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									                                                                          VOLUME 14, ISSUE 1 · FEBRUARY 2010

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                 “LEARNING, LEADING, SERVING”                                             •
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  “All Things Kentucky”                                                                   •   Registration
         2010 KEHA State Meeting                                                          •   UK Corner

                 May 10-13, 2010
                                                                   It can’t be all things Kentucky without think-
                                                                    ing about the rich sports heritage we have.
                  Hyatt Regency
                                                                   That is the theme for our opening banquet
                Lexington, Kentucky                                  on May 11. Wear your favorite game day
          Rooms: $109+ tax single to quad                             outfit to the banquet – whatever color or
   Call (800)233-1234 to make your reservation.                      sport that may be. Let’s cheer for KEHA!

Rooms are also available at the Lexington Hilton
Downtown at a $109 rate. Call (859) 231-9000 or                 2010 KEHA
  (877) 539-1648 and request the KEHA rate.                     State Board Elections
                                                                     The following positions are slated for
The Fort Harrod Area is excited to host the KEHA State          election at the 2010 KEHA State Meeting:
Meeting at the Hyatt Regency and Lexington Convention           Secretary and 4-H Youth Development
Center. Tours and sessions will give you a true taste of All    Chairman. The duties for these positions
Things Kentucky. KEHA members will have a special
                                                                are outlined in the KEHA Bylaws. Nomi-
opportunity to connect with the UK campus through a series of
                                                                nation forms are located in the KEHA
tours planned on Monday, May 10. Additional tours will
                                                                Manual, Appendix Section.
highlight many of the most popular destinations in central
Kentucky. Special guest speakers scheduled include First        ►Credentials should be
Lady Jane Beshear and University of Kentucky President Dr.      sent by certified mail to
Lee T. Todd. Read on for further details.                       the KEHA Secretary,
                                                                Dianne Higgins,
                                                                175 Davis Mill Road,
                                                                Elkton, KY 42220.
                                                                ►Credentials must be
                                                                postmarked thirty (30) days prior to the
                                                                KEHA Annual Meeting.

                                                                Notice: Late fees will apply for registra-
                                                                tions with a USPS postmark after April 9.
                                                                Any registration with a USPS postmark
                                                                after April 23 will be returned. This is
                                                                necessary to allow processing time for
                                                                workshops, tours and learning sessions.
                                                                Thank You
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                                       Tours—May 10, 2010
Tour 1—Wine Country Tour - $48                              Tour 3—Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill - $27
Depart hotel: 9 am        Expected return: 3 pm             Depart hotel 12:30 pm        Expected return: 5:30 pm
Discover the wonderful vineyards in the Fort Harrod         Discover America’s largest restored Shaker community and
Area and discover Kentucky’s newest agricultural prod-      experience a true national treasure on a self guided tour. The
uct! Begin your day in Lawrenceburg at Lovers Leap          short drive to Harrodsburg is a beautiful one!
Vineyard, sample some of their wine and receive a           Minimum: 30              Maximum: 55
commemorative glass. Then head a little south to
Nicholasville and enjoy a wonderful lunch and wine
tasting at Chrisman Mill Vineyards. Chrisman Mill is        Tour 4—Joe Craft Center—$10
located on the site of the first commercial vineyard in     Depart hotel: 12:30 pm            Expected return: 2:30 p.m.
the United States. The first commercial vineyard was        The Joe Craft Center is the home of the UK
started in 1798 by a Frenchman from Switzerland, John       basketball teams and many of the university’s
James Dufour. Discover what Kentucky wines have to          Olympic sport programs. This tour will
offer and enjoy the beautiful countryside!                  provide you with a behind the scenes look at
Minimum: 20                Maximum: 50                      this state-of the art facility.
                                                            Minimum: 20                  Maximum: 35

