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					S e a S o n S
the new age health Spa QuaRteRly newSletteR


                                               Staff BIoS




T h e N e w Ag e h e A lT h S pA Q uA rT e r ly N e w S l e T T e r      The New                       S e A S o N S
                                                                                                       Spring ‘10

“a race with old age -
long and hard with
detours and
distractions. But a
navajo tells her
children to run towards the dawn every
morning - to choose the most difficult trail
because only the path that is long develops
into a life worth running. a strong life. and
if these young people should run well, then
all good things in mind and spirit will
become theirs.” (from gold nuggets -
outward Bound)
                                                                             JuIce faStIng update
                                                      we have introduced some new and exciting juice blends to suit your
there is something exciting about the first
                                                       specific needs. our Spring/Summer Juicing menu is available from
start, even upon an ordinary journey. the
bustle of preparation - the act of departing,         april 1 so be sure to check our website for details or call our nutrition
which seems like a decided step taken - the                           department for the latest information.
prospect of change and the consequent
stretching of the imagination always have
the effect of stirring the blood and               meet ouR Staff
increasing the motion of the life worth            morgan Kulchinsky
living. doing something new or challenging
                                                   morgan Kulchinsky, c.n.c.,ne, is a certified holistic nutrition educator and natural
can help you escape the mundane                    foods chef who received her training from Bauman college in Santa cruz, ca.
dreariness of routine. you can then                morgan believes that eating healthy can be fun, easy, delicious and fit into your busy
celebrate the experience of hope, novelty,         lifestyle.
enterprise, curiosity and even the prospect
of difficulties and dangers to be                  She is passionate about empowering people to take their health into their own hands
encountered. you can feel yourself lighten         by providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary to make conscious and
up and your spirit soars as if it were set free.   informed choices when it comes to food and
It is a difficult lesson to learn - the art of
celebrating your life. But once you have, it       She has cooked and lectured at health
                                                   retreats, nutrition conventions, holistic cruises
becomes a very precious thing. life rushes
                                                   and for individuals from california to new york.
back from the void, richer, more vivid, fuller
than before. I think that by celebrating your      morgan offers individual consultations, gives
life every day it allows you to get in touch       nutrition lectures and teaches cooking classes.
with yourself and thus touch others.
                                                   please join morgan on april 2-4 as she hosts a
If you are afraid to live dangerously, which       healthy cooking & nutrition weekend and dishes
may have many different meanings, it is            out the secrets for how we make the food here
hard to feel bold, courageous and self-            taste so good! By popular demand, we bring you
reliant. there are many ways to learn to live      this delicious journey into the world of natural
this way. you could track wild animals, you        foods cooking. learn about the types of
could race fast cars, sail the seven seas or       ingredients we use to keep our meals within our
                                                   nutritional guidelines. nutrition lectures and hands-on cooking classes will cover such
climb high mountains.
                                                   topics as incorporating whole grains, healthy snacks, low-calorie desserts and meal
                                                   planning. come hungry - there will be plenty to taste and sample this weekend! n
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                            d e f i n i n g           t h e     n a t u r e        o f    l i v i n g      w e l l
T h e N e w Ag e h e A lT h S pA Q uA rT e r ly N e w S l e T T e r                                    S e A S o N S
                                                                                                       Spring ‘10
Spalosophy continued...                         celeBRate youR SenSeS
But, on the other hand, you can get out of      by lindy goodman, Boutique manager
bed every day with a fresh attitude and
desire to reach out, not knowing who will       aromatherapy is the practice of using
respond. If celebrating your life every day     volatile plant oils, including essential oils,
means that there will be some failures, I       for psychological and physical well-
think they sweep us to greater heights of       being. essential oils, the pure essence of
success than we ever hoped for in our           a plant, have been found to provide
                                                both psychological and physical benefits
wildest dreams. life is a successive
                                                when used correctly and safely. In
unfolding of success from failure. our
                                                addition to essential oils, aromatherapy
highest hopes are often destroyed to            uses other natural ingredients including
prepare us for better things.                   cold pressed vegetable oils, jojoba (a
                                                liquid wax), herbs, milk powders, sea            essential oils may also be inhaled into
at new age health Spa, we are constantly        salts, sugars (an exfoliant), clays and          the lungs for both psychological and
moving in this sphere of reality. we have       muds.                                            physical benefits. the aroma of the
suffered many failures only to go on to                                                          essential oil stimulates a reaction in the
greater and more exciting things. this is       In addition to therapeutic benefit at the        brain and results in a therapeutic
our celebration of life at the Spa. It is the   emotional and physical level, essential          benefit. diffusing eucalyptus essential oil
effort rather than the result that impresses    oils are helpful in other applications.          to help ease congestion is a typical
us the most. as long as we are doing our        essential oils can be used in household          example.
                                                and laundry cleaners. Some oils act as a
best who can ask for more.
                                                natural insect repellent and pesticide.          essential oils may also be applied to the
                                                citronella essential oil is the ingredient in    skin and absorbed into the bloodstream
Sound simple? I don’t think so. It is not a     the candles that is responsible for              which can aid in health, beauty and
commonly held notion. Success in the spa        repelling the mosquitos.                         hygiene conditions. to apply essential
industry is equated with wealth, power,
                                                                                                 oils to the skin, essential oils are typically
prestige and notoriety. these are dubious                                                        diluted into a cold pressed vegetable oil,
assets; some crave and possess them, but                                                         also known as a carrier oil. common
find no happiness or fulfillment in this                                                         carrier oils include sweet almond oil,
application. at new age, growth is a                                                             apricot kernel and grapeseed oil.
never-ending process that is accomplished
every day as we celebrate going for the                                                          aura cacia certified organic essential
perfect try! namaste,                                                                            oils are made from plants grown on
                                                                                                 organic fields and no pesticides or other
                                                                                                 synthetic chemicals are used in the
owner    n                                                                                       growing or processing of these oils.
                                                                                                 each oil is 100% pure and the label
                                                                                                 includes the oil’s botanical name, origin,
                                                                                                 primary benefit information, along with
                                                                                                 any usage conditions and a proven
                                                                                                 aromatherapy recipe. along with these
                                                                                                 essential oils, you will also find other
                                                                                                 aura cacia products in the store like
                                                                                                 body wash, aroma mists, body polish,
                                                                                                 foam baths and mineral bath salts. n

