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					Hamilton Heights Elementary School Newsletter
 February 19, 2010                                                                   Principal - Mrs. Heather Gorgas

                                   Principal’s News                            Assistant Principal – Mr. Mike Hilton

                                     Dear HHES Families,
                                                                                        HHES Happenings
                                     Wow! This has been a busy few
                                     weeks for HHES. Where do I begin?                  Power School Parent Portal:
                                                                                        Our teachers have the
                                     First, we have successfully moved                  opportunity to run a report to
                                     from the south side of the building                see how many of you are
                                                                                        involved in our parent portal
                                     to the north side! Many thanks and
  Upcoming Events                    kudos go out to Mr. Hilton, our
                                                                                        to look at grades.
                                                                                        Remember, this is an
                                     custodial staff and teachers for                   opportunity for you to check
      February 23 - Fourth          pulling together to get the work                   your child’s grades weekly.
       grade Dental Health           done! I was awed at the teamwork                   This is an important
       Program                       and dedication by all involved. Let’s              communication tool we use at
                                     not forget a huge thank you to the                 HHES. If you need help
      February 25 – K-Kids
                                                                                        accessing the Power School
       meeting                       families who came to help the
                                     teachers move as well!                             Parent Portal please contact
      March 2 – Dr. Seuss                                                              Mrs. Etchison in our office!
       Day                           Second, our NCA visit is completed
                                                                                        Make sure to visit our HHES
      March 10 – Market day         and the recommendation of our                      site:
       pick up 6:30 – 7:30 pm        review team is that HHES be                        http://sites.google.com/site/h
      March 11 – K-Kids             accredited for another cycle. This                 heshappenings/
       meeting                       means a lot to us as we work so hard
                                     toward being a better school each
      March 12 – Flex day
                                     and every day. It was rewarding to
       cancelled due to snow
                                     have a team of educators who are
       day on January 21st
                                     not affiliated with our school
      March 17 – Spring             recognize all our hard work.
      March 19 – End of the         Finally, we have had many school
       third nine weeks              cancellations and delays due to this
      March 26 – High               winter weather. Thanks for being
       School Band                   flexible with us as we adjust our
       performance                   schedules and calendars. Due to the
                                     cancellations the students will now
      March 26 – Report             have school on June 4th, 7th, and 8th.
       cards go home                 The updated corporation calendar is
                                     posted on our website.
       Hamilton Heights
      Elementary School              Heather M. Gorgas
          25150 SR 19                Principal
         P.O. Box 400
       Arcadia, IN 46030
        (317) 984-3547
             Fax:                                               Mission Statement
        (317) 985-3540         Hamilton Heights Elementary, with family and community, provides a safe and
                               comprehensive learning environment, which encourages all students to attain their fullest
  We’re on the Web!            potential as they take pride in becoming responsible, respectful, and productive
  http://hhsc.k12.in.us        lifelong learns.
    Page 2 of 2                       Hamilton Heights Elementary School
                                                                                                    Special Areas
       Nurse’s Corner                    Literacy Links                                          Art, Music, Physical
   February is Children’s                Surfing Safely with Children
   Dental Health Month!                  Consider the following questions:
                                               -    Where do you go when you want to
                                         find to discover the origins of Groundhog Day?                     P.E.
Good Oral health goes a long way               -    Where do you go when you want to       In Elementary Physical Education, 5th
                                         find the climate information related to your      graders are continuing their Inline
for the body, mind and spirit. Poor      city for the last ten years?                      Skating unit in between the snow and
oral health can cause chronic pain             -    What do you do when your child ask
                                                                                           delays and 3rd and 4th graders have
                                          you to name the moons of Jupiter? Though
and illness, which can impact a          we can find the answers to these questions in     begun a daily jump rope routine in
student’s ability to concentrate in      different books, all of the questions can be      addition to their regular fitness
class and can cause absenteeism. If      answered in a few seconds with a few              activities.
left untreated, poor dental health       keystrokes on the Internet.
can even cause social isolation.         The Internet is a wonderful tool for locating     All three grade levels will soon be
                                         information. It provides the latest research on   starting their 2010 Art Show projects.
