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									     Volente Hills Newsletter
                                                                                                               February 2010

Message from the ACC                                                    Spring Garage Sale
                                                                        Save the Date!! Our next Volente Hills, Neighborhood
Covenants, Conditions and Deed Restrictions                             wide Garage Sale will be Sat., June 5th, from 8am till
All of the residences in Williamson Travis Municipal Utility            noon. Social Committee will post signs and advertise in
District (WTC MUD) No. 1 are subject to covenants, conditions           Craig's List and the Austin American-Statesman. This
and restrictions (CCR) attached to each property deed. The
                                                                        will be perfect timing to sell old clothes, furniture,
MUD is responsible for enforcing the CCR’s, but the 122
families living in Volente Hills are also represented by our own        kitchen goods and everything else that is filling your
Volente Hills Homeowners Association. The covenants                     garage!
provide many benefits to our owners. For example they:
     • Protect property values because prospective buyers               Holiday Yard of the Month
          know that the neighborhood they see today will be             Congratulations go to the Massaro Family at: 3010
          preserved.                                                    Cashell Wood Drive for winning Volente Hills most
     • Promote safety through restrictions on signs and                 festive Holiday yard 2010!! Their yard was chosen by
          parking.                                                      the Landscape Committee and they received a $50 dollar
     • Maintain quality of life by prohibiting unsightly
                                                                        gift card to Lowe's.
                                                                        A big Thank You to all the homes that decorated this year
          construction and requiring adequate property
                                                                        during the Winter Holidays. It was so nice to drive and
                                                                        walk around the neighborhood and see all the Christmas
Even though there are 26 pages of CCR, there are just a handful         decorations and lights.
of the violations we see frequently. These include:
Vehicles—No more than two vehicles may be parked outside                Christmas Decorations
your garage in your driveway and only passenger cars or pick-            FYI--We received many requests to have holiday
up trucks are allowed.                                                  decorations at our entrances to the neighborhood, so the
On Street Parking----Residents and guests staying more than 3           Social Committee recently purchased lighted
days are not to park overnight on the streets of Volente Hills.         wreaths/candy canes that we will hang this December
We’re the first to admit that this regulation is nearly impossible      2010.
to enforce but we hope you all will comply out of concern for
the safety of our children heading to the bus stop as well as
your jogging neighbors who get caught between moving cars               Summer Yard of the Month" Contest-Coming
and parked cars.                                                        Soon!!
Property Modifications---All modifications to your home or              As in the past, one yard will be chosen for the month of
yard require approval by the Volente Hills HOA Architectural            June, July, and August by the Social Committee. The
Control Committee. It’s easy; just fill out the one page form           yard chosen will be given a $50 dollar gift card to
which is available at www.volentehills.net in the forms and documents   Lowe's. Also, you will see the Yard of the Month sign in
section. The committee is committed to working with home                the yard. Good Luck!!
owners and in doing so, they have helped many homeowners
avoid serious easement and utility conflicts and improve their
projects. Does your project need an architectural modification          HELP Needed with Social Committee
request (AMR)? If you are hiring a contractor, then most                Social Committee needs your help!! Social does great
likely, yes. Anything that will change the appearance of your           things for our neighborhood. They organize the yearly
home, fences or landscaping should have an approved request             neighborhood party, deliver welcoming baskets to our
before construction begins. Need a copy of the Volente Hills            new neighbors, organize garage sales, and select the yard
CCR? Get one at www.volentehills.net.                                   of the month. Lisa Young is our Social Committee
Questions? We’ve got answers.                                           Chairperson. Please contact her at :
Eric Loucks – ACC Chairman, 249-8290                                    lisahill1977@yahoo.com if you'd like to help.
Sabrina Washburn – Planned Community Management, Inc.,

                                                       Volente Hills HOA Page 1
We have had numerous complaints of barking dogs in the early morning and late evening hours. Dog
owners, if your dog is outside and begins to bark, please bring your dog inside. Let's be mindful of our
sleeping neighbor.

Over Night Parking--PLEASE READ, we have received several complaints
on this topic....
Reminder that there is no overnight parking in our neighborhood on the streets. Your car needs to be in your
garage or in the driveway. Due to the overwhelming complaints on this topic, your HOA has made it a top
priority in 2010 to monitor this persistent problem in our neighborhood. Our management company will be
in our neighborhood more frequently addressing this situation. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to
contact the members of the ACC or the management company.

Please also note Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) law as this could result in a ticket:
   • Do not park in front of a public or private driveway
   • Do not park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
   • Do not park within 20 feet of a crosswalk at an intersections
   • Do not park within 30 feet upon the approach to any stop sign, flashing light, yield sign, or other
       traffic control signal located at the side of a roadway

Yards--DID YOU KNOW...?
Did you know that you are responsible for maintaining the sidewalk area in front of your house?? Also, if
your house is on the corner, then you are responsible for that sidewalk area too. PLEASE control the weeds
and mow/edge. If you are the owner of the home or renting, that sidewalk area needs to be taken care of.
Also, spring is right around the corner, so let's be sure our yards our well maintained. We have had
complaints of yards that need some loving tender care. Just a little weeding, mowing, edging, trimming
those bushes and trees will make a yard look wonderful.

Spring Cleaning Date
This year the Landscape Committee has organized a Spring Cleaning Day for our neighborhood. The date is
March 27th from 9AM till noonish. This year we will focus on cleaning out the area next to fence along FM
2769. So, bring your axes, pruning shears, and chainsaws. The HOA will distribute a flier with more
information regarding this event in March. Questions (??): contact Mo Mascorro or Sue Buckley.

Reminder Trash/Newspapers
Trash day is on Mondays. So, please bring in your trash cans and recycling bins by Monday night. If you
are unable to do it, ask a neighbor. Also, newspapers should be picked up the day they are delivered. If you
don't want the newspaper, contact them to cancel your subscription. These newspapers look very unsightly
lying in the street and sidewalks.

HOA dues are past due. Late fees will start to accumulate, so pay now to avoid them!!! Contact Sabrina
Washburn if you have any questions.

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    HOA Board of Directors                                  ANNUAL HOA MEETING
                    Lisa Foster
                                                            The date is April 20th, starting at 6:00pm.
                                                            The meeting will take place at the MUD
                     336-0234                               building on Old Mill Road. This is your
                 LFTX@sbcglobal.net                         chance to address the board members
                                                            regarding issues and concerns in our
                   Kim Massaro                              neighborhood.
                   Vice President
               pmassaro@austin. rr.com                      Advertisements
                                                            Did you know that on our website there is a
                   Katrina Barton
                                                            section called Classifieds where you can
                                                            advertise your business?? That's right!!
                                                            Small business owners, babysitting, animal
                                                            sitting, and house sitting, etc sign up now.

                                                            If you are in need of a service (new car,
                                                            carpet cleaning, babysitting, etc) check out
        The new Volente Hills website is:                   if one of your neighbors can help you out!!
             www.VolenteHills.net                           Contact the webmaster:
                                                            VolenteHills@night-ray.com to post your
Our aim is to provide live news that affects your           business.
household and our community.

Neighborhood Directory
A full neighborhood directory can be found on the           If you are not currently on the Volente Hills
website www. VolenteHills.net. Please note the              HOA email list and would like to receive
password to open the document in the print                  updates on community information and
version of this newsletter. Please contact the web          events, please send your email address to
                                                            Deeana Iacono at: deeana@austin.rr.com
master with changes; details are online.

              Please send ads or community notices to Deeana Iacono for inclusion in the newsletter.

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