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									                            YUBA SUTTER

                            Valley Quilt Guild                                                         January, 2010

Newsletter Notes for January 2010                 LAST CALL FOR QUILT SHOW                    Quilt Show Layout - will be done at
COPS Letter                                                   ENTRIES!!!                      Cooky's house Monday, February 1st
As I write this for the deadline (Dec           Members...our January 27th General            from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. If you're inter-
31st), it is so hard to believe that we will    Meeting is the last date to accept entries    ested in assisting and learning how the
start a new decade shortly. I hope every-       for our March 20th & 21st, 2010               show is laid out please contact Cooky
one had a wonderful holiday and is ready        "Threads of Friendship" Quilt Show. If        to reserve your spot.
to sprint to the finish line with our quilts.   you have not turned in your entries,
At the January meeting on the 27th, our         please bring your completed forms, and        Remember...your entry does not have
quilt show entry forms are due. How             photos with you to the meeting. If you        to be finished right now, but must be
many of your entries will you have              have not picked up your forms, please         completed by March 19th ( March
judged??? Jody’s tantalizing offer has          bring with you accurate quilt sizes, col-     18th for Judged Quilts). See your
made me rethink my choices. I want as           ors, and photos of your article to the        Rules of Entry Instructions for com-
many entries in that drawing as I can get.      meeting so you may pick up, complete          plete times and details.
How about you?? Beside your quilt show          and turn in your entry form that night.
entries, are you thinking about your vol-                                                     Quilt Show Entries & Layout Co-
unteer time for the show? We need every         Please think about having your quilt(s)       Chairpersons
member to participate because this is our       judged. Judged Quilts will require            Pat May - 530-674-2930
ONE fundraiser every year. For those            that a 2nd Judged Entry Form be               Cooky Amarel - 530-673-6653
new members, I encourage you to get             completed. The Judged Quilt Cate-
involved in the show. You will make             gory only, has a $5.00 Fee for each           Judged Quilts Chairperson
friends and have fun as we share our            quilt entered. Don't forget, the Judged       Pat Jensen - 916-729-7319
passion for quilting and that’s what life is    Quilts only, will be eligible for a chance    ———————————————
all about.                                      to win one of Jody's beautiful machineQUILT SHOW NAME TAG
                                                quilted linens (1 ticket per entry). Please    CHALLENGE
Happy Quilting, Diane Leighton                                                           The nametag kits for “Threads of
                                                pick up and fill out your winning ticket(s)
———————————————-                                                                 Friendship” Quilt Show 2010 were avail-
                                                when you deliver your quilt(s) on judging
                                                                                  able at the Christmas Party. Thanks to
Happy New Year to everyone! I can’t             day. The winning ticket will be drawn at
                                                                                           DeRay and Pat Jensen.
believe it is already the beginning of a        the end of judging...Good Luck!!       Included in the kit was a half
new decade. New Year’s Eve has a few                                            wooden spool with holes drilled in it to use
different meanings for me and my fam- IMPORTANT!!! IMPORTANT!!!                 as a button. The spool is plain. My chal-
ily. It’s the beginning of something new; JUDGED QUILTS - Delivery Time lenge to you is to make your name tag col-
a new year, decade, exciting and some-    Change for Judged Quilts              orful, fun, interesting - whatever you want
times anxious times, changes and little   Only. There has been a time change - just be creative and decorate the spool
promises we make to ourselves. It is also for the delivery of the Judged        and anything else on the nametag. I think
my wedding anniversary. The best hus- Quilt items only. They are to be deliv- I will use maybe paint, or glitter or some
band in the world and I have been mar- ered to the Yuba Sutter Fair Grounds thread or buttons or. . . gosh when I get
                                                                                going I don’t want to stop.
ried for seven years now, hard to believe on Thursday, March 18th, between
                                                                                       Remember thread comes in all col-
sometimes. The New Year is also a time the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. Ar- ors so don’t feel bound by the Opportu-
to make plans for the future and I am     rangements have been made to have the nity Quilt colors. The show theme really
making plans for the Quilt Show is        quilts judged on Thursday.            includes all colors.
March! I am so excited, I can’t wait. I
have started my challenge quilt and am          February Meeting - Please pick up your        Let’s all have unique, colorful, inno-
getting ready to quilt another. I trying to     Entry #'s/Receipt Card at the February vative name tags. Let your imagination go
figure out if I can sneak another project       Meeting. If you cannot attend, please  wild.
in between and then to increase my odds         have a friend pick them up for you.
of winning Jody’s offering. I got my                                                               Your crazy quilt show chair - Jody
start from going to the quilt show just a
few years ago and am very excited to
continue a “new” tradition.

