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					         R     I    V   E    R    S   I     D      E         M     I   D     D       L   E            S      C      H      O      O      L

 Royal Report
 February 2010
                    The Newsletter of the Riverside Middle School PTSA, Greer, SC
                                                                                                                                   Vol. XI, Issue 7

Mark your calendar...                                              Message from the Principal
                                                • 4/30 - 4th Qtr. Progress Reports

             February                            Dear Parents:
• 2/18 - Family Fun Night - Silent                      The school board gave first approval of changing the start
  Auction - Model UN & Talent Show
• 2/19 - 3rd Qtr. Progress Reports               and end time for middle schools for next year. They will vote one
• 2/23 - 2/25 - ITBS Testing                     more time before final approval. I expect this to pass for next year.
• 2/26 - Ice Cream Sundae Sale                          We wrote a grant application for a “Making Middle Grades
• 2/26 - Black History Assembly                  Work” through the state department of education and we were
             March                               successful in obtaining this grant. The survey requires us to
• 3/2 - 2010-2011 Curriculum Night for           randomly pick sixty 8th grade students. We will give them the survey
  Rising 6th, 7th, 8th Graders 6:30 p.m.
                                                 this Wednesday and Thursday.
• 3/8-3/12 - Book Fair
• 3/11 - PTSA Board Mtg. 9 a.m.                         The month of March is very busy due to MAP testing, PASS
• 3/16-17 - PASS Writing                         testing, IGP and the book fair. Please encourage your child to be in
• 3/18 - SIC Meeting                             school each day. Check with the front office if your child has an
• 3/19 - Ice Cream Sundae Sale
                                                 appointment and will need an early dismissal during testing.

• 3/19 - Spring Fling Dance & Pep Rally
• 3/22 - 3rd Qtr. Grading Period Ends
• 3/22-26 - SPIRIT WEEK                                   Ron Harrison, Principal, Riverside Middle School
• 3/25 - Spirit Night @ Fuddruckers
• 3/29 - 4/2 - Spring Break
• 4/7 - 3rd Qtr. Report Cards
• 4/8 - PTSA Board Mtg. 9 am                                                                        Keep Reading for the
                                                                                                    following important news:
• 4/12 - Greenville Drive Reading All-
  Stars Celebration Game                                                                            • PTSA President’s Message
• 4/14 - A/B Honor Roll Assembly                                                                    • Auction & Talent Show
• 4/23 - Ice Cream Sundae Sale                                                                      • Testing Schedule
• 4/29 - Volunteer Appreciation Lunch                                                               • Registration Information
                                                                                                    • Library News

      RMS VOLUNTEERS                                    BOOK FAIR IS                                • Reflections Contest Winners
                                                                                                    • PTSA Membership
             RMS Volunteer Website:                       COMING                                    • Spirit Week Schedule
                                                                                                    • Career Guidance News
     http://rmsvolunteer.publishpath.com/               MARCH 8-12                                  • Greenville Drive Reading All
                                                                                                      Stars Contest
         JOIN US IN 2010                               MEDIA CENTER
                                                                                       February 2010 -- The Riverside Middle School Royal Report
                           R    I   V   E   R   S   I   D   E      M    I   D   D   L   E      S    C    H    O    O    L

 PTSA President’s Message
 If things go as we hope, you are reading this before February 18th, RMS Family Fun Night! If so, we hope you
 will grab your family and go! If you are reading this after the 18th, we hope you went and ate well and enjoyed
 the many things the evening had to offer.

 It's hard to believe it's mid-February already, and in the school world that means it's time to start thinking about
 next year! Registration for next year's classes is coming up and it's time for us to start making decisions about
 what our PTSA will do in 2010-11: what kinds of fund-raising we will do, how we will spend what we have, what
 kinds of decisions and plans will be made that will affect our RMS students and families in the year to come and

 If you would like to have a say in how these important issues, which affect us all, are decided, want to be "in the
 loop" of how RMS runs and want to give back something of what we all receive from the school and the PTSA,
 please consider joining the Board -- there are many ways to help, no matter what your schedule, talents or
 preferences. It's not difficult, you have tremendous support, we were all new at it once, and the rewards are
 great. Keep in touch with us and let us know what we can do for you and you can do for us.

 As always, thank you for all you do!

          Barbara Stacy, President

       Diana Farrall, 1st VP/Pres.–elect

                        Annual RMS Silent Auction & Family Fun Night!
                                   Thursday, February 18, 2010
                     tion                                          Tale
               t Au
                    c               Riverside Middle School             nt S

                                                  Silent Auction begins at 4:00 pm
                                            (Closes 15 minutes after Talent Show ends)
                                                Dinner 5:30 - 7:00 Pre-order by 2/16
                                             Model UN Festival of Nations in Media Ctr.
                                                    Talent Show 6:30 - 7:30 pm
                                                  Brief PTSA Meeting - 6:00 pm
     • BID on Fabulous Items at Great Prices (Weekend getaways, Food, Entertainment, Discounts on Orthodontia, Teeth
       Whitening and Cosmetic Dermatology, Hair Care, Manicures, Soccer, Football, Fitness, Housecleaning, Florist, Gift Baskets,
       Household Items, to name just a few!) There will be great deals to be had on everyday necessities and splurges you can't
       help but bid on. Tell your friends, grab a neighbor or two and don't forget your checkbook!

