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					    And then the question arises, What does lie in          gressive throughout    the      training, and -should
our pover ? What can we do for these young                  embrace as wide a range of subjects as can be
women, who place themselves in our care in order            taken up with thoroughness, and without over-
to 'develop their best qualities? And how can               taxing the mind; the chief aim being t o cultivate
we check the growth of other qualities which are            a desire for Itnowledge, and to train the mind;so
not desirable ? In a large hospital the Principal           thatit may beableto assimilate anduse with
of the Training School comes very little into pzr-          judgment the knowledge when acquired. .
svml contact n7ith the pupils. It is             for
                                         difficult              T o furtherprepare nurses for their, duties as
herto learn their various characteristics, andto            Alumnce it is well to instruct them in the History
dcal with them accordingly, becau;e these arz               of Nursing, and in the efforts that are being made
ap: to be tucked away in some hidden corner                 at the present time to further its interests,. Tney
while in  her presence. She is obliged to trust             should also be prepared to take their part. in
largely to -reports          given her by the head          business ant! other meetings, and should be drilled
nurses of the wards, gust as she is obligeu to              in the usages of parliamentary law, and in the
leave the practical trainmg almost entirely in their        writing and dlscussion of papers.
hands.                                                          During the third year of the nurses' training at
-~  I t is, therefore, necessary that  the       nurses     the Pennsylvanm Hospital a portion of their class-
selected for  such     responsible work should     be       work consists in forming and managing an Asso-
women above the average in every way ; women                ciation of their own. It is re-formed at the begin.
who realize the importjnce of their work q d are            ning of each class year, the members drawing up
truly interested in doing their best for those              their own Constitution and By-laws. The officers
under their charge. Their esampleand teaching               serve foronemonth.          only, andthe commi8e$s
mean much to -the young probationer. By their               are appointed by each incoming President. There
watchfulness also, and reports of the first appexr-         are two committees, one on Nomination, and one
ance of faults, the Principalis enabled to check            on Arrangements. The Committee on Arrange-
the tendency at once, and       perhaps     to implant      ments selects subjects     for    papers and  appoints
some good thought, or encourage some good                   members to write and discuss them. No restric-
resolution to take its place.                               tion is placedon the choice of subjects, The       '

    The rules, always so trying to the undisciplined        Association is entirely self-governed,     a s 'the Prin-
mind; should be as few as possible, and only such           cipal of the schoo.1 never holds office, noradoes
as are absolutely necessary for the protection of           she know anything. of the work done by the
the patient the           guidance of the pupil. If          Committees until .they present their report? at the
these rules were carefully gone over       with       the   regular meetings. ,This form of class-work, has
probationer and the reason for each esplained, it           the following advantages. It gives the m e ~ b e r s
might possibly assist her to' Beep them cheerfully          ample time to     get      over their cc stage frl"g<t{'
and willingly ; and if each class could be induced           before tl?e .time copes for them to speak in the;.;
 to form their own class code of honour it ivould           presence e€:.   str,g.ngers. They learn to' formulate
 be a good preliminary training forEknabling them           their thoughts ,and opinions, and to express them-
 to assist in establishing and maintaining a code of         s e h s in a. business-like manner. They also learn
 ethics, when they become members of the Asso-               to csprcss themselves accurately, .which will .,be
 ciated Alumnze.                                            an.advantage m teaching others. It teaches .them
    Then,in order to preparethem for. the duty               to govern themselves, and it certainly helps them
 of assisting to '' elevate the standard of nursing          to hink of their work fromthe intelligent stand-
 education )' must they not themselves receive the           point. They learn from their own mistakes, when
 best education that lve can procure for them 7              the mistakes produce no serious consequence$,
 Not merely so many lectures and so many recita-             and they gam some esperience to guide :them,
 tions, but a true education, t.he discipline of the         when, theirstudent days ended, they take their
 intellect, the establishment of the principles, the         places as members of their own Alumna: Associa-
 regulation of the heart."                                   tion and members of the Associkted. Alumgk.
     During the pupil's first year, it is necessary, as      Most crlrncstly do we hope that the fulure 'mem-
 a rule, to teach her how to study, and to supervise         bers si our p~dessionmay be above all lyomen,
 all her work most care€ully. But when the year's            hjgl~nindrd,brond-minded, strong-hearted,, striv-
 work is satisfactorily completed, it is best t o ' a11ow    ing not only to g a ~ n honuur 111 their own individual
 her to receive and digest for herself the lmowledge         work, but to heartily aid     in      establishing and
 placed before her; and thoughshe may not ap-                n~aintaining B code of honour, in elevating the
 pear to acquire so rapidly, yet she is also learning        standard of nurung education, and in promoting
  self-reliance anda     sense thatshe     alone is re-       the 1:vdulness and hortour of the nursing pro-
  sponsible for mhat she gains or mhat she loses.            feF.sion.
  The course of study should be systematic and pro-            (WC report the disctrssiou.upou this paper m.v&
                                                                   will                                         wee,$.)
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