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2010 February Newsletter Single Page Format by tfs77260


									March 2010

Inside This Issue!
                                   Someone wisely said, “Our         Webster defines shrewd as
 Word of the Month          2      spiritual health is not just      keen-witted, clever, or sharp      going to be gone. Either we
                                   affected by how much of           in practical affairs.              will outlive our money, or our
 Michelle Carpenter         2      God’s money we give, it’s                                            money will outlive us, but
                                                                     In other words, to be shrewd
 March Calendar             3      equally affected by how                                              either way, it won’t go with
                                                                     is to consider all of the facts
                                   much of God’s money we                                               us when we die. We can’t
                                                                     and make the best use of what
 Meet the Choate’s          4      spend.”                                                              take it with us, but we can
                                                                     you have to work with.
                                                                                                        send it on ahead to welcome
 Keisha Edwards             4      Remember, all of the assets
                                                                     The manager knew he was            us when we get there.
                                   under our control are God’s.
  Deacons Update               5                                     going to lose his job. He
                                   As His steward, he has given                                         Remember Jesus said, “store
                                                                     couldn’t do physical labor,
  Birthdays/Anniversaries 5        us unrestricted access to part                                       up for yourselves treasures in
                                                                     and he was too proud to beg.
                                   of his assets—a privilege                                            heaven…”
  Inside Out                   5                                     He figured after he lost his
                                   which is subject to abuse. I
                                                                     job he was going to need           When you think of all the
                                   guess you could say God
  Cassie Lynch to India       Back trusts us to set our own          some help.       So he made        ministries of this church and
                                                                     friends with as many people        how gracious our people are
                                   salaries. He expects us to
                                                                     as he could, using the             to go beyond their regular
   BOARD OF ELDERS                 determine our needs and set a
                                                                     resources at his disposal.         giving on Sunday morning
                                   reasonable amount to live on.
                                                                                                        and how they yield all of their
 If you have questions about
                                   This is a spiritual decision.     The master commended the
                                                                                                        resources to the Lord’s work,
 V.C.C., or would like to be How much of God’s money                 man because he acted
                                                                                                        it’s amazing—homes, cars,
 anointed with oil and prayed for, will we use for our living        shrewdly. It doesn’t say the
                                                                                                        trucks, trailers, time, tools,
 please contact one of our elders: expenses?                         owner condoned the action
                                                                                                        etc... They don’t do it for
                                                                     and gave him his job back, it
                                   The amount will vary from                                            public praise or recognition.
                                                                     just means he recognized a
 Rick Baken      782-3502          person to person, but believe                                        They simply want to use their
                                                                     pretty slick maneuver when
                                   me, God does care about the                                          worldly wealth to change
                                                                     he saw it.
 Doug Lynch      630-7887          decisions we make.                                                   people’s lives for eternity.
                                                                     I believe Jesus is saying to us,
 Gene Yow     665-3659
                                   I love sharing Luke 16:9 with                                        How much does one eternal
                                                                     He wants us to put that much
                                   people because they usually                                          life cost? How much are we
                                                                     creativity, that much wit and
                                   can’t believe it when they                                           willing to invest to see
                                                                     practical energy into using
                                   read it. It says, “Use worldly                                       another person surrender to
    NEWSLETTER                                                       what He has entrusted to us to
                                   wealth to gain friends for                                           Christ? What are we willing
                                                                     build eternal relationships.
                                   yourselves. So that when it is                                       to invest to see more lives
 PUBLISHER                         gone you will be welcomed         Look at how Jesus ties it all      totally revolutionized by the
 Marilynn Pearson                  into eternal dwellings.”          together down in verses 10         power of the Holy Spirit? It                                     and 11.                            cost Jesus everything. And it
 662-3656                          Jesus had just finished telling
                                                                                                        was his highest priority. How
                                   a parable about a steward         Whoever can be trusted with
 EDITOR                                                                                                 about you? How do you
                                   who had done a poor job of        very little can also be trusted
 Pastor Doug Lynch                                                                                      spend what God has entrusted
                                   managing his master’s             with much, and whoever is                                                                                 to you?
                                   resources. When the master        dishonest with very little, will
                                   calls him on his laziness and     also be dishonest with much.       How much of what passes
                                   threatens to fire him, the        So if you have not been            through your hands is used
 Landon Michaelson                 manager goes out and reduces      trustworthy in handling            for the stuff of this earth with
 264-9053                          the bills from all of the         worldly wealth, who will trust     no obvious eternal purpose?
 Don Seabrook                      master’s debtors. And the         you with true riches?              How much is being invested
 884-7058                          master commends him for                                              in His kingdom?
                                                                     Someday, all of our money is
                                   acting shrewdly.
 Volume 4 Issue 3                                         The Valley View                                                              Page 2

