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                                                               January February 2010

                                                            “AND WITH YOUR SPIRIT”
                                                               PASTOR GARY DENNING

                                             In many churches people speak a word of blessing called “passing
                                     of the peace” and use the words, “God be with you” to which the
                                     respondent says, “and with your spirit”. This particular blessing finds its
                                     origins in Paul’s final words to the people of Galatia: “The grace of our
                                     Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit, brethren. Amen.” (Galatians 6:18)
                                             During Epiphany season 2010 (January 6-February 16) several of
       What’s Inside                 our New Testament readings deal with the work of the Holy Spirit in the 3             lives of Christians. We celebrate Epiphany as the manifestation of God in
Best 5       Christ to the world; we become involved in that revelation personally 7     when we allow the Holy Spirit to bear witness to Christ in our lives. As
                                     Jesus Christ took his earthly departure from his disciples, he told them,
Church Leadership.........
                                     “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and 2      you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and 3   to the end of the earth." (Acts 1:8)
NL. 2                As Acts 8:1 bears witness, the Holy Spirit had to drive the apostles 6   out into the world in order for this to happen. It seems that the push
                                     sometimes has to come from God to get the job done. Nevertheless, we
Weddings and................
                                     begin our new year with texts Bible texts that help us realize how gifts of 5        the Spirit work in our lives to accomplish what God has for us to do.
                                     What I like to say is, the work was God’s idea, and God will accomplish
                                     it. The question to us is whether or not we will be a part of it.
                                             If you think about the statement in Acts and the locations
                                     mentioned, it is much like saying, we bear witness at home (Jerusalem or
                                     a place where we live) in the immediate areas that surround us (Judea
                                     was the area around Jerusalem), in places where we may find ourselves
                                     uncomfortable, unwelcome, even around people we do not like (Samaria
                                     was known for being in contention with Jerusalem) and everywhere else
                                     we find ourselves among people of the world (end of the earth). Some of
                                     us will specialize in one place or another, one task or another, even as our
                                     gifts vary according to 1 Corinthians 12 and Romans 12. But each of us
                                     has a task to do in building up the Church as we bear witness to Christ in
                                     the world.
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        My prayer for us as a church in 2010 is that we will find out more about our particular purpose
or calling in Christ’s kingdom, and that we will indeed allow God to work his particular grace in in
our lives. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.
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                                      CHURCH LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE

       February 6 - March 13, Pastor Denning will be teaching Pastoral Leadership as the opening
course of the upcoming two-year cycle for the ABCOPAD Church Leadership Institute, this season
meeting at the First Baptist Church of Washington, PA. CLI relies on the teaching skills of local
pastors to lead people who are interested in learning better leadership skills for service in their
churches. One pastor in Philadelphia requires that all his Deacons take the training. The full course
involves Old Testament and New Testament (both of which Pastor Denning has taught at times),
Biblical Interpretation, Pastoral Care, Preaching, Christian Ethics, American Baptist Polity, and more.
It involves 2 X 6 weeks in the spring and autumn, four hours of class work on Saturday mornings,
plus retreats in January and June where special focus is given to such things as ABC polity and
Christian ethics. Some graduates go on to seek certification as “Lay Ministers” serving in their home
churches or in other churches throughout the region, particularly churches unable to afford the
services of a full-time, seminary trained pastor. Several have gone on to seek a seminary degree and
give their lives to full-time church service. What has been particularly inspiring has been to witness
the bonds of friendship and mutual support that has served several of our churches well, because
they are served by graduates from the same study programs. Stronger bonds among our churches
would probably also result if all of our fully ordained pastors had graduated from the same
theological schools, but that is not a fact of life in modern times. Still, CLI graduates give us a
glimpse of such possibilities, and some of our most active people in PA Baptist life have become
graduates of CLI. Contact Pastor Denning for more info about these study opportunities. Take a
course or the entire program. Our congregation will benefit as will you in your efforts to serve Christ.