Tami King
                  Community Service                                                 MEETING DATES
At the Christmas program, we received more quilts from our mem-                      GENERAL MEETING
bers - from Suzanne Connelly, Cecelia Finley, Margaret Brazelton,                 Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Kim Buzolich and Millie Berryhill - There were a few others also                             7:00 p.m.
but I did not get their names. Thank you Thank you.                                   (Doors open 6:00 p.m.)
                                                                                 St. Andrew Presbyterian Church
You can see what your quilt making enables us to do as we gave                          1390 Franklin Road
quilts to the Foster Care and the Special Needs Baby quilts were                            Yuba City
given out. We also gave quilts to the Juvenile Hall. Approximately
30 a piece were given away. This is quite an accomplishment and                      BOARD MEETING
very rewarding to be able to do this.                                               Tuesday, February 2, 2010
                                                                                           7:00 p.m.
Lisa is handling the Wounded Warrior quilts and one was given to                        Diane Leighton’s
a local boy, Airman Phillip Newlyn - That was exciting to be able                      1350 Delone Drive
to give a quilt to a local boy.                                                       Yuba City, CA 95991

The Christmas party was a smashing success. Thank you to the
gals that did all of the work - It was fun and very busy.
                                                                                To the Valley Quilt Guild:
Muriel, Laura, Donna, Karla and Lisa
                                                             You are all welcome to the Yuba City/Marysville Christian
                                                             Women's Club Luncheon, January 12, 2010. Our theme is "For
     CALLING ALL QUILTS TO BE JUDGED                         Love of Quilting" and we are featuring quilter Katie McCul-
                                                             lum. Katie will be showing some of her beautiful quilts! Our pro-
As you know quilt judging is dear to my heart. This year the gram also includes music by Josh Betts and guest speaker Pam
judging will be on Thursday instead of Friday. We will have Grein. The Luncheon is from 11:30 to 1:00pm at The Refuge in
an open judging arena, meaning anyone who would like to sit Yuba City. The cost is $14.00 inclusive. Hope to see you
in on the judging is welcome. A lot can be learned from the there! Any questions, email me at davisathome@hotmail.com
judging arena. I encourage you to attend.                                               Sue Davis

As an enticement to having your quilts judged I am going to
quilt one of my antique linens for a drawing. For every $5.00
judged entry submitted and delivered - your name will be
placed in the drawing box. If you have five quilts judged you
will have five chances to win the linen. The drawing will be
held at the close of the judging session. So - don’t be afraid
of the judge - enter your quilts to be judged. If you want to
know what a thrill it is to win a ribbon just ask Dee Jager-
horn - she won several last year and cried with joy!!!

Remember all entries must be turned in at the January meet-

Thank you all for the support you have given me as Quilt
Show Chair.


           Quilt Guilds of the North Quarter
          The next meeting for QGNQ will be hosted by Or-
land, and the meeting will be held at The Portuguese Gate
Buffet. Our meetings are regularly held on the last Saturday
of the month – January, April, July, and October. These
meetings are always fun and informative so come and join
us. I’ll have more information about the location and time
by January 15th, so if you are interested in attending you can
reach me at 671-7566.

