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									                     N E W S L E T T E R
                       ALL SAINTS’ CHURCH & ST. GEORGE’SCHAPEL
                    Mission statement: The mission of our parish is to help make the love of God more widely
                                           known in our community and in the world.
                        The Rector’s Report
 February, 2010
                              Stillness Will Count forMore Today
 There is a long section of          Haiti and other brothers and sis-
                                     ters in their tragedies, God
                                                                              As you have probably heard
                                                                           me say, even though I don’t
prayers and thanksgivings
toward the back of The Book of       stands in empathy with us. God        believe in horoscopes I can’t
Common Prayer that contains          shares our joys and sorrows. In       help but read them first in the
such treasures. So often I find      the midst of the storminess of        morning newspaper. Occasion-
myself turning to this section for   life that even the most privi-        ally they contain such words of
the appropriate timeless words       leged of us endures, it is through    wisdom that I cut it out and
for all kinds of circumstances       our spiritual lives that we will      stick it on the refrigerator. One
and occasions. One such prayer       discover the necessary quiet          horoscope recently I taped to the
that I employ while visiting with    confidence.                           front page of my appointment
people experiencing extra stress                                           calendar for daily inspiration.
and anxiety is simply entitled          Just like returning regularly to   It reads:
For Quiet Confidence:                a special vacation spot where           Your vigilant efforts prove
                                     right away we unwind and find           that you are energetic, vital
  O God of peace, who hast           peace and refreshment, prayer           and relevant. But it’s your
  taught us that in returning        and sacraments help lift us to          stillness that will count for
  and rest we shall be saved,        God’s presence where we may             more today.
  in quietness and confidence        be still. With our hearts and
  shall be our strength: By the      minds better centered on God’s          As far as the first sentence
  might of thy Spirit lift us,       loving presence in our everyday       goes, I can only say like my
  we pray thee, to thy pres-         lives, we experience peace in         Dad does with his Boston
  ence, where we may be still        the midst of storms. When we          accent, “From your lips to
  and know that thou art God;        cling to the Rock of our salva-       Gawd's ears.” But I can testify
  through Jesus Christ our           tion, the breaking surf can not       to the second part that it is in
  Lord. Amen.                        carry us away.                        God’s peace -- accessible to all
                                                                           by God’s grace through prayer,
  To be still ... In my experi -                                           meditation, contemplation, wor-
ence, we could never possibly                                              ship and service -- that we dis-
steel ourselves enough for the                                             cover the inner calm needed to
challenges and calamities that                                             endure and thrive. In quietness
befall us. We might kid our-                                               and confidence shall be our
selves that we have enough                                                 strength. It is our stillness that
determination and selfreliance to                                          will count for more today.
overcome all obstacles. Often                                                The peace and joy of Christ,
we do. But sometimes the storm       All Saints’ Church, Rehoboth Beach
clouds brew and tragedy strikes,
we are overwhelmed and come
to realize that our dependence is
on God alone.
  Because God allows freedom                                                      Father Max Wolf
in creation and doesn’t micro-
manage things, stuff happens. It
just does. Just as we stand in
solidarity with the people of           St. George’s Chapel, Harbeson
                                         ing. Instead of simply rushing at a         NEWSLETTER
                                         newspaper, magazine or book and

                                         reading the first thing that catches
                                                                                    All Saints’ Episcopal Church
                                         my eye, I try to be selective in what
                                                                                        St. George’s Chapel
                                         I read, and read only those things
                                                                                          18 Olive Avenue
                                         that actually interest me. I practice      Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
          By Father Chris Moore          mindful TV-viewing. Instead of                 Phone 302.227.7202
                                         simply flipping on the tube at ran-
      Recently I encountered a           dom, I try to be selective in what I
                                                                                         Fax 302.227.7085
new spiritual practice, which has        watch and even decide in advance
helped me look at the food I eat --                                                The Rev. Max J. Wolf, Rector
                                         what deserves my attention.              The Rev. Christopher C. Moore,
and in fact, my whole life -- quite
differently. It is called “Mindful                                                        Priest Associate
                                           In less than three weeks, we will      The Rev. Canon P. Simon Mein,
Eating”. The way it works is this.       be entering the Lenten season on
When you sit down to a meal,                                                             Honorary Associate
                                         Ash Wednesday, February 17.                   Deacon Susan Phillips
instead of plunging right in, first      People always wonder, what is the
take a moment and center yourself.                                                      Clergy in Residence:
                                         purpose of the Lenten season and            The Rev. Harry N. Collins
Close your eyes and attempt to           how can I make the best use of it?
