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									Peace It Together NEWS                                     •   Promotion of good cooperation with
The Monthly Newsletter of UNOY Peacebuilders                   international youth structures and other
Number 57 – January 2010                                       organizations abroad;
                                                           •   Involving young people in voluntary work on
                         SUMMARY                               the national and international level;
                         1. Message from the Editor        •   Involving young people in regional social and
                         2. Member of the Month                ecological projects;
                         3. Campaign News
                         4. Network News                   •   Enlarging participation of youth in international
                         5. Highlighted Resources              events and developing collaboration between
                         6. Opportunities and Events           young people from Azerbaijan with their peers
                                                           Main Activities
Dear friends,
                                                           • Conflict solution and peace building;
UNOY Peacebuilders wishes everyone a happy new year,       • NGO/Civil         society    and      community
we look forward to lots of good work in 2010.                 building/development;
                                                           • Youth development, capacity             building,
This month we feature the first of several new members        apprenticeship and business education;
to our network, and will feature the rest in the coming    • Advocacy, active citizenship, youth exchange
months. The International Secretariat began the year          and voluntarism;
productively with a week long meeting of the ISG, and we   • Art and culture;
are pleased to see that many of our members also started   • Human rights education and promotion;
the year with a jump start.                                • Healthy life style (HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and
Peaceful regards,
                                                           • Environment and biodiversity education.
Lee Bremner, Editor
                                                           Opportunities for Youth
Azerbaijan Tafakkur Youth Association                      • Participation in local, national and international
Azerbaijan Tafakkur Youth Association (ATYA) is a             trainings, seminars and round-tables;
national youth NGO working towards building civil          • Capacity building and apprenticeships courses;
society in Azerbaijan.                                     • Legal and social services;
                                                           • Libraries and resource centers;
ATYA has no commercial, political or religious             • Research and surveys;
association and is a private institution established on    • Teach non-formal and interactive education
the bases of community of interests of the Republic           methods;
of Azerbaijan, voluntaries, member’s rights equality,      • Preparation of educational and promotional
self-governance by the initiative of several physical         publications;
persons joined on common interest’s basis.
                                                           • Charitable activity and aid programs;
Activities of the Association involve all territories of
the country.                                               • Providing rational leisure times, entertaining
                                                              parties and healthy life style;
Main Goal                                                  • Youth exchange and voluntarism;
The main purpose of ATYA is to enlighten people,           • National,       regional       and   international
especially youth, on the social, scientific-cultural,         acquaintance             and          experience.
and legal spheres, in order to develop thinking and
to strengthen their role in the building of civil          3. CAMPAIGN NEWS
society.                                                   3.1 International Steering Group Meeting by Fiona
Objectives                                                 To jump start the new year, the International Steering
• Encouraging active participation of young                Group of UNOY Peacebuilders convened in The
   people in the building of civil society;                Hague from 22-30 January. The ISG, along with many
                                                           other UNOY stakeholders, discussed the future
• Solutions to the social-economical problems of
                                                           development, themes and objectives of UNOY
   young people and the protection of their rights;
                                                           Peacebuilders. The ISG consists of representatives of all
• Supporting young people to develop their                 the regions where UNOY has members. They are
                                      knowledge and        young people who work closely with UNOY to put
                                      gain necessary       forward the issues in their regions. Each representative
                                         professional      presented a full report on the members in their region,
                                      skills to help       their aims for the next years ahead, and the challenges
                                      them        get      young people face there. A recent external evaluation of
UNOY activities was also used to present a full               understanding of the complex world we live in, which
stakeholder’s analysis. The week was very productive          enables youth to find solutions and a positive way
and inspiring.                                                forward in life. These medical students in Somalia took
                                                              a brave decision, to take up responsibility and give to
3.2 Discussion about Youth Needs and Problems                 their society as doctors. Sadly, it takes just seconds for
in Mexico and the Netherlands by Adriana Salazar              violence to destroy what takes years to build up, such as
On 8 December UNOY Peacebuilders hosted a phone               the training of doctors, and the consequences are felt
conference among youth promoters from Dinamismo               for years, in this case lack of health care for all those in
Juvenil (Mexico City), students from the University of        need in Somalia.