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                                          February 2010 page 2
THIRD SATURDAY PRAYER AND PRAISE in February has become accustomed to celebrating the
wedding anniversary of our trusted overseer, Sister Lula Butler and her husband Floyd. This year
will mark 58 years of marriage, and we invite all to join us for a wonderful afternoon of fellowship
and worship on Saturday, February 20, 2010, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm.

AFRICAN AMERICAN READ-IN will be held on Sunday, February 21 this year, a bit later than in
the past. It seems the Super Bowl dominates February scheduling more than we might think. Join us
at 3:00 pm as we celebrate the literary contribution of African American writers to our total American
culture. Guest speakers will be Laurence Glasco and Robert Hill, both from the University of

                                                                  MUSIC APPRECIATION
                                                                    Lesley Smedley

                                                         Let’s not be shy as a congregation in
                                                      showing our appreciation to Richard and
                                                      our wonderful choir for the music they
                                                      provide each week. Whether you show
                                                      your appreciation by applause, or a silent
                                                      “thank you”, make sure our musicians
                                                      know how much their contributions mean
                                                      to your worship experience at FBCP. While
                                                      he can’t promise to deliver a specific piece
                                                      you might especially like, I am sure that
                                                      our Music Director can pull something
   December 10, 2009 FBC women attended the
Christmas Tea at the Baptist Homes in Mt.             close to your wish out of his sleeve. Music
Lebanon.                                              is one of the many blessings we enjoy at
   Front row from left:       Gwen Scharpf, and
Eleanor Anderson.
   Second row from left: Ellen Price, Margot
Quirin, Petroula Zoll, Mary Floyd.

                                        February 2010 page 3
                           YOUNG ADULT GROUP OVER THE HOLIDAYS
                                              Sonya Stewart
    In January, the Young Adult Group resumes meeting weekly on Wednesday nights at 7pm for a
time of fellowship, worship, prayer and continued Bible Study in I Corinthians. We welcome new
faces and new ideas as we delve into what life was like and the struggles of the early church in
    The holidays were a time of activity for the young adults. Many students attended the annual
Thanksgiving dinner before leaving for home or other travels and were very grateful to the Jackson
family and the other church members who contributed such tasty treats. Many students were
unavailable as we sang carols and distributed cookies at Pressley Senior Hi-Rise in early December
but the residents particularly enjoyed the children of the church that join us including Megumi and
Victor Kivuva as well as the Quirin’s grandchildren, Randi, Marti and Danny. And let us not forget
Beth and Petroula’s starring roles in the Christmas drama as the little drummer boy and Mary! We
also appreciate Becky and Anthony’s help in bringing items that symbolized our gifts as offering to
the Christ child on a very snowy Sunday. May the thoughts of what we can give of ourselves to
Christ follow us into and through the new decade.
    At this time, YAG activities are still being planned but we hope to include service projects like
cleaning and organizing gently used donated books at Children’s Hospital as well as more work at
Global Links sorting and repackaging medical supplies and social activities like a spring hike at
McConnell’s Mills or a movie night. We also encourage young people to help with the scripture
readings on Sunday or in using their musical talents.
    To see more summaries and photos of our activities, please visit
YoungAdultGroup.aspx and remember that we also have a Facebook page. Facebook is a great way
to get to know each other better, stay current on the happenings in each other’s lives and encourage
and care for each other. We look forward to seeing you there!

     Beth and Angie practicing for the                Petroula and Becky getting ready for the
           Christmas program.                                   Christmas program.

                                         February 2010 page 4
  Congratulations and best wishes to Fran
 Cridlebaugh and David Stone. They were
  married January ninth in the First Baptist
  Church of Monroeville. We wish them the
      best as they start their new life in
             Youngstown, Ohio.
   Fran is the talented lady who made the
banner depicting FBC History which hangs in
                the sanctuary.