become one with the moment.                                                          Pastor David P. Risseeuw
                                         Is Lent a time for “giving up”              The Rev. Otto L. M. Lolk
When you are ready, take your first      something? Or is it a time for taking
forkful of food. Raise it slowly to                                                   The Rev. Elizabeth Doty
                                         on something, devoting ourselves to             Melissa Jackewicz,
your mouth. Allow yourself to smell      performing some good work or out-              Parish Administrator
its aroma. Then slowly take it into      reach that we have not done before?       Cynthia Hyland, Housekeeper
your mouth. As you chew, become          Or is it for both? Probably you are      Michele Carey, Admin. Assistant
aware of the textures of the food.       the best judge of what you need to      Craig Campbell, Director of Music
Notice its taste. Allow yourself to      do in order to practice what the                 Alex Helsabeck,
feel thankful for the plant or animal    Prayer Book calls a “holy Lent”.           Special Events Coordinator
that has given its life so that you      But I would like to suggest that,          Heidi Balliet, Senior Warden
may have nourishment. Feel thank-        whatever you do, you practice some        Helen Abrams, Junior Warden
fulness also for the people -- the       form of mindfulness this Lent,           Laura Dottterer, ECW President
farmers, the food processors and the     whether in your eating or in other      Jamie & Monroe Colvett, N’sletter
like -- who have labored so that you     areas of your life. Above all, it            (
may eat. After you swallow and           seems to me, Lent is a time for                      Websites:
when you are ready to take another       being conscious, for being aware, as
forkful of food, again focus on the      a spiritual preparation for Easter,
moment and take care not to rush         and surely mindfulness in all areas
through the rest of the meal.            of our life is a major part of this                      Parish
                                         spiritual preparation.
   When you are done eating, you                                                                 Register
will probably discover that you          Congratulations Julia Morey
have actually tasted the food and                                                           Marriages
that you have experienced a sense         For Winning Betsey’s Art                        Amy Shupard and
                                                                                         Christopher Capriotti
of gratitude for the food as well as
for God's bounty in all areas of your      Congratulations to Julia Morey
                                         for winning Betsey VonDreele’s art-                   Deaths
life. You will also discover, in all                                                      Frank G. Corey
likelihood, that you have actually       work, donated to us by Betsey for            Stuart R. Gammage, Sr.
eaten less than you would have had       the St. George’s Christmas Fair. We              Ruth L. Gerner
you rushed through the meal while        thank Betsey for her donation of the           Rebecca M. Melvin
distracted by reading or watching        beautiful artwork and also thank all         Mary L.“Patty” Melvin
TV.                                      of the people who made our Christ-              Dennis R. Taylor
                                         mas Fair a success. -- Helen Abbott         Charlotte “Bunny” Whyte
  Since I discovered this mindful                                                  Emmanuel M. “Butch” Ziegler, Jr.
eating exercise, I have tried to carry             We Are An                              New Members
the principle of mindfulness into                 All-Inclusive                      Dorothy & Edmund Seyfried
other areas of my life as well. I
have been practicing mindful read-
                                                    Church                           Richard & Marcia Goodman
  ‘Cheating Death’ Scheduled                                     Important Dates
  For Feb. 24 Book Club Meet
   “ heating Death” is the selection          1-- ECW Board Meeting, All Saints' at 10 a.m.
chosen for the Wednesday, February
                                             4 -- Holy Communion and Fellowship, 2 p.m. at Brandywine Assisted Living
24 meeting of the Parish Book Group
                                             8 -- Mental Health Ministry dinner at St. Geor ge's parish hall, 5:30 p.m.
at St. George’s parish hall from 5:30 to
                                             8 -- St. George's ECW Chapter, 10 a.m., St. George's parish hall
7 p.m.
