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					                                               MICHAEL PASTOR
1620 Victoria Way                                                                            (407) 448-7833
Winter Garden, Florida 34787                                         E-Mail: MikePastor@ResolutionFinder.com


I am an Information Technology professional with extensive experience with restaurant point of sale (POS), PC
and mainframe business applications and telecommunications.

   My major focus is on installing and enhancing systems to improve reliability, stability and customer
   I have managed Systems Support and Help Desk teams with an emphasis on providing strong customer
    service by considering long term solutions to recurring system issues.
   As an analytical and action-oriented troubleshooter who is persistent in finding a broad range of solutions, I
    am extremely flexible and adapt well to changing priorities and responsibilities.
   Analyzing and defining system requirements, as part of the system development life cycle (SDLC), is
    another area of strength.
   Interfaces to initially load new systems and for ongoing information exchange with other systems has been
    a focus throughout my career.
   I interact well with all levels of personnel and management and focus on the needs of the business,
    guests/customers and co-worker/employees.
   In all assignments, I work with a “big picture” perspective to insure all impacted areas of a business are
    addressed appropriately, not just my assigned segment(s).

                                           Professional Experience

HUDDLE HOUSE, INC., ATLANTA, GEORGIA                                                  APRIL – NOVEMBER 2006
Director of Restaurant Systems. Responsible for managing POS rollout to existing non-POS locations.
Manage outsource relationship for Help Desk, System Support, Equipment Replacement and new POS
systems for new restaurant locations. Responsible for Menu and Marketing support for 300+ Aloha POS
equipped sites with new menu items, comps, promotions, day-to-day escalations, etc. Aloha Table Service
POS (point of sale) system from Radiant Systems.

Independent I.T. Consultant providing services to Sonny’s Franchise Company and Sonny’s Real Pit Bar-
B-Q Franchisees to configure, customize, install and support meat inventory and waste analysis application
which interfaces with Aloha point of sale. This engagement utilizes extensive restaurant point of sale
knowledge and expertise coupled with Excel VBA programming and development abilities.

Managed new Tier 2 System Support Team, providing support for over 500 restaurants using POSitouch point
of sale and dozens of in-house developed custom applications. Worked closely with Help Desk, Applications
Development, and Restaurant Data Concepts (RDC), the developers of POSitouch to support Outback
Steakshouse, Bonefish Grill, Lee Roy Selmon’s, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Paul Lee’s Chinese

SOFTWARE RESOURCES, INC. FOR WALT DISNEY WORLD                                                              2004
Developed custom Excel macros and user forms (VBA) to improve data entry and enhance preexisting
spreadsheets. I further automated extensive manually intensive labor scheduling processes which improved
accuracy and departmental productivity. Worked with Event Management and Catering Labor Management.

RCG INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FOR WALT DISNEY WORLD                                                            2003
Functional Support Consultant providing on-site quality assurance, functional support and system usability
analysis during major rollout of the new Matra food and beverage point of sale (POS) system throughout Walt
Disney World to over 270 unique restaurant (quick serve, table service, room service) and recreation
(miniature golf, equipment rental (boat, bike, golf cart etc.)) locations at all theme parks, water parks and
resorts in Orlando. Provide on-site production support for order entry, order recall/modification, shift-close out
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deposit/bank out and tip/gratuity reporting. Extensive focus and emphasis was placed on data accuracy and
reliability, especially as it related to interfacing systems (inventory control [CBORD], Tip & Gratuity Reporting
[TGR, AKA: Tigger], Data Warehouse, SAP [HR and financial reporting] and the Retail Transaction Processor
[RTP which acted as the gateway to many other “back end” systems])

RESOLUTION FINDER CONSULTING SERVICES, WINTER GARDEN, FLORIDA                                     2001 – 2003
Independent I.T. Consultant providing consulting services to client Metromedia Restaurant Group (MRG) in
Dallas, one of the world's leading multi-concept table-service restaurant groups, with nearly 1,000
Bennigan's®, Steak and Ale®, Ponderosa Steakhouse® and Bonanza™ Steakhouse restaurants.