                                         an endless number of topics. With the              This year we are having the Art Show on
Dentist, Dr. Shields, will be            advancement of technology children may            Thursday, May 6th. We will still hold the
speaking to our fourth graders on        begin using the Internet for finding answers      show in conjunction with the Young
                                         and information as early as Kindergarten.
February 23rd.                           Unfortunately, the Internet can be a
                                                                                           Author unveiling. All students will have
                                         dangerous place for young children                a project in the art show, and this year
                                         researching on their own. Care must be taken      it will be held in the gym. Students will
                                         to train children to research safety and          each create an individual masterpiece.
                                         effectively. One way to protect your child        Artwork will be framed and showcased
Hamilton Heights                         from the perils of Internet surfing is to         at the show. Parents will have the
Educational Foundation                   bookmark sites being visited ahead of time.       option to purchase the frame package.
                                         You may bookmark and categorize many safe         Art supplies and craft items will also be
Partners with GFS                        sites for your child on the following Web site:
                                                                                           available for purchase. The company
                                         www.ikeepbookmarks.com This site is easy to
Marketplace                              navigate and simple to use. If you choose to      that is helping to host this event is
                                         allow your child to search the Internet freely,   called KidsArt Fairs. Check it out at
                                         be sure to use human-filtered sites. Some         www.kidsartfairs.com. Third graders
The Hamilton Heights Education           sites say they are filtered, but they may have    will be creating rain forest frogs, 4th
Foundation (HHEF) has partnered          inappropriate pop-ups because they were           graders will be creating rainbow fish,
with GFS Marketplace stores to           filtered by a computer program. Below are a       and 5th graders will be creating
                                         few kid-friendly research engines for children    monochromatic zebras, tigers, giraffes,
give area residents the opportunity      to use.
to support Hamilton Heights just by                                                        or cheetahs.
shopping for their groceries.            Yahooligans!                                                      Music
                                         www.yahooligans.com                               All of our students at the Elementary
Through the company’s ‘Fun                                                                 enjoyed a delightful day with Anderson
                                         Ask Jeeves for Kids
                                         http://www.ajkids.com/                            University’s Jazz Ensemble on February
Funds’ program, individuals can                                                            18, 2009. Under the direction of John
sign up for a free, membership card                                                        Huntoon, professor at AU, our students
                                         Net Nanny
indicating the organization they                                                           were entertained with great music,
want to support. As a Fun Funds                                                            stories and instruments. We appreciate
                                         KidsClick                                         our very own John Huntoon who has a
member, individuals can earn
                                         http://www.kidsclick.org/                         child who attends Heights schools.
rebates for their school with each                                                         Thank you, John for the wonderful day
purchase, and receive exclusive                                                            you and your students provided our
coupons and specials. Sign up takes                                                        students!
less than a minute and cards can be
used at every GFS location.             Mark your calendars for
                                                                                           On The Road To
For more information contact:
                                         April 30 and May 1st!
                                                        th                                 Reading…
                                       These are the dates of our 5 grade
Jane Hunter, Executive Director        musical – Seussical Jr. Try-outs are this
Hamilton North Chamber of                                                                  Jared Holder has read 50 books!
                                       week and practices are scheduled for
Commerce                               Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30 to
                                                                                           The following students have read
Race Director/Cicero Triathlon         5:00. Dismissal will be on time at 5:00
                                                                                           75 books and will be attending our
(317) 984-4079                         so please plan to pick up your child from
                                                                                           principal pizza luncheon; Katie
jane@HamiltonNorthChamber.com          the back doors. Please stay in your
                                                                                           Feltner, Hannah Schafer, Jaydn
                                       vehicle and we will send the students
                                                                                           Lutz, Tony Harden, Chris Overby,
                                       out to you. Any questions please feel
                                                                                           Grace Roberts, Trent Stanley and
                                       free to e-mail or call Mrs. Carley or Mrs.
                                                                                           Dominic Yeary.