                                             9 -- Finance Committee, 3 p.m., All Saints'
                                            16 -- Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, St. George's parish hall, 5:30-7:30 p.m.
  The book is written by Dr. Sanjay         17 -- Ash Wednesday - see back of newsletter for service schedule
Gupta, medical correspondent for the
                                            22 -- Vestry, 7 p.m., All Saints' parish hall
cable news network. He is a practicing
                                            24 -- Parish Book Club, 5:30 - 7 p.m., St. Geor ge’s' parish hall
neurosurgeon, chief of neurosurgery at
                                            25 -- Lenten Series Luncheon with speaker - following the 1 1:30 Healing
Grady Memorial Hospital and an assis -             & Holy Communion Service at All Saints'
tant professor at Emory University
Hospital in Atlanta.                       March
  In the book, Dr. Gupta, with the help      1 -- ECW Board Meeting, 10 a.m., All Saints'
of a researcher, describes the doctors        4 -- Lenten Series Luncheon with speaker - following the 1 1:30 Healing
and medical miracles that are now sav -              & Holy Communion Service at All Saints'
ing lives against all odds.                   4 -- Holy Communion and Fellowship, 2 p.m., Brandywine Assisted Living
                                              8 -- St. George's ECW Chapter, 10 a.m., St. George's parish hall
  In the first chapter, he tells of the       8 -- St. Francis ECW Chapter, 12 noon, All Saints' parish hall
amazing recovery at a local hospital of       8 -- St. Boniface ECW Chapter, 7 p.m., All Saints' parish hall
a Norwegian skier and medical resi -          9 -- Finance Committee, 3 p.m., All Saints'
dent who suffered a fall into an icy         11 -- Lenten Series Luncheon with speaker - following the 1 1:30 Healing
creek on a mountainside.                            & Holy Communion Service at All Saints'
                                             14 -- Daylight Saving Time begins- Spring forward!
   She was soaking wet and, by tradi -       18 -- Lenten Series Luncheon with speaker - following the 1 1:30 Healing
tional measurers, clinically dead. Her               & Holy Communion Service at All Saints'
skiing companions, also medical resi-        22 -- Vestry, 7 p.m., All Saints' parish hall
dents, started CPR. A helicopter             25 -- Service of Holy Communion and Healing, 1 1:30 a.m. at All Saints'
brought help. More CPR was adminis -         25 -- Final Lenten Series Luncheon with speaker - following an 1 1:30
tered. The patient survived because she              Healing & Holy Communion Service at St. Geor ge's Parish Hall.
was kept cold while treatment, such as       28 -- Palm Sunday
CPR, went on. No immediate warm              28 -- Bishop's Annual Visitation, St. George's Chapel, 9:30 a.m.

   Her story is amazing and -- with Dr .      Recycle used inkjets -- Don’t forget to bring your old, used inkjets
Gupta’s help -- the thinking that went      to church and place them in boxes located at All Saints’ and St.
into the skier’s treatment along the way    George’s. They are recycled and help raise funds for MS. Thanks.
is made clear.                               Thanks To All Who Made indeed a team effort and an exam-
                                             Christmas Fair A Success ple of people working together for
  Other stories in the book follow.                                              a common cause,” says Helen
Some of the research in a couple of           A huge thank you to all who        Abrams.
middle chapters is probably the work       worked to make the annual St.
of the book’s researcher and is a little   George’s Christmas Fair a success.      Thanks for bringing your friends
technical, but following that are the      In spite of chilling rain this year , and neighbors. A special thanks to
human interest stories that make this      there was a record crowd in atten - Winnie Fulmer and Jack Hughes
book so fascinating.                       dance. We also exceeded last          for crafts and wood projects and
                                           year’s total proceeds.                “crafty” ladies for their projects.
  The book is available at Browse-                                               Also all those people from both
about Books, $24.99. The Rev. Chris           “Many thanks to all the women      churches who came and enjoyed
Moore will lead the discussion. All are    and men who gave of their time,       the fellowship, shared the good
welcome.                                   talents and treasure. This was        food and purchased our wares.