Consulting services provided on a contract basis:
 Developed system requirements for a new menu recipe management system for seven different functional
  departments. Developed Gap Analysis to evaluate the “fit” of two proposed solutions
   Analyzed and evaluated proposal to replace the incumbent local exchange carriers (LEC’s) with local
    telephone service provided by a competitive local exchange carrier (C-LEC) throughout the state of Florida
    for over 60 company owned restaurants.
   Developed and implemented Micros 3700 Point of Sale (POS) interface to hotel Property Management
    Systems (PMS) to support unique Franchisee requirements while retaining MRG’s custom database and
    reporting capabilities.
   Prepared RFP, evaluated responses and recommended solution to upgrade/replace the 1984-vintage
    Merlin telephone systems used in over 200 restaurants throughout the U.S.
   Evaluated telecommunications infrastructure to recommend cost savings and service improvement

DARDEN RESTAURANTS, INC., ORLANDO, FLORIDA                                        1986 – 2001
Largest casual dining restaurant company in the world; operates over 1,200 Red Lobster®, Olive
Garden®, Bahama Breeze® and Smokey Bones® restaurants in North America, employing over
122,000 people.

Career Progress:
       1998-2001     Director, Restaurant Systems Support & Help Desk and Telecommunications
       1995-1998     Manager, Telecommunications
       1993-1995     Manager, Restaurant Systems Support & Help Desk
       1991-1993     Manager, Corporate Systems Support
       1989-1991     Manager, Corporate Systems Development
       1988-1989     Manager, Corporate Analysis Systems Support
       1987-1988     Supervisor, Payroll Taxes
       1986-1987     Supervisor, Inventory Accounting
       1986          Systems Analyst, Purchasing Systems
       1986          Programmer Analyst, Accounting Systems Support

Provided full application system life cycle services for requirements definition, implementation and production
systems support. Managed entire Telecommunications department responsible for 13-building corporate
headquarters plus day-to-day voice systems support for 1,125 restaurant locations nationwide. Supervised 7-
person Telecommunications team, 24-person Help Desk team and 10-person Restaurant Systems Support
 Managed over $10 million of disbursements to IBM, NCR, AT&T, Lucent Technologies and other providers
    for equipment and services annually.
   Oversaw daily 24-hour support services provided by the Support & Help Desk Team to address all
    restaurant system concerns for Compris point of sale (POS) and custom back office system (BOS)
    (hardware, software and procedural questions) and corporate-wide telecommunications.
   Responsibilities included monitoring the nightly polling (XcelleNet’s Connect:Remote), no poll tracking,
    repelling and publishing polling statistics and success rates.
   Saved over $1 million annually resulting from newly negotiated voice long distance contracts with AT&T
    and Sprint.
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   Managed major 13-building headquarters voice telephone system (PBX) upgrade from 15-year old Lucent
    G2 technology to Avaya’s G3r-ECS system.
   Responsible for $3.4 million department budget development and management
   Directed the installation of new Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) to identify incoming callers and
    provide computer screen pops for multiple call center departments.
   Designed and managed the development of several new interactive voice response (IVR) applications,
    such as Invoice Approval Notification, "Intelligent" Restaurant Speed Dial, and Restaurant Manager Bonus
    Election Administration.
   Oversaw the capacity expansion of the voice mail (Audix) system used by over 2,400 users throughout the
    U.S. and Canada.
   Upgraded the GEAC M:Series HR:M system to apply major VSAM file layout changes and associated
    changes to custom in-house written extract files and reporting subsystems running in an MVS operating
    system on a mainframe using COBOL with VSAM files.
   Managed the project to upgrade the MVS COBOL batch-only seafood inventory system to on-line
    Distribution Control System (DCS from Arthur Andersen) with Purchase Order, Receiving, Inventory
    Control, Warehouse Management, Sales Order and Invoicing functions operating in a mainframe
    environment running COBOL CICS VSAM. Wrote new ad hoc data extract and reporting programs in
    COBOL and Easytrieve.
   Managed the day-to-day I.T. Support Team for corporate systems (GEAC/D&BS M:Series Financial:
    General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets; Human Resources: Payroll, Personnel, Benefits; and
    Supply Chain (Andersen Consulting’s DCS: Purchasing, Inventory Control, Order Processing, plus custom
    in-house developed applications) on a mainframe system running MVS with IBM Utilities, COBOL,
    Easytrieve, Pan Valet, SyncSort, VSAM.
   As the corporate-wide Payroll Tax Supervisor, was responsible for filing the weekly, monthly, quarterly and
    annual wage and tax returns for local, state and federal withholding taxes, unemployment taxes and
    garnishments for over 115,000 employees in 38 states. Managed the 6-person team performing the day-
    to-day clerical duties. Overall responsibility for over 225,000 W-2’s issued.
   Directly responsible for the day-to-day production systems support for various financial, human resources,
    supply chain applications using COBOL, Easytrieve Plus in a MVS mainframe environment using JCL, IBM
    Utilities, TSO/ISPF, Pan Valet, etc.

