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                                                                                              Waitakere Cit y
                                                                                              Waitakere Cit
                                                                                              Arts Newslette
                                                                                              Arts Newslette

                                                                                                 February/March 2010

Summer in Waitakere
There’s plenty happening in Waitakere this season. Outdoor music concerts and art events, seasonal festivals and film
screenings provide lots of ways to get out there and enjoy our local culture and community.

Titirangi Festival of Music 2010
This year’s festival promises a diverse and entertaining line-
up, from jazz to acapela to hip hop to alternative NZ rock and
see page 6

Waitakere Sounds 2010 Free Music Series
Kick back and relax in the sun while taking in some great
sounds. This year’s series includes live hip hop, Motown, rock,
funk and reggae, and culminates with a DJ Beach Party at Piha
see page 6

Bands in the Park
Local military bands perform in Henderson’s Falls Park over three Sundays. Take
the grandkids for a relaxing afternoon.
see page 7
                                                                                        Next Artlink Deadline
                                                                                        If you have arts news, events
                                      Art                                               or classes that you would like to
                                                                                        advertise in Artlink, please feel free
                                      Open Studio 2010                                  to submit to us. The next deadline
                                      Take a trip around the artist studios in          is for the April/May Artlink and it
                                      Waitakere to meet artists and view their          falls on March 9. Please send brief
                                      work.                                             descriptions; images (of 300 dpi or
                                      see page 2                                        more) are also welcome.

                                                                                        Email submissions to:
                                      Artisans at Huia
                                      Contemporary Craft Art Show
                                      Huia’s thriving art’s scene is on show at this
                                                                                        Email images to:
                                      quality craft art sale, making this a great
                                      day to enjoy Huia’s charms.
                                      see page 2                                        Send your local art events to the
                                                                                        Waitakere City Council Community
                                      Eco Day Recycled Arts & Crafts Market             Arts Coordinator for distribution to
                                      Support Eco Day and local artists with a trip     her email network:
                                      to this innovative market.              
Open Studio 2010                      see page 2
                                                                                        Read Artlink Online
Film                                                                                    Conserve our resources by switching
                                                                                        from paper to virtual: www.
Pollywood 2010
Now in it’s eighth year, this lively film festival showcases the best in Pacifica short
                                                                                        Subscribers, if you would like to go
see page 5
                                                                                        virtual, please ask to be removed
                                                                                        from our mailing list:

art                                 news
out                                 Waitakere Artists Invited to Submit Works for The “f” Word
west                                Piha’s West Coast Gallery is inviting Waitakere artists to submit works inspired by
                                    the letter “f” for consideration in their upcoming show The “f” Word. Prizes will be
                                    given in three categories: a $100 Best in Show, a $50 Committee Choice and a
                                    $30 Piha Café voucher People’s Choice.

                                    Works are welcome in any medium and must be at the gallery by Sunday,
                                    February 14. For information and entry forms, telephone the gallery on: 812

                                    For event locations, please see the back page.

                                    Artisans at Huia Contemporary Craft Art Show
                                    Huia artisans are showing a wide range of Craft Art at this inaugural event, all of
                                    a high standard and for sale. Eftpos will be available along with food, a bar and

                                    The Huia Settlers Museum next door will also be open and the Karamatura
                                    Heritage Farm Park will be holding a family day.

                                    Date: Waitangi Day, February 6

Jago Neal, Open Studio Weekend
                                    Eco Day Recycled Arts and Crafts Market
                                    Local artisans will sell artworks and crafts made from recycled, reused, recovered
                                    or found materials.

                                    Date: February 28
                                    Time: 10am—4pm

                                    Waitakere City Artists’ Open Studio Weekend 2010
                                    Waitakere artists invite you to the sixth annual Open Studio Weekend. Visit over
                                    two hundred artists in their home studios or at gallery clusters. Meet local artists,
                                    see art making in action, purchase quality artwork and learn about the creative
                                    process direct from the artist.