     • SUPPORT Our School and PTSA
     • SKIP Cooking and Feed the Family                                                              Volunte ions &
                                                                                                            ers Nee
     • WATCH AND ENJOY Your Talented Children & Their Friends Perform                                               ded
     • RELAX With Your Family & Friends and ENJOY the evening

         We are working hard and still seeking volunteers and donations for the auction to make this year's auction
         better than ever. Please watch your children's backpacks, check www.greeville.k12.sc.us/riverms regularly
         and often, listen for school announcements for upcoming news and information, and to order dinner.  Please
         contact us if you have items or services to donate to the auction or would like to pitch in and help.
                        Contact us at maureenwatts@charter.net; brandy@tomandbrandy.com; bkgstacy@aol.com

                                                                                          February 2010 -- The Riverside Middle School Royal Report
              CONGRATULATIONS                                    PTSA Membership.. it's never too late to join
        REFLECTIONS CONTEST WINNERS                       Thanks once again to all the parents, teachers, staff members ,
          AT NE PTSA COUNCIL LEVEL!                       students and  friends who have already joined the PTSA @ RMS for
                                                          the 2009-2010 school year; we appreciate your support!   And for
                                                          those of you who have not yet joined, it's never too late.  Each and
Dance choreography:  Jada Haynes - 2nd place              every membership is so important to our school. For just $5.00 you'll
     Stephanie Hong - 3rd place           join an organization that is truly committed to doing great things to
Music Composition: 
 Erin Delperdang - 3rd place          help further the education of our children.   Through activities,
Video Production: 
 Karly Klaeser - 2nd place             fundraisers and projects, the PTSA provides opportunities and
                                                          materials for our students which might otherwise be unattainable.  By
     Karly Klaeser - 1st place            joining you'll be showing our children the importance you place on
Visual Arts: 
     Carsyn Osiecki - 3rd place           education - especially theirs!

RMS had a winner in every category! These                 Membership forms are accessible on the RMS website: go to RMS
winners will go on to represent RMS at the                home page/Parents/PTSA then click on the blue highlighted
                                                          membership form; simply print the form and return to your child's
District and State level.                                 homeroom teacher along with $5.00 for each membership.


        Riverside Middle School
       615 Hammett Bridge Road          Principal                  Counselors                 Guidance Clerk             Media Center
            Greer, SC 29650             Ron Harrison               Casey Noble                Cindy Dill                 355-7905
                                                                   6th Gr. Counselor          355-7904
                Website:                Assistant Principals       355-7916                                              Transportation
     www.greenville.k12.sc.us/riverms   James Gardner                                         School Nurse               Taylors Bus
                                        Meg Stovall                Lynn Truitt                Rudie Ivester              Center
                                        Damon Barnhill             7th Gr. Counselor          355-7907                   355-7330
          Main School Number                                       355-7915
               355-7900                 Secretary                                             Food Services
                                        Mary Higgins               Marjorie Hintalla          355-7908
           Main School Fax              355-7902                   8th Gr. Counselor
               355-7918                                            355-7986

                                                                                     February 2010 -- The Riverside Middle School Royal Report
                      R   I   V   E   R   S   I   D   E      M   I   D   D   L   E      S    C    H    O    O    L

                Greenville Drive Reading All-Stars is Underway!
 What and Why: The Greenville Drive Reading All-Stars program is a reading incentive program aimed at promoting
reading and academic success among youth in Greenville.

    Who can participate: Any willing 6th – 8th grade student in Greenville County Public Schools.

 How it works: RMS students are required to read 400 pages (at an appropriate reading level for the student) between
February 8 and March 5. If the students reach their reading goal they will qualify as a 2010 Greenville Drive Reading All-Star.

 Timing: The reading program will run for 4 weeks: February 8 through March 5. Students who complete the program will
be honored at Fluor Field before the 7:00 PM Drive game on Monday, April 12. Students must place their completed reading
logs in the collection box in the library no later than 3:30 p.m. on March 12. Eligible students will be reported to Greenville
Drive on March 12 - no late logs will be accepted.

 Incentives for students: Each student who succeeds in reading their designated number of books will be honored at the
designated Greenville Drive baseball game where they will:
   - receive free admission
   - recognition on the scoreboard
   - a parade around the outfield warning track
   - chance to throw the First Pitch
   - and a Greenville Drive Reading All-Stars t-shirt.

