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					Hale Rowing Newsletter
                                Hale Rowing Parents Support Group                                       11 Feb 2010
                                                                                                      Volume 2, Issue 4

                                Festival of Oars – Aquinas Regatta
                                The season kicked off with       The Year 10 and senior
                                a whole of shed pasta night      VIII crews each had a
                                on Friday night. We had a        short and long course
                                new venue for the pasta          race. All VIII crews raced
                                night at the swimming pool       the 1000m short course,
                                veranda. The year 9 rowers       and Year 10 VIII crews
Contents:                       and the other boys new to        raced the 1500m course,
Aquinas Regatta             1   rowing all received their        while the senior VIII crews
                                personal rowing bags.            raced the 2000m course.
2010 Regatta Schedule       2
                                There was plenty of food         The Year 10 quads raced
News from the Crews         2   and good conversation on         the short 1000m course
                                the night                        and the senior quads        Breakfast Down at the River
Aquinas Regatta Results     3
                                                                 raced the 1500m course.
Aquinas Regatta Photos      4   Saturday morning brought
                                our first regatta for the        The season is already
Head of the River History   5   season, Aquinas “Festival        looking promising, both
Parent Support Group        6   of Oars”. We had great           with the number of rowers
                                weather, relatively quiet        in the shed and the
Rock & Roll Night           7
                                waters and a warm                results. Last year at this
Rowing Website              8   morning. A strong head           time, we did not even
Rowing Merchandise          8   wind started to pick up in       have a senior quad, and
                                time for the last three races,   now we have two.
                                but it wasn’t any trouble for    Congratulations to the
                                our senior races.                following crews for their
                                                                 medal honours on the
                                Thanks to the Parent
                                Support Group (PSG),
                                especially Jenny Moynihan 1st Place Medal                            Year 9 Quad
                                and Sue Chapman, who put Honours:
 Frequently Used Contacts       on breakfast down at the
                                river for the parents,        2nd VIII – 1000m
      Master in Charge          coaches, and rowers.         nd
         Justin Forbes                                      2 Place Medal
        0409-889-113            The regatta was broken into Honours:
     jjf@hale.wa.edu.au         short course races, 1000m
                                and long course races of      9C Quad – 1000m
         Head Coach             1500 and 2000m.               Senior Quad –
          Ali Paterson
                                The Year 9 rowers had their     1500m
     ali.pat@iinet.net.au       first experience at racing.    rd
                                                              3 Place Medal
                                There were a few nerves
        Cygnet Hall                                           Honours:
                                before the race, but all were
         9386-4108              excited to row in their first    9B Quad – 1000m             Warming Up Before the Race
  Sandy Burt: 0418-917-581      race. Their results did not
   sandyb@hale.wa.edu.au                                         9A Quad – 1000m
                                disappoint either. The Year
                                9 quads had one of their
                                best starts to the season in
                                some time with a number of
                                “medal” placings.
  11 Feb 2010
Volume 2, Issue 4       Hale Rowing Newsletter                                                       Page 2 of 9

                       2010 Season Regatta Schedule
                       Date              Regatta                       Comments
                       Feb 6             Regatta 1 - Aquinas           Canning River
                       Feb 13            Regatta 2 - Christ Church     Canning River
                       Feb 20            Regatta 3 - Trinity           Canning River
                       Feb 24            Wesley Indoor Regatta         Wesley School Quadrangle (Wednesday)
                       Feb 28            Bye                           No Regatta - Labour Day Long Weekend
                       Mar 6             Regatta 4 - Wesley            Champion Lakes
                       Mar 13            Regatta 5 - Scotch            Champion Lakes
                       Mar 20            Regatta 6 - Hale              Champion Lakes
                       Mar 27            Head of the River             Champion Lakes
                       Apr 1                                           End of Term

                    News from the Crews
                    The racing season of               strapped down boats             (Note: Each week we
                    2010 kicked off                    reminded us of years            want to include a small
                    “oarsomely” with the               passed, but there was           article in the newsletter
                    shed fielding a crew in            an unfamiliar sense of          from one of the year 12
                    every single "H.O.T.R"             charisma among the              rowers. Boys why not
                    division (those divisions          boys, an energetic              be the first in line to
                    that will have a race on           unease to get out and           volunteer a story for the
                    the Head of The River              show the other                  newsletter. See Nancy
                    day).                              schools what Hale               Lyche to get your
                                                                                       contribution included in
                                                       was capable of.
                    The attitude amongst                                               the newsletter.)
                    the boys was exemplary             Finally we showed the
                    with more than half the            other schools what we
                    shed showing their                 had. This time last
                    eagerness to row by                year we had 3 crews
                    arriving at the shed 30            place in the entire
                    minutes before they                shed, this time we had
                    were due. The shed                 6 top 3 finishes
                    started the day with               including a 1st placing
                    every crew rowing their            by the 2nd VIII.
                                                       All crews will be
                    boats over to Deep
                                                       looking forward to
                    Water Point.
                                                       their next hit out at the
                    The whole event began              Christ Church
                    to become recognisable             Regatta.
                    as we easy-oared on
                    the beach. The                     Cheers,
                    familiarity of the boys on         Lachlan Chapman
                    the jetty, the shade of            (Chappy)
                    the trees and the                  Year 12
                                          11 Feb 2010
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Aquinas Regatta Results
  11 Feb 2010
Volume 2, Issue 4
                        Hale Rowing Newsletter            Page 4 of 9
                        er Title
                        Photos from the Aquinas Regatta