Tour 2 – Experience the School of Human Environ-
                                                            Tour 5—UK Arboretum—$10
mental Sciences—$10
                                                            Depart hotel: 1:15 pm            Expected return: 3:30 pm
Depart hotel: 12 pm               Expected return: 4:45
                                                            The UK/Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government Arbore-
                                                            tum is the State Botanical Garden of Kentucky. The Arboretum
This faculty-led tour will provide an opportunity to see
                                                            celebrates 100+ acres of year-round color
the facilities and learn about research in the School of
                                                            and plants. Your docent-led tour will
Human Environmental Sciences. Participants will:
                                                            take you through the gardens and provide
 • Spend time in the recently renovated food prepara-
                                                            you an opportunity to experience what
    tion laboratory and learn how to make your very
                                                            nature in Kentucky has to offer.
    own vinaigrette dressings and artful fruit garnishes.
                                                            Minimum: 20              Maximum: 35
 • Experience the Textiles Testing Laboratory to learn
                                                            (Outdoor walking required)
    about two types of research conducted in this nation-
    ally acclaimed facility – laundry research and re-
    search with protective clothing.                        Tour 6—UK Art Museum—Bring Art to Life! - $10
 • Look inside the new Nutrition                            Depart hotel: 1:30 pm            Expected return: 4 pm
    Assessment Laboratory, including a
                                                            The Art Museum at the University of Kentucky invites Exten-
    demonstration of the “BodPod” –
                                                            sion Homemakers to join us for a special look at the works of
    the gold standard means for body
                                                            art on view. We will tour the permanent collection, seeing art
    composition assessment which is
                                                            from a variety of times and places, and visit a special exhibition
    currently used for instruction and                      in the lower galleries. We will experience works of art, using
    research.                                               our eyes, our senses, and our imagination.
 • Visit the UK Family Center, a state-                     Minimum: 20              Maximum: 35
    of-the-art support center for individuals, couples,
    and families where students in the Marriage and
    Family Therapy Program receive training, and coun-      Tour 7—UK Ovarian Cancer Research and Screening Pro-
    seling services are provided to the greater Bluegrass
                                                            Depart hotel: 2:30 pm       Expected return: 4:45 pm
 • See how biofeedback data is collected as part of re-     For more than 30 years, KEHA has supported the UK Ovarian
    search related to family interactions.                  Cancer Research & Screening Program. This tour gives partici-
Minimum: 20                Maximum: 35                      pants an opportunity to see the program’s facilities and inter-
(Walking between and within buildings required.)            act with the staff who lead this important work.
                                                            Minimum 20               Maximum: 35
                                                                                                                  Page 3
                                         Tours—May 10, 2010
Tour 8—Kentucky Horse Park—$60
Be at the place the entire world will see! Visit the Kentucky Horse Park for a Traditional Kentucky Night
Depart hotel: 5pm                 ETA at horse park– 5:45 pm              Expected return: 9 pm
Enjoy a casual evening of dinner, dancing, and touring the grounds of a beautiful theme park dedicated entirely to the
horse and set in the heart of the Bluegrass. Southern hospitality Kentucky style…the way it was meant to be. Begin the
evening with a special welcome and receive a souvenir bandana to set the mood for a casual country evening. Learn
about the park’s history and visit the burial site of the legendary Man o’ War. Visit the International Museum of the
Horse, and discover 55 million years of equine history and explore the development of the special relationship between
mankind and the horse. Horse experts and novices alike will enjoy this one-of-a-kind museum. Enjoy a taste of the blue-
grass with a wonderful traditional Kentucky meal and enjoy area cloggers who are guaranteed to show you a foot-
stomping, good “ole” time.                         Minimum: 35            Maximum: 55

                 line at                   Hands On Activities
        photos on g
  Color     eha.or                        Monday 1-4 p.m. and 6-9 p.m.
      www.k                               Presented by the Fort Harrod Area

Yo-Yo Christmas                                                  Pen and Ink Framed
Tree                                                             Art (5x7)
30-60 minutes;                                                   90 minutes; Cost: $10
Cost: $3                                                         A motif of zinnias is
Make yo-yos and                                                  penned then painted with
assemble them in the                                             an oil rouging technique.
form of a tree, decorate
with pom-pom’s and
wooden star, optional
buttons.                                                                  Beaded Necklace
                                                                          90 minutes; Cost: $12
                                                                          Black and pearl beaded
                                                                          knotted necklace (glass
                                                                          beads, 22 inches)

