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1 Capgemini 2 Atos Origin Technology and Consulting - Newsletter


1 Capgemini 2 Atos Origin Technology and Consulting - Newsletter

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									                                            August 2009
 Technology and
 Consulting -                               Welcome to Latitude Executive Consulting’s second newsletter of 2009,
 Newsletter                                 reviewing activity during Q2. The newsletter focuses on the Technology and
                                            Consulting marketplace, with the material sourced from a range of media and
                                            business contacts/partners.

 The organisations covered in this          1.     Capgemini
 issue are:
                                             •   Capgemini Consulting has won the four-year European Commission deal
                                                 to benchmark the e-government services provided by all EU member
                                                 states, also including Norway and Iceland.
      1. Capgemini                           •   The assignment is an extension to the previous seven-year deal with the
      2. Atos Origin                             Commission, with extra measurement criteria added, focusing on the level
                                                 of sophistication and availability of public services online, as well as
      3. Logica                                  assessing the user experience. The benchmark study’s conclusions will
      4. Accenture                               be published by the end of 2009.
                                             •   The company’s Global Public Sector Vice President, Graham Colclough,
      5. Wipro                                   commented: “This benchmarking instrument has proved to be an
      6. Infosys                                 important policy influencer looking back over the years. It has become a
                                                 cornerstone in the e-government measurement landscape.”
      7. Serco
      8. CSC
                                            2.        Atos Origin
                                             •   Atos Origin has won a 10-year group IT outsourcing deal with Royal Liver
                                                 Assurance. The value of the contract has not been disclosed, but it will
                                                 cover the management of Royal Liver's IT infrastructure, services and
                                                 applications. Over 70 staff will transfer to Atos Origin, which will create a
                                                 bespoke solution for the friendly society - offering local support for Royal
                                                 Liver's front-office services and technology management, combined with
                                                 the offshore delivery of server and applications management, and service
                                                 desk support from its facilities in India and Malaysia.
                                             •   Tony Szczepanek, CIO at Royal Liver, commented: “The contract was
                                                 awarded after a comprehensive 12-month competitive procurement
                                                 process involving nine of the top IT services providers operating in the UK.
                                                 It was supported by external industry specialists from financial services
                                                 consultancy Winchester White.”
                                             •   Group Assurance Director Kevin Dobson added: "Atos Origin
                                                 demonstrated an excellent understanding of our business. Equally
                                                 important for us was cultural fit. With over 70 of our staff transferring to
                                                 Atos Origin, we chose an organisation with a strong base in the UK."

Please contact Latitude Executive Consulting at:
Swan House, 52-53 Poland Street, London, W1F 7AB T: 020 7292 8630 F: 020 7292 8631
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                                            3.         Logica
                                              •   Logica has appointed Martin Ewart to the position of General Manager,
                                                  Scotland, with a view to driving its growth in the country, especially among
                                                  clients in the energy & utilities, public sector and financial services
                                                  sectors. Current clients in Scotland include: the Scottish Government,
                                                  ScottishPower, BT and the Bank of Scotland.
                                              •   Ewart joins Logica from private equity firm Arkaga, where he was
                                                  Investment Director. Prior, in a 20+ year IT career he held senior
                                                  management positions at Xansa and later HBOS, where he was Group
                                                  Technology Director.
                                              •   Ewart takes over from Logica's Scottish Chairman, Jim Martin, who is
                                                  stepping down to become public services ombudsman for the Scottish
                                              •   Ewart commented: "Logica has a strong record of delivering on
                                                  commitments. It has never been more important for us to continue to do
                                                  so. Our clients are steering themselves through the economic downturn.
                                                  We aim to support them and ensure their success."
                                              •   Logica UK CEO Joe Hemming added: “Ewart's appointment reflects our
                                                  desire to grow further and develop business in Scotland. We believe it is
                                                  important to take a long-term view. Logica's Scottish business is an
                                                  important element in our global operations and this is a time to make sure
                                                  we have the capability to support our clients.”

