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					Offense: Assist Public Utilities
Date: 12.01.08
Time: 1545 hrs
Location: 16000 blk of Hidden View

While an officer was on patrol he was flagged down by a resident at the above location. The
resident informed the officer a phone wire had fallen onto her vehicle while she was driving by
the listed location. The officer summoned assistance from another officer to ensure no one else
ran into the wire. Hollywood Park First Responders arrived at the location and moved the wires
off of the vehicle. AT&T personnel arrived and took care of the wires. No further action.

Offense: Suspicious Vehicle
Date: 12.02.08
Time: 0124 hrs
Location: 15000 blk of San Pedro

While on patrol at the above location an officer observed the listed vehicle pull into the parking
lot of the Spectrum Club and park in the northeast corner of the parking lot. Contact was made
with the driver who related he pulled into the location to eat his food. A check of the driver on
the MDT revealed the driver was clear of any wants/warrants. No further action.

Offense: Suspicious Vehicle
Date: 12.03.08
Time: 1855 hours
Location: 200 blk of Village Circle

An officer was contacted by a resident via the city cellular phone concerning a suspicious black
pickup truck in the area. Upon arrival, the officer conducted a check of the area, however, no
vehicle was found matching the description. No further action.

Offense: Identity Theft
Date: 12.05.08
Time: 1000 hours
Location: 100 blk of Tomahawk Trail

Officers were called out to the listed location for an identity theft report. Upon arrival, contact
was made with the resident who related he had received several phone calls from Certegy Check
Service, Inc. in relation to outstanding checks from February 2007. The resident related an
unknown person had been writing checks using his financial institution account number. The
officer receipted for copies of the check information and placed them in the evidence room. So
far the resident related there were approximately $7000.00 worth of fraudulent checks written on
his account without his approval. The resident was provided a case number and this report was
sent to C.I.D.

Just a reminder from your Crime Prevention Section
If you would like a home inspection from our Crime Prevention officer, please call City Hall and
ask for Officer Ben Richard to schedule an appointment.

If you need fingerprint cards taken you can have them done at City Hall on Thursdays from 9:00
a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

Please remember the primary way to get a hold of the on duty officer is through the Bexar
County Sheriff’s Office at 210.335.6000.

Chief Morales

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