                           Stained Glass
                           Painted Butterfly
                           60 minutes; Cost: $3
                           Make a stained glass                   Neck Pillow
                           butterfly using recycled 2             30-45 minutes; Cost: $4
                           -liter bottles and stained             Pillow will be sewn with
                           glass paint.                           an opening small enough
                                                                  to stuff with fiberfill.
                                                                  After stuffing, you’ll sew
                                                                  up the opening by hand.
Rose Petal Soap
60 minutes; Cost: $5
Luxurious one-time use guest
soap. Put one glycerin soap                                                              Beaded Bracelet
petal in your hands then                                                                 60-90 minutes; Cost: $8
wash. Experience the                                                                     String beads and charm to
creamy, rich lather, then toss.                                                          make a beautiful bracelet.
                                                                                         Bead colors and charms
                                                                                         will vary according to
                                                                                         what you want to make.
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         Tuesday Morning 10:00 – 11:15                              Tuesday Afternoon 3:00 – 4:15
Kentucky Extension Homemakers Support Military                Nutrition Fun and Games - Participants will
Families – Families of deployed or returning military         observe demonstrations of brief lessons on the
live in most communities, often going unrecognized or         nutrient content of soft drinks and fast foods, and
uncared for. Military families face challenges, i.e.          will participate in games modeled
coping with feelings of isolation, grief, frustration, etc.   after “Wheel of Fortune” and
This workshop will aid participants in helping meet the       “Jeopardy” to reinforce the
needs of these families. Presenter Dr. Carol Gnatuk,          knowledge. Participants will
Extension Child Development Specialist.                       learn how to access and use all
                                                              materials presented. Jackie
Launching the UK Plaid Project– Learn first hand              Walters, UK Cooperative Exten-
about this unique student learning experience designed        sion Service Nutrition Education
to give textiles and merchandising students at UK real        Programs. Maximum 50 atten-
life experience in the business world. Experience             dees.
adventures in product production in our global
economy. Be a part of HES establishing a tradition for        Art Inspires Art: Kentucky Quilts – Museums
the University of Kentucky. Presenter Rita Smart, UK          and galleries contain works of art that we enjoy
Plaid Project Coordinator.                                    and from which we learn. The UK Art Museum
                                                              invited fiber artists to select works from the mu-
Antique and Vintage Glassware – The history of                seum’s collection and create a fiber response to it.
glassware, terminology, types and market trends are           This program will introduce you to the art that
some of the topics that will be covered. A checklist for      served as inspiration and the resulting unique fiber
the care and display of glassware along with opportuni-       art works which were created during this process.
ties for further study of glassware will be provided. Pre-    Presenter Sonya Brooks, Teacher Outreach Coor-
senter Debra Cotterill, Mason County Extension Agent          dinator, and Deborah Borrowdale-Cox, Director of
for Family and Consumer Sciences.                             Education, University of Kentucky Art Museum.

Proper Table Setting and Etiquette – This learning            Making Your Next Road Trip Safer for You and
session is all about the table and basic etiquette.           Your Family – This session addresses the use of
Learn how to properly set a table for various occasions       cell phones while driving. Over 6,000 persons
as well as making your guests feel comfortable and            died last year due to cell phone use and distracted
welcome. Presenter: former Home Economics teacher             driving. Presenter Robert Flashman, University of
and Mammoth Cave Area President          Arlene Skaggs.       Kentucky Extension Specialist. Maximum 60
Introduction to Facebook – Information about how to
sign up for Facebook, how Facebook is organized and           Keeping Safe on the Internet - Information
how to manage your friends and what they can see.             about Internet Safety including E-mail safety, web
Presenter Brian Fitzpatrick, University of Kentucky           browsing safety and social networking privacy and
School of Human Environmental Sciences. Maximum               safety. Presenter Brian Fitzpatrick, School of Hu-
25 attendees.                                                 man Environmental Sciences.

In the Beginning – How to prepare for and conduct             Mental Healthiness in Aging Initiative – Learn
productive meetings. All of us have a role. Everyone is       the PALS system of supporting elders in your com-
welcome. Bring a copy of Robert’s Rules if you have           munity for good mental healthiness. Participants
one. Presenter Barbara Brown, KEHA Parliamentarian.           will learn about a new initiative to help communi-
Maximum attendees 50.                                         ties be more supportive of protective factors as
                                                              people age for good mental healthiness. Find out
Ghana—Highlights from the 2009 Trip - Join us for a           what we learned from the research conducted in
discussion of the KEHA trip to Ghana in 2009 and learn        this project and how your county can be part of the
more about how your contributions are impacting of the        2nd pilot study. Presenter Deborah Murray, Health
lives of children at the Kentucky Academy.                    Education through Extension Leadership.
                                                                                                      Page 5