                           Sharon Easter, Rep
                                                                                      PAID ADVERTISEMENT
                                                                                                   2009 - 2010
                                           .February Birthdays
Feb 5-7 Folsom Quilt Guild                 Kathleen Gordon…Feb.4                        Diane Leighton           673-7044
        Folsom Community Center            Thea Norum…Feb.10                            Tami King                751-1184
        Fri & Sat 10-5, Sun 10-4           Lois Ellis…Feb.11                    1st Vice-President
                                           Susan Joy Adams…Feb.14                       June Muncy         (916) 331-8214
                                                                                2nd Vice-President
Mar 20 - 21 YS Valley Quilt Guild          Ruenell Givans…Feb.16
                                                                                        Lois Ellis               743-2446
        Threads of Friendship              Doreen Skinner…Feb.16                Treasurer
        Yuba-Sutter Fairgrounds            Elaine Latimer…Feb.20                        DeRay Jensen      (916) 729-7319
        Sat 10 - 5; Sun 10 - 4             Sharon Easter…Feb.25                 Secretary
                                           Lisa Lundin…Feb.27                           Kim Buzolich            790-7180
April 10 - 11 Foothill Quilters Guild      Ginger Medbery…Feb.27                Parliamentarian
        Gold Country Fairgrounds                                                           Cooky Amarel          673-6653
        Sat 10 - 5; Sun 10 - 4
                                                                                2010 Quilt Show
April 17 - 18 Quilters Sew-ciety of Red-                                                 Jody Ohrt                  743-0329
ding                                                                            2011 Quilt Show
                                                                                         Cathy Evans                671-0266
         Shasta Co Fairgrounds                                                  2010 Opportunity
         Andersen                                                                        Pat Jensen           916) 729-7319
                                                                                Block of Month
                                                                                         Julia Blenn               673-8486
May 14 - 15 Sun Country Quilt Guild        Condolence Cards recently sent:               Barbara Hirt              749-7493
        Tehema County Fairgrounds          Judy Taylor….loss of her father      Challenge 2010
                                                                                         Diane Steele             757-1685
        Red Bluff                          Robin Asby…loss of her Mom           Christmas Party                   Board
                                                                                Community Service
August 14 - 15 Ridge Quilters Guild                                                       Muriel Hinsdale          713-3205
                                                                                          Laura Trezza            755-4182
         Paradise                                                                         Donna Pulchalski        821-0107
Oct 2 & 3 Mountain Star Quilters                                                          Karla Rodgers
        Community Hall on Main                                                  Facilities & Fair Staffinh
                                                                                          Carleen Hagen             674-9026
        Street                                                                  Fair Block Contest
        Downieville                                                                        Peggy Woods              673-4728
                                                                                Fair Liaison/Setup
        Sat 10-5, Sun 10-4                        ——————–————-                            Valerie Wilson            742-1765
                                                                                          Cooky Amarel              673-6653
Nov 6 & 7 Mountain Star Quilt
                                                  CLASS CHANGE                  Fat Chance
       Guild                               Due to difficulties with obtaining              Barbara Sachs            458-7459
       Ponderosa Comm Center               a classroom for Friday, Linda        Hospitality
       Brownsville                         Ballard’s class will be on Satur-              Gladys Harris 674-8331
       Sat 10-4, Sun 10-3                  day, January 30th ONLY, from                   Cari Jimison              790-6932
                                           9am to 6pm at Freemont. Any                    Carolyn McCray           743-3205
                                                                                          Wanda Horn               790-693
Nov 19-21 River Cities Quilt Guild         questions call June @ 530-741-       Membership
       Scottish Rite Temple                1214.                                           Pat Jensen        (916) 729-7319
       Fri 10-8, Sat 10-6, Sun                                                  NCQC
                                                                                           Diane Leighton           673-7044
                                                                                           Dee Jagerhorn            701-5410
                                                                                           Pat May                  674-2930
                                                                                           Cathy Evans
                                                                                           Sharon Easter            671-7566
                                                                                           Diana Tatro              674-3864
                                                                                310 Club
                                                                                           Margaret Brazelton       755-4680
                                                                                Web Site
                                                                                           Kim Buzolich             790-7180
                                                                                           Diana Steele            757-1685
When Lisa Lundeen (now in charge of Wounded Warrior quilts for Community Service) asked me to go along to present a
quilt on December 17th, I agreed easily. At the end of the Christmas party, Santa (Becky Pendergraph’s husband) told us
about a young serviceman from Beale who had been injured and we agreed to give him one of the Wounded Warrior
quilts. I have presented many quilts for the guild because we have made hundreds of quilts for needy folks and this
sounded “pretty routine” to me. Little did I suspect how different this presentation would be.