ARTHUR ANDERSEN & COMPANY, CONSULTING DIVISION, TAMPA, FLORIDA                                  1983 – 1985
(Subsequently known as Andersen Consulting and now Accenture)

As a Staff and Senior Consultant, responsible for implementing management information systems. I
participated on three major engagements (one year duration each) for the City of Orlando (Financial Reporting,
Accounts Payable and Purchasing), Halifax Hospital in Daytona Beach (Patient Care and Accounting) and IBM
in Mechanicsburg, PA (Distribution Control System, DCS, interfaces to IBM’s internal accounting systems).


VALENCIA COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Orlando, Florida, (May 2002 – April 2003)
Completed five Oracle DBA and Development courses leading toward certification (OCP) (evening classes)

UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, Gainesville, Florida
Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting with Honors

UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, Gainesville, Florida
Master of Accounting degree, Major in Management Information Systems

Other Training Completed at Darden Restaurants:

          Microsoft Word             Microsoft Access
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          Microsoft PowerPoint       Microsoft Excel
          Negotiating Skills         Various AT&T/Lucent training sessions at User Conferences
          Zenger Miller Leadership Development (The Leader in Each of Us, The Basic Principles for a
           Collaborative Workplace, Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback)

                                            Professional Development/Training:

     Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Florida, License Number: AC0015644 Issued March 28, 1985.

                                               Other Computer Experience
     Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Windows and Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access). Exceptional
      working knowledge of business software. Often the “go to” person when others get stumped or are
      looking for creative solutions to unique situations.

                                                   Community Service
     Volunteer for Make-A-Wish Foundation of Central Florida. Wish Granter & Fundraising. Since 1995.
     Participated in MS-150 Bike Tour by raising over $4,000 for National Multiple Sclerosis Society and
      cycling 150 miles over 2 days – Spring 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2006.

                                                    Summary of Skills
      APPLICATION SYSTEMS                                             FORTRAN
           Food & Beverage Operations, Aloha Table Service,           SAS, PLC and PL/1, and Mark IV
           Aloha EDC, POSitouch, Compris Technologies,                Oracle SQL and PL/SQL
           Micros 3700 and Matra Systems’ Freedom Point of
           Sale (POS) systems, Back Office Systems (BOS)        DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS
           including Personnel Administration (New Hires,             VSAM, IDMS, ISAM
           Changes, Terminations, etc.), Labor Scheduling,            Relational Database (RDMS)
           Inventory Control, Waste Management, Par/Pull, e-          Oracle 8i, 9i DBA and PL/SQL
           mail, Invoice Approval, Clock-in/Clock-out           PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS
           Financial Reporting, (DBS/GEAC M: Series) General       TSO/ISPF
           Ledger, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets, Purchase        File Aid
           Order, Check Reconciliation, Escheat Reporting,         Abend-Aid
           Sales and Bank Deposit and Transfers                    Expediter
           Supply Chain, (Andersen Consulting’s DCS)            OPERATING SYSTEMS
           Purchasing, Inventory Control, Warehouse                 IBM OS/370 MVS
           Management, Sales Order Processing, Invoicing            IBM OS/390 MVS
           Human Resources, (DBS/GEAC M: Series) Payroll,           IBM DOS 4, 5, 6.22, etc
           Personnel, Benefits, Payroll Taxes, Unemployment         IBM OS/2
           Taxes, Wage & Tax Reporting for Federal, State and       Microsoft DOS (various)
           Municipalities, Garnishment processing for liens,        Microsoft Windows 3.11, 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000
           taxes, child support, etc.                               IBM System 38
     PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS                                         TELECOMMUNICATIONS (AT&T, Lucent/Avaya)

         Microsoft Office (Work, Excel, PowerPoint) Macros,           G3r PBX
                  UserForms, VBA etc.                                 Audix voicemail
         Microsoft Outlook                                            Conversant IVR (interactive voice response)
         Microsoft Access                                             Answersoft CTI (computer telephony integration)
         Microsoft Visio                                              Account-A-Call call accounting/charge-back system
      PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES                                           AT&T and Sprint long distance contract negotiation
                                                                      Pager and Cellular phone service management
           Easytrieve and Easytrieve Plus