  Tuesday Afternoon 3:00-4:15 (cont’d)                  Wednesday Morning 8:00-9:15 (cont’d)
What do they say? What do they mean? - Ses-            Become a De-cluttering Diva – Do you need help
sion focus will be on writing and applying bylaws.     with your clutter? What do you need to get started?
Attendees are encouraged to bring any level KEHA       Come take a humorous, but helpful look at de-
bylaws and their questions for a Q and A discussion    cluttering and embrace your de-cluttering diva. Pre-
during this session. It is suggested that attendees    senter Mary Hixson, Garrard County Extension
have a basic knowledge of Robert’s Rules. Bring a      Agent for Family and Consumer Sciences.
copy of Robert’s Rules if you have one. Presented
by KEHA Parliamentarian Barbara Brown. Maximum         Don’t let Falls get You Down – Lessons on Fall
attendees 50.                                          Prevention - The risk of falling and being seriously
                                                       injured in a fall increases with age, but older adults
Non-Profit Organizations and the                       are not falling because they are old. In fact, falls
IRS – Questions and Answers –                          are not an inevitable part of aging. For example,
KEHA operates as non-profit at all                     some older adults may be at increased risk of falling
levels. This session will give you the                 due to a neurological disorder or the coexistence of
opportunity to ask an experienced ac-                  two or more diseases that cause disturbances in
countant about IRS filing require-                     gait, posture and equilibrium. Others fall due to a
ments for non-profits with various lev-                number of preventable risk factors including lack of
els of annual receipts. Presenter: Lindy Karns, CPA,   exercise, unsafe home environments, vision prob-
Dulworth, Breeding & Karns, LLP.                       lems and medication usage, (CDC, 2009). By ad-
                                                       dressing these risk factors, a person can lower his/
                                                       her chance of falling, or prevent a fall from occur-
       Wednesday Morning 8:00-9:15                     ring. Presenter Amy Hosier, University of Kentucky
                                                       Human Environmental Sciences. Maximum atten-
Gifts from the Heart – The Purchase Area Master        dees 25.
Clothing Volunteers have devised a
book of over 15 items deemed “Gifts                    Personal Crime Prevention
from the Heart”. The instructions on                   The session will provide general safety tips, dis-
how to make each item are in the                       cussing how and why you need to be aware of your
book, which is in color, and sells for                 personal safety. The officer will address safety pre-
$10.00. These items are easy to                        cautions to protect ourselves from crime such as
make and can be given for gifts.                       safety at home, safety away from home, on the
Items will be demonstrated. Present-                   phone, at the door, on the street and in your vehi-
ers – Purchase Area Master Clothing Volunteers,        cle. Presenter Officer Bige Towery, Lexington Divi-
$10.00 fee.                                            sion of Police.

        Join First Lady Jane Beshear                       UK President Dr. Lee T. Todd, Jr. to
   for Wednesday Afternoon Tea at KEHA                      Speak at KEHA Awards Breakfast

 A new event has been added to the KEHA State           Dr. Lee T. Todd, Jr. became the 11th president of
 Meeting, and we are delighted to have First Lady       the University of Kentucky in 2001. A strong be-
 Jane Beshear as our special guest for a full tea on    liever in and advocate for Extension, Dr. Todd of-
 Wednesday afternoon. An educator and accom-            ten shares his appreciation for the outreach work
                  plished equestrian, First Lady        taking place across the state. A native of Ken-
                  Beshear is a strong advocate for      tucky, Dr. Todd is an alumnus of UK who enjoyed
                  women’s health issues and             great success in higher education and the busi-
                  school success through all levels     ness world before taking the reigns as UK’s presi-
                  of education. Suggested attire is     dent. Join us at the awards breakfast where he
                  your favorite Derby Day outfit.       will sharing greetings and reflections for UK.
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                   2010 KEHA ANNUAL STATE MEETING
                 Hyatt Regency and Lexington Convention Center, Lexington, Kentucky
                               (Times listed are Eastern Daylight Time)

  See pages 2 and 3 for tour offerings & times
  12:00 pm – 8:00 pm                        Early Registration                            Regency Ballroom Foyer
  1:00 pm – 4:00 pm                         Hands- On Activities                          Regency Ballroom
  6:00 pm – 9:00 pm                         Hands- On Activities                          Regency Ballroom

