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									SEMESTER   2 , ISSUE 23                                                                     FEBRUARY       12, 2010
                                      CHIANG MAI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

                               CMIS Weekly Newsletter
                                                      PRINCIPAL’S COLUMN

                                                 Basketball Weekend: The Chiang Mai Invitational Basketball
 This Week at a                                 Tournament is back! This Friday and Saturday, February 12 and 13,
    Glance:                                     CMIS will be hosting a high school basketball tournament. Games will be
                                                played in the gym and on our newly painted covered court on Friday. On
    Monday, February 15
                                                Saturday, the PRC gym will also be used in the afternoon.
• Virtues Assembly on
  Caring in the CMIS                            The tournament will feature 5 boys’ teams and 4 girl’s teams from interna-
  auditorium @ 12 noon         tional schools in Bangkok and Rayong. Last year the tournament could not be held
                               because the shutdown of Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok prevented scheduled teams
   Tuesday, February 16
                               from flying to Chiang Mai. This year there will be a total of 8 teams in the boys’ tourna-
  Wednesday, February 17
                               ment and 8 teams in the girls’ tournament. Expected to compete along with 3 CMIS
                               teams (2 girls’, 1 boys’) are: International Community School, Trail International School,
                               Garden International School, Thai-Chinese International School (boys only), Shrewsbury
   Thursday, February 18       International School (girls only), Knowledge International School (boys only), Grace Inter-
• Senior Class Bake Sale @     national School, Prem (girls only), and Nakornpayap (boys only).
  lunch time
                                   The action begins at noon on Friday at CMIS and continues all afternoon. The evening
                               will continue with a free-throw shooting contest and a 3-point shooting contest. Saturday
    Friday, February 19        features a whole day of games, culminating in the girls’ championship game at 4:30 p.m.
• International Day at CMIS,   and the boys championship game at 5:15.
  sponsored by the PTG,
  beginning at 10:30 a.m.          This tournament promises to be a lot of fun and a great opportunity to share some
                               Chiang Mai and CMIS hospitality with our visitors. Please come out and cheer on our
 See this week’s CMIS          teams, welcome our visitors, and help make this a memorable event.
   Sports Schedule,
                               International Day: We are looking forward to celebrating International Day at
including the details of
                               CMIS. The activities will begin with a parade at 10:30 a.m. Parents and friends of our
the Invitational Tourna-
                               community are warmly invited to attend. The cafeteria will be closed, and students will be
 ment, on the Athletics        able to purchase international food items as part of the International Day celebration.
          Page                 Most food items will cost between 30 to 50 baht, but you might want to bring enough
                               money to sample the wide variety of cultural delicacies. After lunch, the festivities will
     Inside this               continue with a show at 1:45 p.m. Please see the PTG article in this newsletter for further
       issue:                  details and clarification.
     PTG News            2
                                   Please note that school will still be in session during the International Day events.
                               Secondary school students will be free to purchase their choice of items for an interna-
                               tional lunch, and will be involved in a variety of activities during the afternoon. Some of
 CMIS Community          2
                               the older students will be helping with International Day events, while others will be with
                               their homeroom teachers or scheduled classes. Students may not leave the campus
 Elementary School 3           before 2:45 p.m. unless their parents specifically come to campus and sign them out.
      News                        Please come and join us for this PTG sponsored event.
 Sports and Leisure 4          Guidance Counselor’s Status: As many of you know, Sarah-Kate Hawkins,
                               our secondary guidance counselor, returned to the U.S. in December upon the death of
Drama and Singing 5
                               her mother. Subsequently, she resigned from her position at CMIS so that she could stay
                               on and take care of her mother's affairs. She is planning to return to Thailand at the end
   EducationUSA          5     of February if you would like to contact her or renew your acquaintance. Students need-
  Early University             ing advice or assistance with their academic planning, university applications, or general
  Admissions and               college preparation should contact Mr. Gerry Steiert, the secondary school vice-principal.
 Scholarship W ork-                                        — Dr. Lance Potter (Principal@cmis.ac.th)
  shop for Juniors
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                                            CMIS Community News
                                                                        PTG NEWS
                               International Day 2010: International Day is next Friday, February 19, beginning at
                               10:30 a.m. All parents, friends, and CMIS supporters are welcome to attend. We have planned
                               a fun-filled day of activities, performances, and presentations.
                               Come and enjoy the Parade of Nations at 10:30 a.m. Enjoy food from the International Food
                               Court, beginning at 11 a.m. Learn about many of the countries families of CMIS represent at
                               the country booths at 11:45 a.m. Watch the International Show beginning at 1:45 p.m.
International Day food coupons will be on sale next week at the stone tables. All coupons are 10 baht each and all food
items will be available for 10, 20, or 30 baht. The cafeteria will be closed and school lunch coupons will NOT be
accepted. Please provide your child with 50 to 100 baht for lunch. Unused coupons can be refunded on Friday. No refunds
will be available after the activities are completed on Friday.
International Day t-shirts go on sale on Thursday. They will be available before and after school at the stone tables. They
will also be available on Friday during the International Day event for 200 baht each. We also have a limited number of XXL
and XXXL t-shirts at 220 baht. We encourage everyone to dress in something representative of their country. If your country
does not have a national dress, the International Day t-shirts are an excellent alternative!
The list of countries represented with displays, activities and/or food, including the contact person, are as follows:

 Australia/New Zealand, Cathy Gravitis, Canada, Evie Payne, China, Ajarn Siem Mathesuti, Denmark, Somporn Poulson,
 France, Greg Hope, Germany, Eva, India, Monica Kientz, Japan, Emi Osato, Korea, Sunny Kim, Mexico, Ajarn Alicia
 Levin, The Netherlands, Jolinda Van Dorp, The Philippines, Mildred Morelos, Sweden, Ulirka Ernvik, Thailand, Ning
 Jingkaojai, United Kingdom, Patrick Roberts, United States of America, Gina Hope, Vietnam, (still available).

It’s not too late to get involved in representing the nationality or culture of your choice. Please contact the lead person for
each country. Their contact information is included in the PTG Directory. If you need assistance in contacting any of these
people, please call Monica Kientz at 085 106 5353 or e-mail kientzfive@gmail.com.                         — Julie Seibt, PTG

            Sixth Annual Run 4 Relief: Date: February 20, 2010 ; Location: Huay Tung
            Tao Reservoir, Mae Rim ; Registration: 7 a.m. Run: 8 a.m. , Kid’s Dash: 9 a.m.
            Cost: Run – 200 baht , Flip Flop Division – 200 , baht , T-shirt - 200 baht
The Run 4 Relief event will include a 100 meter dash for small children and a 5 km run and walk,
including the popular Flip Flop division (a free pair of flip flops goes to those who try). Villagers in Burma often have to run
wearing only flip flops. See if you can do the same. All funds raised will go to help the Internally Displaced People (IDP's) of
Burma. For more information, Telephone 089 557 8996 (Josh Ryan) or E-mail: run4relief@gmail.com

                                         GRADE 12 PARENTS’ MEETINGS

                   On Wednesday, February 17, at 8 a.m., all parents and guardians of Grade 12 students will be getting
                   together for coffee at The Holiday Garden Hotel. Please mark this date on your calendar and join us. For
                   more information contact Anne Sheahan.
                     Grade 12 parents, please mark Saturday, February 20 on your calendars. The Grade 12 class, along
with their families, will be having a picnic at The Holiday Garden Hotel beginning at 5:30 p.m. Details will be forthcoming.
February 12, 2010                                CMIS Weekly Newsletter                                                 Page 3