                                         spirit of thanksgiving. Let me be
                                         truly thankful of all blessings you
      Meditations                        have bestowed and help me to
                                         have a sharing heart to help those
                                         less fortunate in this world. May
        Read Matt 6:26-34                what little I can do be seen only as
                                         your glory Lord, and not of me.
  Matt 6: 33 But seek first his king-    This I ask in the name of Jesus
dom and his righteousness, and all       Christ, my Lord. Amen.
these things will be given to you as                         -- John Birdsell
well.                                                                            New Deacon Thanks Parish
                                          ‘Mission Beyond Borders’               For Support At Ordination
  I t would appear that we are def-        Conversation Is Jan. 14                  I know I will never forget the
initely in hard times. Many are                                                  loving support, prayers and caring
                                            A conversation on “Mission           of the past four years that led to the
without employment and we hear           Beyond Our Borders” is set for
of people losing their homes every                                               incredible ordination service on
                                         January 14, 7 - 9 p.m. at St.           December 5 of the six people who
day. Along with this, we have in         Peters in Lewes. Fr. Max’s friend
the past few years experienced                                                   are now the Diocese of Delaware’s
                                         and colleague, The Rev. Dr. Bill        first locally formed vocational dea-
some world catastrophes as well.         Wood will speak about global
Most currently the people of Haiti                                               cons. Thank you to the many peo-
                                         Church Mission from his perspec-        ple who were a part of the service
have been hit with a devastating         tive of many years as a missionary      as my presenters -- Fr. Max, Fr.
earthquake and following tremors.        priest. Anyone with mission expe-       Simon, Laura Dotterer and Scott
Many are dead, many are home-            rience or would like to be a part of    Walsmith; banner bearers -- Ralph
less and there is a lack of fresh        a global-mission experience, is         Daub and Ann Nichols; Randy
water and food.                          invited to participate.                 Brewster, soloist and members of
                                         Refreshments will be served.            the choir and congregation.
  Our church in Wappingers Falls,
N.Y. supported a mission to the                                                    Outside the doors of the church,
School of Holy Spirit in Haiti. The                                              there was wind, rain, snow, sleet
country was so poor that parents                     Parish                      and mud which only seemed to
were asked to donate $25 a year                    Classifieds                   embolden the approximately 425
toward their children’s education.                                               people inside. The Holy Spirit’s
No child would be kept out and                                                   presence was palpable not just at
the Priest in charge knew that              SLIDE-IN CAMPER -- North-            the time of ordination, but in the
many of the families would only          Star slide-in, crank-up camper for      warm and generous hospitality of
be able to pay $5 a year and others      pick-up truck. Low profile for bet -    the people of St. Stephen’s and in
                                                                                 the interaction of the many people
able to contribute nothing. Though       ter mileage -- refrigerator, furnace,
many things had been tried, there        stove, sink, air-conditioning and
was no industry to support any           queen-size bed. Excellent condi-
kind of economy for the people.          tion. Asking $2,850. Call Bob at           Thank you for the cards, gifts,
                                         302-222-2696.                           food prepared for the reception on
  Under these conditions and now                                                 the fifth and the exquisite green
the earthquake, it is understand-          CLEANUP TIME -- Need some-            stole presented to me by Olly on
able if the people’s faith is shaken.    one to clean your house, closets,       behalf of everyone from All Saints’
                                         garage, basement, etc.? Affordable,     and St. George’s. The celebrations
We don’t know how blessed we
                                                                                 continued as I was welcomed into
are until we lose some blessing we       hardworking women can do it for         my new ministry during the service
have. This is a great time to show       you. Call Michele Carey at 302-         at St. George’s on the 6th and at
those who survived that the world        226-2023 or Kim Baptiste at 302-        both services at All Saints’ on the
does care. It may be the hand of         947-9673. References available.         13th, followed by wonderful recep-
Christ that reaches out to help                                                  tions, complete with large, beautiful
those in need in this desperate            TIME TO FILE -- Are your files        cakes. Parts of one of the cakes
time.                                    cockeyed, cluttering up your office     were delivered to the people from
                                         space? To create a system, organ-       Tarton and Hope Houses so they
  Pray: Father God, Creator and          ize and unclutter your home or          could share in the celebration.