                                    Studios are FREE to visit on your own, or you can join a mini bus tour of five
                                    selected studios for $15. In conjunction with the Open Studio Weekend, Corban
                                    Estate Arts Centre will have various activities planned and the bus tours will
                                    depart from the main entrance.

                                    Date: March 27—28
                                    Time: 10am—4pm
                                    Tour bookings or free map and brochure: tel. 839 0400

                                    Lopdell House Gallery
                                    The Labours of Herakles: lithographs by Marian Maguire
                                    In this collection of twelve lithographs and eight etchings Herakles, the
                                    archetypal muscle-bound hero of Greek mythology, is cast as a New Zealand
                                    colonist and sets about the tasks necessary to claim and tame the land, to
                                    transform it as part of the wave of change, the persistent influx from the West.

                                    Date: February 12–April 11
                                    Opening: Thursday February 11, 6pm

                                    Nga Hau e Wha: Lisa Reihana
                                    McCahon House residency artist Lisa Reihana presents a series of evocative
                                    photographs that describe geographic locations, speak of familial connections and
                                    re-imagine Maori portraiture.
top: lithograph by Marian Maguire
bottom: West Wind by Lisa Reihana   Dates: February 12—April 11
(both at Lopdell House Gallery)     Opening: February 11, 6pm

Corban Estate Arts Centre                  Waitakere Central                     Mosaic Garden Project
                                                                                 Date: March 20—21
Patterns In Ivy: Yi Lang Chen
                                           Community Arts Council                Time: 10am—4pm
Hyper-real paintings.                      Members Exhibition 2010               Cost: $105 (includes grout, adhesive
                                                                                 and base; tiles can be purchased)
Date: January 15—February 21               Works on the theme “In the Garden”.
                                                                                 New Eyes On Art: An
Played Out: Fifi Cheung                     Date: March 24—30                     Introduction To Art History
A visual playground of photographic        Opening: March 24, 5.30pm             For Beginners
installation aimed at simultaneously       Location: Old St Michaels Church,     Date: March 21
reintroducing us to the naïve and          Corban Estate Arts Centre             Time: 10am—3pm
carefree moments of childhood and                                                Cost: $35

a tangible sense of loss as we revisit
the past.                                                                        Experimental Drawing
                                                                                 Techniques (All Levels)
Date: January 15—February 21               See the back page for contact         Date: March 27—28
                                           and booking information (with the     Time: 10am—4pm
Summer School 2010                         exception of WCCAC information,       Cost: $75 (materials not included)
Tutor Showcase                             which appears here):
Showcasing the work of Summer                                                    Stone Carving (Beginners)
School Tutors: Leila Ataya, David
Reid, Graham Ambrose, Kate
                                           Corban Estate Arts Centre             Date: March 27—28
                                                                                 Time: 10am—4pm
Rutecki, Donna Demente, Mary Ama                                                 Cost: $175 (includes one block of
and Shelley Ryde.                          Adult Weekly Art Classes              Oamaru stone and tools; additional
                                                                                 blocks can be purchased)
Date: January 15—February 21               These classes run for 6 weeks

La Fine Del Mondo:                         Logo Design - Developing A            Term 1 Children’s Art Classes
Edith Amituanai                            Brand (All Levels)
Work from the ongoing series on            Date: Mondays, Feb. 15—March 22       All classes are taught by skilled, local
the resettlement of the Lai family in      Time: 6.30—8.30pm                     tutors and are six sessions long. The
West Auckland.                             Cost: $85 (includes some materials)   course fee includes materials.