                                          Elementary School News
Grade 3 Field Trip: Last Thursday, the two third grade classes donned hats,
sunscreen, and science journals and headed out of town toward Queen Sirikit's Botanical
Garden to research plants of all kinds. There were thousands of varieties of flowers,
plants, and trees to discover, including epiphytes, ferns, and even carnivorous plants!
The most intriguing plant was the Venus Fly Trap - everyone wanted to look at it and
watch it gobble up its prey. This field trip is part of the third grade's study of the
rainforest. During the field trip the students were split into groups to complete six
rotations around the greenhouses within the park. The students were excited to go to
each greenhouse to search out answers to write down in their science journals. Students, teachers, and parent volunteers
left the trip happy, tired, and feeling very much like botanists!             — Crickette Dodge, Grade 3A Teacher

                                Grade 4 Field Trip to Huay Kok Moo Village
The last weekend in January was a very exciting time for Grade 4 students at CMIS. They had been preparing for this
                                                                 adventure for almost one month, including raising money
                                                                 through a Spell-a-thon to pay for the costs of the trip and to
                                                                 buy mats for the villagers. They would like to thank the
                                                                 school community, family, and friends for their overwhelm-
                                                                 ing support, which allowed them to raise about 39,000 baht
                                                                    The money was used to purchase many good quality
                                                                    sleeping mats to leave for village use; some new mosquito
                                                                    nets; gifts for the dancers, chefs, and food providers; as
                                                                    well as defraying the costs for the camping trip. Our trophy
                                                                    winners, for having raised the most money, are Jake Dyer
                                                                    from 4B with over 10,000 baht, and Kathrin Kemmler in 4A
                                                                    with over 6,000 baht raised. Congratulations to these
                                                                    great spellers!
During the trip, we had a fun time planting vegetables, preparing bags of dirt for new tea tree seedlings, pounding rice, hiking
to the far rice fields, visiting the pineapple orchard, and picking oranges to eat and take home. We really enjoyed the Friday
night campfire with Lahu dancing, in which we got to participate, and the
S'mores we made and shared. We tasted lots of yummy Lahu food. The
hot rice porridge with chicken helped us warm up in the chilly 15 degree
Celsius morning air.
I would especially like to thank the parents who helped chaperon: Ilona's
dad, Kathrin's mom, and Elizabeth's dad (a.k.a. Mr. Potter) as well as Mr.
Wood (my husband) who took care of a lot of translation and helped
organize the activities. The most disappointing part for most students was
having to come home, but we were so grateful for all the lovely pictures that
Kathrin's mom took for us on the trip to keep our special memories for years
to come. It was a trip of a life-time! — Christina Jupo, Grade 4A Teacher
February 12, 2010                                CMIS Weekly Newsletter                                                  Page 4

                                                Sports and Leisure
Super track meet! We had 4 out of 6 age group champions at last week’s track meet: 6/7 Girls - Molly Wichai, 6/7
Boys - Barry Hill, 8/9 Boys - Jake Dyer, and 10/11 Girls - Selina Wells. Many others gave it their all and had fun. Special
thanks to coaches Kerry Storey, Gerry Steiert, Paul Wells, and Jeff Rutherford for their work and encouragement.

                       Ball Hockey! We'll (finally!) resume ball hockey, Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. We'll also play
                        the following Saturdays at 10:00: Feb. 13, Feb. 20, Feb. 27, Mar. 6, Mar. 20, Mar. 27 (i.e., every
                        Saturday except March 13). Whether we continue to play after that will depend on level of interest
                        and the weather. We will play at the same location as always (Suan Buak Hat park), same time as
                        always (start at 10 a.m., end at 11) and with the same ground rules: safety first, with adult supervision
                        (myself plus any other adults who want to attend) at all times.
    Please let me know if your kid(s) can make it this Saturday. BRING WATER! We supply all the equipment, but please
bring hockey sticks if you have them. Newcomers are welcome -- just please contact me and give me your e-mail address.
Players must be in Grade 8 or younger. Boys and girls are both welcome. If you need directions to the park, let me know.
                                                                  — Mike Morrow, (mkmorrow4@gmail.com) 084 486 1577

