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					                                                                                      J. Brennen Guillory, Pastor
                                 FAITH LUTHERAN CHURCH, ELCA                          faithlutheranpastor@gmail.com
                                            PO Box 325
                                         926 West 6th Ave                             Linda Larson, Minister of Music
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                                           Office: 541.998.2601                       Jan Shelton, Council President
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                          RAYS OF SONSHINE NEWSLETTER for MARCH 2010

                                          Pastor’s Message:                 Lent

Some of you may be aware that Epiphany and Lent have always been connected as seasons. For those of us raised in
Louisiana this is pretty obvious because of the Epiphany parties that are celebrated in between. As I remarked before,
the series of parties and balls that used to be held between Epiphany and Mardi Gras served as a transition from
Christmas to Lent. The church choir I sang in college celebrated this by having a King Cake at each rehearsal between
the two festivals.

I mention this because interestingly Epiphany and Lent have been connected for me this year in a particular way. Each
year, you will remember, we pass out Epiphany stars as gifts. Last year the star I got was Purification. This year, the
star I found was Growth. I can't think of two better words to summarize Lent.

Lent is a time of Purification. It is a time of clearing out the dross, of examining, evaluating, and clearing out our lives.
In some cultures this was actually done by people with spring cleaning and by a gradual inventory reduction in the
pantry, getting rid of sweets and then dairy, meat and finally any oils, over the season of Lent until the fast that comes
during Holy Week.

Now purification probably has a lot of unnecessary connotations. For some people it is a negative word, a word of
judgment, of pedestrian snobbery, a word of exclusion, even racism. But there is another connotation for purity, one
that comes from metal working. To purify is to remove alloy, to strip away what is unnecessary, to strip something
down to its bare essentials, to find what something really is, and to allow that something to come to greater
prominence. To clear away what is holding something back, to remove what weakens, to simplify. Purity demands
examination and evaluation.

Growth demands examination as well. Michelle entered the Master Gardner program this year and one of her first
assignments was to take some soil, mix it with water, shake it up, and let it settle. Then she would measure the
different layers of soil to determine what kind of soil she had. Based on that, and the climate of the Willamette Valley,
she would better understand what would grow well in that soil as well as what the soil might need to help plants grow.
She got down to basics, down to ground level you might say, down to the purity of the dirt before working with fancy
fertilizers and garden products.

You might remember that Lent means “spring” as in the season. It was a traditional time of planting for the summer
growth. It was a time of nurturing those early sprouts, making sure they were in good soil and had plenty of water and
light until they were hardy. So Lent is not simply a time of hardship and solemnity. It is not a time to be dour and
gloomy. Rather it is a time of work, not just to work in the garden and field, but to work on our lives.

To do this work, to work on our lives, during Lent we hold these two things together, purity and growth. We seek to
strip away what is not needed, get back to basics, find what is essential and bring it forward. We seek growth, to
nurture the seed of God's love in our hearts so that it may grow into a strong tree within us. And all of this work is to get
ready for the great celebration – the new life we have through the resurrection of Jesus, a celebration into which we
are called to live every day.

                 What do you think?        E-mail Pastor Brennen: faithlutheranpastor@gmail.com
A report from MUTUAL MINISTRY                                                     February 19, 2010

Your Mutual Ministry Committee (MMC) consists of Scott Zimmerman, Sandy Wiese, Irene Lund, Jean Larkin, and
Pastor Brennen Guillory. We are tasked with monitoring, working with, helping facilitate, etc the mutual ministry we all
share here at Faith.

Recently a member of the church has transferred their membership after concern was expressed around their sexual
orientation and how that would affect their ability to serve as Council President - if elected. This situation has been
deeply emotional and hard for the persons directly involved and for many of us as well.

Pastor Brennen and the other members of MMC have been talking to people and trying to carefully listen to your
concerns. What we have heard is that people want Faith to be a place where all are welcome and feel respected and
loved. People want a community with diversity and where people can hold and express different beliefs and opinions
in a safe and loving manner.

Several ideas have surfaced about how to better define what we want for Faith and how to move towards that goal. As
members of Mutual Ministry we are currently doing the following:

 1. Meeting and staying in communication with each other so that we all share the same information base.

 2. Continuing to listen to and talk with people. Please feel free to contact any of us.

 3. Exploring several different methods to engage in discussions around these issues that will provide emotional
    safety for all participants. We plan to meet with Council in March to share more details on possible ways to move
    forward. Since we are still in the initial exploration phase with these options it seems too soon to write about
    them. However, if you have questions, suggestions, and/or concerns we welcome them – just call or catch one
    of us at Church.