                                                                                                       FOR MAIL ORDER:
                                                essential oils can be blended together to
                                                create appealing and complex aromas.                     Order online at
                                                they can also be blended for a specific   
                                                therapeutic application and this
                                                combination is considered to be even
                                                more benefical than each oil working               call 800-682-4348 ext. 112
                                                independently.                                         to order by phone.

                          d e f i n i n g        t h e      n a t u r e          o f     l i v i n g    w e l l
       T h e N e w Ag e h e A lT h S pA Q uA rT e r ly N e w S l e T T e r                              S e A S o N S
                                                                                                          Spring ‘10
Recipe                                                                                       celeBRatIon
                                                                                             by morgan Kulchinsky, nutrition educator
                                                                                             a wise old man once said, “It’s better to eat beer
Balsamic Strawberry & Spinach Salad                                                          and franks with cheer and thanks than sprouts
5 servings, 104 calories/serving
                                                                                             and bread with fear and dread.” as a nutrition
Ingredients:                                                                                 educator I cannot fully identify with this proverb,
                                                                                             but I absolutely do believe that how we eat is just
1 pint fresh Strawberries
                                                                                             as important as what we eat.
1 cup Balsamic vinegar
2 tsps ground Black pepper
                                                                                             In my presentations and holistic nutrition
1/3 cup Brown Sugar                                                                          consultations I encourage people to make every
1 leek, white portion only                                                                   meal a celebration. eating is an opportunity to
10 oz Spinach, trimmed                                                                       nourish your whole self, producing an energetic
leaves                                                                                       and vital being. It is a time to be present, allowing
 Instructions:                                                                               your mind and body to catch up to one another.
 1. Rinse and slice
     strawberries. combine
     Balsamic vinegar, black
    pepper and brown sugar.
    marinate strawberries in
    vinegar up to 1 hour.
 2. Slice leek in half lengthwise and chop. Soak in cold water for a few minutes to
    remove any sand. drain and set aside.
 3. drain the strawberries and reserve the liquid.
 4. place spinach in a salad bowl. arrange strawberries over the top of the spinach.
 5. garnish with leeks.                                                                      In new age health Spa’s dining room we create
 6. Just before serving, pour about half of the reserved liquid over the salad.   n          an atmosphere best suited for this full eating
                                                                                             experience, void of distractions and stress, with
                                                                                             plenty of time to enjoy your meal. In the world
                                                                                             outside the Spa it is too easy to let nourishment
                                                                                             take lowest priority in your life. here are some
                                                                                             simple suggestions to bring the intention back to
                                                                                             this important activity.

