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									                    E v e r y o n e i s W e l c o m e : T h e Y M C A i s a m e m b e r s h i p o r g a n i z a t i o n o pe n t o a l l pe o p l e .

                                           YMCA CAMP ORKILA                                                                    Spring, 2010

                                          Women’s Wellness Weekend                                                             CAMPORKILA.ORG

                                           Mother/Daughter Opportunity
• Mother/Daughter
• Activity list                       Multiple generations of women sharing familial bonds often enjoy Women’s Wellness
                                      Weekend together. For many, it is a long-standing tradition and a chance to spend
• How to sign up for massages
                                      precious time together.
• What to bring to camp
                                      Daughters in 10th grade and older are welcome to attend the upcoming Women’s
• How to get to Orkila
                                      Wellness Weekend with their mothers. This is an opportunity offered only at the
• Policies                            spring WWW at Camp Orkila each year.

                                         Arrival, Check-In, and Dinner

                                         Check-in begins at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, in Larry Norman Lodge. YMCA will provide shut-
                                         tle service for all walk-on passengers from Orcas Ferry Landing to Camp Orkila for the
                                         ferries departing Anacortes at 4:00 p.m. and 7:10 p.m. We strongly recommend that you
                                         leave your car parked in Anacortes and take advantage of this service, but please return
                                         the enclosed transportation sheet to let us know, so we can reserve a seat on
                                         the bus for you and so we can order the appropriate amount of food.

                                         If you are walking onto the ferry: When you hear the announcement on the ferry indicat-
                                         ing that the vessel is arriving at Orcas Island, proceed to the car deck right away, and be
                                         ready to walk off (at the landing end of the ferry) as soon as the ferry docks. A luggage
                                         truck and an Orkila bus will be waiting ON the ferry ramp. These vehicles can remain in
                                         position for only a few minutes, so please be ready to board the bus right away.

