O2 Subject Access Request Form

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                                   Subject Access Request Form

            ***Your application will be returned if you don’t complete all sections***
                             ***Please enter details in block capitals***
                                                                Mr      Mrs         Miss         Ms                 Dr
       Data Controller
       Telefónica O2 UK Limited                         Full Name:
       Arlington Business Centre
       Suite N
       Leeds                                            Address:
       West Yorkshire
       LS11 0NE

If you’ve got any questions about your request or
what you can and can’t have, please see the
                                                        Post Code:
common questions sheet.

Mobile Number:                                          Contact Number:

        Billing –        Date From       Date To        To a Specific Number or Country Code
        Account          Date From       Date To        Concerning
Other (State the O2 products that you require information on that are relevant to this request. Include
policy / account numbers where relevant. Use the back of the form if you need to)

How would you prefer your information? (please select one)
       Printed paper copy                                            CD_ROM

Payment (if not previously sent)
       I have enclosed a cheque/postal order for £10.00 made payable to Telefónica O2 UK Limited

Special invoice needs (tick if applicable)
       Audio                                  Braille
                                                                                        Large text
Declaration (must be signed)
Please send me a copy of the requested personal data Telefónica O2 UK Limited hold on file about me. I
am the account holder/owner of the mobile phone(s) and O2 product(s) I am asking about.
(Check all sections above are complete)

                     Signed                                                      Date

                               Checklist – have you remembered to include:

           Payment            Proof of ownership           Written Authorisation (If required)
Common questions
Why do I need to send a form or write to request my information?
It’s a legal requirement that requests are made in writing.

What information can I ask for?
You can ask for any information we hold about you but be as specific as possible. If you only need
details of calls for a few weeks, provide the date range. If you want correspondence about an
upgrade please tell us. If you simply ask for “everything”, it’ll take longer for us to get back to you.
Please note that we can’t provide information about incoming calls, where you were when you
made a call or the content of text messages.

My phone has been lost or stolen. Can I get my contact list?
No, we don’t store information held on your handset – this includes things like photos, videos and
text messages as well as contacts. If you have the Bluebook service on o2.co.uk you may be able
to recover information from your Bluebook account.

Can I get calls I’ve made to just one particular number?
Yes, if you’re on Pay & Go and need details of calls to a particular number then ask for just these
calls and provide the phone number. We can only provide outgoing call information not incoming
call data.
If you’re on Pay Monthly then you can view your previous bills online via My O2 or request copies
through our customer service team, so there’s no need to send this form.

I’m a Pay Monthly customer. Can I get the information sent to another address?
No, we’ll send the information to the account address.

Who do I make the cheque or postal order out to?
Please make all payments payable to Telefónica O2 UK Limited.

My number is on Pay & Go. How do I prove I own it?
If you haven’t registered your number then send a copy of your purchase receipt. This must be for
your SIM card, not your handset, and it must show the show the mobile number. Hand written
receipts won’t be accepted.
If you’ve previously registered your phone with us we don’t need a copy of your purchase receipt;
however we will only provide information from the date that you registered it.

The phone is in someone else’s name but I use it. Can I get any information?
Yes, but we need written authorisation which is signed and dated from the named person on the

I haven’t got a mobile phone with you. I only have Broadband and/or Travel Insurance, can
I still request data held about me?
Yes you can. Please complete the form, leaving out information in the mobile section.

How will I receive the information?
We send information via registered post so a signature is required. If no one’s in, a card will be left
with details on how and where you can collect it from.
You can choose to receive your information on paper or on CD-ROM. You may want to consider a
CD-ROM if you’re asking for a lot of information.

I’ve received a letter saying I can’t have any information. Why?
It’s likely you can’t prove you own the number. We take security of customer data very seriously
so until we’re sure we’re sending information to the correct person we won’t disclose anything.

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