                                                                                             plan: take a blank calendar and fill it in with your
                                                                                             menu for the week, including breakfast, lunch,
                                                                                             dinner, and snacks. arrange the menu based on
                                                                                             the activities planned for that week. Kid’s soccer
Order your Seasonal Cookbook(s) today for $20.00 each,
                                                                                             practice keeping you out late on wednesday
        or $70.00 for the complete set of four.                                              nights? make double portions of dinner on
                                                                                             tuesday and have leftovers.
                                             JuIce faStIng                                   make sure you have all
                            our juice fasting option is available year round. come           the ingredients you will
                              whenever you want, for whatever length of time is              need for the week on
                          convenient to you. choose from our wide variety of classes,
                                                                                             hand to allow quick meal
                              lectures & spa treatments to tailor a unique fasting
                             experience that will help you to achieve your goals.            preparation. planning
                                                                                             ahead is the best way to
                          for questions or assistance planning a juice fast, please call     ensure the time and
                                  our nutrition office at 800-682-4348x111,                  space for proper eating.
                             email or check our
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                            d e f i n i n g           t h e     n a t u r e           o f   l i v i n g     w e l l
   T h e N e w Ag e h e A lT h S pA Q uA rT e r ly N e w S l e T T e r                               S e A S o N S
                                                                                                      Spring ‘10
...continued from previous page
                                                     celeBRate SpRIng - we aRe                    ...continued from previous column
                                                     new & ImpRoved!
Sit down: Sitting in a chair at a table with         by debbie Birch, activities director         Balance, grace, flexibility and energy
your back                                            our creative staff has done it again! we     flow will be enhanced in our “Radiant
                                                     are proud to announce that there will be                                 lotus fan”
straight and feet
                                                     new classes, new evening entertainment                                   dance class.
on the floor
                                                     and schedule changes guaranteed to                                       learn 18 tai
helps ground                                                                                                                  chi-based
                                                     enliven your mind, body and spirit!
your body,                                                                                                                    moves with the
preparing it for                                                                                                              fan, and put
                                                     our aqua classes are now held at
the important                                                                                     them together into a dramatic and
                                                     12.00pm. many of our guests told us
task at hand.                                        they had                                     graceful dance.
Better yet, make                                     difficulty
that table one                                       getting from                                 also new on the schedule is
designated just for eating. Set the table as if it   the 3.00pm                                   “manifesting Bead meditation” where
was a special occasion - a folded napkin,            aqua class to                                you learn how to use a string of beads to
wineglasses, a tablecloth, fresh flowers. your       the next class                               declare,
                                                     at 4.00pm. In                                confirm and
body and mind will associate this environment
                                                     the 3.00pm                                   focus your
with relaxation and nourishment.
                                                     time slot is                                 mind on what
                                                     now a                                        you want to
Set Boundaries: make a distinction between                                                        manifest in
time to eat and time for other activities. this                                                   your life. this
                                                     fitness class to
includes turning off the television, putting                                                      meditation will help guide you to your
                                                     burn your calories from lunch.
away your laptop, closing the magazine and                                                        true authentic self.
setting aside your work. these things will           Speaking of fitness, we are adding
distract you and lead to mindless eating, as         “pilates with props: Band & Roller” to                                     the hills of
well as keep you in “go” mode, which inhibits        strengthen your spine, improve your                                        neversink
proper digestion.                                    balance, give definition to your arms and                                  will be alive
                                                     tighten your core.                                                         with the
                                                                                                                                sound of
chew: chewing your food well improves
                                                     we have 2 new circuit classes – “circuit                                   music! many
digestion and gives you an opportunity to
                                                     drills” and “cardio/Strength combo w/                                      of our
meditate on what you are eating. notice the                                                                                     evening
                                                     Body Bar”. circuit training has been
layers of flavors and how they change. Be                                                         programs will be inspiring, uplifting
                                                     proven to give you the biggest bang for
aware of the texture, is it crispy or smooth?                                                     musical concerts from a variety of
                                                     your buck when it comes to burning fat
Recognize how the food makes you feel. does                                                       talented artists. we will be showcasing
                                                     and boosting your metabolism. this
it remind you of something you ate as a child?       happens by incorporating a few minutes       everything
chewing is a useful tool for slowing down            of cardio and a few minutes of strength      from classical
and pausing in the momentum of your day.             training, back and forth, for forty-five     to jazz, afro-
                                                     minutes. these classes will make you         cuban to
Share: there is nothing that creates a mood          sweat, pump up your heart rate and           new age
for celebration than sharing a meal with             increase your body’s release of              with the
                                                     endorphins and growth hormone.               goal of
friends or family. host a potluck dinner, have a
barbeque or picnic, visit your favorite
                                                     If you want to stretch, relax and focus on   your soul,
restaurant or throw a dinner party for no                                                         healing your heart and filling your
                                                     self-improvement, we’ve got you covered
particular occasion. a meal shared with the                                                       dreams with peace.
                                                     too! our “Roll & Release” class will
ones you love is the best nourishment for your
                                                     consist of exclusive work on the foam
whole person.                                                                                     visit us this spring and discover all the
                                                     roller to massage and work out knots in
Incorporate these suggestions into your daily        your muscles, push out any lactic acid       new and exciting programs new age
life and you may experience a sense of overall       and create a similar body release found      health Spa is developing for you. we
                                                     with accupressure.                           are here to assist you to find your
wellbeing. eating is an opportunity to control
                                                                                                  potential, reach your goals, help you
how you feel so cherish and celebrate the
                                                                                                  relax and find your joy! n
occasion! n                                          ...continued in next column