Date: February 26—April 11                                                       Corbans regret that they are unable
                                           Spontaneous Multidimensional          to offer the usual 50% discount
Opening: February 25, 6pm                  Assemblage (All Levels)               on classes to parents holding a
                                           Date: Mondays, Feb. 15—March 22       Community Services card in Term 1.
West Coast Gallery                         Time: 6.30—8.30pm
                                           Cost: $85 (includes materials)
                                                                                 Matisse Colour Portraits
Kakapo Dreaming: Zeke Wolf                                                       (7–14 Yrs)
Zeke delights us with his mythical         Extend Your Drawing Using Wet         Date: Mondays, Feb. 15—March 22
forests, birds and creatures.              & Dry Media (All Levels)              Time: 3.45—5.15pm
                                           Date: Tuesdays, Feb. 16—March 23      Cost: $75
                                           Time: 6.30—8.30pm
                                           Cost: $75 (materials not included)
                                                                                 15 Minutes Of Fame (8–14 Yrs)
                                                                                 Printing techniques.
                                           Life Drawing And Mixed Media          Date: Tuesdays, Feb. 16—March 23
                                           (All Levels)                          Time: 3.45—5.15pm
                                           Date: Wednesdays                      Cost: $75
                                           Feb. 17—March 24
                                           Time: 7—9pm
                                                                                 The Legends Of Sailors
                                           Cost: $120 (includes model fee but
                                                                                 (7–12 Yrs)
                                           not materials)
                                                                                 Date: Wednesdays
Date: January 16—February 14                                                     Feb. 17—March 24
                                           Directions In Abstract Painting       Time: 3.45—5.15pm
                                           (Beginners To Intermediate)           Cost: $75
The “f” Word: Waitakere Artists            Date: Thursdays, Feb. 18—March 25
Artists take on the letter “f” in a wide   Time: 6.30—8.30pm
range of mediums.                                                                A Cat With A Hat (5–10 Yrs)
                                           Cost: $75 (materials not included)
                                                                                 Sculpting with clay.
Date: February 20–March 21                                                       Date: Thursdays, Feb. 18—March 25
                                           Mugs ‘N’ Jugs (All Levels)            Time: 4—5.30pm
Opening: February 20, 2pm                  Date: Thursdays, Feb. 18—March 25     Cost: $85
                                           Time: 6.30—8.30pm
RANDOm LaTeral DynamiCs:                   Cost: $125 (materials included)
Andrew Hall                                                                      Arty Dolls (8–14 Yrs)
Using materials in danger of being                                               Date: Thursdays, Feb. 18—March 25
wasted, Andrew sees possibilities          Adult Weekend Art                     Time: 3.45—5.15pm
and potential in everything.                                                     Cost: $75
Recycle, reuse, ReinVENT and SAVE.                                               Under The Sea (6–12 Yrs)
                                           Painting From Life (Previous Life
“It’s A gift And a CurSe”.                                                       Create a magical dreamscape using
                                           Drawing Experience Required)
                                                                                 watercolours and collage.
Date: March 27–April 25                    Date: Feb. 27—28
Opening: Saturday, March 27, 2pm           Time: 10am—4pm                        Date: Saturdays, Feb. 20—March 27
                                           Cost: $95 (includes model fee but     Time: 11am—12.30pm
                                           not materials)                        Fee: $75

art                                        Painting and Drawing with                     Free Range Painting
                                                                                         with Robin Binsley 2
                                           Monique Endt
out                                        Acrylics for Beginners I
                                                                                         Date: Fridays
                                                                                         Time: 1—3.30pm
                                                                                         Bookings: 813 3956
west                                       Date: February
                                           Time: 12.30—2.30pm                            Oil & Acrylic Painting
                                           Cost: $16 per lesson or $60 per four          with Ted Rogers 1
                                                                                         Date: Saturdays

education                                  Acrylics for Beginners II
                                           Date: February
                                           Time: 3.30—5.30pm
                                                                                         Time: 10am—12noon
                                                                                         Cost: $15 per session

