009 Primed Doors - The New Fermator Paint Finishpub by etssetcf


009 Primed Doors - The New Fermator Paint Finishpub

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									The New Fermator Paint Colour
   … for Primed Epoxy Finish Doors

   Applies to all Door Orders Delivered from September 2009

  In the pursuit of continuous improvement and in
  response to positive market research, Fermator
  have changed their standard Primed Epoxy Finish
  (RAL 7010) to Pebble Grey RAL 7032.

  This new Ivory Cream shade is more suitable to current
  decorative trends and can be used as a final finish or
  can be easily painted over to your Client’s choice.

  Please note: All Fermator doors/entrances ordered as
  “Primed Epoxy Finish” due for delivery during the month of
  September onwards will be supplied in this new finish.

  Fermator can also supply doors/entrances in other Special
  Order paint colours. Please contact the Sales Department
  for further details or click on the link below for our RAL
  Colour Chart.

                               We do still have a number of doors/entrances in the old RAL 7010
                               Finish held in stock at our warehouse so contact us for a bargain
                               … and don’t forget the European August Shutdown, we could
                               have the equipment in stock that you were too late to order!

                               (The old RAL 7010 colour finish will still be available from Fermator but as
                               special order and at extra cost)

                               RAL COLOUR CHART LINK:

                              http://www.global-lift.com/File/product_entrances_doorfinishes.a sp

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