 Word of the Month—Encouragement                                                                                            By Gene Yow
Encouragement—The word            I’m encouraged I’m ready to             bondage.”                            Lord forever. Therefore
sounds familiar enough. We        take on the task before me,             Later, when the Jews had             encourage each other with
all use it and understand it,     even if I know it will be               returned to Jerusalem and were       these words.
probably so well we no longer     difficult.                              rebuilding the temple we have        1Thessalonians 5:9-11 For
think about it. I think it’s      Encouragement is also noted to          Ezra 4:4: “Then the peoples          God did not appoint us to
important enough for a closer     be a spiritual gift (see Rom            around them set out to               suffer wrath but to receive
look. You be the judge.           12:8). I think it’s safe to             discourage the people of Judah       salvation through our Lord
Take the word encouragement       assume that the Spirit doesn’t          and make them afraid to go on        Jesus Christ. He died for us so
apart and you’ll see that to      give trivial gifts, so encourage-       building.” Discouragement is         that, whether we are awake or
encourage a person is not just    ment is important.                      related to being afraid.             asleep, we may live together
to make them generally feel       Let’s look at some places               Scripture even suggests a way        with him. Therefore encourage
better. Just like to enrich       where encouragement shows               to avoid discouragement in           one another and build each
someone is not just to make       up in scripture.                        Hebrews 12:3. “Consider him          other up, just as in fact you are
them richer. To encourage a       2 Thessalonians 2:16-17 May             who endured such opposition          doing.
person is to give them more       our Lord Jesus Christ himself           from sinful men, so that you         1Thessalonians 5:14 And we
courage. This fits the            and God our Father, who                 will not grow weary and lose         urge you, brothers, warn those
dictionary definition.            loved us and by his grace gave          heart.” The writer tells us we       who are idle, encourage the
Encourage: to inspire with        us eternal encouragement and            must think about (consider)          timid, help the weak, be patient
courage, spirit or hope; to       good hope, encourage your               Christ so that we will not “lose     with everyone.
hearten; to spur on or            hearts and strengthen you in            heart” (become discouraged).         Hebrews 3:12-13 See to it,
stimulate.                        every good deed and word.               Finally, here are several verses     brothers, that none of you has
Courage: mental or moral          2 Timothy 4:2 Preach the                that show us clearly that,           a sinful, unbelieving heart that
strength to venture, persevere    Word; be prepared in season             whether encouragement is our         turns away from the living
and withstand danger, fear or     and out of season; correct,             gift or not, we are to               God. But encourage one
difficulty.                       rebuke and encourage – with             encourage each other. We             another daily, as long as it is
If you think encouragement is     great patience and careful              should be like Barnabas, the         called Today, so that none of
a minor, trivial sort of thing,   instruction.                            “son of encouragement.”              you may be hardened by sin's
consider this: When I’m trying    To get a better handle on               1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 For          deceitfulness.
something new, an encourag-       encouragement, let’s also look          the Lord himself will come           Hebrews 10:24-25 And let us
ing comment may be just what      at the opposite in scripture.           down from heaven, with a loud        consider how we may spur one
I need to help me try harder      Moses told the Israelites a list        command, with the voice of the       another on toward love and
and succeed, rather than giving   of amazing promises from                archangel and with the trum-         good deeds; let us not give up
up because I’m discouraged.       God, but they didn’t listen.            pet call of God, and the dead        meeting together, as some are
Also, think about discourage-     The reason was they were                in Christ will rise first. After     in the habit of doing, but let us
ment for a minute. When I’m       discouraged. Exodus 6:9:                that, we who are still alive and     encourage one another – and
discouraged, everything seems     “Moses reported this to the             are left will be caught up           all the more as you see the
too hard and I’m ready to give    Israelites, but they did not            together with them in the            Day approaching.
up before I start. Encourage-     listen to him because of their          clouds to meet the Lord in the
ment is the opposite. When        discouragement and cruel                air. And so we will be with the

