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                                                                                  The smart route
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                                                                                Professional Status

    About Mauritius                                                              Obtain internationally
Mauritius is a tropical island                                                Recognized Qualifications in
of the Indian Ocean. Well
Known for its white sandy
beaches, welcoming popula-                                                         Occupational
tion and breathtaking sights.
                                                                                  Safety & Health
To date, this small island is
now a platform for business
in Africa, china, India…                                                           Environmental
                                 Address:       Cnr Lees StV.HugoLane,              Management
Seize this unique opportunity                   Curepipe, Mauritius
to discover beauties of Mau-     Tel :          (230) 674 4150
ritius & earning an interna-                    (230) 6744151
tionally recognized qualifica-   Fax:           (230) 676 5789
                                 E-Mail :                  NEBOSH (UK)

                                                                                      IOSH (UK)
Flexible Educational Package
        for your training needs
                                                                                                   NEBOSH National Certificate in OSH
                                                                                                   Package includes course fees & exam fees
                                                NEBOSH Certificate                                     10 Days in Kenya                  2350 USD

                                             Occupational Safety & Health                              10 Days in Mauritius*             2300 USD
                                                                                                       Distance learning course          2000 USD
                                    This course is established as the leading award in basic
                                    health & safety. Designed for any individual who would like
 About NEBOSH                       to get a broad understanding of Health & Safety.
                                                                                                   NEBOSH National Diploma in OSH
                                                                                                   Package includes course fees & exam fees
                                                                                                       30 daysa in Kenya                 6600 USD
The National Examination Board                  NEBOSH Diploma in                                               a
in Occupational Safety & Health                                                                        30 days in Mauritius*             6350 USD
(NEBOSH) is an independent
                                             Occupational Safety & Health                              Distance learning course          5500 USD
awarding body attracting 15,000     This course enables managers, supervisors & aspiring           a
                                                                                                       (10 days for each modules i.e Unit A, B & C)
candidates each year. NEBOSH        Health & Safety professionals to deal with the complex,
was founded in the UK in 1979.      ever-changing and demanding Health & Safety issues &           Diploma in Environmental Management
                                                                                                   Package includes course fees & exam fees
                                    risks. Recognised by IOSH, CMIOSH & IIRSM
NEBOSH qualifications are rec-                                                                         15 Days in Kenya                  3600 USD
ognized & respected by employ-                   NEBOSH Diploma in                                     15 Days in Mauritius*             3480 USD
ers in all sectors of the economy             Environmental Management                                 Distance learning course          3100 USD
& provide the benchmark stan-
dard against with others are        An essential course for organizations or individuals wanting
compared.                           to develop and implement an effective Environmental Man-       IOSH Managing Safely
                                    agement System.                                                Package includes course fees & exam fees
                                                                                                       3 Days in Kenya                   875 USD
                                                  IOSH Managing Safely                                 3 Days in Mauritius*              825 USD

                                    A 3-Days Course designed to grasp the essential of Health          Distance learning course          625 USD
                                    & Safety - for managers, supervisors, members of safety
                                    committee. Suitable for any sector in any organization.        *Package in Mauritius does not include air tickets.
                                                                                                   We recommend students to avail themselves of the
                                                                                                   unique package in Mauritius which includes full
                                                                                                   board accommodation & sightseeing tours.

Flexible                              c   Option 1:       Distance learning
    Educational                       c
                                          Option 2:
                                          Option 3:
                                                          Blended learning in Kenya
                                                          Blended learning in Mauritius

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