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					From the Prez
Now that we’ve all stuffed ourselves with the traditional
Thanksgiving feast we find it is time to get ready for the
hustle and bustle of Christmas and the New Year holidays.
While you are doing that don’t forget the CASA and other
shag events this month. Our sister Clubs are having lots of
good holiday parties with good excuses to “shag out the old
year and shag in the new” for the whole month of December.
       Our November meeting was    scheduled for Sunday, November 15th at the General
Store Café but was rescheduled     due to the conflict with the Carolina Beach Music
Awards. We had a meeting only on   Monday November 16th. We voted on the slate of of-
ficers that was presented at the   October meeting. The following people were elected
for 2010:

President -                 Pat Johnson
Vice President -            Linda McVey
Secretary -                 Cindy Dameron
Treasurer-                  Becky Whitley
Sgt-at-Arms -               Steve Robinson
Board Members-at-Large - Tom Pritchett
                            Cathy Cash
NON-Elected position
Newsletter Editor/Web Page Ron Singleton

Linda McVey reported on the Carolina Beach Music Award. We had been nominated for
Shag Club Event of the Year with our sister clubs for the two “Shaggin” events. We did
not win but we should consider it an honor to be nominated. There were five events
nominated and CASA and her sister clubs received two out of the five nominations.
       We had a drawing for ticket to the SASS Shag contest. Paul Smith and Linda
McVey won the two pair of tickets. After the meeting we hung out with June, Larry and
the shag classes and had a great time.

December: Linda, Jorgie and I are planning something special for our Christmas party set
for December 13th. Now I know it is not our regular Sunday but we decided the 20th
was just to close to the big day and moved the party up a week. Our own Tom Pritchett
will do the honors as DJ and we should have some other special Xmas surprises also. A
special roast pork and all the trimmings is the Christmas menu.    Members get in free
and for non- members there will be a cover of $5.00. This year we are asking members
to bring canned goods and other non perishable food items for the Chatham County Food
Pantry.    Please let me know if you are planning to come by
December 9th so that I can give Jorgie a head count for the food. See the newsletter
Live At 6 at The General Store Café: Not only will CASA our Christmas party but there will also
be other shag events at the General Store Café. On the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of Every Month the
GSC will have a different DJ, along with food and drink specials. The fun goes from 6:00 to
9:00. I’ll be contacting you with the information as I get it.

2010 SOS Cards: We have 2010 SOS Cards available. They are $30 through the club and $35
if you wait and buy them at OD. If you are planning on going to Mid-Winter you will need a new
card the 2009 card will no longer be good. Ron or I will “try” to be at shag lessons on Monday
nights but I can’t promise we will be there every week. You may e-mail or call us and we will
make arrangements to get your card to you.

CASA Website: Ron has worked really hard to get the website up and running. I’ll let him tell
you more about that in his section of the newsletter. Check it out at

We have had a great year this year     and done some great things. I would like to thank all the
board members, committee members,      and everyone that made it such a special year. When we
all work together we can be the best   shag club there is. But, CASA needs your support to grow
stronger and better in 2010. I want    to leave you with an e-mail message I received from one of
our members Larry Moore. It really     is “Something to Think About”

From: Larry Moore []
Sent: Tuesday, November 17, 2009 6:06 PM
Subject: Something to Think About

As you know Asheboro went WET several months back. We were hoping that a club would open and have
a SHAG NITE. Well Club 64 opened the owner spent close to a 1/2 million on the inside and it is nice.
Great dance floor, clean and everything a shagger would want. He said he would have beach music on
Thursday nite 7 till 10 for a month to see how Shaggers would support it. The first nite the DJ didn't
know anything about beach music must less shag music but he was trying. 1st Thursday nite
14 shaggers, 2nd Thursday 20 shaggers, 3rd Thursday 45 shaggers, 4thThursday 16 shaggers, 5th
Thursday 14 shaggers, 6th Thursday 12 shaggers and the owner stopped Shagging at his club. This
seems to happen much to often. I tell you this because Kathy and I love our club there in Pittsboro. I
urge everyone to not take what the Pittsboro club has lightly. Our hope was we could have a club close
to home and one in Pittsboro too. I hate that the support in Asheboro was not there but hope everyone
k e e p s               P i t t s b o r o                   g o i n g            s t r o n g .
See you on the dance floor.

I’ll see ya at the GSC with you shaggin’ shoes on. Even if you don’t shag you will love our Carolina
Beach Music.