                                   I’m super excited about stepping       next step where He wants me          organized in their leadership of
                                   out in faith as God is clearly         and what He has for me. I’d          25 years. I find it a huge
                                   calling me to long-term ministry       love to someday be down in           privilege and blessing to be able
                                   and missions and to start back         Guatemala, but I’m going to          to be part of their team, to learn
                                   up at Youth With A Mission             wait until God gives me the go       from these leaders, and to be a
                                   (YWAM) in Denver. I was                ahead and opens the door. He is      part of what God is doing
                                   previously on staff there from         worthy of trust and His timing is    through YWAM Denver. To
                                   March ’07-’09 and then returned        perfect. Maybe Guatemala is not      find out more about YWAM
                                   home because God told me I             even a part of my future. We’ll      Denver check out their website:
                                   needed to be near my family for        see.                                    www.
                                   a season to provide support.           YWAM Denver is an incredible
                                   Why YWAM Denver you may                place of community living,           Thank you for allowing me to
                                   ask? First and foremost this is        worship, and a place where lives     share my heart during the
                                   where God has told me to begin         are transformed by Jesus. From       service. If you’re interested in
                                   my long-term calling. He also          previous experience with being       being a part of my prayer or
                                   told me that as I start here it will   on staff I am able to say that the   financial support team email me
                                   be a stepping-stone into the           foundation of YWAM Denver is         at
                                   bigger picture, leading me to the      very well established and
                                                                                                               or call me at 509.679.8598.
      Sun                  Mon              Tue              Wed                 Thu                Fri                 Sat
                      1                2 Elder &        3                   4                  5                 6
                                       Wives Dinner &   All Church Prayer Ladies Bible Study
                                       Prayer 6PM       Service @ VCC     VCC @ 7 PM
                                                         7 PM             Men’s Bible Study
                                       Ladies Bible
                                                                          VCC @ 7 PM
                                       Hays’ home
                                       9 AM

7                     8                9                10                  11                 12                13
9 AM Prayer time      Elders Meeting   Ladies Bible     All Church Prayer Ladies Bible Study
9:30 Sun. School.     4:30 PM          Study            Service @ VCC     VCC @ 7 PM
10:45-Worship                          Hays’ home        7 PM             Men’s Bible Study
5 PM-Inside Out                        9 AM                               VCC @ 7 PM
                                                                                                     DARE TO SHARE
                                                                                                          Youth Conference
                                                                                                          LOAD at 10 AM

14                    15               16               17                  18                 19                20
9 AM Prayer time                                        Deacons Mtg.      Ladies Bible Study
9:30 Sun. School.                      Ladies Bible     @ 4 PM            VCC @ 7 PM                             Men’s
10:45-Worship                          Study                              Men’s Bible Study
                                       Hays’ home       All Church Prayer VCC @ 7 PM
                                       9 AM             Service @ VCC                                            8 AM
DARE TO SHARE                                            7 PM
  Back @ 5 PM

21                    22               23               24                  25                 26                27
Acts 2:42 Sunday                       Ladies Bible     All Church Prayer Ladies Bible Study
Ministry Fair, Wor-                    Study            Service @ VCC     VCC @ 7 PM
ship Service                           Hays’ home        7 PM             Men’s Bible Study
& Potluck                              9 AM                               VCC @ 7 PM

5 pm-Inside Out

28                    29               30               31                  1                  2                 3
                                                        All Church Prayer
                                                        Service @ VCC                          Good
                                                         7 PM                                  Friday
9 AM Prayer time
9:30 Sun. School.
5 PM-Inside Out
                                APRIL 4, Easter Breakfast & Service—Orchard Middle School @ 10 AM
Volume 4 Issue 3                                               The Valley View                                                              Page 4

