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									Family Newsletter
Davis-Emerson Middle School
February 24, 2010

Most seem to really be ready for spring, especially with our last few weeks of winter! Time is
moving very quickly and we are now set to begin the fifth six weeks of the school year. There
will be plenty of exciting activities as we enter into this portion of the school year - please review
our calendar and announcements carefully.

               Events & Activities                           Standardized Testing Quickly
March                                                                Approaches
 1    PTO/TAFFY, 6:00 pm                              DEMS students will be involved in state-mandated
 2    Baseball/Softball, Home, 4:30 pm                testing beginning March 22nd. These tests assist in
 4    Spring Picture Day                              many ways to gauge the performance of our students.
      Baseball/Softball, Home, 4pm                    They also have a great impact on courses students
 5    DEMS Math Mania                                 may select for the following years of school. Parents
 9    Baseball/Softball, Home, 4pm                    may also use the results of these tests to determine
11    Baseball/Softball, Home, 4pm                    how their children will perform on the Alabama High
12    Progress Reports Go Home                        School Graduation Exams that are not so far away. It
15-19 SPRING BREAK - No School                        is very important that students are at school, on time,
22    Baseball, Home, 4:30                            and do their very best on each of these exams.
      Baseball v D’ville, Away, 4pm                   ** Please make sure any appointments (medical or
      Softball v Ewood, Away, 4:30 pm                 otherwise) are planned for late in the day, or ideally,
24    ARMT MATH                                       another day.
25    Baseball v N’Side, Away, 4:30 pm
      Softball v Bwood, Home, 4:30 pm                 Test Dates:
29    Baseball v Holy Spirit, Away, 6pm               ARMT READING               March 23          6th-8th
30    SAT-10 READING                                  ARMT MATH                  March 24          6th-8th
      Baseball v Echols, Away, 4pm                    SAT-10 READING             March 30          6th-8th
      Softball v ACA, Away, 4pm                       SAT-10 MATH                March 31          6th-8th
31    SAT-10 MATH                                     ALA SCIENCE ASMNT          April 6           7th
                                                      WRITING ASMNT              April 7           7th
1        Softball v Ewood, Away, 4:30 pm              Parents who have any questions about testing are
6        ALA SCIENCE ASSESSMENT, 7th Gr               encouraged to contact one of their child’s teachers or
7        ALA DIRECT ASSESSMENT                        Mrs. Westberg, our school counselor and building
            OF WRITING, 7th Gr                        test coordinator.
8        Six Weeks Exams, 1st-3rd
         Softball v W’lawn, Away, 4:30 pm
9        Six Weeks Exams, 4th-6th
         8th Grade Prom
12       Last Six Weeks of School Begins!
13       Junior Achievement Day
         Softball v CRMS, Away, 4:30 pm                            Spring Picture Day is
14       CLEAN SLATE, 6th Gr (In-Schl Movie)                       Thursday, March 4th
15       CLEAN SLATE, 7th Gr (In-Schl Movie)
         Softball v N’Side, Away, 4:30 pm             PTO/TAFFY Sells Sweet-Heart-a-Grams
16       CLEAN SLATE, 8th Gr (In-Schl Movie)          Students were able to purchase Sweet-Heart-a-Grams
         Report Cards                                 during the week of Feb. 8th-12th to give to have
                                                      delivered to a special someone. The sale was very
                                                      successful as many students bought one for their
               Due to the Snow Day on                 parent, friend, or teacher. We want to thank everyone
        February 12th, the planned Weather Day        who participated in support of this fund-raiser and
             on April 23rd will now be a              also the several parents who helped with the project.
                regular day of school!
          PTO/TAFFY Meeting
        Monday, March 1st -- 6:00 pm
Parents are encouraged to attend the next meeting of                            It’s That Time of Year:
the PTO/TAFFY group to support our school and                                 Stormy Season Approaches
students. The meeting will include many important
items that will be a benefit to all. Topics will include:   While we hope we will avoid any weather incidences
      CPR                                                   this spring, it always pays to be prepared. Please
      Nutrition                                             know that Davis-Emerson Middle School has severe
      P.A.L. (Parenting hotline)                            weather plans in place and drills for those procedures
