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									    Volume 16, Issue 2                                                                                                                      February 2010

                Positively Behaving
S    O     U     T   H       C   A    R   O    L I   N   A       C   O   U   N C   I    L     F O     R       C   H   I L   D   R   E   N      W   I   T   H
                                              B E    H   A   V   I   O   R   A L       D I    S O     R D     E   R   S

           S P E C I A L
         P O I N T S O F
         I N T E R E S T :                            L e t t e r              f r o m               t h e            P r e s i d e n t
     •         Special                        It’s a busy time for SC              day to stay hydrated. Add                gle…a knee slapping
               Conference                     CCBD. We’re gearing up               more fruits and vegeta-                  laugh that sends tears
               Edition!                       for the SC CEC annual                bles to your meals. Grab a               streaming down your face.
     •         Biographies of
                                              conference to make sure              handful of almonds in-                   By taking care of yourself
               Candidates for
                                              that our subdivision is well                                                  you will be able to face
               Office                         represented. With two                                                         each day with a clearer
                                              pre-conferences and an                                                        mind. Your students will
     •         Our Speakers for               entire behavior strand                                                        surely benefit!
               Preconference                  scheduled, we’re sure you
     •         The SC CCBD                    will not be disappointed!
                                                                                                                            See you all at the
               sponsored strand
                                              If you are like so many
                                              teachers I know, I bet
                                              you’re up to your eyeballs                                                    Jill Chapman
                                              with work related tasks                  Jill Chapman, President of SC CCBD   SC CCBD President
                                              right now. And no matter
                                              how early we get to
                                              school or how late we stay           stead of a bag of chips for
                                              each afternoon, it’s nearly          your after school snack.
     I N S I D E T H I S                      impossible to catch up. It’s
          I S S U E :                                                              Go to bed just a little bit
                                              during these stressful               earlier. And above all
                                              times that we need to take           else, find something to
    Preconference Speakers        2           care of ourselves more               laugh about every single
                                              than ever. Try drinking              day. Not just a little gig-
     Nominees for Officers        2           extra water throughout the

      Synopsis of CCBD
      Conference Strand                                          C o m e H a v e F u n a t t h e
                                                      S C        C o u n c i l f o r E x c e p t i o n a l
     General Membership
                                  4                              C h i l d r e n C o n f e r e n c e
                                              SC CCBD will be hosting a                  Everyone is welcome!               Not sure where to stay? Call
     Contact Information          4           social on Thursday night, Feb-               Come and enjoy                    the Sheraton Hotel and
                                              ruary 25, 2010.!                                                                Conference Center for
                                                                                                a cash bar,                 special, discounted rates on
          List of Officers        4           This social will take place at                     live music,                        their rooms.
                                              the Sheraton Hotel in Myrtle
                                                                                              great food,                           2101 North Oak St.
                                              Beach, SC immediately follow-
                                                                                       And getting to know more                 Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
                                              ing the close of the afternoon
                                                                                       educators from around the                     (888) 757-2670
                                              preconference sessions.                            state!
P a g e   2                                                                   P o s i ti v e ly     B e h a v in g

                      P r e c o n f e r e n c e                S p e a k e r s
The SC Council for Chil-     Session Two – “Behavior
 dren with Behavioral          & Progress Monitor-         Session One - 9:00 to
          Disorders          ing: Purposes, Methods               12:00
                                 and Challenges”
  is proud to offer two                                    Session Two - 1:30 to
 amazing professional         Can’t choose just one?               4:30
development opportuni-         Attend both at a dis-
                                   counted rate!         Register early to guaran-
          ties:                                           tee your seat at one or
      Session One -                                       both of these sessions.
"Seclusion and Restraint:       February 25, 2010          On-site registration is
 Guidelines from the SC       Sheraton Myrtle Beach         available if space is
Department of Education      Convention Center Hotel             available.
 to Keep Everyone Safe,
   Sound… and Legal"                                       Don’t wait! Register at
                                                                                          Dr. Maag, Keynote Speaker at
              AND                                                  the 2009 CCBD Conference

   Positions that
                              N o m i n a t i o n s               f o r        O f f i c e r s
  are being voted           The following           Susan Burkett has been           to improving outcomes for
   upon are Vice        candidates have been        a member of SC CEC for           her pre-school students with
                        nominated to serve on       many years. She has              disabilities.
    President and                the                served her local chapter         Amy Ostrom has been an
                         SC CCBD Executive          and the Division of Early        active member of SC CEC
       Secretary.            Committee:             Childhood in various             and CCBD since she was a
                                                    leadership roles. She is
       Attend the        Susan Burkett- Vice        currently the President-
                                                                                     student. She was appointed
                              President                                              to the role of Secretary of
                                                    Elect of SC CEC. Susan
          General       Amy Ostrom-Secretary        is a teacher at Batesburg-
                                                                                     CCBD this past year. Amy
                                                                                     is a teacher at Ashley Ridge
    Membership         The following paragraphs     Leesville Primary School         High School, where she was
                       outline their biographies    where she is also the            named Rookie Teacher of
  meeting to vote.     for candidacy:               lead behavior interven-          the Year for 2009.
                                                    tionist. She is dedicated

