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									Legacy Elementary
Newsletter            October 30,, 2009
7701 Eagle Blvd.            Phone: 720-652-8160
Frederick, CO 80504         Sean Corey, Principal
                            Lynette Frank, Secretary

Principal’s Message
Wrapping up a year with thanks
It is hard to believe that it is coming to the close of                   Don’t miss the fun!!
2009. Thanksgiving marks that time when we begin
looking back over the year. As we reflect and give
                                                                          Legacy pto presents
thanks, it creates an ideal opportunity to work as a
family on group and individual goal setting. Over the
next couple months it is a good time to assess the year,
set family goals, and support children in setting future
                                                                         WINTER WONDERLAND
goals.                                                               Saturday, dec. 5th, 2009
After the reflection of the past year, groups can set                    1:00pm—5:00pm
goals. As a family, goals can be to spend more time
together, talk more about school work, spend time
reading together, or simply to work on communicating                 HERE IS WHAT IS HAPPENING:
better with brothers and sisters.
                                                                     •   CARNIVAL EVENTS: cake walk, beanbag
Individual goals are important in creating a feeling of                  toss, pingpong toss, lollipop tree, fishing,
efficacy and success within children. The goals should                   and more!
be things that children can clearly see. Specific and                •   FREE 5X7 PICTURE WITH SANTA
attainable things such as reading for 20 minutes and                     CLAUSE
writing to a relative once a month are things that a child           •   BAKE SALE
will be able to see.
                                                                     •   FREE BOOK W/CANDY CANE
Goal setting is a value at Legacy that helps us all grow,            •   FREE POPCORN, AND HOT BEVERAGES
both academically and emotionally. It helps children                 •   CRAFT TABLES
find that intrinsic motivation to achieve something.                 •   FAMILY PHOTOS: 8X10 $15.00
Reviewing the successes over the year as a family not
only clarifies what you value, but also identifies events            Bring a non-perishable food item
about which to be thankful.
                                                                     for our food drive and be entered
Have a great November and a wonderful Thanksgiving!                  in a drawing for great door
                                        -Sean Corey                  prizes.

                  IMPORTANT DATES:                                   Deadline for winter wonderland
                                                                     forms :
NOVEMBER 3RD…………SPIRIT NIGHT @ CHICK-FIL-A                           November 6th. Additional forms
NOVEMBER 4TH………………...…..LATE START 11:35AM                           are available in the office.
                                                                         PICTURE RETAKES ARE
                                                                        TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3RD.

                                                                                  SNOW CLOSURES

                                                                    REMINDER: Make sure you are watching for
                                                                    school closure for:
                                                                    ST. VRAIN VALLEY RE-1J
                                                                    WE ARE NOT WELD COUNTY SCHOOLS.

                                                                    On Tuesday, October 20, state and county health officials
                                                                    notified the St. Vrain Valley School
                                                                     District that adequate
                                                                    supplies of H1N1 vaccinations have not arrived to Colorado
                                                                    as previously assured.
                                                                    Accordingly, vaccination clinics scheduled for high school
                                                                    feeder systems in the St. Vrain Valley School District have
                                                                    been canceled until further notice. Please continue to check
                                                                    the District
                                                                    website for information about poten-
                                                                    tial H1N1 vaccination opportunities in the future.

                                                                         October News from the Outback
                                                                    Hurray for signs! The Outback committee is prepared to move
                                                                    forward on the purchasing of permanent signage for the Out-
                                                                    back. The sign will be placed in the northeast corner of the
                                                                    Outback as a permanent reminder of Legacy’s dedication to the

                                                                    As part of the National Red Ribbon campaign to promote drug
                                                                    free kids, Mrs. Kay has designated $75.00 for the purchase of
                                                                    magnifying glasses to be used in the Outback. What an excel-
                                                                    lent healthy outdoor alternative for our students. Thank you
                                                                    Mrs. Kay!

                                                                    Lastly, a group of second graders experienced a most amazing
Thank You to Clint Dostal: We appreciate how he               cut   sighting one October Friday afternoon. They were able to
the grass along the sidewalk. It made for more enjoyable walks to   watch a hawk swoop down, grab a snake in its talons, and fly
and from school. We appreciate all the support from our Legacy      away to enjoy a late afternoon snack. This is why we celebrate
Community!                                                          the Outback!
                                                                 Our Check Policy
Colorado Department of Public                          Your Personal Checks Are Welcome Here
   Health and Environment                                     With Valid Identification
           (CDPHE)                                     If your check is returned by your bank, it may
     When to Stay Home                                 be represented electronically and you will be as-
              How can we limit the spread of H1N1      sessed a processing fee as allowed by law, which
              virus (swine flu)?
                                                       is $20 plus, pursuant to article 14 of title 12,
                                                       C.R.S., as cost of collections, and twenty percent
The most important thing is to keep sick people        of the face amount of the check but not less
away from healthy people. So if you are sick,          than twenty dollars. The check writer is also re-
please stay home. Staying home when sick stops
the spread of the flu and helps the sick person        sponsible for all other collection costs including
get well.                                              attorney’s fees, court costs and taxes, as well as
                                                       any other amounts allowed by law. When we use
Answer these questions every morning before            information from your check to make an elec-
going to work:
                                                       tronic fund transfer, funds may be withdrawn
Do you have a fever (100º F or 37. 7ºC)?               from your account as soon as the same day you
                                                       make your payment.
   2. Do you have a sore throat, cough, runny
      nose, body aches, vomiting, or
      diarrhea?                                         Nuestra Políza De Cheques
                                                        Sus cheques personales son bienvenidos
If you answered “yes” to either question, stay
home from work until symptoms are gone for 24                           aquí
hours, without the use of fever-reducing                     Con Una Identificación Válida
                                                       Si su cheque ha sido regresado por su banco,
When should I go to the doctor?                        puede ser representado electrónicamente y le
Call your health care provider if you are ill enough   determinarán un honorario de proceso según lo
that you would normally see a health care              que es permitido por ley, que es $20 más, con-
provider. Use the same judgment you would use
during a normal flu season. If you would not           forme al artículo 14 del título 12, C.R.S., como
usually see a health care provider for the             costo de colecciones, y el veinte por ciento de la
symptoms you have now, you do not need to see          cantidad del cheque, pero no menos de veinte
a health care provider.
                                                       dólares. El escritor de cheque también es re-
                                                       sponsable por el resto de los gastos de la colec-
                                                       ción incluyendo los honorarios del abogado, gas-
                                                       tos de la corte y los impuestos, también como
                                                       cualquier otra cantidad que es permitida por ley.
                                                       Cuando utilizamos información de su cheque para
                                                       transferir fondos electrónicamente, los fondos
                                                       se pueden retirar de su cuenta tan pronto como
                                                       el mismo día que usted haga su pago.

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