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                                                                                                                    Mendocino County
06 District Attorney Newsletter
2009                                               The Mendocino County District Attorney’s Office is dedicated to ensure the safety of our communities through the prevention
                                        and the vigorous prosecution of crime, at all times maintaining high ethical standards to ensure that justice is accomplished in all cases.

                                                                                                                                          Upcoming Dates
                                                                                                                                               October 31st: Halloween

                                                                                                                                       November 11th: Veterans Day

                                                                                                                             November 26th & 27th: Thanksgiving
                                                                                                           December 9th: Parole Hearing for Robert McNutt

                                                                                                        January 11th: Parole Hearing for Cupertino Solano

 Special Points
 of Interest                      APPARENT SUICIDE AT                                                           CASE OUTCOMES
                                 THE MENDOCINO COUNTY                                                         GUILTY PLEAS—TRIALS
♦   Welcome to the DA’s                                                       ♦     Jesus Guerrero was sentenced to 4 years State Prison for trans-
                                 On 10-23-09 at approximately                       porting, selling & furnishing methamphetamine.
    office. New hires—Doug       1040 hours, the Mendocino                    ♦     Cory Scarioni plead guilty on 10-1-09 to a possession of a
    Parker as our new Dep-       County District Attorney’s In-                     weapon while being incarcerated.
                                 vestigation Bureau was noti-                 ♦     Dale Pingrey plead guilty on 10-15-09 to possession of marijuana
    uty District Attorney for
                                 fied by the Mendocino County                       for sale.
    our Environmental and        Sheriff’s Office of an apparent              ♦     Anthony McNeil was sentenced to 4 years State Prison for 1st
    Elder abuse cases.           suicide in the Mendocino                           Degree Robbery.
                                 County Jail. Two investiga-                  ♦     Cheryl Riggert plead guilty to possession and transportation of
                                 tors from the Mendocino                            marijuana and will be sentenced on 11-13-09.
♦   Department of Justice        County District Attorney’s Of-               ♦     Keith Pruitt received 3 years summary probation for driving on a
                                 fice responded. The DA In-                         suspended license with priors.
    commended Melissa
                                 vestigators became the lead
    Morris and Naomi Carter
                                                                              ♦     David Murray was sentenced to 3 years State Prison for Posses-
                                 investigators for the incident
                                                                                    sion of Methamphetamine for Sale.
    in their assistance and      with the Mendocino County
                                                                              ♦     Adele Evans received 2 years summary probation for possession
                                 Sheriff’s Office assisting. The
    cooperation in conduct-                                                         of paraphernalia.
                                 incident is currently under re-
    ing the audit for DOJ        view pending further investi-                ♦     Michael Smith was sentenced to 2 years State Prison for Auto
                                 gation.                                            Theft after failing drug court.
    CLETS.                                                                    ♦     Adam Hewitt plead guilty on 9-22-09 to theft from an elder and will
                                                                                    be sentenced on 10-30-09.
♦   CDAA online courses
                                                                              ♦     Juan Duran plead guilty on 9-24-09 to assault with a deadly
                                                                                    weapon and will be sentenced on 11-2-09.
    and manuals are avail-                                                    ♦     Steven Milberger received 3 years formal probation for conspiracy
    able for viewing. Sign up                                                       to transport, sell and/or cultivate marijuana.
                                                                              ♦     Brandy Berry received 5 years formal probation for a felony driv-
                                                                                    ing under the influence with priors.
                                                                              ♦     James Brock received 3 years formal probation for possession of
♦   If you would like to add a                                                      methamphetamine for sale.
                                                                              ♦     William Wooldridge was sentenced to 4 years State Prison for
    point of interest, please
                                                                                    transporting and/or selling heroin. Wooldridge was also convicted
    let the Newsletter staff                                                        on a separate case of bringing narcotics into the jail in which his
    know.                             DON’T FORGET                                  sentence will be concurrent with the transporting and/or selling
                                      NOVEMBER 1ST                                  heroin case.
                                     TURN BACK YOUR

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