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									Carbohydrate Foods

If you have been on any type of diet in the last two decades, you have
probably heard that carbohydrate foods are bad for you. While there is
some truth to this, that statement can be deceiving. You do have to limit
some types of carbohydrates in your diet, but to say that you should not
have any could compromise your health. There are carbohydrates that your
body needs to stay healthy. Avoiding some of them and eating the right
ones are key to good health and weight loss, if that is a goal that you
have. Choose well and you will eat and feel well too.

Any good diet that focuses on food type can tell you what carbohydrate
foods you should have, but they also tell you what you should avoid. If
you see a diet plan that makes no mention of good carbohydrate foods, you
are looking at a diet plan that is not good for you and should be
avoided. You may think of carbs as things like sugar and white flour, but
there are plenty of good carbs that you have to include in any eating
plan to stay healthy and to feel good. You can not enjoy good health by
eating zero carbs each day.

White foods are generally carbohydrate foods that you should be avoiding.
These are the carbs that generally have empty or near empty calories,
spike your blood sugar, and make you feel hungry just a few hours later.
It is a vicious cycle. Foods made with white flour, like breads, should
be eaten, but with a sensible substitution that has good carbohydrate
foods. True whole grain breads are a great, healthy substitution for
white breads that are not good for you. Read labels carefully to be sure
it is true whole grain. Instead of white rice, go for natural brown rice.
You get the picture.

Sugar is one of the worst carbohydrate foods that you can eat. It can be
very hard to give it up, and even harder to find foods that do not
contain any type of sugar. It can be hard to find them, but it is worth
the time and effort to search them out. Find a sugar substitution that
you can live with and that tastes the best to you, and use that when you
would use sugar. There are great recipes out there for items that might
normally be considered bad carbohydrate foods that use sugar
substitutions. If you eat these, you consume less calories, don't have
sugar spikes, and are going to feel better about what you are putting
into your body.

Keep up the good carbohydrate foods when you are on any eating plan.
These include fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and other fiber rich
foods. If you are unsure as to what are good carbohydrate foods and what
foods you should avoid, you can always find a copy of the glycemic index.
This lists foods for diabetics and tells you what carbs are good and what
ones should be avoided. Go for the carbs listed lowest on the scale for
the best results. Include some in each meal for a healthy, well balanced

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