          Elementary Dance Club: The Elementary Dance Club will have it's last session on Friday, March 5. Ms
          Sallyanne will be teaching the High School Dance club until the end of the school year, so is unable to continue
          with the Elementary club. Thank you to all the students who have joined us every Friday. We have had a lot of fun!
                                  — Sallyanne Wichai (Swichai@cmis.ac.th)
                                 Invitational Basketball Tournament
                                    Friday & Saturday, February 12 & 13, 2010
                             •   Games begin at 12:00 on the Gym and Covered Courts (CC)
                             •   Boys' and Girls' teams will play throughout the afternoon
                             •   Free-Throw and 3-Point Shooting contests following the games
                             •   Pool Play continues at 8 a.m. Saturday morning
                             •   Play-offs begin at 12:00 noon
                             •   Championship Finals: 4:30 p.m. (Girls); 5:15 p.m. (Boys)
                             CMIS Varsity Boys' & Girls’ and Junior Varsity Girls' Teams' Schedule for Friday:

          Varsity Girls                     JV Girls                       Varsity Boys                       JV Boys
     12:00 vs. Grace (Gym)             12:45 vs. GIS (CC)              1:30 vs. Grace (Gym)                  Withdrawn
       3:00 vs. SIS (Gym)              3:45 vs. ICS (Gym)               4:30 vs. KIS (Gym)                from Tournament

                                                      Saturday Pool Play
     10:00 vs. TIS (Gym)               8:00 vs. Prem (CC)               9:00 vs. TCIS (Gym)              JV Boys Withdrawn

                 Friday, February 12:                                           Wednesday, February 17:
♦ CMIS Invitational Basketball Tournament, as listed             ♦ U11 Girls’ Basketball vs. Dara @ CMIS
  above                                                          ♦ U11 Boys’ Basketball vs. Dara @ CMIS
                                                                 ♦ U13 Boys’ Basketball vs. Prem @ Prem
              Saturday, February 13:
♦ CMIS Invitational Basketball Pool Play and Finals, as                         Friday, February 19:
  listed above
                                                                 ♦ U20 Girls’ Basketball vs. PRC @ CMIS
                 Tuesday, February 16:                                           Saturday, February 20:
♦ U16 Boys’ Basketball vs. Prem @ CMIS                           ♦   U13 Girls’ Basketball vs. Grace @ CMIS
♦ U16 Girls’ Basketball vs. Prem @ Prem                          ♦   U13 Boys’ Basketball vs. Grace @ Grace
♦ U20 Girls’ Basketball vs. Prem @ Prem                          ♦   U11 Boys’ Basketball vs. GIS @ CMIS
                                                                 ♦   U11 Girls’ Basketball vs. GIS @ CMIS
February 12, 2010                             CMIS Weekly Newsletter                                                  Page 5