                                            4.         Accenture
                                              •   Accenture has been chosen by Amsterdam to run a scheme designed to
                                                  create Europe's first 'intelligent city', with the aim to introduce sustainable
                                                  and economically viable projects that will help Amsterdam reduce its
                                                  carbon footprint and meet the European Union's 2020 emissions and
                                                  energy reduction targets. Examples of projects to reduce energy
                                                  consumption include a smart electric grid, smart meters and in-home
                                                  feedback displays, smart building technologies and electric vehicles.
                                              •   Accenture will partner with the Amsterdam Innovation Motor, a city-
                                                  affiliated agency that will build public and private sector co-operation to
                                                  support Amsterdam Smart City.
                                              •   Accenture's European leader for smart grids, Maikel van Verseveld,
                                                  commented: “Because cities are the world's major source of carbon
                                                  emissions, they must play a leadership role in energy management and
                                                  electricity consumption by uniting the private and public sectors.
                                                  Accenture's role is to facilitate this integration and build and manage the
                                                  intelligent infrastructure that will transform the urban environment."
                                              •   Joke van Antwerpen, Director of the Amsterdam Innovation Motor, added:
                                                  “We chose Accenture for its innovative thinking in helping city authorities
                                                  and utilities come together in responding to climate change challenges, as
                                                  well as its expertise in smart grid and smart metering technologies.”

Please contact Latitude Executive Consulting at:
Swan House, 52-53 Poland Street, London, W1F 7AB T: 020 7292 8630 F: 020 7292 8631
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                                            5.         Wipro
                                              •   Wipro Technologies has been cited as a leader in SAP Implementation
                                              •   Forrester evaluated nineteen global vendors providing SAP services
                                                  across 60 criteria and the report states: “Wipro excels at technical and
                                                  operational elements of SAP services. It also continues to build out
                                                  consulting skills under its WCS (Wipro Consulting Services) brand as well
                                                  as (at the other end of the spectrum) its hosting capabilities, including its
                                                  acquisition of Infocrossing.”
                                              •   Elaborating on the strategy of Wipro's SAP practice, Sangita Singh,
                                                  Senior Vice President – Wipro Technologies, said: “We believe this
                                                  recognition by Forrester reflects our position as a leader in the SAP
                                                  services space. Our strategic investments in building deep industry
                                                  expertise and co-innovation with SAP have been instrumental in helping
                                                  our clients succeed.”
                                              •   According to the report: “Wipro has strength in the technical/development-
                                                  focused elements of SAP implementation as well as particular strength in
                                                  SCM, HCM, and BI. Key industries include energy and utilities, CPG, and
                                                  manufacturing. Wipro also has a significant focus on SOA and eSOA.”

                                            6.         Infosys
                                              •   Infosys is re-inventing itself by focusing on five strategic areas, according
                                                  to S.D. Shibulal, Chief Operating Officer, Infosys. The company is
                                                  concentrating on transformational deals, large outsourcing deals, new
                                                  engagement models, execution and talent management.
                                              •   Shibulal states that a major thrust area is commercializing the Intellectual
                                                  Property (IP) developed by SETLabs, Infosys’ R&D arm. “To
                                                  commercialize (IP), you have to add a few things: you have to patent
                                                  them, make sure you are not infringing on somebody else’s patent, make
                                                  sure it has a product road map and make sure the product does not
                                                  become stale in a very short time,” says Shibulal. He discusses how
                                                  Infosys is developing new IP in specific verticals such as the
                                                  ShoppingTrip360 platform for the retail industry.
                                              •   Shibulal also highlights the increasing acceptance of customers for
                                                  Infosys’ new engagement model based on variable pricing. The model is
                                                  based on the number of transactions, events, maintenance tickets or
                                              •   Further, Subhash B. Dhar, member of the Executive Council, Infosys,
                                                  discusses how the company is partnering with clients through new
                                                  engagement models and flexible pricing in an interview with Computer
                                                  Business Review magazine. Infosys' result-oriented model provides
                                                  clients with “outcome-based”, “transaction-based” or “function-based”
                                                  pricing. Subhash also highlights how Infosys is helping clients capitalize
                                                  on business opportunities emerging from a shift in consumer preferences,
                                                  for example…. The company is offering solutions on web and mobile-
                                                  based platforms for social networking.