                                                                                         Bookings: 021 161 8843
                                           Cost: $16 per lesson or $60 per four
                                                                                         Oil & Acrylic Painting
                                           Acrylic Painting (All Levels)                 with Ted Rogers 2
Lopdell House Gallery                      Date: February                                Date: Saturdays
                                           Time: 7—9pm                                   Time: 12.30—2.30pm
Handpaint a Ceramic Mug                    Cost: $90 per six lessons                     Cost: $15 per session
Back by popular demand, this family                                                      Bookings: 021 161 8843
friendly mug painting workshop is for
anyone over five years old.
                                           Waitakere Central
                                           Community Arts Council                        Waitakere Enterprise Training
Date: Sunday March 28                                                                    for Creative Businesses
Time: 10am—2pm
                                           Open Studio
Cost: $10 per mug (includes stains                                                       Fully funded by New Zealand Trade
                                           Drop in and join in.
and firing expenses)                                                                      & Enterprise, this free programme
                                           (No oils after 11am to assist those
                                           with solvent allergies.)                      run by WHK Business growth gives
Term 1 Children’s Workshops                                                              small and medium sized creative
                                           Date: Mondays                                 business owners and their managers
The First Explorers Print                  Time: 8.30am—2.30pm                           the opportunity to improve their
                                                                                         business capability.
(Years 1—6)
                                           Oil & Acrylic Painting
Children will view lithographs by                                                        The programme runs in Henderson.
                                           with Ted Rogers
Marian Maguire, dream up their own
                                           Date: Tuesdays
version of history as an explorer                                                        Prospecting and Closing the Deal
                                           Time: 7—9pm
coming to New Zealand, and                                                               Date: February 9
                                           Cost: $15 per session
transform their sketches into a print.
                                           Bookings: 021 161 8843
Date: February 15—April 1                                                                Costing and Pricing to Improve
                                           Life Drawing Studio                           Profitability
                                           Date: Wednesdays                              Date: February 16
Monarch Handmade Paper
(Years 1—6)                                Time: 9.30am—1pm
Students will learn about the life                                                       Effective Web Marketing for
cycle of a Monarch butterfly and            Twilight Life Drawing                         Creatives
record it on paper they handmake.          Date: Wednesdays                              Date: February 11
                                           Time: 5.30—7.30pm                             Time: 9am—4.30pm
Date: February 15—April 1
                                           Open Studio                                   Effective Budgeting and Cashflow
Hands on Clay                              Date: Thursdays
                                                                                         Date: March 17
                                           Time: 8.30am—12.30pm
Children’s Classes (5—12 Yrs)
                                           Watercolour Painting                          Goal Setting and Business
Fun and friendly classes that teach
                                           with Helen Steven                             Planning for Creatives
all the basics of hand building in clay,
                                           Date: Thursdays                               Date: March 21
from pinch pots to coiling and slab
work.                                      Time: 1—3pm
                                           Bookings: 834 5832                            Email Marketing for Creatives
Date: Tuesdays, starting February 9                                                      Date: March 24
Time: 3.30—5pm                             Free Range Painting
                                           with Robin Binsley 1                          How to Develop a Winning
                                           Date: Fridays                                 Marketing Plan for your Service
Rutherford College Adult and               Time: 9.30am—12noon                           Date: March 30
Community Education                        Bookings: 813 3956

Evening and weekend workshops
starting in February include: sewing,
bone carving, flax weaving, interior
decoration, life drawing, Photoshop,
soft furnishings and home

Class sizes are limited so students
are advised to register early.

                                                             works from the Handpaint a Ceramic Mug class at Lopdell House Gallery

performance                                                                                         music
out                                                                                                 out
west                                                                                                west

films                                                                                Open Mic Nights at Elevation
Corban Estate Arts Centre                                                           Café & Restaurant
                                                                                    Showcase Local Talent
This fantastic local short film festival showcases Pacific Island stories, culture,   A successful Local Entertainers Open
ideas, lifestyles and vision.                                                       Mic Night has been running every
                                                                                    second Wednesday night at Elevation
Date: Thursday, March 18                                                            Cafe & Restaurant, 473 Scenic Drive,
Time: 7.30—9pm                                                                      Waiatarua since the beginning of
Location: Opanuku Studio                                                            September 2009.