provider of all there is, stir in me a   office, call Jamie 302-684-4513.           Love in Christ, Deacon Susan
                                        so new pieces to be presented in a
                                        concert setting and in church. We
                                        have found that Saturday rehearsal           Thrift Shop
                                        immediately prior to Sunday com-
   Craig Campbell, Director of Music
                                        mitment has increased our mem-
                                        bers’ comfort level in playing. Our       Several discrepancies have
  F   or centuries bells have been      goal is to find eleven committed        occurred in recent months regard-
vital in the lives of countless gen -   players to keep our group going         ing our monthly donation drawing
erations. Beginning in the Middle                                               (the cookie jar). Therefore, the
                                        after ten years of faithful service.    Thrift Shop policy of drawing
Ages, bells have been used to
communicate a variety of mes-                                                   names has been updated. In the
                                         Next Taton & Hope Dinner               future, volunteers must volunteer a
sages or work, celebrations and
even warning of impending dan-
                                         Scheduled For February 8               minimum of 40 hours over the past
ger!                                                                            six consecutive months to qualify
                                           Monday, February 8 is the date       for their name to be entered in the
                                        set for the next dinner at St.          monthly drawing. I will enter the
   Our parishioner, Larry Beach of      George’s parish hall, beginning at      names of all volunteers who quali -
Rehoboth, suggested this opening        5:30 p.m. The theme for the dinner      fy for our drawing. A sign-in sheet
paragraph as his later father,          is love and the color to wear is red.   will be established starting Feb. 1
Ronald O. Beach, served as Presi-       Chicken is on the menu and danc -       to monitor the hours of all volun -
dent and CEO of the Schulmerich         ing and singing are on the pro -        teers.
firm, beginning in 1954. Their          gram.
family firm, Beach Instruments of                                                 We are currently negotiating
                                          Again and again the people liv -      with our landlord for additional
Newark, N.J., was bought by                                                     space at our current location.
George Schulmerich with the             ing at Taton and Hope Houses tell
                                        me in different ways how happy          Should our request be approved,
understanding that Larry’s father                                               we will increase our space from
would retain a position of leader -     and comfortable you all make            4,000 to 8,600 square feet. It is our
ship. So it is not an exaggeration      them feel when they are at the din -    goal to have the additional space
                                        ners. The staff at another group        available on March 1.
to state that we have hand bell roy -
                                        home has expressed interest in
alty within our midst!                  being part of our ministry and they        Sandra Rowland, our cashier
                                        may join us at the dinner in Febru-     scheduling person, still needs help
   Our bell group is on hiatus at       ary. Please let me know if you are      with the Monday-Friday 10 a.m - 1
present. When we resume two ini-        interested in being part of this        p.m. and 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. shifts,
tial sessions will be offered to help   event.                                  Saturday 9 a.m. - 12 noon and 12
learn to ring the bells and to learn                                            noon - 3 p.m. slots. Please call her
music theory. That will enable            A request has been made by            if you can help - 933-0557.
anyone to read our scores well          Fellowship Health Resources’
enough to handle two bells.             Service Center in Ellendale for           Furniture and televisions are a
                                        warm blankets and warm coats for        very important aspect of our
                                        people who are transitioning out of     Shop’s income. Please encourage
   It is extremely difficult for our                                            your friends and neighbors to con -
members to have a good rehearsal        prison or the Delaware Psychiatric
                                        Center. All donations can be left in    sider donating to our Shop. We do
with members missing for reasons                                                offer to pick up major donations.