                                                              Best wishes and congratulations to Al and
                                                          Ann Johnson whose fifty years of marriage
                                                          we celebrated on January tenth at coffee hour.
                                                          their anniversary was January ninth. See
                 Somy & Robert
                                                          page 6.
                        Jackson as they opened their
                                                              Paula and Van Beck Hall will be
                          Sukhothai restaurant at its
                                                          celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary
                         new location in Oakland on
                                                          on January thirtieth. Congratulations and
                        Thursday, January 7. Check
                                                          best wishes to them.
                         it out at 416 Semple Street,
                            this is right off of Bates
                             Street. Phone number


   When young Kelli said her prayers each night, she
would bless every family member, every friend and
every pet (current or past). Toward the end of her
prayers, she’d say, “And all girls.”
   One night her father asked his daughter why she
always ended that way.
   “Because,” she replied, “everybody else always
finishes their prayers by saying, ‘All men.’”

    From Newsletter Newsletter. (That’s not a goof,
                                                            Becky, Beth, Paul and Kyle, part of the
thats the name of the publication for NL editors.)
                                                                Young Adult Group enjoying
                                                                    Thanksgiving Dinner.

                                           February 2010 page 5
Dear Church Family,

       It is difficult to express our appreciation for your participation in our 50th wedding
Anniversary celebration.
       We deeply appreciate the use of the coffee hour and the hospitality shown to our children
and visiting guests.
       A special thanks goes also to those who helped in serving the refreshments. The food was
       And finally, Thank you for the complements, sentiments and prayers for our “Memories
Book” They have filled its pages with love and happiness, and will provide many hours of
pleasure in the future.

We love you!

God Bless You all,

      Anne and Albert Johnson

                                     February 2010 page 6
                                       February 2010 at FBC

10 am Bible    8:30 am Head   8:30 am Head   6:30 am Head    8:30 am Head   8:30 am Head
Study          Start          Start          Start           Start          Start
10 am                         9:30 am        6:30 pm Bible   6 pm FBC
Japanese                      Japanese       Study           Choir
11 am FBC                                    7 pm Spanish    7 pm
Worship                                      8 pm Glee       Japanese
1 pm Spanish                                 Club

     7              8              9              10              11             8              13

10 am Bible    8:30 am Head   8:30 am Head   6:30 am Head    8:30 am Head   8:30 am Head
Study          Start          Start          Start           Start          Start
10 am                         9:30 am        6:30 pm Bible   6 pm FBC
Japanese                      Japanese       Study           Choir
11 am FBC                     7:30 pm        7 pm Spanish    7 pm
12:30 pm                      Planning       8 pm Glee       Japanese
Deacons                                      Club
1 pm Spanish

     14             15             16             17              18             15             20

10 am Bible    8:30 am Head   8:30 am Head   6:30 am Head    8:30 am Head   8:30 am Head   1 pm 3rd Sat.
Study          Start          Start          Start           Start          Start          Prayer &
10 am                         9:30 am        12 pm Lenten    6 pm FBC                      Praise
Japanese                      Japanese       BS              Choir
11 am FBC                     7:30 pm        6:30 pm         7 pm
12:30 pm                      Church         Lenten BS       Japanese
Trustees                      Council        7 pm Spanish
1 pm Spanish                                 8 pm Glee

     21             22             23             24              25             22             27

10 am Bible    8:30 am Head   8:30 am Head   6:30 am Head    8:30 am Head   8:30 am Head
Study          Start          Start          Start           Start          Start
10 am                         9:30 am        12 pm Lenten    6 pm FBC
Japanese                      Japanese       BS              Choir
11 am FBC                     7:30 pm        6:30 pm         7 pm
Worship                       Planning       Lenten BS       Japanese
1 pm Spanish                                 7 pm Spanish
                                             8 pm Glee

     28             1              2               3              4              1               6

10 am Bible    8:30 am Head   8:30 am Head   6:30 am Head    8:30 am Head   8:30 am Head
Study          Start          Start          Start           Start          Start
10 am                         9:30 am        12 pm Lenten    6 pm FBC
Japanese                      Japanese       BS              Choir
11 am FBC                                    6:30 pm         7 pm
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1 pm Spanish                                 7 pm Spanish
                                             8 pm Glee
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