                                         If you choose to drive your car to camp: plan to be in Anacortes at least an hour before
   Luggage Tags                          sailing time, and take any ferry bound for Orcas. At camp, please park in designated ar-
Enclosed are color-coded                 eas only. Use the luggage carts provided to get your luggage to your cabin.
luggage tags. If you are
staying in the Dederer                   The dinner buffet will stay open from 6:00 until 7:00 p.m. You must arrive on the 4:00
Center your tags will be                 ferry departing Anacortes in order to join us for dinner. If you have not already regis-
red. If you are staying in               tered for dinner and would like to attend, indicate on the transportation/meal form.
Wally Fisher the tags will               There is no additional cost for dinner.
be yellow.
                                         Final checkout is Sunday, March 7th, at 1p.m.. YMCA will provide shuttle service from
Please attach these tags to              Camp Orkila back to the Orcas Ferry Landing for the ferries that depart Orcas at 11:30
any bags you will be plac-               a.m. and 2:10 p.m. If you plan to drive onto the ferry, we recommend arriving at the
ing on the luggage truck at              ferry landing at least 2 hours before sailing time to ensure a place on the boat.
the Orcas ferry terminal.
                                                                                                           .troseR yaB eoD fo seicilop
   excursions.                           ot eud ,elbaliava stekcit detimiL .lanoitpo gnihtolC ; ) eef yaB e o D ( nosrep/51$ :sbuT toH
   bring money for those
   for karaoke on Saturday,                                .egassam detaes etunim-51 a rof 51$ ;ruoh/06$ ;ruoh-flah/03$ :egassaM
   shopping, or at the pub
   spend any time in town                                                                                              .nemow rehto
   If you think you’d like to               rof stnemtnioppa ekam ro stols emit elpitlum rof pu ngis ton od ,dnim ni siht htiW .yaw
                                       -yna emit reh rof renoititcarp eht yap ro ecalp ruoy ekat ot nosrep rehtona dnif ,lecnac uoy fI
                                                                                                  .tnemtnioppa taht rof elbisnopser
     ONLY. No credit cards.
                                          yllaicnanif flesruoy redisnoc esaelp ,egassam a rof emit tnemtnioppa na ot timmoc uoy fI
   can accept cash or checks
    Remember, practitioners
                                                                .troseR yaB eoD ta gnibbut toh dn a , )segassam .g . e ( stnemtaert
                                         aps era pmac ta gnivirra retfa detaicossa eef artxe na htiw seitivitca dna secivres ylno ehT
                                                          Services & Activities with Fees Associated
                           sserd pmac eht ni dedulcni
                           era selknirw taht rebmemer                                                                                               ! y a dr u t a S n o . m. a
                           dna ,elbaliava ton era snorI         0 0 : 8 t a g n i t r a t s el b a l i a v a e b l l i w s t e e h s p u - n g i s r e h t o l l A . g n i n r o m
                                            !timil             y a d r ut a S d n a g ni n e v e y a di r F n o r u c c o t a ht s ei ti vit c a e s o h t r of e l b a
   eht s ’ yks ehT !srekaens ruoy htiw neve ,evol            -liava eb lliw stsil pu ngis , ) 00:5 ta ni-kcehc ta gnitrat s ( yadirF nO
    uoy tah ro ,aob ,sserd a raew nac uoY .smrof
     ynam ekat nac pu gnisserd os ,pmac si sihT                                        .yaB eoD ta gnibbut toh dna ,sekih ,stnemele
                                                              sepor hgih rehto dna gniws tnaig ,gnikayak ,segassam :erudecorp pu
                      !ot tnaw uoy fi ,ylizarc sserd        -ngis a esu ot stseug eriuqer taht pmac ta seitivitca wef a tsuj era erehT
   ro pu sserd ot ytinutroppo na si thgin yadrutaS
                     Dress-Up Dinner                                                    How To Sign Up for Activities
                              Note: Schedule is subject to change, in the event that an instructor becomes ill, etc.
                                                                 Shrinky Dinks
                                                            Picture frame crafts                                            Challenge Initiatives (Low)
           Hot Tubbing at Doe Bay
                                                               Button Making                                                              Kayaking
          Bananagram Tournament
                                                            Knitting/Crocheting                                              Challenge Course (High)
             Walking on the beach
                                                                Paper Making                                                                Hiking
                     Camp Tour                                   Card Making                                                         Archery/Riflery
                    Guest Speaker                               Soap crafting                                                           Jazz Dance
              Karaoke at local pub                              Needle felting                                                          Boot Camp
               Bus shuttle to town                              Bead Earrings                                                                Yoga
               Nutrition workshop                                 Bead Rings                                                          Belly Dancing
                      Labyrinth                                     Basketry                                                                   Nia
                   Chakra workshop                           Linoleum Printing                                                              Zumba
             Other Wellness/Fun:                            Creative Activities:                                                  Physical Activities:
                                    Activities: What’s on the Menu
C E LE B R A T E                                             Y M C A C A M P O R K I LA                                                                                  PAGE 2
                                                                         tol gnikrap eht rof sngis wollof dna pmac otni evirD           •
                                                                                                    alikrO pmaC otni tfel nruT          •
                                                                                                   elim 1 tuoba llih eht pu oG          •
                                                                               ) tropria eht erofeb ( dR rekaB .tM no tfel nruT         •
                                                                                          selim 01 tuoba ro f ) yawhgiH
                       eohsesroH ( daor niam eht no yats dna tfel nrut ,yrref eht traped dna sacrO no evirra uoy nehW                   •
                                                            dnalsI sacrO si noitanitsed ruoy etacidni gnidnal yrref eht tA              •
                                                                          yrreF nauJ naS drawot setrocanA ni sngis wolloF               •
                                                                 )yrreF nauJ naS ,setrocanA draw o t ( 032 tixe ot 5-I ekaT             •
                                                                                                     Directions to Camp:
          hsinif ot tnaw uoy stcejorp tfarC   •
                                                                                                                          elttob retaW            •
                               lewot artxE    •
                                                                                                           sreyal mraw & raeg niaR                •
                               koob dooG      •                         .retneC reredeD
                                                        eht ni dedivorp era smeti esehT                     pmal daeh ro thgilhsalF               •
          rennid pu-sserd rof sehtolc nuF     •
                                                                                     lewoT    •        sliart pmac rof seohs ydrutS               •
                         ) .oot ,stam
   renaol evah e W ( sporp/tam agoY           •                                      wolliP   •                         ) .cte ,reyrd
                                                                                                   riah ,oopmahs ,pa o s ( seirtelioT             •
                                  aremaC      •                             gab gnipeelS      •
                                                                                                     gnihtolc lanosrep elbatrofmoC                •
                 ) neercsnus ,stoob rebbur                 :gnirb osla dluohs
         ro sladnas retaw ,tew nehw neve           egdoL rehsiF yllaW ni gniyats esohT                   :gn rb d uohs enoyrevE
                                                                                                         :gn rb d uohs enoyrevE
                                                                                                         :gniiiirb dlllluohs enoyrevE
                                                                                                         :gn rb d uohs enoyrevE
           ,sehtolc mr a w ( sdud gnikayaK    •
                      :smetI lanoitpO
                                                                                                            What To Bring
                                                                         srotaregirfer htiw deppiuqe osla era
                                                                          snibac reredeD ehT .etad eht dna
                                                                           eman ruoy htiw meht lebal esaelP
                                                                             .nehctik pmac ruo ni smeti doof
                                                                         lanosrep esoht peek nac eW .sevit
                         .231 .txe ,8762-673-063 ta ,sbmooT             -anretla ro stnemelppus etairporppa
                                miK ,rotcerid ecivres doof ruo         eht gnirb esaelp ,seigrella doof lausu
                         tcatnoc ,snrecnoc unem cificeps roF            -nu yna evah uoy fi ,revewoH .laem
                            .stcudorp tunaep yna gnirb TON                 hcae ta klimyos dna snoitpo nairat
                          OD esaelp ,seigrella tunaep ot euD             -egev gnidulcni ,yats ruoy rof slaem
                                                                            yhtlaeh ,decnalab-llew edivorp ot
                                .secnailppa nehctik rehto dna           drah skrow ffats secivres gninid ruO
                                         Special Dietary Needs
PAGE 3                                                  Y M C A C A M P O R K I LA                                             C E LE B R A T E
    CELEBRATE                                            CAMPORKILA.ORG                             PAGE 4