The life Pat and I share together                                                           Community               became a part of the Awana
began in the late 1960’s when                                                               Church which            program. That church was in the
we attended Hillyard Baptist                                                                was a church            midst of a building program
church in Spokane and were                                                                  that     Hillyard       when we sold our home in
involved with youth ministry.                                                               had planted as          March of last year to move to
We both felt that service for the                                                           well as North-          East Wenatchee, our current
Lord in our local church was not                                                            view Bible and          home.
optional. We were married in                                                                Trinity Baptist         Pat and I found a relationship
1970 and following that big                                                                 C h ur c h.    In       with the living Lord Jesus at an
event, we became parents of two                                                             addition      we        early age and we haven’t always
children, Kari and Paul born in                                                             both have been          been obedient. He has never
1973 and 1975. Kari lives in                                                                involved with           failed us and we know that all of
Chelan with her husband Paul,                                                               Child Evangel-          the homes we have lived in have
who is an Industrial Arts teacher    retirement in April of 2001. Pat      ism Fellowship which presents            always been temporary, that we
at the High School. They have        worked at the Shriner’s Hospital      the simple Gospel to children in         have a Heavenly one that is
three children, ages 4 ½ to 14.      for several years. After we           5-day clubs, back-yard clubs and         forever! We want nothing more
Paul lives in Peoria, Arizona,       married Pat left that job to raise    at the Spokane Interstate Fair.          than to have our children and
and has two children, ages 11 to     a family. Pat worked with             Pat and I have family and                grandchildren walk with Him as
14. Paul inventories repossessed     Medical Endeavors for Missions        friends in Spokane that we visit         Lord and Savior.
houses, which is a dangerous job     at Trinity Baptist. She would         occasionally.                            Pat and I both have found our
at times.                            contact hospitals and doctors’        We sold our home in Spokane in           fulfillment in loving Him and
Pat had two surgeries shortly        offices to pick up all kinds of       January 2006 and moved to                loving other people. As an
after we were married for a          medical supplies, etc. that these     Wenatchee to live in an                  alcohol and drug counselor and
tumor on her liver and               facilities no longer wanted, but      apartment while I worked at the          even at the newspaper, I have
endometriosis. She feels God         were usable for medical         fa-   Center for Alcohol and Drug              come to appreciate and care
was with her the whole time and      cilities on the mission field. God    Treatment. Pat and I also wanted         about people and to look beyond
she was totally committed to         provided so much in a                 to be near our daughter and her          the outward appearance. At
whatever He was going to do          miraculous fashion (vitamins,         children. We continued our               Valley Community Church Pat
with this in her life. God brought   crutches and medical equipment,       journey with a move to Tonasket          and I enjoy our time with the K-
her through these episodes           etc…). He also provided a             to purchase a home there. We             5 Sunday school group and want
successfully as we sought His        friend’s garage to store the items    found a church we felt                   you to know we still have space
will. I worked for the Spokes-       and even free shipment through        spiritually connected to which           and chairs for more children!
man-Review from December,            Oak Harbor Freight. In Spokane        was Tonasket Free Methodist.             2 Corinthians 5:17b The old life
1960 (in various jobs) until my      we also attended Fairwood             As part of that family, Pat and I        is gone and a new life begun