     Year 10B VIII              Year 10A VIII         Second VIII

 Support at the River             First VIII          Third VIII

     Year 9C Quad                Senior Quad         Year 10 Quad
                                                                                11 Feb 2010
Page 5 of 9        Hale Rowing Newsletter                                    Volume 2, Issue 4

       You know you're a rower when...
        …everything you do is "in 2...".
        ...you need to have a small pushy person around telling you what to do all the time.
        ...you can get up, get dressed and get out of the house before your eyes are fully
        ...the phrase "cox box" doesn't make you giggle.
        ...you only recognize your friends from behind.
        ...you stick water bottles in your shorts for no reason at all.
        ...you believe all authority figures carry a megaphone.
        ...you sit in class leaning to your rigger.
        ...half your body is bigger than the other.
        ...you blame bad moods on "the balance".
        ...your friends need a rowing translator to decipher your language.
        ...you can wear the same thing every morning for a week and not think twice.
        ...you think sleeping late is waking up at 8:30.
        ...everything's a race: you walk quickly to lectures, just so you can pass people
        ...when someone mentions being awake, you turn parallel and set up for it.
        ...when you sit down, you look for the tie-in shoes.
        ...you constantly check the tightness of nuts in handrails, chairs, door handles, etc.
        ...you bring up the beauty of the dawn, and people give you blank stares.
        ...overhearing people talk about how little sleep they got causes you to smirk.
        ...you watch videos together, and it's ok to say "She's looking really long."
        ...you dress and undress one-handed so you don't have to take your hand off the
        ...every time you sit in a chair you are mildly surprised to discover that it doesn't
            slide back and forth.

                           This picture reveals the main reason
                            why sweep rowers should change
                                 sides from time to time.
  11 Feb 2010
Volume 2, Issue 4                Hale Rowing Newsletter                                     Page 6 of 9
                                 er Title
History of the Head of the River
 If you ever find yourself    dating way back to the       tells the story beginning
 with some free time when     beginning of the century.    with the first recognized
 you are walking past the     The one shown below          rowing race in WA between
 Hale Archives stop in and    was taken from the 1931      two crews from rival
 have a look at the history   Head of the River            whaling companies in
 of Hale Rowing. The          Program.                     1837, and concludes with
 museum has quite a bit of                                 the 2007 State
 rowing memorabilia from      If you would like to learn   Championships at
 Hale’s past. Bill Edgar,     more about the history of    Champion Lakes. There
 the school’s historian has   rowing in Western            are several brief and some
 the Head of the River        Australia purchase the       substantial references to
 Program for each year        book, “Home & Dry”. It       Hale School rowing
                                                           throughout the text.

                                                                              1931 Hale Head of the River Crew
                                                                                            11 Feb 2010
 Page 7 of 9          Hale Rowing Newsletter                                              Volume 2, Issue 4

                      Parent Support Group (PSG)
                       Date                        Function                       Location
                      Saturday Feb 20              Rock and Roll Night            Memorial Hall
                      Wednesday March 3            PSG Meeting                    Hale Admin - Function Room

                      Friday March 5th             Whole Shed Pasta Night         Hale Cafeteria
                      Friday March 19              Old Boy’s Rowing Reunion       Forrest Library
                      Saturday Mar 20              Hale Regatta                   Champion Lakes
                      Saturday Mar 27              Head of the River              Champion Lakes
                      Saturday Mar 27              Oarsmen’s Dinner               Evening at the Dining Hall