                                        the gray bin labeled Mental Health
other than illness, as so much          Ministry located in All Saints’         Call the Shop at 226-3123.
depends on hearing the other bells      parish hall.
play their parts. To underscore this                                              The names drawn for our current
facet of our shared ministry, mem-                                              month’s donations are: Janice
                                           Thank you, thank you to the          Moore, Just Soup Ministry, 17256
bers will be asked to sign a com -      many people who continue to con -       Queen Anne Way, Lewes, DE
mitment pledge to make every            tribute to this ministry with time,     19958; Linda Wallace, All Saints’
rehearsal, similar to what is           talent, prayer and donations of         (working poor); Mable Granke,
required in other volunteer situa-      money and things. In seeking to         West Rehoboth Land Trust; Jackie
tions involving hospital work, etc.     serve those forgotten and ignored       Hane, Seventh Day Adventist
                                        in our society, we encounter Jesus      Church; Howard T. Ennis, student,
 The spring term will proceed           in them and in ourselves.               Jessica Xenos, $25 gift certificate.
with learning a program of eight or        Deacon Susan, 422-3257                       -- Richard Faull, Manager
                             O God, your will for all people is health and salvation. Please send
                            your Holy Spirit to comfort and heal these loved ones for whom we
                            offer our prayers, in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen

Richard Appleby                Bro. Dominic Fontaine     Debra McKinney            Mike Smith
Joyce Allen                    Cindy Foster              Leo Menard                Shirley Snyder
Christopher Altoe              Maureen Gallagher         Elizabeth Mercer          Carol Soldall
Patricia Anderson              Buddy Garrett             Louise Miller             John Robert Souza
Ethel Ayres                    Joshua Gehman             Rick Miller               Bill & Rebecca Spare
Zachary Barkley                Charlie Gilbert           Anthony Moore             Sandy Spence
Annie Batencourt               Debra Gingrich            Joseph H. Myers, Jr.      Joe Stanzilis
Delores Lyons Batson           Bonnie Grulke             Barbara Nissley           Leonard Stewart
Neil Bauer & Family            Susan Harvey              Clark Pangburn            Tom Strothers
Gerri Beckett                  Chris Henning             Betty May Patterson       Ann Strum
Joan Bennison                  Charles Hildebrand        Susan Paul                Nadine Sturgis
Vita Bove                      Liz Holmgren              Mari Phillips             Mark Swartout
Taylor Lee Bretl               David Hubbuch             David Pierce              Colson Tackett
Bob Brown                      Jean Hughes               Katie Pile                Brian Tappan & family
Kerry Brown                    John Hurd                 Gladys Pinover            Frank Taylor
Michael Brown                  Katherine Johanson        Jane Pittman              Hank Thomas
Patricia Burlew                Lee Kerin                 Marilyn Prouty            John Thomas
Cat Cameron                    Katherine Kielbasa        Laurie Ramseyer           Nick Thomas
Buzz Campbell                  Jennifer Kihn             Mary Ann Rania            Sean Toner
Sarah Cecil                    Keith Kingswell           Franklin Richardson       Rosemary Vaccalini
Norm Cochrane                  Donna Kirkpatrick         Bob Rider                 Louis “Van” Vanmansart
Fr. Harry Collins              Allen Klinger             Jeannie Reilly            Mary Van Wart
Henry Wheaton Collins Jr.      Julie Kojock              Quita Rider               Jean Vest
Gary Comstock                  Dr. Eileen Kuhns          Ralph & Margaret Riley    Dick Warden
Violet Creighton               Chrissy LaCastro          Debbie Robertson          Wendy Weller
Louise Davies                  The Lennox Family         Mary Kathleen Rorick      Albert H. Westerside
Stacy Davis-Smith              Cliff & Debbie Leong      Cindy Ross                Ethan Williams
Rusty Deloiser                 Barbara Lifflander        Judy Ross                 Sharon Jones Williams
Jay Dentino                    Carla Mootz Logan         Olivia Ruggiano           Molly Wingate
Dee Dreer                      Steve Lort                Nan Ruhl                  Roseann White
Chuck Eaton                    Danny Lundy               Stephanie Schmidt         Lance Whitlock
Karen Edwards                  Wendy Lynn                Barbara Scott             David Williamson
Janine Eisold                  The Madison Family        Randy Scott               Sally Wilson
Deanne Elliot                  Nancy Martin              Alec Searl                Jordan Wolf
