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									                    STAIR PRODUCTS
            Large access stair units for modular building camps and adjust-
            able access stairs that break down into manageable compo-
            nents for easy re-location; are perfect for use in the modular
            building industry. Cross-over stairs and ladder packages pro-
            vide convenience and safety to containment sites and other ar-
            eas. Customized stair units are also available.
                   All stair products feature:
                   • Non-Slip treads
                   • Steel or Aluminum construction for durability
                       and strength.
                   • Easy bolt-together construction provides sav-
                                                                              SMALL BUSINESS...BIG AMBITION     Helping you maintain high
                       ings for shipping and construction on site, as                                           standards throughout the
                       high priced labour is not required for assem-                                          completion stages and regular
                   • Powder coating and punching your company
                                                                                                               maintenance processes by
                       name in the treads are options available to
                                                                              TITAN CONTRACT WELDING LTD.
                                                                                                                providing functional, high
                       customize the stairs to suit the application.
                                                                                           BOX 19                   quality products.
                                                                                   WARDLOW, ALBERTA
                                                                                          T0J 3M0
                                                                                     PH. (403) 566-2432       •   Wellhead Fence System
                                                                                     FAX (403) 566 2433

                                                                                   www.titantough.ca          •   Texas Gates/Cattle
                                           CODE ACCESS STAIRS
                                                                                                              •   Crossover Stairs
BARREL CONTAINMENT             8’ x 10’ Barrel Dock Containment units are
                               designed for 100% containment.

                               Features include:                                                              •   Code Access Stairs
                               • 20 barrel capacity
                               • Provides 3-sided weather protection
                               • Units can be linked together, side-by-side                                   •   Barrel Docks
                                 for higher capacity applications.
                               • 16 Ga. Panel building with 3/16” grating
                                 and framework provides superior strength.
                               • Sliding door option available
                               • Bolt-together design allows for easy ship-
                                 ping and simple on-site construction.
                               • “Full containment” design                                                        www.titantough.ca
    IS YOUR WELLHEAD PROTECTION                                                                                          ENOUGH?                            TEXAS GATES
                                   Saving time and money in the fast pace of your industry is crucial. Titan Tough Wellhead                                CATTLE GUARDS
                                   Fencing System provides you with products that are built to withhold and defend against
   Livestock interference is a     livestock and routine maintenance and can easily be set up by one person. An extremely
   common problem with angle       durable fence that will last for years.
   design fences leading to
   hazards on your wellsite and
   to the landowner.

                                                                                                                                                       Our standard CATTLE GUARDS
                                    10’ x 10’ fence with 5’ freestand extensions                                                                       are 20’. End posts (arms) are in-
                                                                                                         Hinged Corner     Pin Connection              cluded. We have built cattle
                                                                                                                                                       guards 16’, 18’, 24’ and 30’, to
                                                                                                                                                       meet the needs of our current
                                                                                                                                                       customers. We can do the same
     Poor construction can                                                                                                                             for you. Our cattle guards come
     lead to fences that fail in                                                                                                                       primed and ready for installation.
     design, strength and                                                                                                                              Paint is available.
     ultimately in function.                        Complete 10’ x 10’ wellhead fence

                                    Our upright design is built for structural strength and total site
                                    protection. The hinged corner folds out to a 10’ x 10’ section.
                                    Each section is connected with a 42” or 46” pin allowing 6” to
                                                                                                             Our 10’ x 10’ hinged corner sections
                                    be anchored into the ground. Adding our freestanding sec-
                                                                                                             with/without gate are available in 3
                                    tions give you the ability to build the fence to your required
                                                                                                             bar 36” in height or 4 bar 40” in
                                                                                                             height.      Constructed of 1.5”
                                                                                                             16gauge high tensile steel tubing
                                                                    Not only is our fence superior in        and finished with a high quality,               SWING GATES
Replacement fences are costly                                       strength and design, but we have         thick coat of electrostatically applied
and can be time consuming.                                          built it for easy shipping and           paint. Freestanding extensions in 5’
                                                                    transport.                               or 10’ can be attached to our hinged
           SOLUTION                                                                                          corner sections allowing for expan-       Various sizes of swing gates are
                                                                    A complete 10’ x 10’ (2 hinged           sion of your well site, or stand alone    available for access closure. We
Choose the defender in wellsite                                     corner sections) lays flat and           to be configured to any shape. They       also provide swing pairs for our
protection..TITAN TOUGH.                                            measures 7”.                             are also excellent for portable tem-      texas gates/cattle guards.
                                                                                                             porary security and site protection.

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