                                                                                    Co-ordinated by singer/songwriter
Lopdell House                                                                       Fiona McEwen, the nights have been
                                                                                    attracting a growing audience who
Robin Kewell Film Night                                                             come along to enjoy the guest acts,
Two documentaries on ceramic artist Bernard Leach: Playing with Fire and The        fabulous view and great food.
Potters Art.
                                                                                    Recent guests have included poets,
Playing with Fire was made in West Cornwall as part of the Tate St Ives             singer/songwriters, a ukelele/
‘Ceramica’ event. Local potter Jason Wason invited Japanese potter Yasuo Terada     cello duo, an accapella group,
to Cornwall to do some raku firings, one of these at the Leach pottery in St Ives.   instrumental guitar soloists and
                                                                                    bands. Cat Tunks, Phil Toms, SL
The Potters Art includes a section on Wedgewood with Leach comparing the
                                                                                    Macombee & the Absolute Truth
industrial potteries to what he and others are doing in Cornwall.
                                                                                    and the Mad Hatterz Band have all
Date: Saturday, February 20
Time: 7.30pm (doors open at 7pm)
                                                                                    Original performers are encouraged.
Location: Top Floor
                                                                                    McEwen says, “There aren’t very
Cost: $10; $5 for Friends of LHG
                                                                                    many West Auckland venues where
Bookings: tel. 817 8087 x201 or call into the gallery shop
                                                                                    original singer/songwriters get to
                                                                                    perform, and we are so pleased

education                                                                           Elevation Cafe has provided the
                                                                                    space where local talent can be
                                                                                    showcased and enjoyed here in the
See the back page for contact information:
                                                                                    The restaurant is open from 12pm
                                                                                    (bookings are recommended;
                                                                                    tel: 814 1919 or email: info@
                                                                           and the Open
                                                                                    Mic Night starts around 7pm; entry
SOUL offers a wide range of holistic health and healing classes, as well as the
                                                                                    is free and performers have up to 15
following performance classes:
                                                                                    minutes. Anyone wanting to perform
                                                                                    should pre-book by emailing McEwen
Theatre of the Ordinary Advanced Series with Al Wunder                              on (those
This workshop is for students who have already experienced Al’s work – it will      who are not so sure can sign up on
take you deeper into the Theatre of the Ordinary pedagogy and skill base. These     the night, if there is room). Elevation
improvised movement theatre workshops are a simple yet profound means               donates a prize per night to a winner
of developing both the creative and formative sides of ourselves. Beginners         chosen by the audience.
workshops will be held later in the year.

Date: March 3—5

Contact Improvisation Lab
Explore a dance form that uses momentum, weight, gravity and the
contact with another body or surface to find a way to move through
space. The Lab is a way for beginners to learn some skills to use in
the jam.

Date: March 13

Contact Improvisation Jam
Get up and dance; explore contact improvisation with other dancers.
                                                                                                    movement class at SOUL
Date: March 13


Bands in the Park                          Waitakere Sounds returns in 2010 with four FREE family concerts, staged in
                                           Waitakere City parks:
Organised by Waitakere City Council
and The International Military Music       Waitangi Day Out West
Society, Bands in the Park features        2009 sensations Midnight Youth head the chart-topping line up, followed by
local military bands, playing at           singles chart star Dane Rumble and West Auckland’s own fast-rising funk/reggae
beautiful Falls Park in Henderson.         5-piece Soljah.

Kumeu Brass                                Date: Saturday February 6
Date: Sunday, February 21                  Time: 1—5pm
Time: 2pm                                  Location: Henderson Park

RNZ Air Force Auckland Band                                            Hip Hop Lives Here
Date: Sunday, March 7                                                  Kiwi grand master King Kapisi tops a bill that also
Time: 2pm                                                              includes double Pacific Music Awards winner Tha
                                                                       Feelstyle and New Zealand’s own Sellaband recording
Trusts Waitakere Brass                                                 pioneer Maitreya.
Date: Sunday, March 21
                                                                       Date: Sunday February 21
Time: 2pm
                                                                       Time: 2—4pm
                                                                       Location: Henderson Park
Elevation Café & Restaurant
Local Entertainers                         Motown in the Park
                                           Lotto front man Russell Harrison and his Motown Band play songs by Motown
Open Mic Night                             greats The Temptations, The Four Tops, The Jacksons and others.