Spencer Evans                  Fran Marvin               Patricia Semler           Nancy & Joseph Wolf
Bob Falk                       Kisha Maull               Jim & Caroline Short      Pat & Tom Wolfe
Betsey Farlow                  Charles McCabe            Linda Showell             Harriet Wright
Scott Fenstermacher            Jack McClelland           Irene Simpler             Baby Zook
Nelle Filden                   Claudia McCloskey         Emma Grace Smith          The People of Haiti
Richard Fischer                Paul McCool               Beau Smith                The Way Home
Mary Fisher                    Louise & Mac McFarlin     Jean Smith                Habitat for Humanity
Pam Wampole Fitzgerald         Rev. William McKean       Kimberly Smith            Mental Health Ministry

                We commend to your gracious care all the men and women of our Armed Forces at home
              and abroad. Defend them with your heavenly grace, strengthen them in their trials, give them
             comfort, grant them a sense of your abiding presence, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Chris Ashinhurst                Lamar Hall               Matt Markham              Nina Ritter
Christopher Barrett             Amanda Hammond           Jackie McClelland         Matt Ryan
Mike Berge                      Matthew Heil             Bob McDonald              Scott Schwartzkopf
Beau Biden                      Alex Helsabeck           H.I.B. McNeilly           Jonathan Seiter
Charles Bowen                   Gary Hogan               Brandon Melvin            Shirley
Bob Burner                      Randall “Hap” Holm       Mariann Miller            Jennifer C. Snyder
Luis Cancel                     Joseph Holt              Dustin Mitchell           Matt Sonderman
Thomas Chesley                  Nicholas Imperial        Danny Mosko               Alison Sposato-Jones
Christopher Connors             Andrew Jones             Dustin Myers              Vincent Street
William Cooper                  Joshua Jones             Jeffrey Nagal             Joseph Swartz
James Diniz                     John L. Kallerson        Matthew Nall              Crystal Thompson
Duane Duke                      Jonathan Keck            Jesse Neace               Billy Thompson
Colin Eaton                     Rex Kenyon               Patrick O'Kane            Tim Thornton
Kenny Esch                      Chaplain Martha Kester   Cliff Ogea                Michael Todd
William Ewald                   Curtis Kinsey            Ryon Padgett              Brian Uibel
John Fisher                     Rocky Lackman III        Noel Payne                John Ulmer
Stephen C. Flor                 Steven Levasseur         Alvy Powell               Karl Wethe
Christopher N. Hall             Christian T. Lewis       John P. Read              Pete Wilks
                                        Remembering Ruth
                                       As A Talented Musician                Poem Of The Month
                                                                             Poem Of The Month
                                       Ruth Holland Andreotti, who
                                    gave much of her talent as a musi -                    Kinswoman
                                    cian toward enhancing the musical                 by Barbara Del Mastro
                                    program at All Saints’ Church, died
                                    this past Thanksgiving eve. Ruth        What can I make of these elements ...
Ellen Smith Troutman       Feb. 1   joined the choir in the late 70’s        the salt of Pacific spray on my face ...
                                    raising her voice to the Glory of          the yeast in the lift
                                                                                 of the whale’s great flukes ...
Anna Misener               Feb. 1
                                    God for many years. In 1991, as
Gale Davis                 Feb. 2
                                    All Saints’ Church prepared for its
Stephanie David            Feb. 3                                                  the buttery light
                                    Centennial the coming year, the
Jacob Kee                  Feb. 4   organist position became vacant                   on the island slopes?
Shea Sugrue                Feb. 4   and Jim Manion, Rector, asked
Susan Phillips             Feb. 5   Ruth if she would take over that        From whom or what do I ask per mission
                                    position and plan for special musi -    to speak of the star-struck silence
Joanne Merlo               Feb. 6
Scott Watson               Feb. 6   cal events to help commemorate              that is not of this world-
Sharon Rose               Feb. 8    the occasion. Ruth, a professional
                                    pianist, agreed. Ruth had very little   a rich silence, heavy with life-
Rodney Reynolds            Feb. 9   formal training as an organist, but     a darkness that is the opposit e of death?