                             A t t e n t i o n :
          G e n e r a l M e m b e r s h i p M e e t i n g                                     a n d
                 C o n s t i t u t i o n a l C h a n g e s
Our next General Mem-       We will hold elections,      term of treasurer is listed as
bership meeting will be     vote on constitutional       a three year term. Read over
held at the Annual SC       changes, and give you a      the current constitution that
CEC Conference in Myr-      sneak-peak of our future     is posted on our website to
tle Beach. This meeting     plans.                       decide if you think any other
will be during the lunch    Also, it’s time to update    items need to be updated.
break on Friday, Febru-     the SC CCBD constitu-        Send all requests to Antonis
ary 26, 2010. Check the     tion. Our current copy of    Katsiyannis at 864-656-5114
conference program for      the constitution needs to    or Jill Chapman at             Alfreda Miller and Lisa Taylor
specific the time and       be revised so that the        enjoying the 2009 CCBD
room location.                                                                                conference
V o l u m e   1 6 ,   Is s u e     2                                                                                  P a g e     3

  S y n o p s i s                  o f       C C B D ’ s          C o n f e r e n c e               S t r a n d
                                               SC CCBD will host a strand of        is important for general and spe-
                                               presentations at the SC CEC          cial education classroom teach-
                                               Conference to enhance your pro-      ers. I will present various exam-
                                               fessional knowledge. Look for        ples of simple strategies to col-
                                               these sessions in the conference     lect and analyze students’ aca-
                                               program.                             demic and behavior progress.
                                               1. “A Day without Data is like a     Participants will practice collect-
                                               Day in the Dark: Using Data in       ing and analyzing student data to
                                               General and Special Education        make data-driven decisions. Par-
                                               Classrooms”                          ticipants will leave with strategies
                                                                                    and recording tools to use in
    Mike Paget presenting at the 2009 CCBD     Presented by Dr. Christine A.
                  conference                                                        their classrooms.
                                               Christle, University of SC
                                               Description: This presentation
                                               will focus on why data collection

                                                                                                       SC CCBD is very
 2. “Strategies and Inter-              mented.                       4. "Troubling and Trou-
 ventions To Improve                                                  bled: Students with Op-          excited to welcome
 Quality of Life for Stu-                                             positional and Defiant           such talented speakers
 dents High-Functioning                 3. “So Your School            Emotions and Behav-
 Autism/ Asperger’s Syn-                Team is Trained in Cri-       iors."                           to present at the SC
 drome”                                 sis De-escalation: Now
                                        What?”                        Presented by Mike Paget,         CEC conference. We
 Presented by Marie Man-                                              SC Department of
 ning, College of Charles-              Presented by : Patrick
                                                                                                       encourage you all to
 ton                                    Michael Kelly,
                                                                                                       come and hear their
 Description: Because of                University of SC
 deficits in social, commu-                                           Description: Students who        wonderful
 nication, behavioral, and              Description: School ad-       resist and defy authority        information!
 motor development, ado-                ministrators increasingly     often are identified as
 lescents with high-                    recognize the need to         emotionally and/or behav-
 functioning autism/                    have key personnel            iorally disabled. This ses-
 Asperger’s syndrome                    trained in crisis de-         sion will explore some of
 struggle to master skills              escalation, including         the common causes be-
 targeted to address Qual-              physical restraint. But       hind resistance and defi-
 ity of Life during secon-              attending a training ses-     ance, and will
 dary education and post-               sion once yearly is not       offer some
 school outcomes. QofL                  sufficient for the sake of    strategies for
 variables not only include             student and staff safety      dealing with
 academic expectations,                 and well-being. This ses-     the defiance.
                                                                                                                    Tony Rothfork
 but also include recreation            sion will go in front and                                                  Presenting the
 and leisure activities, ex-            behind the scenes of for-                                                  2009 Teacher of
 tra-curricular activities,             mal training and explore                                                   the Year award to
 and physical fitness activi-           ways to keep it relevant                                                   Elizabeth Nicodin
 ties. This presentation will           and fresh. Strategies for
 discuss practical strate-              supporting staff on the
 gies and interventions tar-            front lines will be dis-
 geted to enhance QofL                  cussed.
 opportunities and present
 a community-based pilot
 program where these
 strategies and interven-
 tions have been imple-
                                                   WE’RE ON THE WEB!

                                                               The primary purpose of SC-CCBD is to advance the
                                                               education of individuals with exceptionalities and
                                                               to promote related education, scientific, and chari-
     S O U T H   C A R O L I N A                               table purposes. Specifically, our South Carolina
        C O U N C I L   F O R                                  subdivision intends to assist and provide support
      C H I L D R E N   W I T H
         B E H A V I O R A L                                   to the CEC in all its efforts on behalf of persons
          D I S O R D E R S                                    with exceptionalities, and to participate in all ap-
                                                               propriate governance activities of the CEC, sub-
Executive Committee
Jill Chapman, President                                        ject to the general supervision and control of the
Mitch Yell, President Elect                                    CEC.
Nancy Johnson, Interim Vice President
                                                               The secondary purpose of the SC-CCBD shall be
Sandy Simpson, Treasurer
Amy Ostrom, Interim Secretary                                  (a) to promote the education and general welfare
Mike Paget, SC Dept. of Education                              of children and youth with behavioral disorders
                                                               and (b) to encourage and promote professional
                                                               growth and research as a means of better under-

A Subsection of the Council for Exceptional Children
                                                               standing the problems related to children and
                                                               youth with behavioral and emotional disorders
    “The voice and vision of Special Education”

                               H o w           C a n      W e         H e l p         Y O U ? !
    South Carolina Council for Children
    with Behavior Disorders is a service
    oriented professional organization.                 We can’t wait to see
    With that being said...How can we help
                                                       South Carolina Council
    What would you like to see in future                  For Exceptional
    editions of our newsletter, Positively                Children Annual
    Behaving?                                               Conference!
    What problems are you having that you              February 25-27, 2010
    would like to discuss?
    What is exciting in your classroom or                Myrtle Beach, SC
    Please send all suggestions to
    Amy Ostrom at                                                                          The audience listening to our wonderful keynote

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