In His Love -- Mutual Ministry Committee

Scott Zimmerman         998-8788                 szimmerman@pearlbuckcenter.com
Sandy Wiese             998-6631                 rswiese@cvcable.com
Irene Lund              554-9785                 IreneLund@wildblue.net
Jean Larkin             998-2475                 mizzholly@msn.com
Pastor Brennen          998-2601                 faithlutheranpastor@gmail.com

                              Church Committees… do you know who to contact??

Outreach Committee:             Loren Bliese    Don Conant        Zane Larson    Irene Lund        Enola Nielsen
                                Lori & Scott Zimmerman            Pastor Brennen

Worship Committee:              Nancy Clough, Chair      Cynthia Marrs, Sec       Edith Bliese   Frank Marrs
                                Dorothy Hansey           Linda Larson             Pastor Brennen

Stewardship Committee:          Sandy Garrett            Linda Larson             Pastor Brennen

Endowment Committee:            Nancy Clough Irene Ferris         Linda Larson    Judy Simpson Lamae Stout

Property Committee:             Frank Marrs, Chair       And other helpers!

Memorial Committee:             Erma Larson

Altar Guild:                    Helga Beck               Edith Bliese  Shirley Gilbreath      Lois Gregersen
                                Dorothy Hansey           Ovanna Hareid         Joe & Jean Larkin
                                Ruth Nelson              Judy Simpson          Lori Zimmerman

Danish Ladies Aid:              Edith Bliese, Pres      Renee Forrer, Sec         Ruth Nelson, Treas
                                All women of Faith church are welcome
THOSE SERVING IN MARCH: You too can get involved! Signup sheets on the bulletin board in the hall.

Date         Usher    Reader           Worship Asst    Altar Guild    Flowers   Coffee Hour     Custodians

March 7      Erma &                                    Lori Z &       Lent                      Helga, Judy,
             Zane                                      Lois G         No                        Ruth

March 14     Erma &   Sandy Wiese                      Lori Z &       Lent      Ruth & Lamae    Joe & Jean L
             Zane                                      Lois G         No
March 21     Erma &                    Scott Z         Lori Z &       Lent      Helga & Judy    Dorothy H,
             Zane                                      Lois G         No                        Irene F,
                                                                      Flowers                   Carol D
March 28     Erma &                                    Lori Z &       Lent      Choir Members   Lori Z,
             Zane                                      Lois G         No                        Lois G
April 4      Pete &                                    Helga, Judy,                             Bonnie &
             Irene                                     Ruth                                     Gary K

April Ushers: Pete & Irene Lund                  April Altar Guild: Helga Beck, Judy Simpson, Ruth Nelson

                                                      What’s Coming???

                  First Tuesday Potluck is March 2nd. Potluck supper begins at 6 pm; 7 pm our speaker will be
                  Andrea Scofield, the new director at Camp Lutherwood. Hope you can all come. Sandy Garrett


    v     Wednesdays, March 3rd – 24th at Noon Soup lunch followed by Lenten Service at 12:45 pm
    v     March 28     10:30 am Procession of the Palms Worship Service
    v     April 1      6:00 pm potluck followed by Maundy Thursday service at 7:00 pm
    v     April 2      7:00 pm Good Friday service
    v     April 4      6:30 am Sunrise Community Service at Glory Hill, off Cox Butte Rd
    v     April 4      10:30 am Resurrection of Our Lord Worship Service

GAME NIGHT each month… 2 Friday of the month beginning at 7 pm, Joe and Jean’s house… 942 Brenda Ave.
Bring snacks, drink of choice, friends, any games you want to play that we don’t already have.

2010 Rummage Sale to be held early June… Danish Ladies Aid is coordinating and needs you to donate clothes,
tools, household and kitchen items, books, toys, and other good/clean/useable items that you don’t need anymore.
More info to come in the next few months.

Discipleship in John Each year United Lutheran, Eugene, hosts a speaker; this year Martha Stortz of Pacific
Lutheran Theological Seminary will present. Many women know her work as she wrote the Bible study for Lutheran
Women Today for 2009. An engaging speaker and writer, all are encouraged to attend. If you have any questions
regarding the weekend’s activities, please call the church office at 342-5808.