  8:00 am – 4:00 pm                        Registration                                   Regency Ballroom Foyer
                                           Voting Delegate Sign-In                        Regency Ballroom Foyer
  8:00 am – 10:00 am                       Silent Auction Check-In                        Bluegrass Ballroom II
                                           Homemaker Showcase Set-Up                      Bluegrass Ballroom II
  10:00 am – 5:00 pm                       Trade Show Opens                               Bluegrass Ballroom Foyer
                                           KEHA Merchandise Store                         Bluegrass Ballroom Foyer
  9:30 am – 12:00 pm                       Cultural Arts Check-In                         Bluegrass Ballroom II
  10:00 am – 11:15 am                      Seminars- Session 1                            Hyatt Regency
  10:00 am – 4:00 pm                       Silent Auction Open                            Bluegrass Ballroom II
                                           Homemaker Showcase Open
                                                     LUNCH ON YOUR OWN
  1:00 pm – 2:30 pm                        Officer Training Sessions                      Hyatt Regency
  3:00 pm – 4:15 pm                        Seminars- Session 2                            Hyatt Regency
  6:30 pm                                  Opening Session Banquet                        Bluegrass Ballroom I

  7:30 am – 9:00 am                        ACWW Breakfast                                 Hyatt Regency
  8:00 am – 4:00 pm                        Registration                                   Regency Ballroom Foyer
  8:00 am – 9:00 am                        Voting Delegate Sign In                        Regency Ballroom Foyer
  8:00 am – 9:15 am                        Seminars- Session 3                            Hyatt Regency
  8:00 am – 3:00 pm                        Cultural Arts Viewing                          Bluegrass Ballroom II
                                           Silent Auction Bidding                         Bluegrass Ballroom II
                                           Homemaker Showcase                             Bluegrass Ballroom II
  9:00 am – 5:00 pm                        Trade Show                                     Bluegrass Ballroom Foyer
  9:00 am – 4:00 pm                        KEHA Merchandise Store                         Bluegrass Ballroom Foyer
  9:30 am – 11:30 am                       Business Meeting                               Bluegrass Ballroom I
                                                     LUNCH ON YOUR OWN
  1:00 pm – 2:30 pm                        Educational Chairmen Workshops                 Hyatt Regency
  1:00 pm – 3:00 pm                        Master Farm Homemaker Guild Business Meeting   Hyatt Regency
  3:00 pm – 4:15 pm                        Tea with First Lady Jane Beshear               Hyatt Regency
  4:00 pm – 5:00 pm                        Cultural Arts Check-Out                        Bluegrass Ballroom II
                                           Pick Up & Pay- Silent Auction
                                           Pick Up Showcase Display
  5:30 pm – 7:00 pm                        Master Farm Homemaker Banquet                  Hyatt Regency
                                           (or dinner on your own)
  7:30 pm                                  General Session                                Bluegrass Ballroom I

  8:00 am                                  Awards Banquet                                 Patterson Ballroom (Hyatt)
                           KEHA STATE ANNUAL MEETING REGISTRATION FORM                                                Page 7
                   “All Things Kentucky” ▪ May 10-13, 2010 ▪ Hyatt Regency, Lexington, Kentucky

Name                                                              Check all that apply:
                                                                  ___ County President      ___ UK Specialist
Address                                                           ___ Area Officer          ___ KY/ACWW
                                                                  ___ KEHA Board            ___ MFH Guild
                                                                  ___ District Director     ___ Regional Director
                                                                  ___ Agent                 ___ 1st Time Attendee
County                     E-mail                                 ___ Member                ____Other
                                                                  ___ Voting Delegate for ____________________County
Phone (        )                Special Diet

   Please check the Officer and Chairman trainings you plan to attend
        Officers -May 11 1-2:30 pm              Educational Chairmen-May 12 1-2:30 pm
        ___ President                           ___ Cultural Arts & Heritage         ___ 4-H/Youth Development
        ___ Vice President 1st & 2nd            ___ Environment, Housing & Energy    ___ International
        ___ Secretary                           ___ Family & Individual Development  ___ Leadership Development
        ___ Treasurer                           ___ Food, Nutrition & Health         ___ Management & Safety