                                                                                                                    come with growing up a
                                                                                                                    Christian. That is almost
                     W hen      I    ‘fall through’—but even if it         knew was coming. She didn’t              certainly not something I would
                     came      to    does, I do believe He is calling      like bugs and going in the river         encounter here or in the jungle.
                     VCC over        me back for another reason. This      (a huge part of community life           So all in all, I am looking
                     Christmas       has been a training ground, an        where she was going) and a host          forward to coming back. I will
                     break, there    opportunity for me to learn and       of other things about the jungle.        for now enjoy every second I
                     was a young     grow and mature in Him. I’ve          I’ve never liked city life, or the       have left here, and it won’t be
                     man     with    been comfortable here—more            culture of said area. And                without a heavy heart that I
                     me who I        comfortable than any place I’ve       especially after having accli-           leave in the summer. But God is
                     was proud to    lived since Alaska. It’s astonish-    mated to the culture of Ecuador,         good, God is faithful, and He
introduce to several church fam-     ing beauty has captivated me          I’m leery of ‘fitting back in’ to        knows what He’s doing. That’s
ily members. I have known him        these three years. But I believe      the American-life-style. But we          all I need know
for many years-since before I        that God is taking me out of my       r e a l iz ed t h a t C h a r ma i ’ s
even left for Spain. And in April    comfort zone, especially by           childhood was such that she                      Who Am I ?
of last year, God showed me and      bringing me to a place where I        understands and can help many                  I was religious and
confirmed that this was the          have never in my life wanted to       girls over in the      jungle who               named for a king,
godly young man He had for           live—the Seattle area. I believe      have gone through a lot of the                  But all of my zeal
me. For this reason, I will be       that to grow more in Him, it will     same things as she did. And my              meant to God not a thing.
returning to live in Western         be necessary to pop that comfort      childhood was such that I can             Blind for a time-but now I see
Washington. I had several            bubble. And there is, I believe, a    better understand and help                 That he whom I hated had
people ask me, “But what if it       second reason. I was discussing       people in the States, who have                   suffered for me.
falls through?” Well, I have to      with my wonderful friend              also been born into Christian
say, I’ve seen God work too          Charmai last year, before she         families, and had to struggle                     Who Am I?
powerfully to bring Nathan and I     moved to the jungle, how much         with luke-warmness or any other                 Answer on page 5
together to believe that it will     both of us dreaded what we            of a host of problems that can
Volume 4 Issue 3                                         The Valley View                                                                 Page 5
                                                                      Facilities: Parking is an
                                                                      issue with 57-60 cars per                BIRTHDAYS AND
The deacon board met               The Spring Clean Give-A-           week in the parking lot and              ANNIVERSARYS
February 10th.      The next       Way will take place May 8          along the roadway. We have
meeting is scheduled for           with April Burnett directing       been at 80% capacity since
March 17th.              The       the event. Yahoo!                  July. Thank you for working            March
Benevolence deaconesss’            New VCC            pens were       with the parking attendants to          1-Helen Lynch
had a very easy and quiet          purchased and affixed with         make more room.                         1-Mitch Michkiosky
month. The Events and              Velcro to all the chairs. You      Mail boxes were installed on            2/73-Marvin and Jerry Hersel
Hospitality deaconess had a        may use and keep the pens          the hallway walls. These                4-Ryan Walton
busy month. Acts 2:42              from the basket in the             boxes are for communication             8-Annie Harris
Sunday was handled by the          window seal. But when your         between members; ie. News-              8-Gene Yow
men of the church with a           coat steals a pen with Velcro,     letters, Christmas Cards,               9-Shane Whitaker
Valentine Banquet for the          please return it to the back of    birthday cards and notes to
                                                                                                             17-Jason Browning
whole church family with the       a chair. This will save a lot of   each other. Please use them.
emphasis on “a godly               time and effort.                   Several buildings and proper-
                                                                                                             18-Lesa Walton
woman.” The men did a              Elder Sunday went well and         ties have been looked at for           19-Denaye Smith
great job of decorating and        will be repeated on the last       the expansion of our church.           20-David Williams
preparing meals. The teens         Sunday of each month. New          Keep your eyes open for a              22-Carson Baker
served the meal and cleared        hospitality bags with helpful      building at least 8,000 sq.            23-Pat Choate
tables. Great job everyone!        information about VCC will         feet and with a LARGE at-              23-Henry Bergstrom
The next Acts 2:42 Sunday          be given out to new families       tached parking lot. Let Pastor         27-Adam Richmond
will be March 21st. Watch          who are attending services.        Doug, the Elders, or the               27-Donna Michaelson
the bulletin for further           Finance: Offering counting         Deacons know of your                   28-Claudia Baken
details. Our Easter                is working well, the year end      findings, so it can be looked
                                                                                                             28-Gary Webber
Breakfast and Church               audit took place February          at and considered. We ALL
service will be at Orchard         24th with the auditing             must work together for the
                                                                                                             30-Nicole Bixby
Middle School on April 4th.        committee.                         Lord’s work to thrive.                 31-Lillie Bitterman