Lisa and her sister and I drove to the base to meet Becky and Janet (two of the 3-team Christmas party ladies). We were
told to meet there about noon but soon found out that things were delayed. The young airman we would be presenting
the quilt to had been part of the police unit at Beale AFB. After sustaining injuries in Afghanistan, Philip Newlyn was sent
to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C. and continues his treatment there. As part of the larger Wounded Warri-
ors.org program, Phillip was flown to Sacramento airport to spend Christmas with his parents who live in Madera and that
flight was delayed.

We waited in the parking lot at Beale for Airman Newlyn to arrive as a crowd of servicemen and women assembled to
greet him and the news media took pictures. Escorted by CHP, amid red lights and sirens, the young airman arrived. From
his parents’ truck, a thin, 20 year old wounded airman was helped into a nearby wheelchair and waved to the crowd. The
general spoke a few words about his bravery and the squadron commander welcomed him back to Beale. The VQG ladies
presented the beautiful strip- pieced, red, white and blue quilt and I found it difficult to say anything more than “we thank
you for your service to our country”. Lisa had a photograph of him that he autographed for us as a momentum for the

Phillip was gracious and thankful for the quilt----- though nowhere near as thankful as I am that there are servicemen like
Phillip Newlyn who are willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms that we enjoy.

Thank you to each member who has worked on these many quilts, especially those for the wounded soldiers, and for all
the quilts that are given to needy souls. May all those recipients, like Phillip, find comfort in knowing that the VQG appre-
ciates and values their service to our country.
                                                 Valley Quilt Guild Board Meeting
                                                     Meeting of January 6, 2010
Members present: Diane Leighton, June Muncy, Lois Ellis, DeRay Jensen, Pat Jensen, Valerie Wilson, Diane Steele, Sharon
Easter, Muriel Van Middlesworth, Laura Trezza, Julia Blenn, Barbara Sachs, Janet Givens, Theresa Mihalyi, and Becky Pender-
President: Called meeting to order at 6:45 pm by Diane Leighton. Tami King was ill and not present.
Secretary: Minutes of the October 2009 meeting were approved as corrected. Sharon Easter took minutes for this meeting.
Kim Buzolich was ill and not present.
Treasurer’s Report:
     Checking Account Balance                $ 2,036.63
     Savings Account Balance                   12,640.60
     TOTAL FUNDS                             $14,677.23
Membership: Pat Jensen announced there are currently 168 guild members
Old Business:
     Christmas Party: The After Action Report was presented by Janet Givens, Theresa Mihalyi, and Becky Pendergraph. They
          have volunteered to chair this year’s Christmas party. Potential party locations are being reviewed. Carleen will reserve
          Whitaker Hall as a back-up location. Any other suggestions are welcomed. Overall the 2009 party was a success. There
          were a few glitches that will be corrected or changed before the next party. Note: If you wish to read their comprehen-
          sive report, contact Janet, Theresa, or Becky.
     Cookbook: Recipes are slowly coming in. Be sure to submit your favorites to Cheryl Gaines.
     Donaton Letter: Item are slowly coming in for the quilt show Basket Raffle items.
     Joann Discount Cards: They are not all distributed yet.
     Roster: We have decided not to include member photos in the next roster. After the quilt show we will make up a ‘Master’
          book of member photos.
New Business:
1. Chairpersons Reports:
a. Programs: Linda Ballard’s workshop will be one day only on Saturday, January 30th from 9-6 at the Fremont Health Center
conference room.
b. February meeting will be a sew night. We will work on string quilts and stretched star quilts.
c. Challenge Quilts: Diane Steele said 35 kits were sold. The quilts are due at the February meeting.
d. Fat Chance: Barbara will make up new “bookmarks” for items to take us through June.
e. Library: Plan is to keep the same number of prizes. Diane Leighton talked with the church about storing books, but it is
not an option.
f. Quilt Show: Judge will be Cathy Hoover. Judging will be on Thursday before the show. Quilts to be judged will be submit-
ted on Thursday morning. All other quilts will be submitted on Friday, as usual.
g. Block of the Month: Turn in two blocks in January. Budget will be increased so Julia can be reimbursed for expenses.
h. Community Service: Some quilts will go to the Shriner’s. Sew So Shop will deliver them. There is a new place in Sacra-
mento for special needs kids, that needs quilts and we’re looking into it.
i. Suggestion Box: Two suggestions were submitted. One requesting only 10 minute breaks, and the other to have Show &
Tell first after the opening announcements.
j. Joann Discount Cards: Membership will no longer handle this task. Volunteers are needed to step in and handle obtain-
ing cards and distributing them.
k. NCQC: Next meeting will be on January 20th.
Christmas Party: Next month the board will vote on whether or not to have vendors at the next party and finalize the location
of the party.

