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									  H IX SO N M I D DL E S C H OO L • 5 6 8 1 OL D H IX SO N P K • (42 3) 847-481 0                      Parent-Teacher
                                                                                                      Conferences will
  HMS Newsletter                                                                                     be held on Wednes-
  February 2010                    V O L UM E 1 0 , I S S UE 0 2                                     day, February 10th
                                                                                                     from 2:45 to 5:45!
Principal’s Message:
   I hope all of our families are off to a great start to the New Year. Our second semester promises to be busy and exciting.
   One of the many exciting things about middle school students is that they know how to dream. Dreams can be the beginning of
wonderful opportunities. As we move into the second half of our year, we want to continue to encourage our students to dream and
to pursue their dreams. Dreams encourage creativity, hope and inspiration for future success.
    Goal setting is a powerful tool for turning dreams into achievements. We want to guide our students to be effective goal setters.
Parents can help their children with goal setting by encouraging, recognizing and rewarding the development of a plan and to set
specific strategies to achieve a goal. Students benefit from hearing how others have set goals and achieved success. Goal setting
and success are not unique to sports heroes; it is evident in all professions and in everyday occurrences. The key to goal setting is
to create small, manageable steps that can be achieved over time. Goal setting will help our students to choose a path for their
hopes and dreams.
                                                                                  Sandy Barnwell, Principal

                              ―Within your heart, keep one still, secret spot where dreams may grow.‖
                                                              ~ Louise Driscoll

Can you believe it is already the second semester? Spring will be here before we know it!! Thank you to everyone that
helped with the faculty breakfast in December and a very special thank you to Teresa Terrell for coordinating such a
nice event for our teachers and staff. This year, the middle school faculty joined the high school faculty in the HHS
cafeteria for a hot breakfast, coffee, treats and fellowship. We were excited to show all the faculty members how much
we appreciate everything they do for our boys and girls! Also, a big thank you to everyone that donated their time and
talents to make the stage look so festive for the holiday programs.
  Our PTSA board has granted numerous faculty requests over the last several months and hope to continue to support
the staff and the students as needs arise in the future. We will soon begin to look at board positions for next year; we
will include contact information for the nominating committee in next month’s newsletter. Stay warm this winter!
Melanie Ozborn—PTSA President

On December 17th, the boys’ and girls’ Soccer teams sponsored a ―Winter
Wonderland‖ dance. The recommended attire was ―dress code or better‖, but
many students came dressed like they were going to a ball! Everyone looked
so nice and seemed to have had such a great time. The cafeteria was deco-
rated to a tee (thanks to the decorating talents of Miss Putman & Ms. Demon-
bren) with white lights and snow effects.
V O L UM E 1 0 , I S S UE 0 2                                                                                                 P AGE 2

Hixson Middle School has 29 eighth grade students, 3 fac-                 Mrs. Mathews and Mrs. Moore's classes have been
ulty members and 4 parent chaperones going to Washing-                 busy learning how to design, construct, and interpret
ton, D.C. from February 28th to March 4th. These students              graphs. We have learned how we can use this knowl-
will be bringing home paperwork the first week of February             edge in our daily lives.
for the parents to read and fill out. Please contact Mr. Lewis
with any questions.                                                    Now we are excited to introduce Algebra- something we
                                                                       always thought was only for high school or college stu-
                                                                       dents. We've already learned about variables. Now we
                                                                       are going to see how they will fit into the Big Picture!

                                 Brick Pavers:
            8th Graders & Parents: What better way to leave your legacy
            to Hixson Middle School than a brick paver?? You can pur-                  ATTENTION
            chase 4x8 pavers for $50.00 or an 8x8 paver for $100.00.             PARENTS WITH PICTURES!!!
Leave a legacy to the new Hixson Middle School by purchasing a paver          If you have digital pictures of students participating in
with your name, your child's name, or as a business patron permanently        HMS events, please consider sending a disc to Mr.,
engraved in brick to grace our school with your spirit for an eternity. For   Henderson for possible use in the yearbook! Thank
additional information, email:                         you!