                                                             Community Interests
                                                                    Auditions for Upcoming Performance:
                                                                 The CMIS Performing Arts Department will hold auditions for
                                                  the musical Godspell next Monday and Tuesday, February 15 and 16,
                                          from 3:00 until 4:30 p.m. in the school auditorium. Although the cast will primarily
                                        be made up of students from the Theater Production and Performance class, we
                                      would like to open up additional roles for students in Grades 7 through 12.
                                         Those interested in auditioning should prepare a song from the show if possible.
                                     However, any song which shows a good vocal range will be acceptable for the audi-
                                      tion. Don’t be shy! If you are interested in singing, please come and audition.
      13 Chetupon Road
         P.O. Box 38
                                        The structure of the musical is that of a series of parables, based on the Gospel of
     Chiang Mai, Thailand               Matthew, though considerable material, such as the parables of the prodigal son and
            50000                of the rich man and Lazarus, comes exclusively from the Gospel of Luke. These are then
                                 interspersed with a variety of modern music set primarily to lyrics from traditional hymns,
                                 with the passion of Christ treated briefly near the end of performance.
  Tel: (053) 306-152, 242-027,
        306-153, 306-234         Performances are expected to begin on May 13 with previews as early as May 10.
       Fax: (053) 242-455
    E-mail: info@cmis.ac.th            Please note, this is a theatrical interpretation of biblical events, not a
                                 historical account. The content of this production will provides us an opportunity to
 “Educational excellence in      reflect upon our own spiritual journey.       — Stephan Turner, Drama Teacher
      a caring community                                                              (Sturner@cmis.ac.th)
   committed to Christian
       values, equipping         Academy for Education USA (ACE!) Early
  international students for     Admissions Workshops for Juniors: Due to the
     lives of learning and       unique practices in U.S. university admission & scholarship
    positive contributions       award processes, the timeline for starting Effective Preparations to Submit Outstanding
    locally and globally.”
                                 Applications is right now, during your Junior Year. Further, we have observed that many
                                 premier universities are increasing their intake of students through Early Admissions
       Upcoming                  (scholarships & financial aid are also awarded early), i.e., complete application packages
        Events:                  are due by early November, admission/scholarship awards are being issued in December
                                 and January. Please Note: For Early Admissions, SAT-I and SAT-II testing must be
 ♦ Feb. 12 - 13: CMIS            completed by October; the November and December test dates may be too late.
   Invitational Basketball           So Juniors, there is no time to waste - let us help you maximize your opportuni-
   Tournament                    ties for top U.S. universities & scholarships! This year our students have already won
 ♦ Feb. 13: Junior Class         admission to Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, Purdue, Drexel, U Mass, Chapman, Oregon, etc.,
   Valentine’s Day Social at     using Early Admission. Those who missed the deadline will have to wait till April to know
   the Shangri La Hotel          what colleges will offer them seats.
 ♦ Feb. 20: Sixth Annual             Beginning Saturday February 13, our team of EducationUSA advisers, interns, and
   Run for Relief @ Huay         test prep trainers will guide students through the exciting process of career-driven college
   Tung Tao Reservoir, 7
                                 selection, reviewing the various options in U.S. college education, scholarships and finan-
   a.m. registration
                                 cial aid, step-by-step tutorials for the relevant application processes, and writing labs to
 • Feb. 25: STUCO Bake
   Sale @ lunch time
                                 prepare resumes & personal statements.
 • Feb. 26: Thai Cultural
                                     As seats are limited to 20 for these workshops, we request your urgent assistance to
   Field Trip                    notify any of your Junior (Grade 11) students seriously interested in U.S. college
 • Mar. 1: NO CLASSES -          opportunities. They should be prepared to commit the following 4 Saturday afternoons, a
   Substitute Holiday for        total of just 12 hours, to participate in the Series-2 workshops.
   Makhabucha Day                    There will be a nominal charge of 1,500 baht to cover the costs of the comprehen-
 • Mar. 2: Virtues Assem-        sive materials and Writing Labs integrated with the workshops, but 800 baht will either be
   bly for Grades K-6            credited (Cash Rebate) to each student for test prep training at Ace! or 800 baht will be
 • Mar. 2 - 10: Reading          donated to support the Literacy Promotion efforts of ACSA (Ace! Community Service
   Week                          Alliance). Advance Registrations for the U.S. College Admission Workshops will be
                                 accepted by email at hub.ace@gmail.com or hotlines 081 821 2686, 053 895 699.
                                          — M. Hock, Senior Counselor, Ace! The Academy for EducationUSA, Chiang Mai: Ace!
      We’re on the web:          @ Nimman * Ace! @ ic-cmu * Ace! @ PRC, Ace! Lines: +66.(0)81.8212686, (0)53 942 896, 083
       www.cmis.ac.th            203 3066 For more information, please visit www.educationUSA.state.gov

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