Please contact Latitude Executive Consulting at:
Swan House, 52-53 Poland Street, London, W1F 7AB T: 020 7292 8630 F: 020 7292 8631
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                                            7.         Serco
                                              •   Serco Inc., the US subsidiary of Serco Group, a provider of professional,
                                                  technology, and management services to the federal government,
                                                  announced today that the Company has been awarded a prime contract
                                                  with the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) U.S. Citizenship and
                                                  Immigration Services (USCIS) to provide record processing for the
                                                  adjudication of immigration benefits. The contract has a one year base
                                                  period with four one-year option periods and is valued at approximately
                                                  $190m, inclusive of the options.
                                              •   Under the contract, Serco will provide records management services at
                                                  the USCIS National Benefits Center (NBC) located in Lee's Summit,
                                                  Missouri. Serco's services include file operations, records distribution
                                                  management, business process improvement support, automated system
                                                  transactions, and system update functions. This work provides the
                                                  government adjudicative support as it processes immigration-related
                                                  applications for Adjustment of Status, Naturalization, Adoption, and
                                                  Permanent Resident Card replacement.
                                              •   "This contract win shows our unrelenting focus on delivering solutions and
                                                  services to the Federal government," said Ed Casey, Chairman and Chief
                                                  Executive Officer of Serco Inc. "Through a long-standing relationship with
                                                  the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Serco continues to provide
                                                  expertise in records management services, and we are honored to have
                                                  another opportunity to support the Department of Homeland Security."
                                              •   NBC's mission is to create and support a centralized process for Field
                                                  Office submissions in order to provide a standardized service to
                                                  petitioners. Through the NBC, the USCIS manages the filing of all
                                                  applications and petitions for benefits that require an interview. Serco
                                                  expects to manage approximately 900 employees at this facility, making it
                                                  one of the largest employers in the Lee's Summit area. Serco has
                                                  supported the NBC for the past seven years and processes over 1.5
                                                  million files annually.

                                            8.         CSC
                                              •   CSC has won IT solutions and outsourcing contracts worth a total of c$85
                                                  million with the UK Atomic Energy Authority and Diageo.
                                              •   The six contracts with the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) and the
                                                  Civil Nuclear Police Authority are valued at $50 million over five years.
                                                  This resulted from the break-up of the organisation into separate
                                                  companies and an IT review which outlined how they would be better
                                                  served by outsourced than inhouse IT teams.
                                              •   CSC will service the contracts through its civil nuclear centre of excellence
                                                  in Cumbria and plans to open a similar, second centre in Caithness in
                                                  June, taking on UKAEA's inhouse IT staff.
                                              •   UKAEA CEO Norman Harrison said: “This is an excellent outcome to the
                                                  constructive, competitive dialogue between ourselves and CSC. It
                                                  provides a sound basis for future IT services to a changing UKAEA and
                                                  retains the skills and expertise of our experienced team.”

Please contact Latitude Executive Consulting at:
Swan House, 52-53 Poland Street, London, W1F 7AB T: 020 7292 8630 F: 020 7292 8631
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                                              •   CSC's contracts with drinks company Diageo cover a four-and-a-half year,
                                                  $7 million project to implement a SAP-based worldwide supply change
                                                  management solution, plus a five-year extension to an IT outsourcing
                                                  contract worth $28 million.

                                            The above information has been sourced from a range of media publications and
                                            statements made in public company announcements. Latitude Executive Consulting
                                            acknowledges all copyright and trade names. The information does not represent Latitude
                                            Executive Consulting’s view or opinions. Copyright, Latitude Executive Consulting, 2009.

Please contact Latitude Executive Consulting at:
Swan House, 52-53 Poland Street, London, W1F 7AB T: 020 7292 8630 F: 020 7292 8631
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                                            Introducing Latitude Executive Consulting
                                            Latitude Executive Consulting, founded in 2003, has a wealth of experience
                                            spanning every major sector and geography. Our teams of experienced,
                                            market-specific Consultants and multi-lingual Researchers ensure the
                                            successful delivery of assignments globally.

                                            Our expertise has created an exacting and contemporary recruitment service
                                            that is thorough yet agile. We have the flexibility to source people expediently,
                                            enabling our clients to hire the best possible talent in the shortest practical

                                            Through the utilisation of market leading technology, processes and
                                            infrastructure we engage in a combination of methodologies to maintain,
                                            update and grow a community of function and sector specific contacts. Through
                                            constant communication with this network we are kept appraised of all market
                                            developments and are able to track individuals throughout their careers.

                                            Our approach applies the highest standards of professionalism through a
                                            proven delivery mechanism that never compromises on quality.

                                            Please call us on 020 7292 8630 or visit for more
                                            information on our range of services.

Please contact Latitude Executive Consulting at:
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