Enjoy great food and panoramic             Date: Sunday March 14
views of Auckland while soaking up         Time: 3—6pm
some Westie culture!                       Location: Luckens Reserve, West Harbour

Date: every second Wednesday,              DJ Beach Party
7—10pm                                     Roger Perry, Clarke Gayford, T Rice, Dick
                                           ‘Magik’ Johnson and other luminary DJs
The Packing Shed Gallery &                 man the decks for four hours of fun in the
Cafe Live Music
                                           Date: Sunday March 21                             Waitakere Sounds ‘09, Luckens
Date: every Saturday morning               Time: 1—5pm                                       Reserve; photo by Stephen Neville
Time: 9am—12pm                             Location: Piha Domain

Waitakere Music Nights
Sponsored by Go West Music, this           Waitakere City Orchestra
monthly evening event at Flax Café
showcases local musicians.                 “Buy One, Get One Free”
Free Concert in the Gallery:
                                           Waitakere City Orchestra’s first
One Voice Choir                            concert for 2010 features soloist
                                           Richard Liu performing Chopin’s
Russian Olga Tarasenko conducts
                                           Piano Concerto No 2 with the
this community choir, who perform
                                           orchestra, followed by Beethoven’s
acappella arrangements of world
                                           Symphony No 7.
music in a range of styles. The
concert is part of this year’s Titirangi   Brigid Ursula Bisley conducts.
Festival of Music.                         Funded by Waitakere City Council
Time: 3pm                                  Dates/Times: Saturday March 13 at
Date: Sunday, March 28                     8pm and Sunday March 14 at 4pm
Location: Lopdell House Gallery            Location: Glen Eden Playhouse
                                           Cost: $25, concessions $15
                                           Bookings:, or
                                           purchase at the door

                                  Titirangi Festival of Music
                                  This year’s festival features an inspiring and exciting line-up of events,
                                  including café gigs, street music, workshops, songwriter and jam nights, music
                                  memorabilia and concerts showcasing the musical and creative talent Titirangi is
                                  renowned for.

                                  Performers include Alan Brown; Black Sand Diva; King Kapisi; The Twitch;
                                  Andrew Fagan; SolJah; Atsushi; and The Moisties, alongside brass and school
                                  bands and emerging local talent.

                                  Date: March 25—28

Rhythm & Verse                    education
Musician John Goudge plays and    See back page for contact information:
poets Tanya Meek, David Ingram,
Rachael Naomi Heinmann and
Murray Haddow perform their       Freeing Your Song Voice Workshop
work. Refreshments available.
                                  Singing teacher Sally Stockwell helps you develop more confidence with your
Date: Thursday February 25        singing voice. The one-day workshop helps participants find new qualities within
Time: 7.30pm (doors open 7pm)     their voice and to find new ways to interpret a song.
Cost: $5
Location: Lopdell House Gallery   Date: February 14
Bookings: tel. 817 8087 x201 or   Time: 10am—4.30pm
call into the gallery shop        Cost: $80 ($25 deposit required)
                                  Location: Blockhouse Bay Boat Club

                                  events                                      Waitakere Writers Group

  writing                         Spread the Word (15-18 yrs)
                                                                              The Waitakere Writers Group meets
                                                                              once a month. Members meet to

  out                             FREE poetry and writing workshops
                                                                              discuss their work in a structured
                                                                              manner and receive assignments.
                                  with Courtney Meredith. No booking          During the year the group covers
  west                            necessary; just show up!                    travel writing, biography and
                                                                              autobiography, poetry, and creative
                                  Date: February 13 and March 6               writing. Membership is open to all
                                  Time: 12—2pm                                for a small annual fee; writers are
                                  Location: Corban Estate Arts Centre         welcome to join at any time.