For questions about registration and payment, call the Camping Services office at 206-382-5009.

For questions about the program or activities, call Beth Wangen at Camp Orkila:
360-376-2678 ext. 105
or e-mail bwangen@seattleymca.org

For questions about the ferry,
Call 1-800-84-FERRY or check out www.wsdot.wa.gov/ferries

A   LOHOCL: Alcoholic beverages may not be brought into or consumed on camp property. Thank you
for helping to keep YMCA Camp Orkila alcohol-free. There is $250.00 fine for having alcohol at
Camp Orkila.
S       : Smoking is prohibited at Camp Orkila. Please respect our smoke-free policy and our
neighbors ’ private property, as well.
E   TNEMNORIVN: We ask that all guests be sensitive to the abundant live plants, animals, and sea life
at Camp Orkila. Also, please help us keep Orkila beautiful by placing your trash and recycling in the

appropriate bins.
            SRUO   : In consideration of all guests, quiet hours will be observed from 10:00 PM to 7:00
    STE : Only guests ’ professional, assistive pets are allowed on camp property.
    SMRAERI     : Firearms may not be used or carried on camp property.
O -               : The ropes and challenge areas, horses, swimming pool, boats, ranges, and ani-
mal pens require YMCA staff supervision and are otherwise off-limits for your safety. Please also
avoid private residences on camp property.
S   TNEMPIUQE STROP: Basketballs, Volleyballs, and Frisbees are available for your use. Please return
them to their proper storage containers when you are finished playing. Ask your host about any
other equipment you would like to use. Personal gear is the responsibility of the owner.

ECNARUSN         : It is the member ’ s or participant ’ s responsibility to provide his or her own accident
and health insurance. The YMCA does not provide any such coverage for members or participants.

U          : YMCA of Greater Seattle and Camp Orkila reserve the right to evict unruly visitors. In
such cases, no refund will be given. All local, state, and federal laws must be obeyed at camp.

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