                In Math, we are currently working with probability. We will soon be starting to work with graphs, as
                well as analyzing those graphs and interpreting the data we find there. We hope to use the 2010 Winter
      Olympics to enhance our study of graphs and data analysis. In Geography, we have been learning about the
various religions, their gods and goddesses, and their way of life over the last two weeks. We are currently moving into
our unit on population and growth. By the way, did you know that there is 6.7 billion people on this great planet and
growing each day. Remember, Geography Fair is April 29, 2010. Your child will write a five paragraph essay about their
country on February 24 in their Geography class. In Language Arts, the students have been working on writing five-
paragraph essays and beginning to review Think Link areas that they need assistant with. In Science, we have cre-
ated experiments dealing with motion. We are moving into the unit of velocity and Newton’s Law of motion.

Mrs. Mathews has started the            HMS Bowling Club
again for a winter/spring session. The first meeting will be                                      Special Projects:
at 3:00 Wednesday, February 3. It will meet every
                                                                                         HMS received a check for $413.00 for
Wednesday at Holiday Bowl in Hixson, for 10 weeks. The
                                                                                         the Box Tops for Education collected
cost is $8 per week. It's not too late to join. If you are
                                                                                         last semester! Keep saving those box
passing your classes, have good conduct and would like to improve your
                                                                                         tops and send them in to your child's
game, come on out. We would love to see you there!
                                                                                         homeroom teacher by February 16th for
                                                                                         them to be counted by the next dead-
                                                                                         line. Be sure to put your homeroom
                                                    Hixson Middle School students
                                                                                         teacher's name on the envelope. Keep
                                                    performed in several holidays
                                                                                         clipping and saving to earn money for
                                                    concerts featuring the strings,
                                                                                         our school. Remember to check the
                                                    bands, and choirs during the
                                                                                         website for special offers and coupons
                                                    month of December. The stu-
                                                                                         ( .
                                                    dents all worked very hard and
                                                                                         Way to go Wildcats!
                                                    made HMS proud! Thank you
                                                                                         Marcia Kennedy, Special Projects
                                                    to Mr. Rose, Mr. Ailey, and Ms.
                                                    Pitts for your hard work!

   Students who have shown achievement in their academics will be recognized at an ―Academics & Excel-
 lence‖ assembly on Tuesday, February 9th at 8:30 am. There will be a designated area in the gym for parent
 seating; parents may begin to arrive at 8:15 am. Families of eligible students should have received an infor-
           mational letter by mail. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the school office.
V O L UM E 1 0 , I S S UE 0 2                                                                                            P AGE 3

                   Character counts at Hixson Middle! The school's PTSA recently sponsored a pizza party for students
chosen by their teachers to represent Hamilton County's character education traits. Sandy Barnwell, principal, spoke to the students
about how responsibility, perseverance, caring, and respect positively affect not just what happens at school but all aspects of the
students' lives. Before enjoying pizza and talking to their friends, each student received a certificate designed by Beverly Armour,
Hixson Middle's parent involvement coordinator.
   Students recognized for the trait of respect included: Brandy Finch, Amanda O'Rafferty, Morghan White, Jonathan Martinez,
Alyssa Rollins, Timothy McClung, Arrica Brown, Emily Gilreath, Andy Asllani, Haley Henderson, Cesar Aguilar Luna, Luis Ro-
mero Garcia, Jackson Wilkey, Kelly English, Punamben Patel, and Corynne Schannuth.
   Responsibility nominees were: Anjali Ravee, Joey May, Demi DeFoor, Zacary Zumbrunn, Victoria Brown, Chandler Higdon,
Bailey Harding, Katie Needham, Elijah Berry, Nathan Terrell, Takuya Tokunaga, Kayla Brock, and Kayla Brooks.
   Representing the trait of perseverance were: Brandon Scott, Heather Watkins, Timothy McClung, Kelsie Lewis, Kanako Kobata,
Jordon Rice, and Tamara Norwood.
   Finally, students chosen for the trait of caring included: Heather Thompson, Alyssa Rollins, Nick Underwood, Katie Needham,
Alex Harrison, Tiffani Hall, and Heather Koviack. Submitted by: Elizabeth O’Connor

