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									How to apply
The microsite will give you key and up to date information on the Asset Protection Agency. Information on the advertised
role; including job description and person specification is included to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the
challenges and opportunities you will face if you are successful. You must submit the following information, without which
your application will not be considered:

    •   A comprehensive CV
    •   A supporting statement that sets out how you meet each of the requirements in the person specification for this

Please also complete the equal opportunities monitoring form. This will help our client to follow the recommendations of
the Equality and Human Rights Commission, that employers should monitor selection decisions to assess whether
equality of opportunity is being achieved. The information on the form will be treated as confidential and used for statistical
purposes. The form will not be treated as part of your application.

Online Application form – Guidance notes

All sections marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory fields and must be completed in order for you to successfully
submit your form. Once you have completed a page, scroll to bottom and click on the word ‘Next’ – this will take you to
the following page.

At the start of the process you will be able to create your own account so you can save and return to your form before
submitting it. To avoid any loss of data please ensure that you save your progress regularly - we strongly recommend
doing this at least every 20 minutes. To do this, scroll to the bottom of the current page and click ‘Save Application’. To
ensure you can return to a saved form please make sure you record your candidate login details.

When you create a personal account you will receive an automatic email reply which contains a web link to an login page.
If you click this link and enter your username and password you can access your personal Homepage. You need to
access your candidate Homepage each time you want to: return to a saved application, adjust your personal information,
adjust your password, view your application history or withdraw an application.


The structure of the online form is outlined below:

    •   The first page of the form is a short set of eligibility question.
    •   The second page of the form is for you to record your personal details.
    •   The third page allows you to upload a Cover Letter. All MS Word files must be saved in 97-2003 format.
    •   The fourth page is for you to attach your current CV.
    •   The fifth page is an Equal Opportunities monitoring form.

After you have submitted your application you will receive an automated email response.


If you have any queries or experience any problems with the online form our contact details are below:

Enquiry Line: 0845 313 3157

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