Puebla (Mexico) and young leaders from different youth
organisations in The Hague. The event took place              The talk was followed by short presentations by the
during the Stichting Lancelot project Think Global Act        director of HIRDA and the student’s organisation for
Local, about Youth Rights worldwide.                          Somali Youth in the Netherlands about the work they
                                                              do. After 1 minute of silence to respect the victims of
The exchange allowed participants to learn more about         the violence in Somalia, a discussion unravelled with the
life in their communities. Youth promoters from               Somali Diaspora community that was present about the
UNOY and Dinamismo Juvenil explained to their peers           work of UNOY Peacebuilders and HIRDA.
how violence affected the lives of children and young
people, and the way they tackle it through different          HIRDA is a Dutch Foundation run by members of the
activities, sports being the most popular.         They       Somalia Diaspora community promoting and
emphasized the importance of being heard and being            supporting education projects in Somalia.
respected as a fully human being. A representative from
the Mobile City Youth Team (Zebra Welzijn) also               3.4 Who Joined Us and Who Left?
shared with the group some of the troubles youth are          Lee Bremner and Katherine Gottwald both finished their
facing in the Netherlands, such as homelessness and           internships with UNOY Peacebuilders at the end of this
social exclusion. The Hague Youth Ambassador, Rizlen          month. We wish them both luck for their future
Ebnoulfakir, talked about her role as adviser to the          endeavours!
Dutch government, bringing views and complaints of
young people to their attention.                              4. NETWORK NEWS
                                                              4.1 Center of Youth Development by Escuelas De
                                     Students from the        Paz
                                     University of Puebla     Columbian member of UNOY Peacebuilders, Escuelas
                                     highlighted that one     De Paz, is implementing a project that hopes to reach
                                     of the main reasons      360 young people from Altos de Cazuca, a run-down
                                     why there is not full    area of Soacha, Bogota.
                                     enjoyment           of
                                     human rights in          The current public policy for youth in Soacha aims to
                                     Mexico is because        enhance dynamics within the family and school; protect
                                     the       corruption     youth rights; raise awareness; and promote respectful
                                     present     at     all   relations among individuals and their surroundings; and
political levels hinders development, and prevents full       recognise, strengthen and integrate cultural identities.
respect not just for children, but for all human beings.
                                                              Taking this into account, Escuelas de Paz, supported by
One conclusion was that despite the harshness of the          UNICEF, the Canandian International Development
living conditions in Mexico, youth everywhere are             Agency and the Secretary of Social Development and
facing different problems that affect them in some way        the youth management of the City Council of Soacha,
or another. The Dutch participants presented their            looks forward to strengthening the Center of Youth
insights before enthusiastic youth at a feast organised by    Development, which runs three main programmes:
Stichting Lancelot and UNOY Peacebuilders.                              1. Non-formal educational program,
                                                              including     cultural   expression    (e.g.   painting,
3.3 Lecture to Commemorate the Student Victims                photography), sports, environmental management,
of Bombing Attack in Mogadishu by Menno Ettema                human rights, culture of peace and IT for development.
On 19 December the International Coordinator of                         2. Social network of youth support, aiming
UNOY Peacebuilders was invited to speak at a small            to involve all governmental entities, educational
gathering organised by the Foundation HIRDA to                institutions and social organisations working with
commemorate victims of the bombing attack at the              youth, as well as
medical students’ graduation ceremony in Mogadishu,           providers of public
Somalia, earlier that month.                                  services, community
                                                              leaders and youth in
He emphasised that education for young people is              general, in the social
about the skill of learning, reflecting and analysing the     network that will
world around you. With knowledge comes                        make possible the
creation of a comprehensive model where they can have        world and aims to raise awareness about gender inequality
a voice in the public policy of the municipality.            and encourage young people to take practical action.