             Please select your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices with a 1, 2, or 3 for each session
     Session I-Tuesday, May 11, 10:00-11:15 am
                                                              REGISTRATION - DUE April 9, 2010
___ Ky Extension Homemakers Support Military Families          Full- $30.00                                $__________
___ Launching the UK Plaid Project                             One Day - $20.00                            $__________
___ Antique and Vintage Glassware                              Late Fee - $15.00
___ Proper Table Setting and Etiquette                              (US Postal Mark after April 9)         $__________
___ Introduction to Facebook                               Meals
___ In the Beginning                                       Tues. Banquet—$35                               $__________
___ Ghana-Highlights from the 2009 Trip                    Wed. ACWW Breakfast—$25                         $__________
                                                                 Afternoon Tea—$25                         $__________
    Session II, Tuesday, May 11, 3-4:15 p.m.                     MFH Banquet—$38                           $__________
                                                           Thu. Awards Breakfast—$21                       $__________
___ Nutrition Fun and Games                                Tee Shirts Size ___ Quantity ___ @ $10.00       $__________
___ Art Inspires Art: Kentucky Quilts
___ Making Your Next Road Trip Safer                       Hands On Sessions
___ Keeping Safe on the Internet                           Yo-Yo Christmas Tree      __ 1 pm   __ 6 pm   $3.00    _______
___ Mental Healthiness in Aging Initiative                 Stained Glass Butterfly   __ 1 pm   __ 6 pm   $3.00    _______
___ What Do They Say? What Do They Mean?                   Pen & Ink Framed Art      __ 1 pm   __ 6 pm   $10.00   _______
___ Non-Profit Organizations & the IRS—                    Beaded Necklace           __ 1 pm   __ 6 pm   $12.00   _______
        Questions & Answers                                Rose Petal Soap           __ 1 pm   __ 6 pm   $5.00    _______
                                                           Neck Pillow               __ 1 pm   __ 6 pm   $4.00    _______
     Session III, Wednesday, May 12, 8:00-9:15             Beaded Bracelet           __ 1 pm   __ 6 pm   $8.00    _______

___ Gifts from the Heart Cost $10                          Learning Sessions
___ Become a De-cluttering Diva                            Gifts from the Heart                          $10.00 _______
___ Don’t Let Falls Get You Down—Lessons on Fall           Tours Circle and total
         Prevention                                        Wine Country                        $48.00    $____________
___ Personal Crime Prevention                              Experience UK HES                   $10.00    $____________
                                                           Shaker Village                      $27.00    $____________
 If you would like to receive confirmation of your reg-    Joe Craft Center                    $10.00    $____________
istration and session enrollment, please enclose a self-   UK Arboretum                        $10.00    $____________
  addressed, stamped envelope with your registration.      UK Art Museum                       $10.00    $____________
                                                           UK Ovarian Cancer Program           $10.00    $____________
  Any LATE registration forms with a USPS                  Ky Horse Park                       $60.00    $____________
   postmark after April 23 will be returned
                                                                            OVERALL TOTAL                $ ___________

 FOR KEHA TREASURER USE ONLY:                                 Mail to: Marena Nelson, KEHA Treasurer, 961
 Date received: ___________________
 Check number: __________________                          Stephens Branch Road Martin, Kentucky 41649-7845
 Amount: ________________________                                   Make checks payable to: KEHA
Joleen Ramey
6596 Carter Caves Road
Olive Hill, KY 41164

 UK Corner
        Greetings from a snowy UK Campus. The snow and cold of the past few weeks have us all looking
forward to the promise of spring. Like many of you, we have been dealing with tough economic times. I am
happy to share that we have had a very successful year in the School of Human Environmental Sciences even
with our budget challenges. In 2009, faculty and staff secured greater amounts of grant funding to support
specific research and outreach programs. Our student enrollment remains strong with 855 undergraduates and
78 graduate students currently in our programs. With strong support from counties, we have filled many of the
vacant family and consumer sciences agent positions across the state and very much appreciate your continued
support of our programs. I encourage you to read the Building Strong Families profile for your county to see
how FCS Extension is impacting your community. The profiles are available through your county office or
online at www.ca.uky.edu/hes.
        KEHA has also enjoyed a very successful year, and the members across the state should take great
pride in the difference you make in your communities and around the globe. I was honored last summer to
travel with a group of your members to Ghana and to see first-hand how your support is making a difference
for the children who attend the Kentucky Academy in the village of Adjeikrom. I know this is just one exam-
ple of how you strive to improve the quality of life for families, and you should celebrate your achievements.
        As spring approaches, so does the 2010 KEHA State Meeting. I hope many of you will be traveling to
Lexington this May, and encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to visit campus through one of
the many tours planned. We are always delighted to host you on-campus.
                                                                                            Best wishes for 2010,
                          Ann Vail, Director, School of Human Environmental Sciences and Assistant Director,
                                                                        Family and Consumer Sciences Extension

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