                      On Friday March 19 a reunion         graciously donated it to        raffles.
                      for Old Boy Rowers will be held      rowing for a raffle. Tickets
                                                                                           Examples of donations
                      in the Forrest Library. The          can be purchased down at
                      function is being organised by       the river for $5.00, at the
                      the development office. A            middle school admin, or at         Non-perishable food
                      social evening has been              the Rock and Roll Night.            items for gourmet
                      planned for old boys. Some of        The winning ticket will be          hampers, kitchen and
                      the old rowers have donated          drawn at the Rock and Roll
                                                                                               garden accessories,
                      Hale rowing mementos that will       Night.
                      be auctioned off on the night.                                           wine, and small gift
                      The new honour boards                Calling All Budding                 items.
                      recognising past Hale                Photographers: We will be          Vouchers or larger items
                      champions and captains will          looking for photos taken at         could be a prize on their
                      also be presented on the night.      the regattas during the             own.
                      Current senior rowers will be        season. We will use the
                      invited to meet the past rowers.     photos for newsletters,         Perhaps you would like to
                      Future newsletters will provide      Oarsmen’s Dinner slide          make up a themed basket or
                      additional details as the function   shows, and the season’s         box of your own?
                      approaches.                          photo DVD. Any parents,
                                                                                           Any unwanted gift baskets,
                                                           siblings or coaches that
                                                                                           cellophane, or ribbons will
                      Rock and Roll Night: It’s just       would like to share their
                                                                                           be gratefully recycled.
                      two weeks away now until Hale        photos during the season,
                      Rowing’s annual fund raiser. It      please forward them to          Donations will be accepted
                      should be a great night for both     Nancy Lyche at                  throughout the season. We
                      boys and parents. Don’t forget       hlyche@bigpond.net.au.          will need donations before
                      to buy your tickets. Tickets can     You can also give Nancy a       the March’s whole of shed
                      be purchased down at the river       CD at the river or one to       pasta night and the Hale
                      on Saturday or from Kerry            Alex Lyche at school or the     Regatta.
                      Harvey (see page 8). People          shed. We will in particular
                                                                                           Donations may be given to
                      who attend do not have to be         need photos of Year 9 and
                                                                                           Lachlan Chapman (senior
                      involved with rowing or even         10 crews.
                                                                                           group), Michael Chapman
                      attend Hale School. So get 8 of
                                                                                           (coach), or to David and
                      your closest friends and book a      Items needed for Raffles:
                                                                                           Sue Chapman.
                      table for 10 and enjoy a night of    The PSG holds raffles from
                      fun, frolic, laughter, live music,   time to time during the         Please phone Sue
                      and fund raising for your sons.      season as one of our means      Chapman if you have any
Raffle tickets are
being sold for this
                                                           of fund raising. We are         suggestions or questions
    Hale Quilt        Hale Quilt: Sue Chapman has          seeking donations to the        (Ph: 9271-3811)
handmade by Sue       made a “Hale quilt” and
  11 Feb 2010
Volume 2, Issue 4   Hale Rowing Newsletter   Page 8 of 9
                    er Title
                                                                                                11 Feb 2010
 Page 9 of 9             Hale Rowing Newsletter                                               Volume 2, Issue 4

                                Hale Rowing Website
   Hale Rowing Parent                                           This is the “Go To” spot
     Support Group              The rowing website has
                                moved from last season.
                                                                to find out everything
                                                                about Hale Rowing.
       Committee                To access the Hale              Information includes:
 Chairman: David Chapman        Rowing website:                    Training Schedules
        9271 3811                 Select the “Sports”             Coaches Notes
  dchapman@iinet.net.au )           menu from the Hale             Newsletters
                                    homepage.                      Regatta Results
 Treasurer: Bruce Strickland      Select “Rowing” from            Photo Galleries
       0409-062-582                 the drop down menu.            Parent Support
 bruce@boattraining.com.au       Documents from last                 Group Activities
                                 season are also                   Rowing Handbook
 Secretary: Jenny Moynihan       available under the
       0412 897 789              archive menu.
  Merchandise Coordinator
         Kerry Harvey
   Newsletter Coordinator
        Nancy Lyche
 Fund Raising Coordinator
       Margaret Cain
   Regatta Coordinators

                                Hale Rowing Merchandise
     Kerry Harvey and
     Jenny Moynihan

                                Show your support for the      Merchandise will be
                                Hale Rowing Team and           available for purchase at
     Year Coordinators          pick up some support           the pasta nights and along
                                merchandise.                   the river at the regattas.
    Year 9: Jennie Freeman
   jfr15916@bigpond.net.au      We are selling our ever        This year we have
                                popular Hale Rowing            ordered rowing supporter
    Year 10: Ian Pritchard      Supporter Shirts for $50.      vests. Some people have
         0429-684-406           Pick up a shirt and show       already put in an order for
ian.pritchard@agric.wa.gov.au   off your true colours at the   a vest. Vests will be
                                regattas along the river       available for pick up at the
     Year 11: Claire Neilson    banks and at Champion          whole of shed pasta night
  lightowl@optusnet.com.au      Lakes.                         and additional vests will
          9447- 0685                                           be available for purchase
      and Jenny Moynihan        Also popular with the boys
         0412 897 789           are rowing thongs ($10).
    jennym@kestral.com.au                                      Merchandise can also be
                                We also have rowing
                                                               obtained by contacting
                                supporter stickers for your
   Year 12: Sue Bradbury                                       Kerry Harvey, our
                                car. The stickers come in
         9341-7310                                             merchandising
  suebradbury@iinet.net.au      2 varieties, large Cygnet
                                                               coordinator, at 0411-559-
                                Rowing club stickers for
                                $3 and a number plate
                                and sticker for $5.50.