Next General Meeting: 7:00 pm Wednesday, January 27, 2010 at St. Andrew Episcopal Church in the Youth Center.
Next Board Meeting: Tuesday, February 2, 2010 at 7:00 pm at Diane Leighton’s house. Her address is 1350 Delone Drive,
Yuba City. Everyone is invited.
Next Quilt Show Meeting: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 7:00 pm at Margaret Brazelton’s house. Quilt show layout day will
be Monday, February 1, 2010 at 9:00 at Cooky Amarel’s house.
Note: Next newsletter article due date is January 31st for the February newsletter.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Kim Buzolich (notes submitted by Sharon Easter)
                                                   VQG CHALLENGE

Don't get this challenge mixed up with our UFO challenge--this one is due at the FEBRUARY VQG meeting! For those of
you who bought a kit, we hope you can find the time to finish a project to enter. You will have to deliver the finished project
to me at the February VQG meeting. They will be displayed at the meeting so everyone can vote on them. The results of the
vote will not be revealed until the Quilt Show in March--oh, the anticipation!

Here are the rules of the challenge--please follow them to the letter so you're not disqualified!
Remember our theme: "Threads Of Friendship".
1. You must use at least half of each of the fabrics in your kit.
2. You must use your thread in some way on the front of your project so we can see it.
3. Your project can be no larger than 120" in circumference. For example a 30" s 30" wall hanging (or its equivalent) would
be the largest project possible. There is no minimum size to feel free to make a smaller project.
4. You may embellish your project in any way you wish.
5. You may add up to 3 additional fabrics to the ones in your kit, no more.
6. Your project should have a label on the back which includes your name and the kit number (which is listed on the bottom
of your box).

Remember to fill out a entry form for our quilt show for your challenge quilt so we can have a beautiful display of all the
challenge quilts. Exact measurements aren't necessary, just estimate the approxi-
mate finished size.

If you have questions, email me at steeledome@gmail.com
~~Diane Steele~~

                                                   UFO CHALLENGE

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope your holidays were fantastic!

At the January 27th meeting, we will have the latest "reveal" of our UFO challenge. If you signed up to finish your project,
please bring it and show it to everyone. If your #3 project is completely finished, you will be in a drawing for some fun

A note to those of you who are not currently involved in this UFO challenge, you can join ANY TIME! All you need to do
is give me a list with a description of 10 unfinished projects you have in your sewing stash. We'll pick a number every other
month and you have 2 months to finish the project that correlates to that number on your list. There's no penalty for NOT
finishing it--you'll just have to look at that UFO for another month!