                                                                         people to be exposed to
       Acts 2:42                       Ministry Fair                     various ministries and get
                                       Sunday, March 21                                                            Who Am I? Saul of Tarsus
 Valentine Dinner                                                        involved serving at VCC.
                                                                         There will also be a place for
The men planned, cooked, and               10 AM                         you to share ministry ideas and
set up the gym at the Sunnys-       It’s time to celebrate what’s
lope school. The Inside-Out                                              a place to help you discover
                                    going on at VCC and let the          what your gifts might be and
youth group decorated, served       whole church in on all of the
dinner and cleared the tables.                                           point you in the right direction.
                                    great ministries being offered.      We can’t wait to see what the
Entertainment was provided by       To begin with, service will
Cassie Lynch, Justin Burnett                                             Lord will do when an entire
                                    begin 45 minutes early at            congregation is dedicated to
and Stace Knudtson. And             10AM. We’ll provide refresh-
Brian Burnett did a great job                                            serving in Christ’s Kingdom.
                                    ments and a variety of stations      Imagine, the whole body
playing host. Just F.Y.I. The       designed to communicate what                                                     Dare To Share
food we didn’t serve to all the                                          participating. Imagine more                  March 12-14
                                    each ministry is all about.          people being saved and
people who said they would          Then through worship and a                                                         Cost: $55
come and didn’t show...was                                               growing in their knowledge
                                    message, we’ll take time to          and love of Jesus. Imagine               Load at VCC @ 10 AM
not wasted. It will be used to      seek the Lord. Afterward,
break the fast after the 30 Hour                                         needs being met and people            This is the final year for Dare
                                    we’ll enjoy a potluck and the        being cared for in the name
Famine.     The rest will be                                                                                   to Share in the Seattle area and
                                    elders will give an update and       and for the glory of Jesus
donated to Lighthouse—The                                                                                      space is limited, so pick up a
                                    answering questions you may          Christ. Be sure to mark your
newly opened soup kitchen                                                                                      registration form and sign up
                                    have so we’re all on the same        calendars so you don’t forget
across from Encouraging                                                                                        today.
                                    page. It’s going to be a great       the early start time.
Words.                              day. This is a perfect time for                                            The cost includes transporta-
                                                                                                               tion to the conference in
                                                                                                               Seattle as well as Friday’s
                                                                                                               dinner and Saturday and
                                                                                                               Sunday’s lunch. Students will
                                                                                                               need to bring money for lunch
                                                                                                               on Saturday and Sunday ($15
                                                                                                               should be enough).
                                                                                                               You’ll also need a sleeping
                                                                                                               bag & pillow, change of
                                                                                                               clothes for Sat/Sun, a coat for
                                                                                                               rainy weather, and a Bible.
333 Ohme Garden Road # 1
Wenatchee WA 98801
(509) 663-7887

                                                had no desire to join a missions         find the most difficult one available.
                                                organization but God was doing a         If I was going to do this, it was
                                                work in me. There came a point           going to radicalize my life. So today
                                                where I couldn’t run anymore and I       I know where I’m going. I’m going
                                                felt like Jonah in his big fish. So I    to India for seven weeks.
                                                quit running. I initially wanted to go   A. W. Tozer once said, “God is
                                                to Ecuador. Those of you who know        looking for people through whom
                                                me well have learned about my love       He can do the impossible. What a
                                                for everything Ecuadorian, but God       pity we plan only things we can do
                                                still had bigger plans for me. I began   by ourselves.”
                                                to search the web for teen mission       Today God is doing the impossible
                                                organizations and that was when I        through me, because there is no way
                                                came upon Teen Mania’s Global            I’m going to raise the money in
                                                Expeditions. This group had one          time. There is no way I’m going to
                                                quality which separated it from the      handle leaving my home for such a
                                                rest—the gospel was key to their         long time. There is no way I can pull
                                                purpose. Many organizations take         this off. Even with your help all of
                                                students on trips to foreign countries   this is impossible. But nothing is
                                                to build roads and houses and wells,     impossible with our God. Please
                                                but they seldom have any contact         pray for me and my team as we
                                                with the local people and often do       prepare spiritually for this mission.
                                                not get to share the life and light of   If you would like to support me,
                                                the gospel. But Global Expeditions       please contact me at:
      India wasn’t on my mind, in fact,         is different. They send students into
      missions in general wasn’t on my          the world to shine and share the  
      mind. My younger cousin Brittany          light of Jesus. The trip I wanted to               509-670-7887
      went to Africa last year and as far as    go on would be solely gospel
      I was concerned missions was her          oriented. I want to share Jesus, day                India Trip
      field of expertise; it was her calling.   in and day out. That’s what I wanted             June 14—August 6
      I was content living my life,             to do and that is what God wanted
      plugging away, but God wasn’t—He          me to do. When I looked at all the        Global Expeditions on the web:
      had bigger plans in mind. At first I      optional trips, God pushed me to

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