Harry Miller              Feb. 13   her skill at the piano, plus a crash
Kathy McGuiness           Feb. 14   course for the organ, enabled her to
                                    perform brilliantly.                    I gaze into a slumbering sea, a night sky,
Martha Jane Murphy        Feb. 19
                                                                            that, like my eyes stretched in wonder,
Tom Tibbetts              Feb. 21
                                      As I remember Ruth and those          are fully dilated,
Ulysis Slagle             Feb. 21   days of hard work for both her and      readying to give birth
Amie Sloan                Feb. 23   the choir. I will always picture her        to nascent day.
Lois Johnson              Feb. 24   and how she resolved the problem
C. W. Kenworthy, Jr.      Feb. 24   of playing the organ and directing      How do I give voice
Jim Beebe, Jr.            Feb. 25   the choir at the same time. It was      to my inward cry of greeting
                                    difficult for Ruth to see the choir
Allen Scott               Feb. 26
                                    over the organ as she was a petite      for the little Island Fox
Virginia Bateman          Feb. 27   lady. She surprised the choir one       who came to visit at dusk...
Genna Burton             March 1    night at rehearsal by sticking a        his dark eyes as sweet and clear
Joanne Hastings          March 3    peacock feather in the twist of her     as liquid obsidian and blackberry-
                                    hair. Thus, when she waved her          his coat of charcoal, oat and cinnamon
                                    head to the correct time the choir      burnished by the island sun,
       The Peony Tree               could easily follow.                    his movements
        Beauty and Spirit                                                      a delicate ballet ...
                                      Ruth accompanied the local
            are lovers,                                                     each tiny black paw placed just so-
                                    choral society, including the
       inertwined forever,          Messiah, on many occasions. She         his dance nearly swept from the world
             or so say              played for a while at St. Peter ’s      stage...
        the philosophers.           Church in Lewes. As much as she
         Look carefully,            loved All Saints’ Church, she also      I cannot give full voice,
                see                 loved the little Presbyterian Church    cannot translate these human sounds
        God manifested.             at Coolsping where she and I
                                    sometimes went to commune with
                                    our ancestors buried in the church -    Wethes’ New Granddaughter
  A condolence poem by Barbara
                                    yard there. Ruth’s daughter, Lark,
Lifflander for her late cousin,     decided that her mother should be        Chris and Barb Wethe have a new
Amber Scholz, Washington, D.C.,     laid to rest there. And so it was.                          ¨lle
                                                                            Granddaughter: Noe Wethe, born
who the Washington Post called      Another chapter, another verse. In      Dec. 17 in Yuma, AZ, according to
Washington’s “It girl”!             fond remembrance, Punx Wingate          a recent note we received.
  ALL SAINTS’ CHURCH &                                                                       Non-Profit Organization
  ST. GEORGE’S CHAPEL                                                                            U.S. Postage
     18 OLIVE AVENUE                                                                                 PAID
                                                                                                 Permit No. 19
                                                                                           Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

                                SUNDAY SERVICES                                         The Rev. Max J. Wolf, Rector
                                                                                       The Rev. Christopher C. Moore,
    All Saints’ Church                                                                         Priest Associate
     18 Olive Avenue, Rehoboth Beach
                                                                                       The Rev. Canon P. Simon Mein,
         Sunday Holy Eucharist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .              8 a.m.
         Breakfast . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    9 a.m.          Honorary Associate
         Sunday School . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .         9:45 a.m.       Deacon Susan Phillips
         Holy Eucharist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .        10 a.m.          Clergy in Residence:
                                                                                         The Rev. Harry N. Collins
    St. George’s Chapel                                                                   Pastor David P. Risseeuw
     20274 Beaver Dam Road, Harbeson                                                     The Rev. Otto L. M. Lolk
         Sunday School and Children . . . . . . . . . . . . 9:15 a.m.                     The Rev. Elizabeth Doty
         Sunday Holy Eucharist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9:30 a.m.

            Bible Study -- Wednesdays . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10:30 a.m.

                                                                                       We’re Here
                                                                                        For You!
                         Ash Wednesday Services
                   Holy Eucharist & Imposition of Ashes:

                    8 a.m. & noon at All Saints’ Church

                  8 a.m. & 6 p.m. at St. George’s Chapel


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