 From the Guidance Office

 Testing information: Grades 6, 7, 8:
 PASS testing (Palmetto Assessment of State Standards) for Writing will take place on March 16th and 17th for all 3
 grades. Please have students bring two #2 pencils for each day of testing. All appointments need to be made after
 12 p.m. on these days, as testing cannot be interrupted.

 8th grade information:
 Registration: Online registration for all rising 9th graders will be from March 4th to March 19th. Parents are
 encouraged to attend all registration meeting at each high school. Information regarding dates can be located on
 our guidance department website.

 From the Career Guidance Office:
 During 8th grade registration, all 8th graders will choose a career cluster to explore further this year and into high
 school.  This cluster choice can be changed at any time of the student's choosing.  Further information regarding
 choosing a cluster will go home prior to 8th grade registration.

 On March 3, 2010, approximately thirty 8th graders from Mr. Style's and Mrs. Wolfe's music classes will visit
 Anderson University.  These students have been participating in a SIFE project with Anderson University.  This
 project started before the Christmas break and the students have been working very hard on their projects.  Parents
 of those students involved will be receiving further information the week of February 22, 2010.

 On March 12, 2010, approximately one hundred 8th graders will be visiting Greenville Technical College to
 participate in career exploration in health science, cosmetology, construction, and/or engineering.  This will be a
 great trip to further explore careers in these areas.  Mrs. Gosnell will be visiting all 8th grade social studies classes to
 discuss this trip and talk with students that are interested in participating!

 As you can see, there are many exciting things happening in career education at RMS!  
 Holly Gosnell, GCDF, Career Specialist, Riverside Middle School

                                                                                   February 2010 -- The Riverside Middle School Royal Report
                                         On-line Student Registration

     District Information:
     Students Grades 6 – 12 Register Online for 2010-2011
              Greenville, SC -- Online course registration for students entering grades 6 through 12 in 2010-2011 will be from
     March 4, 2010 through March 19, 2010.
              The process, known as Student Registration System (SRS), was implemented in 2004. SRS allows parents and
     students to request elective courses (related arts classes) for the next school year from home via the Internet. Families
     who do not have access to the Internet will be given opportunities to use school computers to register online.
     Using SRS will ensure that parents have the opportunity to assist their child in requesting elective courses and will allow
     school counselors and teachers more time for meetings with parents and students to discuss course content and placement
     issues. Parents and students should understand that requesting a course through SRS does not guarantee that the student
     is placed in the course the next school year. Final placement in a course is dependent upon enrollment, scheduling
     feasibility, and teacher allocation.
              Before the registration process begins in March, schools will give instructions to parents on accessing SRS from
     home. Schools will also post the course catalog on the school website so that parents may see what courses will be
     offered by their school for the following school year.
     Parents without Internet access at home may request a printed copy of the course catalog. They are strongly encouraged
     to contact the school to find out dates and times for using school computers to assist them in registering their child.
     For questions, parents should contact their child’s guidance office.

     Riverside Middle School Information:
              All students that will attend Riverside Middle School for the 2010-2011 school year must register on-line through
     the Student Registration System (SRS). SRS allows students to make requests for related arts courses through the
     internet. It also provides parents an opportunity to view their child’s academic course recommendations, which will be
     completed by the child’s current teachers prior to the system opening to students. Any concerns about academic
     placement should be discussed with the current teacher prior to the end of the on-line student registration window.
              All parents should plan to attend the school wide curriculum night on March 2nd. Curriculum Night is an
     opportunity for parents to hear about the courses that will be offered during the next school year and receive valuable
     information on completing the on-line registration process.
              Beginning Thursday, February 11th, all registration information will be posted on Riverside Middle School’s
     website. To review this information, you can access the main site at www.greenville.k12.sc.us/riverms/ and click on the
     “Registration” link. To ensure that you and your child successfully complete the registration process, please be sure to
     read and follow all of the instructions very carefully.

     Important Registration Dates:
       • 2nd ~ 9:00 – 10:30 – Rising 6th Grade Visitation
       • 2nd ~ 6:30 – 8:30 – Curriculum Night and Parent SRS Training
       • 4th ~ Related Arts Forms sent home during homeroom
       • 4th - 19th ~ Student Window open in SRS for students to request related arts courses
       • 10th ~ 7:30 am – 8:00 am and 3:05 pm – 4:00 pm – Open Computer Lab for students/parents without
           internet access at home to complete registration
       • 19th ~ Deadline for parents to contact teachers with course recommendation concerns
       • 19th ~ Related Arts Forms due back to homeroom teachers

        • 6th ~ Student Registration Forms sent home during homeroom
        • 8th ~ Student Registration Forms due back to homeroom teachers with signed report card envelopes

5	                                                                                    February 2010 -- The Riverside Middle School Royal Report