Yaesu FT-2000 and FT-2000D Recommended Interconnection Diagram by tfs77260


									                                   Yaesu FT-2000 and FT-2000D
                               Recommended Interconnection Diagram

                                                                                                3-Conductor ¼”
                                                                                                  Phone Plug
               Female DB-9 Plug                 Optional Mix 77        CW OUT                          Sleeve   Ring Tip
                (Pin #’s Shown)                 or Mix 43 Ferrite                                                            To Xcvr Front
                                                Bead (6 Places)                                                              or Rear Panel
                    DTR                                                                                                        KEY Jack
                                                                       CW GND                         GND       NC         KEY
                     4                            CW IN
                                                                                                      NC = No Connection

                                                                      CW Out
                     3                            FSK IN                                           Male 4-Pin DIN Plug
                                                                                                    (Pin #’s Shown)
                                                                                See Note 4
    To Ham Shack
    PC COM Port
                    RTS                                               FSK OUT                                   1
                     7                            PTT IN
                                                                                                                             To Xcvr Rear
                                                                      PTT OUT                                   3            Panel RTTY
                     5                            IN GND
                                         See Note 5                               See Note 5   See Note 6

                                                        In           FSK/PTT                                  DIN
                     Shell                            Shield          Shield                                  Shell

                                           See Note 4                        See Note 4

                                                      FSK/CW Interface Board in
                                                       Optional Metal Enclosure

1. The connections shown above have been verified on both the FT-2000 and FT-2000D.
2. For CW, you must use a 3-conductor ¼” phone plug, even though the ring is not connected.
3. Make sure the transceiver RTTY menu items are set for normal polarity and 170Hz shift. You may set any
desirable mark frequency that is available in both the transceiver and MMTTY or other RTTY software you may be
using. IMPORTANT: Make sure that both your transceiver and your RTTY software are set to the same mark
4. This connection made by mounting the board with metal standoffs or connecting the interface board mounting
hole to the metal interface enclosure. You may also ground shields directly to the metal enclosure, if desired.
5. This connection optional. You may float the shield at the interface by leaving it disconnected and insulated from
the metal interface board enclosure.
6. If the cable used with the DIN connector is shielded, you may optionally connect the shield to the DIN connector
metal shell. This will ground the shield to the transceiver chassis.
7. RTTY and contest software, e.g., N1MM, WRITELOG, etc., must be configured for FSK, not AFSK, RTTY
operation. Refer to the software documentation for instructions.
8. For receiving with external RTTY software, e.g. MMTTY, MixW, etc, receive audio must be provided to the line-
level input of the PC soundcard with a separate cable not shown above. Receive audio can be obtained from the
rear panel AF Out jack, the external speaker jack, or the headphone jack. If using audio from the external speaker
jack or the headphone jack, care must be used to avoid overdriving and possibly damaging the input of the
soundcard when making these connections. Attenuators and impedance matching may be required. Do not
attempt if you are not knowledgeable regarding such interconnections. Note: The FT-2000 series transceivers do
not provide a CW or RTTY monitor at the AF Out jack, only at the speaker and headphone outputs. This will not
affect normal RTTY receive using audio from the AF Out jack, but you will not hear the RTTY monitor when
transmitting unless you are listening to audio from the speaker or headphone outputs.

Rev D – 15 February 2010

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