                                                                              Date: second Saturday of the month
                                                                              Time: 2—4pm
                                                                              Venue: Corban Estate Arts Centre

                                              an alphabetical list of our contributors
Artlink Editor                             Open Studio 2010                                418 Titirangi Rd., Titirangi
Eve Tonkin                                 tel: 836 8000 x8934                             tel/fax: 817 8030
Waitakere City Council                     email:
Private Bag 93 109, Waitakere City         asp#openstudio.                       
tel: 836 8000 x8167                                                                        hours: 7 days, 10am—4.30pm
email:        Pacific Arts and Cultural Centre
                                           Jarcinda Ama-Stowers                            Titirangi Festival of Music
Artisans at Huia                           Corban Estate                         
Contemporary Craft Art Show                426 Great North Rd. Henderson
Janet Riem                                 tel: 838 3205                                   Titirangi Theatre
tel: 811 8068                              email:                 416 Titirangi Rd., Titirangi
Anna Tibbut                                               tel: 817 5951 (theatre); 817 7658
tel: 817 8399                                                 (bookings at Titirangi Pharmacy)
Community Arts Coordinator                 Painting and Drawing
Julie Nash                                 with Monique Endt                               Waitakere Brass
Waitakere City Council                     cel: 027 412 1652                               Tracey
Private Bag 93 109, Waitakere City         email:                   tel: 817 7363
tel: 836 8000 x8934                                                                        email:
email:        The Packing Shed Gallery & Cafe       
                                           99 Parrs Cross Rd, Oratia
Corban Estate Arts Centre (CEAC)           tel: 835 1557                                   Waitakere Central Community
426 Great North Rd. Henderson              email:                   Arts Council (WCCAC)
tel: 838 4455                                            PO Box 21447, Henderson
email:                    hours: 7 days, 9am—4pm                          tel: 838 5733                                                                            email:
                                           Playhouse Theatre                     
Eco Day Recycled Arts & Crafts Market      15 Glendale Rd., Glen Eden
Olympic Park, New Lynn                     tel: 818 5751 or 021 215 1271                   Waitakere City Orchestra
Elevation Café & Restaurant
473 Scenic Drive, Waiatarua                Project Twin Streams                            Waitakere Enterprise
tel: 814 1919                              tel: 839 0400                                   Training for Creative Businesses
email:                     tel: 968 8555                                                                    email:
Performance bookings:                      Rutherford College                                        Community Education             Andrea Cameron                                  Waitakere Sounds 2010
                                           Kotuku Street, Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland
Flax Café                                  tel: 834 4099
tel: 838 1055 (bookings)                   fax: 834 4011                                   Waitakere Writers Group
email:   email:              Christine Rule
                                                      tel: 416 7114
Freeing Your Song Voice Workshop                                                           Cheril Clarke                   Signal Gallery                                  email:
                                           160 Bethells Rd
Hands on Clay                              Te Henga, Bethells Beach                        Waitemata Theatre
Titirangi Community House                  tel: 810 9366                                   The Cellar, Corban Estate Art Centre
tel: Lorraine 816 8008                     email:                 426 Great North Rd., Henderson
email:               hours: every Fri, Sat & Sun over summer         Bookings: Barry or Sylvia Vaughan
                                                                                           tel: 827 8561
Lopdell House Gallery                      SOUL Centre of the Body & Mind
418 Titirangi Rd., Titirangi               18 Huia Rd., Titirangi                          West Coast Gallery
tel: 817 8087                              PO Box 60415, Titirangi                         Old Fire Station
email:                 tel: 817 3051                                   Seaview Road, Piha                         email:                    CMB 99, Piha
Art Education, Iona Matheson                                 tel: 812 8029
tel: 817 8087 x204                                                                         email:
email:            TCAC, Upstairs Gallery                
                                           Level 1, Lopdell House                          hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 10am–5pm

                                                     Eve Tonkin
                                                     Artlink Editor
                                                     Waitakere City Council
                                                     Private Bag 93 109
                                                     Waitakere City
                                                     tel: 836 8000 ext: 8112

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