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									                              Madison Park Elementary
                                 School Newsletter
February 19, 2010                                                                         Deborah Smith, Principal
Volume 2, Issue 3                                                                           Deneen Ross, Secretary

                                   Principal’s Challenge
                                   “Good Better Best, Never Let It Rest, ‘Til Your Good Is Better, and Your
                                   Better Is Your Best” Such simple words, yet if we teach our students to
                                   live by this motto, they will achieve more. This adage is based on the idea
                                   that students need to demand more of themselves, to see themselves as solid
                                   students. Effective students, like effective schools, live by high standards.
Contents                           Our students need to see themselves as effective learners. Both home and
                                   school must work together to help students take responsibility for their
Principal’s Challenge         1    learning and to sharpen their self-demand for excellence.
Effort-Based Ability          1    Teach your child to live by high standards. Help them shape their vision,
                                   goals, and perceptions of success. Hold them accountable to produce their
Up-Coming Events              1
                                   best work at all times. Teach them a “can-do” attitude. Clearly, I can not
Classroom On Wheels           2    overstress “attitude”. More could be accomplished if less were thought to be
Parent Night At the Park      2
                                   As educators, our greatest challenge is getting students to take advantage of
Parent Workshops              2
                                   the education that is being offered. I challenge each parent, guardian,
Positive Behavior Challenge   2    mentor, role model, and educator to help our students believe they are
                                   capable of academic success and that anything less than their best effort is
March 2010 Calendar           3    not acceptable.
                                   Remind them they are capable of being CHAMPIONS in the classroom and in
    Upcoming                       life!
   Classroom On
                                                                  THE 3 R’S
                                  When you were in elementary school and you heard about the 3 r’s, the first
    Wheels Kick-off               things you may have thought of were: reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic. The three
    Assembly                      R’s in this day and age have taken on new meaning. At Madison Park ES, the 3 R’s
    2/18/10                       stand for Respect, Responsibility, and Readiness. These are the three pillars of
    2:00 –p.m.                    our character education program:
   Parent/Teacher
    Conferences                   RESPECT: This character trait is of paramount importance. If you are to prove
    2/22/10 and 2/24/10                    yourself a winner at school, you are going to have to demonstrate
    3:30 p.m. – 7:00                       respect—for yourself, respect for the rights of others, and respect
    p.m.                                   for property (private and public)
   Black History
                                  RESPONSIBILITY: This character trait if about taking ownership of one’s actions.
                                            It is all about making choices. “If it is to be, the choice is up to me”.
    1:30 p.m.                               As a person of character, you are judged in terms of how you meet
                                            your responsibilities/obligations
   National                      READINESS: This character trait is about being prepared. Meeting expectations in
    Elementary                              a timely fashion. Being on time. Having all their materials and
    Honor Society                           resources readily available. This includes homework assignments,
    Induction                               projects, classroom work. Readiness is all about planning and
    2/26/10 @ 6:00 pm                       organization.

                                  The 3 R’s are life-long skills that every student needs to master if they are to be
   No School                     successful citizens of the 21st century.
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                          From The Counselor’s Corner
      Kick It Up A Notch: Classroom On Wheels Program:
      The 5th Grade Students are beginning a leadership/mentoring program for the purpose of making the
      students’ rides to and from school safer. This is a school wide program that involves the earning of PRIDE
      Points while riding the bus, an extension of the classroom. Each member of the building and the drivers have
      a role to play in the success of this program. Students will be encouraged to earn PRIDE points by showing
      the 3 R’s on the bus, they will also be encouraged to work on supplemental reading activities like their AR
      books while riding on the bus. If you would like more information or even like to participate in a parent focus
      group about this program please contact Laura Miracle ext. 1642.

      Parent Night at the PARK:
      Madison Park Elementary is hosting a Parent Night on Friday, March 5 from 5:00-8:00. The activities will take
      place in our gymnasium and cafeteria. The theme Understanding What Makes Us Different Through Finding
      Out How We Are The Same. This is an extension of the Character Education Program your children have been
      participating in and some of the activities that your children have done in class you will have the opportunity
      to complete in various activity stations. The PTO will be selling refreshments and to bring the night’s lessons
      together we will be showing the movie, “Brother Bear”, a story about learning how to understand other
      people by learning how to walk in their shoes.

      Parent Workshops at the PARK:
      There have been many parents who have inquired about Madison Park Elementary offering parenting
      workshops. We will begin offering two parenting workshops a month beginning in March. They will be after
      school from 4:30-6:30 on Tuesdays. We will watch a video from Boys Town Press on various parenting topics
      then there will be time to work on a worksheet and share your reactions, concerns, ideas, etc., in a small
      group setting. These workshops will take place in the Computer Lab. Please see the Calendar for the dates
      and topics. Look for a sign up sheet coming home to you with your child; please send the sign up sheet back
      in to me, Laura Miracle, as an RSVP for the workshops you will attend. Light refreshments will be served.

      Madison Park Stars Shoot into Spring with a Positive Behavior Challenge:
      Over the past year our STARS have been learning a great deal about what it means to have and show Good
      Character; because of that, I am challenging our STARS this spring to a Behavior Challenge. However, they
      can not do it alone, so parents you are being challenged as well. The 5th grade students will have an
      opportunity to participate in a Prince/Princess Ball in May if they can maintain 96% attendance, receive no
      more than 2 Referrals, and no more than 2 Detentions a week from March 1-May 10. The 2nd through 4th grade
      students will have the opportunity to be invited to a Mad hatter Tea Party, if they can also meet the same
      requirements. Parents, you too will be rewarded by participating in the Ball with your son or daughter and
      being a distinguished guest at the Tea Party. We plan on having some special rewards for students with
      perfect attendance during this time and for the parents of the students who earn perfect attendance. More
      details of this event will be coming later. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Laura Miracle,
      Guidance Counselor, 854-4456 ext.1642.

                                                                 Laura Miracle
                                                                 Elementary School Counselor
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                                      March 2010
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     SUNDAY    MONDAY           TUESDAY         WEDNESDAY         THURSDAY           FRIDAY           SATURDAY

               1                2               3                        4           5                6
               PTO FUNDRAISER
               Assembly @2:30
                                                                      PICTURE            PARENT
                                                                        DAY               NIGHT
                                                                  (Out of Uniform)   5:00 – 8:00 pm

 7             8                9 Parent        10                11                 12               13
                                Relationships   BOOK FAIR
                                MP 4:30-6:30
 14            15               16              17                18                 19               20
                                                Dr. Mendler                          Dance 6-8 pm
                                                                                     4th/5th Grades
                                                4-5 p.m.

 21            22               23 Parent       24                25                 26               27
                                Workshop:                         Quarter 3 ends     NO
               PTO Meeting
                                Problem                                              SCHOOL
               6:00 p.m.        Behaviors                                            Records
                                MP 4:30-6:30                                         Day
 28            29               30              31                April 1            April 2
                                     SPRING     BREAK
                                        NO      SCHOOL


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