      8th Grade Prom information                            are practiced regularly.
      Internet Safety
The meeting will be held at DEMS and will begin at          Many times when there are predictions for severe
6:00 pm.                                                    weather, we wonder when or if or why our school
                                                            system is closing for the day. Many factors go into
        PTO/TAFFY Has Been Busy!                            making those decisions with student safety topping
Many hands have helped make several projects to             the list. When there are days with unpredictable
assist DEMS students since the beginning of the year.       weather several processes are in motion:
We have:
     1. operated a “Santa Shop” for students;               1.    School system personnel maintain close contact
     2. assisted with the Bulldog Bites Store each               with the emergency management agency (EMA)
         month;                                                  for Tuscaloosa County.
     3. assisted with the CLEAN SLATE events;               2.    Weather reports are monitored closely as well
     4. assisted with lunchroom monitoring;                      as predicted paths of any storm movement.
     5. sold Good-Luck-a-Grams to include stuffed           3.    DEMS implements its emergency plans.
         animals, cards, and fresh roses; and               4.    DEMS monitors the weather via school system
     6. planned the first 8th Grade Prom!                        communications, EMA weather radio, and
                                                                 media broadcasts.
       Eighth Grade Prom - April 9th
The first-ever DEMS 8th Grade Prom has been                 IN THE EVENT of a thunderstorm or tornado
planned for Friday, April 9th from 6:30 until 8:30 pm.      warning, the building is secured, students are placed
Students are very excited and we have recruited help        in safe areas of the building, and buses are parked
from so many. The prom is for DEMS 8th graders              until the warning condition is lifted. If a bus has
only (a 6th or 7th grader from DEMS may attend only         already left the school, it will go to the closest safe
if invited by an 8th grader as part of a couple). There     area to hold students until the warning is cleared. Be
will be great food, music, socializing, and dancing.        aware that during a WARNING, students may
                                                            only be checked out of school by their PARENT or
The PTO/TAFFY has led this event and we also have           LEGAL GUARDIAN. By Board policy, students
gained the wonderful help of our University of              will not be released to any other person, even if they
Alabama “Students on a Mission” group. There will           are listed on a check-out list during a WARNING.
be plenty of adult supervision to include Dr. Davie
and Mrs. Ridgway. The event will be held in the
DEMS Cafetorium.                                            Title I Program for 2009-2010 Evaluated
                                                            Davis-Emerson Middle School receives funding
                                                            through Title I each year in order to help close the
                                                            gap in student learning. This money is used to fund
                                                            additional    teaching    units,   provide   needed
                                                            instructional supplies, assist with the after-school
             Students on a Mission                          tutorial program, and meet professional development
Davis-Emerson Middle School has been fortunate to           needs. Each spring, a committee of faculty and
have attained the interest and support of the               parents review our current program, evaluate its
University of Alabama’s Students on a Mission group         effectiveness, and make recommendations for the
to assist our students. These wonderful role models         following year. If any parent wishes to provide
are coming to our school to help in so many areas:          comments or be considered to serve on that
mentoring, tutorial assistance, Clean Slate events, 8th     committee, please contact Dr. Walter Davie, in
grade prom (including providing the DJ, supplies,           writing, before March 12, 2010.
decorations, and more), and just any way that they
can be a positive influence in the lives of our                    Davis-Emerson Middle School
students. They have just begun but have already                  1500 Bulldog Boulevard Cottondale, AL 35453
                                                                             Office: (205) 342-2750
made their mark…the look on the faces of our
                                                                               Fax: (205) 633-1155
students when they students come to be a part of their             Website:
lives is as they say, priceless!

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