Fri March 12     6:30 pm – 7:00 pm        Gathering and Fellowship
                 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm        “Discipleship in the Key of John: Meeting John’s Jesus”
Sat March 13     10:00 am – 11:30 am      “Q & A in John’s Gospel: Following the Questions”
                 6:15 pm – 7:45 pm        “Not Doubting but Believing Thomas: Reading the Gospel Backwards”

Calling all Males!!        Check out the Men’s Bible Study and Breakfast each Wednesday,
7:30 am at the hall. They’re currently reading Luke chapter 5.

Camp Lutherwood will be holding a spaghetti feed fundraiser April 25. More details in the next few weeks.
                                                What’s Coming???

An opportunity to help              Hospice of Sacred Heart is looking for caring men and women who are interested in
providing practical help and emotional assistance to patients and families dealing with a terminal illness, both in the
home setting and in care facilities. An informational meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 16 from 1 - 3 PM at the
Home Health office, 1121 Fairfield, Ave., Eugene. Classes for patient care volunteers will be held during the fourth and
fifth weeks of April and the first week of May. To register for the March 16 meeting with no obligation or for more
information, please call Victoria Spear at 541.242.8755 or email at vspear@peacehealth.org.

     FAITH LUTHERAN CHURCH COUNCIL MINUTES                                                         February 9, 2010

Present: Jan Shelton, Greg Garrett, Frank Marrs, Nancy Clough, Carol Deskines and Pastor Brennen.

Opening: Pastor Brennen called the meeting to order at 7:01 PM. He then led devotions.

Elections of Officers: A motion was made, seconded and approved to elect President Jan Shelton, Vice-President
Frank Marrs, Secretary Carol Deskines, Treasurer Nancy Clough and Financial Secretary Les Gregersen.

Minutes: The January minutes were approved as corrected. The Synod Convention Delegates are Synod Assembly
Voting Members and Marti Gras is Mardi Gras.

**Treasurer’s Report: See attached.

**Pastor’s Report: See attached.

Outreach: It was moved, seconded and approved to pay Larry Clough for the pizza today and future pizza costs from
miscellaneous funds such as the Mardi Gras profits.

Council Member Needed: To change the number council members, the By-laws must change by a majority vote at a
congregational meeting.

Closing: The meeting was closed with the Lord’s Prayer at 8:25 PM. The next council meeting will be March 9, 2010.

Respectfully submitted - Carol Deskines, Secretary                                 ** Contact Carol for full report

In Our Thoughts and Prayers:                                    Diane, Isaac, Christopher and all others serving in the
Family of Walt Petersen
Family of Cornelia Vergara                                      God of healing and wholeness,
Enola Nielsen, recovering from a fall
Nan TenEyck, Linda Larson’s friend, health issues
Suzanne Albers, sister-in-law of Edith Bliese, who has          You alone can offer what is most needed:
terminal abdominal cancer                                       Patience while your will is being done,
Ed Zimmerman, Scott's father, recovering at home                Trust in your goodness and mercy, and
Brian Gallagher, friend of Mara Taylor, health issues           Your peace that passes all understanding.
Sydney Mayfield, friend of Mara, health issues
Barbara, Mara's aunt, diagnosed with cancer                     Grant to all doctors, nurses, and technicians
Steve Ingerson, Uncle of Andy G, severe pneumonia               Hearts filled with caring, compassion,
Shari Pierce, sister of Sandy G, who has cancer
Fran LaPerna, friend of Nancy, surgery complications
                                                                And gentleness and the wisdom to see
Harriet Grunewald, Roy Pedersen, Thelma Loth, Dick              And do what is appropriate.
Jones, all for health concerns
Dale Huth, Marilyn Huth, Don Wilson, Shawn Wilson, Lori         Above all, enfold all those whom we pray for
Z’s family, health concerns                                     within the bounty of your love.
Karen Guzman, Carol Deskines’ cousin, Parkinson's               In your strong name we pray. Amen
Megdelawit and the school in Ethiopia
Belinda, Bryon Barnes; sister, brain tumor
                                                                --Gail Sowell
Saul Cruz, Gilbreath's friend, kidney cancer
Joyce Gribskov who is in hospice care
Naomi Baker, formerly of Thrivent, who has cancer
Sunday                Monday               Tuesday              Wednesday                   Thursday            Friday                 Saturday
                      1                    2                    3                           4                   5                      6