         Call        800-682-4348                       for       reservations                    and      information
T h e N e w Ag e h e A lT h S pA Q uA rT e r ly N e w S l e T T e r                             S e A S o N S
                                                                                                    Spring ‘10
  meet ouR Staff
  lorna davis                                 living well
  anyone who has been to the Spa in the       celeBRatIon
  last 3 years has met lorna. She is the      by tara wall, Spa Services coordinator
  heart and pulse of our Spa Services
                                              In this fast-paced world, few of us take
  department in her role as manager of
                                              the time to celebrate our lives. we
  the nerve-center of the Spa. She puts all
                                              may give thanks for the more obvious
  her multi-tasking skills to good use as
                                              things, but what we should celebrate
  she balances therapists schedules with
                                              and what rings true as beautiful to

  guest appointments while ensuring the
                                              the core are the simple things that
  constant availability of products,
                                              surround us.
  consumables, equipment and rooms. It
  is a delicate and complex matrix that
  requires a master puzzle-solver and in                                                  SpecIal weeKendS
  lorna we have just that person.
                                                                                          february 19-21: Ballroom & latin
  her contributions allow the Spa to run                                                  dance weekend with catherine
  as a unified and cohesive entity,                                                       politis
  creating an environment that is pleasant
  to both co-workers and patrons alike.                                                   february 26-28: Rejuvenate &
  while managing the Services                                                             detox weekend with dr. Indrani
  department where she offers her                                                         maity
  expertise on our many treatments and
  facilities, lorna’s adept devotion to the                                               march 5-7: live Jazz concerts
  Spa has led to the creation of new and                                                  with Karl latham & friends
  invigorating signature Spa treatments,
                                                                                          march 26-29: move & groove
  including the new age Signature Salt
  Scrub. with her bright and                                                              dance weekend with lyn,
  accommodating personality, lorna is a                                                   Ra’Shawn & debbie
  both a great leader by example and a
                                                                                          april 2-4: healthy cooking &
  wonderful contributor to the
  atmosphere and efficiency of the new                                                    nutrition weekend with morgan
  age health Spa.                                                                         Kulchinsky

  a california transplant, we are delighted
  that lorna has chosen to call the
                                              every morning we are graced in this         SpecIal yoga weeKendS
                                              area of the catskills by a beautiful
  catskills home! n
                                              sunrise. we awaken to the smell of
                                                                                          february 5-7: traditional chinese
                                              the seasons, to the light, lingering        healing for today’s Body with
                                              scent of freshly budding leaves on          Kevin Sullivan
                                              long dormant trees. we have here a
                                                                                          february 12-14: yoga for couples
                                              gift, one not so complex as large
                                              shopping malls and towering cities.         with ed alvear & mary Ruf
                                              what we have to celebrate here is           march 12-14: awaken your mind,
                                              nature in all its budding brilliance and
                                                                                          Body & Spirit with anna Raimondi
                                              gorgeous simplicity. this gift is ours to
                                              enjoy, to gaze on in all its splendor       april 9-11: energy Shift yoga with
                                              and to celebrate every day at the           ed alvear
                                              new age health Spa. n
                                                                                          * all programs are subject to change

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