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					                          Action Plan for Scotland: Consultation

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EQJ                 L OPPORTUNITIES QuesnoNNAIRE

This qual Opportunities Questionnaire is requested in order that the Scottish Government can build an
ace te picture of the make-up and diversity of the people that our Cycling Action Plan for Scotland ( CAPS)
will i pact on, and to ensure that the in which we carry put our consultations is inclusive and not unwittingly
disc' inatory. If you have responded to this consultation as an individual, it would be helpful if you could

http·                                                   13/06/2009
Cycling Action Plan for Scotland - response
Planning and design
Q1. There are several good ideas in this section. I particularly support the
idea of Advanced Stop Lines for cyclists.
These should always be in a strikingly different colour - Le. the red that is
used for ASLs in some parts of Edinburgh. And for the avoidance of doubt,
they all need to have a big bicycle image painted inside them!
I don't think the importance of ASLs can be overestimated. They are a highly
visible sign to all road users that cyclists take priority, and as such they
encourage cycling. But they do need to be prominent, which means taking the
time, effort and money to surface them in a different colour.

Q2. On the subject of money: more needs to be devoted to cycling, if the
ideas in this and other sections are to come to fruition effectively! The
consultation document tells its own story: the Association of Public Health
Directors calls for 10% of transport budgets to be devoted to cycling; the
actual proportion in Scotland currently is less than 1%. There is no point in
trying to draw comparisons with models in Netherlands and other
Scandinavian countries, if the political will to invest is lacking.

Day to day cycling
Q3. Yes - even as an already keen cyclist I would be encouraged to cycle
more if more local facilities were available. There are times when the prospect
of taking certain journeys through peak traffic on bike is just too daunting.
Again, making decent facilities available is going to demand greatly enhanced
funding from transport budgets.

Encouragement and incentives
Q7. Yes. Although I own a bicycle, there are situations when it would be more
convenient to use a public bike hire scheme, if it were sufficiently resourced
and widespread to be useful.

Legal powers
Q9. As a cyclist, I do not favour liability laws being changed in favour of
cyclists. I think this might encourage flouting of the road laws by some
cyclists, which is already a problem. Protection needs to be concentrated on
providing cycle lanes, advanced stop lines, etc. and changing the culture so
that cycling is accepted as a norm.

Q10. I do not believe cyclists should pay road tax. This would be hugely
counter-productive and discourage cycling. In any case cycling does not
damage roads or demand large-scale capital building in the same way that
car use does. The argument that cyclists do not deserve facilities because
they pay no road tax is used only by car drivers with an implacable hostility to
cycling. Funding for cycling provision needs to be an integral part of transport

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