                      7 pm Weight          6 pm First Tuesday   7:30 am Men’s Bible Study   1-4 Memory Makers
                      Watchers             Potluck w/ Camp      12 pm Lunch
                                           Lutherwood           12:45 Lent Service
                                                                2 pm Danish Ladies Aid
                                           Emily Robertson BD   6 pm Worship/Music Comm
                                                                7 pm Choir
7                     8                    9                    10                          11                  12                     13
                                                                                                                10-3 Home School
9:15 am Adult Class   7 pm Weight          7 pm Council         7:30 am Men’s Bible Study   10-12 Hens &
10:30 am Worship      Watchers                                  12 pm Lunch                 Chicks              7 pm Game Nite at
                                                                12:45 Lent Service                              the Larkin’s
                                                                                            Jack Ogan BD
                                                                7 pm Choir                                      Lori Zimmerman BD
14                    15                   16                   17                          18                  19                     20

9:15 am Adult Class   7 pm Weight          10:45 High School    7:30 am Men’s Bible Study   1-4 Memory Makers   10-3 Home School       Spring begins
10:30 am Worship      Watchers             Pizza lunch          12 pm Lunch
                      7 pm Mutual                               12:45 Lent Service          6-9 pm Home
Daylight Savings      Ministry at Jean’s                                                    School
                                                                7 pm Choir                                      Harriet Grunewald BD
Begins                Quinton Nelson BD                         Larry Clough BD
21                    22                   23                   24                          25                  26                     27

9:15 am Adult Class   7 pm Weight                               7:30 am Men’s Bible Study   10-12 Hens &
10:30 am Worship      Watchers                                  12 pm Lunch                 Chicks
                                                                12:45 Lent Service
                                                                                                                Mara Taylor BD         Rose Aubrey BD
                                           Sandy Wiese BD       7 pm Choir
                                                                APRIL NEWS ITEMS DUE
28                    29                   30                   31                          April 1             April 2                April 3
                      7 pm Weight                               7:30 am Men’s Bible Study   1-4 Memory Makers   10-3 Home School
9:15 am Adult Class   Watchers                                  NO Lent Service
10:30 am Worship                                                                            6 pm Potluck        7 pm Good Friday
                                                                7 pm Choir                  7 pm Maundy         Service
Frank Marrs BD                                                  Rachel Barnes BD            Thursday Service

Pastor Brennen’s Office Hours: Mon & Wed 10 am – 3 pm & Thurs 10 am – 12 pm or call 998-2601 for an appointment
PO BOX 325


                Looking to spend a few nights at the coast? Sandy & Richard Wiese’s daughter and son-
                in-law, Katherine and Glen, have re-opened Deane’s Oceanfront Lodge located between
                Yachats and Waldport. They boast direct access to beautiful sandy beaches perfect for
                miles of walking, building sandcastles, flying kites or just enjoying the ocean.
                Reservations: call 541.547.3321 or visit the website at www.deaneslodge.com

Do you have news or corrections for the newsletter??? Please submit to Jean Larkin at
jean.larkin@or.usda.gov . If you receive this by postal mail and would rather receive by an e-mail link to
the website, please let us know.

Haiti Disaster Relief If you would like to donate, you may designate a gift in the offering on Sunday and we
will give it to Lutheran Disaster Relief. You may also give directly; find out more information here:
Responses/Haiti-Earthquake.aspx. Thrivent Members can get a 50% match on donations by contacting Don
Conant at 541-741-1999.

Gratitude from Enola - I want all you wonderful friends from Faith to know how much I
appreciate your kindness this last month while I have been in McKenzie Willamette
and River Park recovering from my Fall; a broken hip. Your visits, your prayers, your
phone calls and your thoughtful -- and usually very funny -- cards and notes were bright
spots in my days. Thank you. Most of all, of course, I appreciate Irene Lund, who knelt
there on the floor with me, who called 9-1-1, called Carl, and did everything she could to take care of me. I
am home now, getting home physical therapy, walking with a walker and getting better every day. Visitors
very welcome. (541) 688-6145          Love, Enola

                                      Treasurer' report for January 2010:
Current Operating Income:     $7101                 When we give to God, we are just taking our hands off
Current Operating Expense:    $7784                 what already belongs to Him.