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                                                          Register Number:                                  3231
6.   State the importance and the economic functions of   Name of the Candidate:
     stock exchange.

7.   Describe the nature and role of any Five money                DIPLOMA EXAMINATION, 2008
     market Instruments.
                                                                        (BANKING AND FINANCE)
8.   What is ‘Securitization’?    Explain the process
     involved in it.
                                                                        130-FINANCIAL MARKETS
9.   Describe the framework of ‘Liquidity preference
     theory of Interest’.                                 May)                                    (Time: 3 Hours
                                                                             Maximum: 80 Marks
10. What are the regulations governing transactions                                                      (5×16=80)
    between clients and stock brokers? Describe.
                                                                        Answer any Five questions
                                                                      Each questions carries 16 mark
                                                              1.   Distinguish between money market and capital
                                                                   market and state the constituents of each.

                                                              2.   Account for the causes of fluctuations in foreign
                                                                   exchange rates.

                                                              3.   Explain clearly the concepts ‘present value’ and
                                                                   ‘yield to maturity’ and stake their significance.

                                                              4.   What do you understand by ‘Factoring’ and
                                                                   ‘Forfeiting’ services? Describe.

                                                              5.   Who are the participants in derivatives market?
                                                                   State the important features of ‘Derivatives’.

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