                  Excitement is word in the library! Our NEW library will be getting NEW books! Mrs. Isenhour
is asking for suggestions for new books from everyone as she places a large order to replace our old and frayed
books. We will be getting approximately 1,200 new books, so students, parents and teachers, get your wish list in
soon! The spring book fair will be April 23 – April 30th and the theme will be “Reading Around the World” to co-
incide with the Geography Fair! Plan to come in and see all the books for all ages we will have to offer. Volun-
teers will also be needed to man the event. Did you know?? Our library automation system shows websites
(along with HMS books) when you look up a subject! Cool, huh!?

                                                 The 1st annual Gameday Chattanooga Cheer and Dance Competition was
                                                 held on Saturday, January 23rd at Hixson Middle School and was a great
                                                 success. We look forward to an even bigger event next year! Hixson Mid-
                                                 dle School placed 1st in the Medium Junior High Cheer division and Hix-
                                                 son High School placed 1st in both the Small Varsity Cheer and Varsity
                                                 Group Stunt divisions. Hixson High School also received the MVP Award
                                                 for highest overall score of the competition and received a paid bid to the
                                                 U.S. Finals. Hixson Middle School received the Award for Good Sports-
                                                 manship. This is the 3rd time HMS has received this award out of 4 com-
                                                 petitions this year. Way to represent our school, ladies!
                                                 "Player of the Game" individual achievement medals were also awarded
                                                 to Tayler Lovelace of Hixson Middle School and Alex Reno of Hixson High

                                                 Go Cats!

                                                                                                                    The Girls’ and
                                                                                                                 Boys’ Soccer teams
                                                                                                                   celebrated their
                                                                                                                 accomplishments at
                                                                                                                   a banquet in the
                                                                                                                  HMS cafeteria on
                                                                                                                 January 11th. Con-
                                                                                                                   gratulations on a
                                                                                                                    great season!!
V O L UM E 1 0 , I S S UE 0 2                                                                                       P AGE 4

             HMS Boys Varsity Basketball—2010                             HMS Boys Junior Varsity Basketball—2010

             HMS Girls Varsity Basketball—2010                      Important Dates to Remember:
                                                                    9:        Academics & Excellence Assembly 8:30am
                                                                    10:       Parent-Teacher Conferences 2:45-5:45
                                                                    12:       1/2 for Students (Winter Break)
                                                                    15:       No School—President’s Day
                                                                    25:       Black History Program
                                                                    26-27: Hamilton County Jr. Orchestra Clinic
                                                                    28:       8th Grade Washington, D.C. Trip
                                                                    4:        8th Graders return from Washington, D.C.
                                                                    9: No School—ACT for Juniors only

                                                                    Please remember to check the online school calendar
                                                                    on our website at: for the
Have some news??? Email for news-             most current information.
letter submission. All news is subject to approval by administra-

                      2010 HMS Wrestling                                            2010 HMS Volleyball
                         Remaining Schedule                                           Remaining Schedule
        2/1, Monday- Hixson @ Red Bank (AWAY)                                           2/1, Monday– HMS @Brown
           2/2, Tuesday- Signal Mountain (HOME)                                       2/2, Tuesday– HMS @Red Bank
     2/4, Thursday- East Hamilton, Sale Creek (HOME)                            2/4, Thursday– HMS@ Signal Mtn. Middle
              2/9, Tuesday- East Ridge (HOME)                             2/6—Bear Paw Classic Tournament @ Bradley Co. HS
         2/11, Thursday- Hixson @ Brown (AWAY)                                     2/8, Monday—HMS @East Hamilton
      2/16, Tuesday- Hixson @ Soddy Daisy (AWAY)                                   2/9, Tuesday– HMS @ Soddy-Daisy
                WEIGH-INS ARE AT 5:00PM                                               2/11, Thursday– HMS @ Loftis
         MATCH START TIMES ARE AT 6:00PM                                     2/17-19, Tuesday– HCAC Volleyball Tournament
  *CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT: Feb. 26&27, @ Brown                                           Coach David McElhaney
                     Coach Mike Weger

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