one of the digestive problems that you can actually do something
about. You may have more gas than others but not realize that and assume
your problems are completely normal. It might not be what you eat but how
you eat. If you gulp when you drink and eat, you may trap a lot of gas in
your body. Some people naturally have digestive problems with air that
becomes trapped. You may just have to slow down and chew your food better
to get rid of this problem – at least somewhat.

Others have digestive problems because they are intolerant or allergic to
certain types of foods. These can be very serious problems for some
people. Those that are allergic to peanuts, for example, are going to
have a very bad (and even deadly) reaction when they eat these. Those
that are intolerant of lactose are going to find that they have stomach
pain and a lot of excess gas. This is probably one of the most common of
digestive problems that most do not even know they have. Go a day without
diary to see if that clears up. If so, you know the most likely cause of
your pain and discomfort.

Other digestive problems can be caused by too many or too few bacteria in
the body. You may not realize it, but you have good and bad bacteria in
your digestive system all of the time. As long as the good bacteria are
strong enough in number, you are feeling and digesting as you should.
When things get out of balance, however, you could have any number of
problems. That is why may say that body cleanses actually do more harm
then good to the body. If you do not feel well after having one done, you
know why.

Some digestive problems start out as discomfort but could end up being
rather destructive. GERD or acid reflux is one of these things. When
stomach acids come back up into the throat, it can be painful and
uncomfortable. However, after a time, it becomes more than that. This
acid can eat away at tissues in the throat, lungs, and esophagus that can
cause you to have long term problems. Acid in the lungs can lead to
damage that may not be repaired. This is just one of the many digestive
problems that you should never ignore.

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