         3. Friendly services for adolescents and            Editor and co-ordinator for the toolkit, Lydia Morgan,
youth, which expects to achieve a specialised approach       was a participant at our gender study session in Budapest
in health services, legal counselling and quality in         last year. The toolkit can be downloaded from
education through articulating these important services
for youth in a friendly manner.                              oject

The Center of Youth Development, more than a                 6. OPPORTUNITIES AND EVENTS
project, aims to become a true agent for human               6.1 Peacebuilding Practioners Training
development. The purpose is to create a friendly space       A peacebuilding training will be held in Nairobi in
where youth feel comfortable enough to express               February, organised by COPA. For more information,
themselves, and the Center expects that some of their        email or visit
trainees will be linked with some profitable activity by
the middle of the year.                                      6.2 End-of-Decade Report from the Civil Society
                                                             Please remember to fill in the questionnaire for the End
4.2 Member Wins Film Award by Lee Bremner                    of Decade Report! You can enter information directly
Congratulations to the Arab Educational Institute, a         on the website
Palestinian Member, on their prize winning short film        which will require you to register and wait for an email
‘Warde’. Twelve Palestinian children made the film,          within a day telling you how to enter data in the
which won the 9-12 age category of the PLURAL +              questionnaire. Alternatively you can send it by email.
Youth Video Festival. The film reinvents the story of        Contact details can be found here: http://decade-
Little Red Riding Hood to explain how young people  The deadline for
perceive restrictions of movement in the Occupied            submitting your contribution is 31 January 2010.
Palestinian Territories.
                                                             6.3 United Nations International Year of Youth
4.3 Overcoming Violence: Exploring Masculinities,            The United Nations has declared 12 August 2010 – 11
Violence and Peace by Ilot Muthaka, PerexC                   August 2011 as International Year of Youth: Dialogue
In December 2009 PerexC was represented at the               and Mutual Understanding. UNOY Peacebuilders is
Training of Trainers organised by the International          very excited by the opportunities for those working in
Fellowship of Reconciliation in Egmond Aan Zee               the area of youth and peacebuilding, and we encourage
through its Women Peace makers Program.                      everyone to get involved. More information will be
                                                             posted on the United Nations youth website,
The first part of the ToT focused on gender-sensitive
active non-violence, the theory of masculinities and its
                                                             SUPPORT UNOY PEACEBUILDERS
relation to violence, and participatory and gender-          UNOY Peacebuilders needs your help to develop and grow in outreach and
sensitive facilitation. 19 pioneering activist men, from     strength, either in terms of finances, materials or work. Your donation of any size
17 different countries attended.                             will be used to train and enhance the capacity of young people to engage
                                                             effectively in building peace.
                                                             You can financially contribute by making a deposit in our bank account:
It is increasingly recognized that issues of masculinities   ABN-AMRO Bank; ACCOUNT: 55 40 70 294; IBAN:
need to be addressed in the field of peacebuilding and       NL91ABNA0554070294; BIC: ABNANL2A
active nonviolence. WPP is convinced that in order to        TO      SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE:                    Send   an   email  with
transform cultures of war and violence, women peace          “subscribe”/“unsubscribe” in the subject line to
activists need to work together with male. The rich          Editor: Lee Bremner, United Network of Young Peacebuilders, Laan van
exchange of strategies and cultural practices related to     Meerdervoort 70, 2517 AN The Hague, The Netherlands Tel: +31 70 364 7799;
                                                             Fax: +31 70 362 2633; E-mail:
peace building, active nonviolence and issues related to
masculinities and femininities was an empowering             DISCLAIMER: Please note that the statements and opinions expressed
experience. WPP will work with participants while they       in this newsletter, although edited, are those of the authors and not
                                                             necessarily the official standpoint of UNOY Peacebuilders or of the
prepare their community projects and follow-up               editor.
trainings in their home context, which includes working
together with female allies for gender-sensitive active      This newsletter and the work of UNOY Peacebuilders
nonviolent peace building. Participants will then attend     is made possible with the support of:
a second ToT to exchange knowledge and experiences,
and consolidate the learning into a training manual.
5.1 Gender Journey: A Youth Empowerment Toolkit
Peace Child has written an informative and                   Please note:
practical guide for young people to help                     This project has been funded with support from the European
them learn about gender. The simple and                      Commission. This publication /communication reflects the views only of
accessible toolkit was produced in                           the author, and the donors cannot be held responsible for any use which
collaboration with young people around the                   may      be     made      of     the     information       contained      therein.

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