See you on the 27th!

~~Diane Steele~~
                     VQG AFFILIATE MEMBERS
A Sewing Machine Shop              B & B Machine Quilting                Cabin Fever Quilt Shoppe         Cloth Carousel
1220 Franklin Avenue               25770 Clark Avenue                   826 Lincoln Way                   9 Main Street
Yuba City, CA 95991                Orland, CA 95963                     Auburn, CA 95603                  Winters, CA 95694
Sue Laird                          Beverly Woodward                     Patti & Don Henderson             Jan Bawart
530-671-6568                       530-865-4625                         530-885-5500                      530-795-2580
By appointment only                Bobbie McNary                        530-886-8065                      nstitchzz@aol.com
Call for location                  530-865-2254                         cabinfeverquiltshoppe@            www.clothcarousel.com
                                                                        ascendance.net                    15% off customer appreciation
                                                                        15% off end of bolt—check         day or 10% guild discount
                                                                        website for in store specials
Fabrics on Mill Street             FloLin Quilting                      Howells Sewing & Vacuum           Linda Ballard & Co.
115 Mill Street                    173 La Mirada Avenue                 2344 Grass Valley Hwy             22526 Bridlewood Lane
Grass Valley, CA 95945             Oroville, CA 95966                   Auburn, CA 95603                  Palo Cedro, CA 96073
530-273-9386                       Florine Krone & Linda Hersh          Mary Lynn Matthews                Linda Ballard
sew@fabricsonmillst.com            530-589-1114                         530-885-9624                      530-547-3461
www.fabricsonmillst.com            linhersh@earthlink.net               916-780-9624                      530-547-2061 (Fax)
10% off all fabric purchases to    Have 11 quilts done at regular       marylynn@howellsew.com            linda@letsquilt.com
guild members                      price, 12th quilt will be done       www.howellsew.com                 www.letsquilt.com
                                   free.                                10% to guild members on no-
                                                                        tions, feet, and books.
Precision Quiltworks               Sew-N-Things                         The Quilter’s Stash               Sew-So Shop
18251 Starduster Drive             Blanca Dahlstrom                     1150 Sunset Blvd. Suite 158       425 D Street
Nevada City, CA 95959              661 Main Street                      Rocklin, CA 95765                 Marysville, CA 95901
John & Karla Rogers                Colusa, CA 95932                     Betty Kisbey & Karol Rich         Cindy Humlick & Susan Norris
530-432-9595                       530-458-4474                         916-435-2103                      530-742-7626
precisionqw@gmail.com              sewnthings@frontiernet.net           thequiltersstash@att.net          sewsoshop.att.net
10% discount on 1st quilt                                               www.thequiltersstash.net          www.sewsoshop.com

To contribute to the knowledge of quilting, to promote the appreciation of fine quilts, to encourage quilt making and collecting and to
contribute to the growth and knowledge of quilt techniques, textiles, patterns, history and quilt makers through educational meetings and
Meetings are held the last Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church located at 1390 Franklin Road,
Yuba City, CA. Copy ready submissions to the newsletter are due the last day of the month by 5:00 p.m. to the Newsletter person.
Please direct any questions or comments to the Yuba-Sutter Valley Quilt Guild, P. O. Box 1463, Yuba City, CA 95992.
Membership is open to anyone interested in quilts and quilting regardless of skill level. You are urged to join and learn with us. Dues
are $20.00 payable annually. Membership is from July 1 through June 30. Membership entitles you to the newsletter mailed to your
home, to an annual membership roster (which is confidential), and to the use of the library of quilt books, patterns and stencils. Affiliate
membership fee is $24.00 with a business listing each month. Affiliate members receive 10% discount for paying a year of ads paid in
advance. Submit to Yuba-Sutter Valley Quilt Guild , P. O. Box 1463, Yuba City, CA 95992.

