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									                               Oakdale Heights Elementary

February 2010

                                 Eagle Newsletter
    Dates to                   Dear Parents/ Guardians:
                               As I go through the year, I try to keep my focus on how we can all be involved in the lives or our
                               children. I believe the best way for a child to learn is to work together, a partnership which works
                               for one common purpose..
Feb 4: Site Council
         2:30 pm
                               Here are two great ways to get involved in our school(s):
Feb 11: PTC 6:30 pm

                               Distinguished Educator Award Process
    Presidents’ Day            Throughout the year teachers in our district are nominated for making a difference in the life of a
                               child, in your life or to the community. If a teacher has impacted your child or your life I would
Feb 19: Jog-A-Thon             encourage you to nominate them for the Distinguished Educator Award. All you need to do is
                               complete the attached form, add a one page narrative telling why you believe they deserve it and
          Kick-off Day         submit the form to Mitch Ratzlaff of State Farm Insurance or to the Itemizer Observer Newspa-
Feb 19: Movie Night
          6:00 pm              Please consider taking the time to honor those who are making a difference in the lives of chil-
                               dren every day.
Feb 25: SPRING
                               Bond Projects in our Schools
   Farm To Market

                               Interested in what is happening with the Bond Projects? Want to know how the money is spent?
                               Are your curious which construction projects will happen this summer and if your school will be
 March 10 & 11, 2010           Sign up for the Bond Listserv!!!

February 19 will be our Jog-
                               Easy to do . . . .
A-Thon kick-off. Each          Go to the district website and click on the left hand column: School Bond Listserv
student will be coming home
                                         District Website- http://www.dallas.k12.or.us/
with an envelope that will
have the instructions and
the pledge sheets in them.     2. It will take you through the process to sign up for this service.
Pledge sheets are due no
later than March 5 and the     3. Once you receive an email from this Listserv you will need to confirm you want to subscribe.
money is due no later than
March 15th.
                               You will receive an email from the district three to four times per month updating you on the pro-
                               gress of the Bond Projects. You can unsubscribe to this service at any time.
If you would like to volun-
teer to help with the Jog-A
-Thon on March 10 or 11,
please call the office.        Caleb Harris
Eagle Newsletter
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                           PTC News

                                PTC Meeting              Site Council Meetings          Box Tops
                            Every 2nd Thursday of         Every 1st Thursday of
                            every month from 6:30 to      every month from 2:30     Please continue to
                            7:30. Please come and join   to 3:30. Please come and   collect and turn in
                            us.                                   join us.          your Box Tops and
                                                                                     Campbell’s UPCs!
                                  EVERYBODY                   EVERYBODY
                                   WELCOME!                   WELCOME!

                           Other Information:
                                              2010 CENSUS
February 19, 2010                                                                     PTC NEWS
                           The 2010 Census is a portrait of America. It’s
                           required by the Constitution to take place every
     Doors Open                                                                      Have you ever won-
                           10 years. The 2010 Census will help communi-              dered where the money
       at 6:00                                                                       goes from all of the
                           ties receive over $400 billion in federal funds
                                                                                     fundraisers that we
                           each year for things such as hospitals, job               have?
     Showing:              training centers, schools, senior centers,
                                                                                     The proceeds from the
                           bridges, tunnels and other-public works pro-              flower bulbs went to-
“CLOUDY WITH A             jects & emergency services. The data collected            wards bark chips for the
                                                                                     playground and the
   CHANCE OF               by the census also help determine the number              walking track. The BE-
  MEATBALLS”               of seats your state has in the U.S. House of              LIEVE proceeds are
                                                                                     going towards our all
                           Representatives. Any personal data you provide            school Art Program.
                           is protected under federal law. In March of               The Jog-A-Thon money
    School Contact                                                                   will be going towards
                           2010, census forms will be delivered to every
     Information                                                                     our all school technol-
                           residence in the United states and Puerto Rico.           ogy improvements.
Principal: Caleb Harris    When you receive yours, just answer the 10                Money received from
Counselor: Debbie Evans                                                              the Spaghetti Feed will
           Betty Sledge
                           short questions and then mail the form back in            go towards field trips,
Secretary: Pally Mann      the postage-paid envelope provided. 2010 Cen-             Field Day, and other all
Secretary: Kris Scofield                                                             school activities.
                           sus, 10 questions 10 minutes to define who we
Hours:                     are as a nation. It’s coming to your mail box             Thank you for all of
7:30am to 3:30pm                                                                     your help and support.
                           soon!                                                     Without you, our chil-
Phone: 503.623.8316                                                                  dren would not have
Fax: 503.623.5165
                                           www.2010census.gov                        these opportunities.

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