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									                                                                        Red Bull

Challenge                                                             Our successful
Back in 1987, we started a new business relationship
with a company that was to come to define the energy                    with Red Bull
drink market, Red Bull. Our challenge was to provide
the best quality support for Red Bull as the brand grew
                                                                    demonstrates the
and the company’s needs evolved.                                  value we place on
                                                                    developing close
                                                                   relationships with
RB Energy Drink launched in the Austrian market
in 1987.
                                                                      our customers.

We worked with Red Bull to produce a can to fit the
drink’s stylish profile and which would help define a
new type of beverage – energy drinks.The result: an
iconic, distinctive slim can that helps to position the
Red Bull brand, attracting young, upmarket fashion-
conscious consumers.

In 1992, Red Bull launched in Hungary, the first of
many successful export markets. As the brand grew
ever more successful, we expanded can production
to plants in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic
to match demand.

In Germany, we helped Red Bull deal with new mandatory
deposit regulations by creating a modified can with a
distinctive blue tab that incorporates a cut-out Red Bull logo,
so maintaining the high profile of the brand on the shelf.
Red Bull is number one in the German energy drink market.
                                                       Red Bull


In July 2005, we delivered our ten billionth can for
Red Bull.

Red Bull is now the world’s leading energy drink
company. You can enjoy Red Bull in over 100
countries worldwide.

The can itself has come to symbolise the buzz around
the brand. You can even transform old Red Bull cans
into art and so be part of one of Red Bull’s popular
‘Art of Can’ exhibitions. Our relationship with Red
Bull is built on patience, long-term commitment
and a high level of support and collaboration.

‘Our partnership goes right back to the start of the
Red Bull era and we look forward to growing with
them in future.’ Rexam Chief Executive Officer,
Leslie Van de Walle

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