      Advertising Rates Per Month                    Members/Affiliate Members                               Non-Member

Business Listing                                                 Free                                            N/A

Business Card Ad                                                 $5.00                                           $10.00

Quarter Page                                                    $10.00                                           $20.00

Half Page                                                       $15.00                                           $30.00

Full Page                                                       $20.00                                           $40.00
                                      Remember to bring to the meeting:

                                                    ♦       Show and Tell

                                                        ♦    Fat Quarters

                                                     ♦       Library Books

                                                ♦       Block of the Month

                                            ♦       Name Badge

                                                ♦       A potential Member

                                                    ♦       A positive Attitude

                    The Sew So Shop                                               JANUARY FAT CHANCE
                      425 D Street                                  New Years Resolution: Make a difference. Pay it forward.
                   Marysville CA 95901                              1. Bring one for yourself for fat chance drawing. 2. Give a
                                                                    fat quarter to someone at the meeting and let them put it in
                     (530) 742-7626
                                                                    the drawing. Maybe it could be to someone you don't know.
Upcoming Classes:
                                                                    Introduce yourself and get to know more people in VQG.
Pineapple Star Quilt Class by Katie McCollum
                                                                    Any pattern and colors.
Saturday November 21 and Saturday December 5
10:30am - 2:30pm
                                                                    February– Love, Caring, Friendship
Class Fee Only - $35.00
                                                                    March-Luck of the Irish
Ann Turley will be at Sew So Shop in February!
We have the choice of either the Cords or Threads Class or
                                                                    April-April Showers
the paper pieced Feathered star.
Let us know which class you would prefer to take.
                                                                    May– Celebration of Flowers
February 11, 2010
10am - 3:30pm
                                                                    June—Places to visit (vacation material).
Class Fee - $40.00 plus a $5.00 pattern fee.

Jill Schumacher is the "Quilter to the Queen", and she is com-
ing to teach several quilting classes at The Sew So Shop.
She will be teaching an Introduction to Quilting, Quilting a
Mini Whole Cloth and Trapunto.

Introduction to Quilting         Mini Whole Cloth
January 21, 2010                 April 6, 2010
10am - 3:30pm                    10am - 3:30pmn
Class Fee - $45.00               10am - 3:30pmn

                    PAID ADVERTISEMENT
                                                                                    BLOCK OF THE MONTH

                                                                          Two great winners drawn at the December Christmas
                                                                         party were Dee Voss and Cherine Gagnow. Congratu-
                                                                         lations to both of you.

                                                                         Do not forget that you will receive the December and
                                                                         January block patterns at the January Meeting. You
                                                                         will need $2.00 if you have not already paid for the
                                                                         year. Or you can bring $6.00 and be paid for the rest of
                                                                         the year. Being paid in advance makes the line to get
                                                                         the blocks go much faster and is much easier on the
                                                                         bookkeeping. We appreciate you paying for the year.
                                                                         Thank you to all who already have.

                                                                         See you at the January meeting. Do not forget your
                                                                         finished block you received at the December meeting
                                                                         and your $2.00 for the two new blocks you will receive
                                                                         at the January meeting.

                                                                                               Julia Blenn

                 Heritage Button Show and Sale
                   100 South Murphy Avenue
                      Sunnyvale, CA. 94086
                         March 27, 2010

 For more information see www.CAbutton.org or contact Susan
Martin at homermayor@gmail.com or Annabel Yurutucu 408-202-

  The show will feature clothing buttons reflecting evolving styles
  from the 18th century, through the Victorian era, to the modern
  times. Buttons of all sizes, materials, shapes, and designs will be
available. Browse Art Nouveau, German, Czech, and French Cou-
ture buttons, as well as buttons created by current artisans. Artists,
crafters, sewers, knitters and weavers can find button sets and nov-             OPPORTUNITY QUILT 2009
 elty buttons---this event has something for everyone interested in
                history, art, fashion, design, or craft.                          Don’t forget to get out there
                                                                                  and sell lots of tickets as this
                                                                                    is what pays for all our
                                                                                      wonderful speakers!

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