FROM THE NEWSLETTER EDITOR:                             Well the
season is uponst us once more. Where did the year go? The
CASA Christmas Party is coming up on the 13th. Still not too
late to get your name in the pot. It’s free for all 2009 or 2010
members and only $5 for guests. This is the best deal on a shag
club Christmas party that I’ve seen. The Board decided they
wanted to reward member for their loyalty but not cause anyone
to break the bank if they wanted to invite a non-member. We
have about 35 who have RSVP’d so far.
      If you haven’t re-uped yet for 2010, take a few minutes to do so soon. We
are at about 35 members now who have done so which is about on par from previous
years at this time. Talk it up to your friends. We want CASA to grow not be
stagnant or lose members. We have a great little club and a fantastic meeting place
so please support the club and the GSC.
      CASA is still holding over $6000 for Scott Whitaker. We will make future
disbursements as he needs it. There’s still a few donations coming in so if you
haven’t yet contributed or can afford to do more, it’s not too late. His sister, Lynn
told me today that he is doing fairly well. The days he has dialysis he is wiped out,
but then he feels okay the next day. He is having issues with his blood pressure
dropping too low when he is on the dialysis machine. Sometimes too much fluid is
taken off and it sends his blood pressure crashing.
       If you haven’t checked out the website, do so. I
have the site on Yahoo now and it’s been pretty much completely revised. Lots of
links and photos. We have unlimited space on the site now so if there are other
things you’d like to see, just let me know. Also if you find something not working
right let me know. Sorry it took me so long to get up to speed after Roger bowed
out. Roger did a great job but I had trouble being able to modify what he had done
so I pretty much had to redo everything in a more idiot friendly way.
      If you have ever wondered about the photo of Pat on the front page, it is
from SOS Fall of 2002. If you recall there was a movie called “Secrets of the YaYa
Sisterhood”. Well, Pat and four of her girlfriends went to the Tilghman Pool Party
as the “DO DA Sisters”. Pat was “Lady Shag”. She was actually on crutches when
that photo was taken after she had sprained her ankle on the stairs at Tilghman’s.
She couldn’t walk on the crutches too well so we delivered her to the pool party on a
luggage cart. I’ll post some of those pictures soon so you can see for yourself. Lot’s
of fond memories of SOS and the Tilghman Pool Party.

When: Sunday December 13th
Where: General Store Café
Time: 5:00 PM
DJ: Tom (The Man) Pritchett
Food: Roast Pork, Sweet Potatoes,
      Green Beans, Chicken Pot Pie,
      Apple Pie
Cost: Free to 2009 or 2010 Members,
      $5 for Guests
Charity: Bring Non-Perishable Food
         Items for CORA Food Bank
RSVP to December 9th
Learn to Shag @ The General Store Café
       w/Master Shag Instructors
      Larry Patterson and June Arthurs
         New Lessons Start the First Monday of Each Month

Have you tried Shaggin'? June Arthurs and Larry Patterson, Master
Shag Dance instructors, will teach from 6:30 p.m. until 10:00 p.m.
FREE LESSON AT 6:30 PM. The beginner class starts at 7:00pm,
followed by intermediates at 8:00, and advanced at 9:00. Lessons
are only $30.00 per person each month.
  Thanks to our advertisers!
     Please support them!
Your card could be here for
     only $25 per year
                        CASA December 2009 Newsletter
                                 Universal Human
                                  Rights Month
CASA Christmas Party                            CASA Board Meeting
Dec. 13th, 5:00 PM @ General Store Café         Dec. 7th, 7:00 PM @ General Store Café

2009 Chatham Area Shag Association Officers
President        Pat Johnson
Vice-President   Linda McVey                Newsletter               Ron Singleton
Secretary        Shirley Rishel             Board Members at Large: Tom Pritchett
Treasurer        Ron Singleton                                       Rosemary Campbell
Sergeant-at-Arms Jim Rishel                 Website:

                   Bass Lake Area Society of Shaggers—Fourth Sunday
                              Burlington Shag Club—First Friday
                               Carolina Shaggers—First Friday
                       Eno Beach Shag Club– First & Third Saturday
                         Lake Tillery Shag Club—Fourth Saturday
                              Raleigh Shag Club—Second Sunday
                       Sandhills Area Shag Club—Second Saturday
                    Sanford Area Society of Shaggers—Third Friday

  Member, Association of Carolina Shag Clubs