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                            Jefferson Farms Homeowners
                               Association Newsletter
                                     Winter 2010 Edition
2009 was a challenging year for everyone. If the economy did not affect you directly it surely had some
indirect influence on your lifestyle. Hopefully, in 2010 we will begin to see a recovery of the economy
and a much needed return to normalcy and financial stability.

It is important to remember that your property is one of your greatest assets in a difficult financial
climate. Keeping your property well maintained adds to the value of your home and helps to support
the surrounding property values as well. Your neighbors appreciate your efforts to improve and beautify
your property and in turn you should appreciate their efforts. We are lucky to live in an outstanding
neighborhood and we should all be proud of the work we do keep it attractive and inviting.

The Trustees and Committee Members of JFHA are working hard to insure that the common areas of our
development are as well maintained as possible. We are making every effort to sustain and enhance
these areas so that they will also support your property values. In 2010 we will continue to work hard
to make sure that Jefferson Farms retains it’s status as one of the most desirable places to live in the

We must all work together to maintain and increase the value of our community. It is important that we
are aware of the deed restrictions and follow the rules and design guidelines of Jefferson Farms. This
newsletter lists some of the most common violations that are reported and observed. Please read them
and try to correct any of these that exist at your property. If you see violations on another property,
report them to a JFHA Trustee. We are here to make sure that all of the rules are followed and enforced.
We thank you for your cooperation and support.

Happy New Year

Thank You From The Chair...
2010 marks the final year of my term as JFHA Chairperson. I would like to express my deepest thanks
to the Trustees, Committee Members and JF Residents who have supported me and cooperated with me
during my tenure with JFHA. I consider it an honor and a privilege to have served JFHA and I hope that
you will extend your support to my worthy successor.

Thank you once again and I’ll see you around the neighborhood.

Mark A. Barbour
  Jefferson Farms Newsletter Online!
  The Jefferson Farms Newsletter is now available for download online at By
  publishing newsletters online we are reducing costs, saving natural resources and providing more
  information than ever before. Publishing online will also allow JFHA to publish newsletters more frequently.
  Printed copies of the newsletter will no longer be mailed to residents unless specifically requested. If
  you wish to receive printed copies of the newsletter send your request to JFHA P.O. Box 572 Canal
  Winchester, OH 43110 or contact a JF Trustee. Look for the announcement signs at the entrances for
  newsletter publish dates or visit for more info.

          JFHA Annual Meeting                                                Annual Dues 2010
The JFHA Annual Meeting is scheduled for                        The JFHA Annual Dues for 2010 has been
Tuesday, February 23, 2010 at 6:00 p.m.                         increased to $175. After receiving your 2010
                                                                dues invoice please make sure to mail in your
The meeting will be held at the Pickerington                    payment before the May 1st deadline.
Library. Please mark the date on your calendar                  Thank You.
and plan to attend.
Please share your email addresses with us so that we can send information to you as it happens.
You can use the attached Directory Update form attached or email Judi Matz at: or Please let her know if you don’t have email access as well. Thanks for your help!
Your Trustees
The Trustees of the Jefferson Farms Homeowners Association are here to help you. If you have questions or concerns
regarding the neighborhood or surroundings – please contact them at the numbers below.

 Phase    Lot No.       Trustee                           TN
 I          1-28        June Gutterman                    614   570-1024       Chairperson            Mark Barbour
 II        29-57        Judi Matz                         614   837-8688       Secretary              Judi Matz
 III       58-86        Arlene Richman                    614   657-0432
 IV        87-131       Cheryl Wood                       614   837-7546       Treasurer              Bob Wood
 V        132-168       Mark Barbour                      614   834-9649
 VI       169-198       Dick Matz                         614   837-8688
JFHA Committees
           Below is a list of the volunteers whose contributions help make Jefferson Farms
           a well-maintained, happy place to live. These homeowners are the committee
           members who do a great job and work hard at: maintaining our by-laws, keeping our
           common areas, manicured and well-maintained, making sure the neighborhood stays
           structured in respect to home and garden designs, keeping us connected with such
           things as this directory, and blend social activities into our community.
               By-Laws Committee:
               Chairperson                           Craig Vandervoort
               Design Control Committee
               Chairperson                           Ken Christopher
                                                     Doug McFarland        Mark Barbour
               Directory Committee
               Directory Committee:
               Chairperson                           Judi Matz
               Landscape Committee
               Landscape Committee:
               Chairperson                           Bob Wood
               Social & Welcome Committee
               Social & Welcome Committee:
                                                     Julie Bechert / Cheryl Wood
We are in need of volunteers for the Jefferson Farms Homeowner’s Association. If you wish to become a Trustee,
Committee member or officer in JFHA please contact any of the above members. Currently we are seeking a new Trustees
for JFHA or if you are interested in serving on any of the following committees we welcome and encourage your input:

       By-Laws Committee       Design Control Committee          Directory Committee
                   Landscape Committee       Social & Welcome Committee
Common Violations:
	   Problem:	Trash	cans	and	waste	not	stored	out	of	view	from	street	and	other	properties.
       Remedy:	Store	waste,	waste	receptacles		and	bags	out	of	sight	in	garage	or	area	not	in	clear	view	from	street	or	other	
                 properties	until	pick	up	day.
	   Problem:	Boats,	trailers,	motor	homes	and	towed	recreational	vehicles	left	in	driveways.
       	Remedy:	Do	not	park	recreational	vehicles	in	driveway	for	more	than	a	day	or	two.		Store	recreational	vehicles	in	garage.
    Problem:	Non-operational	vehicles	in	driveway.
	      Remedy:	Only	park	working,	drivable	vehicles	in	driveway.
    Problem:	Light	Post	not	working	or	missing.
       Remedy:	Make	sure	light	post	is	functional	and	illuminated	at	night.	Install	light	post	if	necessary.	All	homes	should	have	at	least	
                 one,	working,	light	post	of	approved	design.
	   Problem:	Mailbox	broken.
	      Remedy:	Repair	mailbox	and	stain	it	the	approved	color.
	   Problem:	Mailboxes	and/or	light	post	not	stained	the	correct	color.
	      Remedy:	Stain	both	mailbox	and	light	post	the	approved	color	only.
	   Problem: Wrong light post fixture.
	      Remedy: Install the correct approved light post fixture only.
	   Problem:	Lawns,	landscape	not	maintained.
	      Remedy:	Keep	lawn	and	landscape	neat	in	appearance.	Mow	lawn	regularly.
	   Problem:	Dogs	and	cats	outside	unattended,	off	property.
	      Remedy:	Do	not	allow	dogs,	cats	and	other	domestic	animals	to	roam	unattended.		Install	invisible	fence	or	wireless	collar.
	   Problem:	Political	signs	in	yard.
	      Remedy:	No	political	signs	are	allowed	outside	of	homes	in	Jefferson	Farms.
	   Problem:	Commercial	vehicle	belonging	to	resident	parked	in	driveway.
	      Remedy:	Park	personal	work	vehicles	with	advertisement	signs	inside	garage.
The	above	are	examples	of	the	violations	most	reported.		Many	are	simple	violations	that	are	easily	corrected	with	little	or	no	expense	
involved.		Remember	that	stain	for	your	mailbox	and	light	post	is	available	from	any	JF	Trustee	free	of	charge.		
If	you	park	your	recreational	vehicle	on	your	property,	infrequently,	for	a	day	or	two,	you	probably	will	not	get	a	violation	notice.		If	a	
recreational	or	commercial	vehicle	is	regularly	parked	on	your	property	or	it	is	parked	there	for	long	periods,	you	will	be	asked	to	remove	
it	or	park	it	inside	of	your	garage,	out	of	sight.
Not	following	the	rules	and	covenants	shows	disrespect	for	your	neighbors	and	their	visitors.	We	respectfully	ask	that	you	follow	the	
rules	and	guidelines	of	Jefferson	Farms	so	that	we	may	all	enjoy	our	beautiful	community.

                                                   Directory Update
We are going to update and publish the JFHA directory and would appreciate your assistance by making sure
that we have your correct information. If you have changes to the existing listing or you’d like to get your listing
in the directory.
  Please forward information to Judi Matz at: it would be greatly appreciated.
Telephone No.:
Cell No.:
If you would like to add your name to the list of Business Owners and Services please list your
information below:
                                          Jefferson Farms Homeowners Association
                                                        P.O. Box 572
                                                Canal Winchester , Ohio 43110